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Classes & Mentoring

Dream Exploration
Practical methods for understanding your subconscious. We don't just interpret dreams - we walk around in our dreamscape!

Mediumship & Psychic Attunement
Developing your own psychic ‘apparatus’ to become aware of the supernatural foundations of the dimensions of Existence, including Shamanic Awareness and Divine Consciousness.

Spirit Channeling
Safe yet effective methods for receiving messages from our spirit guides, using methods from the East and the West. Rather than "sleeping prophets," we stay awake and in control.

Shamanism and Mysticism
Esoteric perspectives on the Self, Nature and the Divine; living in harmony, beauty and magic; and earning Gifts of Power. Methods and knowledge from the Sarmoung Brotherhoods, the Masai tribe, the Senoi tribe, the Deer Tribe, the Shipobo tribe


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