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A New Version of the
North American
"Blue Book"

(the official and unofficial "star work" liturgies)

We, the current of St. Louis (Confluéncia de Luz e Amor), created this version of the Blue Book with tremendous respect for the several extant versions (and borrowed generously from them), but satisfying our special requirements, which may prove useful for others, as well.

First of all, we brought those sections which are specified in the CEFLURIS "Normas de Ritual" (ritual traditions) into conformance with that guide in the few instances where there were differences.

Secondly, we added new sections which have only recently become available, like the "Trabalho de Santa Maria" and the "Trabalho de São Miguel."

Third, we translated the hymns which were previously available only in Portuguese, and updated the other translations (both to make better sense in English and to match the rhythms more closely) for the hymns which we often sing in English, like the Oração, the Cura and the Concentração.

We also added, wherever appropriate, some of our local hymns (with musical notation) as well as some from some other currents. Please feel free to replace these with your own local hymns.

The biggest change, and we hope this creates an advantage for many people, was to separate the various sections into individual folios which can be removed from a 3-ring binder as needed.

Some people may find this more convenient than the all-in-one books, in terms of handling during the works, and others not so much, but the greatest advantage of this format is that it makes it much easier and cheaper to update any given section without having to reprint and bind an entire ~200-page book.

In addition, you can start with only the folios you'll be using first, and you can customize them with your own photos, comments, hymns or translations.

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"Blue Book" kit (St. Louis edition: 5.5""x8.5", port. w/engl. translations: Prayers, Oração, Serving, Concentration, Cura, New Jerusalem, Cruzeirinho, Occasions, Closing hymns, Mass, Nova Era and St. Michael and Santa Maria works + supplemental hymns – includes instructions for printing & assembly) as one large Zip file.

Individual Files:



Instructions for printing & binding
Front Cover & Index
Prayers & Santa Missa
Serving Hymns
Oração of Pad. Sebastião
Cura, parts I & II
Cruzeirinho of Mestre Irineu
Nova Jerusalem of Pad. Sebastião
Nova Era of Pad. Alfredo
Special occasions & Closing hymns
Trabalho de São Miguel
Trabalho de Santa Maria