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NAME: Barry Klein aka Rev. Barry Matthew aka irmão Benção, channel for Pai Beira-Mar and Barum Marum, conducting my workshops, classes, consulting and outreach programs as 3rd Millennium Research.


LOCATIONs: New York, California, Oregon, Wyoming, Maryland, New Mexico, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Illinois and Brazil (Brasilia, São Paolo, Acre and Amazonas). Currently centered in St. Louis.

WORK: I have written and edited for a magazine on consciousness exploration (under my pen-name of "Runyan Wilde"), with emphasis on the teachings of Gurdjieff, Castaneda and Eastern religions. Former radio psychic and hosted my own radio program, "The Inner-Space Connection." Past president of church: "Journey A Spiritual Community". Founder of The Inner-Space Connection, 3rd Millennium Research, The Seven Temples of the Orient, and The Confluence of Light and Love.  Co-founder of a telecommunications software company.
    I've taught many workshops, lectures and classes on consciousness, lucid dreaming, personal power and self-healing in many venues in California and Pennsylvania, and online (in the AOL and Utne Spirituality forums). I am nearing completion on a manuscript on these subjects (several chapters are available for previewing), and hope to publish the book during the coming year.
    I've also composed more than 1,000 hymns that I've channeled specifically for the Santo Daime rituals; now I'm going back and scoring the earlier ones so people won't have to rely on my voice or memory. So far, I have about 600 of them on this site. I believe that whoever sings them with full intention will become illuminated. They are full of treasures for all who have faith, devotion and love, and they even surprise me!

INTERESTS: Discoveries in science and consciousness. Nature, beautiful music and true friendship. The awakening of Divine Consciousness in man. Exploring new inner and outer worlds.

EDUCATION: PhD in Research Psychology, Master's degree (USC) in Computer Science, with certifications in Software Engineering and Project Management. Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner certification.

I studied Jewish scripture until after bar mitzvah, but my mystical experiences began when I was seven years old, with the death of my grandfather. Since no one would talk to me about death when I asked, I started using the period just before falling asleep to approach where it was that Death must be lying in wait for me.
    Later I discovered that I had inadvertantly used the same types of methods found in many of the mystical classics. My special favorites were Gurdjieff, Castaneda and books about Zen Buddhism and the Tao Te Ching.
    Along the way, I spent about six years studying SRF meditation, about 12 years in the Gurdjieff Foundation, about three years studying lucid dreamwork, another three years with the Deer Tribe, a year of NLP certification work, more than 10 years working with shamanic methods, and over 15 years channeling the Christ-level masters.
    In 1995 I initiated into an Amazonian mystery religion, Santo Daime, and this has been the center of my spiritual life. It feels like how the great religions must have all started, with healings, visions, miracles and direct revelation available to whoever enters.


Shamanism, Mysticism & Modern Science
Castaneda (Tales of Power, Eagle's Gift, Power of Silence) McKenna (Archaic Revival, Invisible Landscape, True Hallucinations)
Harner (The Way of the Shaman) Capra (The Tao of Physics)

Hancock (Supernatural, Magicians of the Gods)

Tindall (Jaguar that Roams the Mind)

my favorite science fiction stories

Samuel Delaney (Babel-17, Empire Star, Ballad of Beta-2) Robert A. Heinlein (Stranger, Job, Time Enough for Love, I Will Fear No Evil)
Robert Silverberg (Nightwings, To Live Again) Isaac Asimov (Foundation; I, Robot; The Gods Themselves)
Hal Clement (Cycle of Fire, Needle) Larry Niven (Ringworld, Mote in God's Eye)

wonderful books of insight
Gurdjieff (Meetings with Remarkable Men, All and Everything) Ouspensky (New Model of Universe, In Search of the Miraculous)
Grant (Winged Pharaoh, Eyes of Horus, Far Memory) Zukav (Dancing Wu-Li Masters)


Kung Fu (original with David Carridine, 3 seasons) Stargate SG-1 (all 10 seasons)
Spielberg's Taken (miniseries) Brother Sun, Sister Moon
Little Buddha Medium (Patricia Arquette)
Whale Rider The Book Thief
Avatar 2010
Pan's Labyrinth Dexter
Resurrection (1980) Altered States
Now and Forever Emerald Forest



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