Psycho-Spiritual Reprogramming

a modern integration of Western, Eastern, esoteric and shamanic growth practices

REV. BARRY MATTHEW, M.S., an initiate-priest in a syncretic Amazonian tradition, has studied and practiced spiritual, transformational and healing techniques for more than a half-century. Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Rev. Barry underwent twelve years of Gurdjieffian discipline and studied for several years each with Self-Realization Fellowship, the Movement for Spiritual Inner-Awareness, the Deer Tribe Meti-medicine Institute, the Davidow Lucid Dreaming Institute, Carlos Castaneda’s foundation, the Freeman Institute, the school of Eriksonian hypnosis and the Umbanda tradition of Brazil. In addition, Rev. Barry studied several of the Dianetics off-shoots and also several healing methods from the 3HO Foundation. Since 1987, Rev. Barry has practiced the channeling and healing techniques of the Teachings of the Inner Christ doctrine.

Psycho-Spiritual Reprogramming is the result of all that discipline, training and integration. It channels the Love-Power of the Christ through all of the chakras, using a psychic-empathic connection in the body, the emotions, the mind and the spirit. Not only do you feel physical well-being, but also a deep emotional release, a quiet clarity and focus of the mind, and a real connection with your own spiritual center within. Many of Rev. Barry’s clients have testified that these healings have changed their lives.

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