a modern, syncretic integration of Western, Esoteric and Shamanic spiritual practices

THE ECLECTIC CENTER of the Universal Flowing Light ("CEFLURIS" in Amazonas, Brazil) is a spiritual organization which aims at self-knowledge and the experience of God or the High Self Within. Our liturgical religion, which consists in sharing the sacramental tea in appropriate settings, is called eclectic because its roots are deeply buried in a strong syncretism of various folk, cultural and religious elements. We entreat God, the Christ, saints, angels and spiritual beings of many cultures, especially the Christian, Amazonian and African ones. The use of the sacrament is done according to our Calendar of Rituals, following the rules set by both Master Irineu and Padrinho (Godfather) Sebastião. Rituals of the hinários can run from six to perhaps twelve hours, consisting of either sitting in deep concentration alternating with the singing of certain groups of hymns, or of singing and dancing in lines, accompanied by instruments and rattles (maracás).

As a religious lifestyle, our church goes far beyond conventional spiritual or transformational practices. The participant is not trying some mind-altering substance, nor is s/he asked to subscribe to any particular interpretation of scripture or litany. There are no sermons; each participant is enabled to receive divine revelation and deep inner healings and illuminations. The task of the leaders is simply to advise participants as to the best way to conduct ourselves for receiving the maximum benefit, and also to make certain that all participants are safe and comfortable.

The Confluence of Light and Love is a church which encourages people to learn about these Amazonian and other tribal and spiritual traditions, and to achieve their highest spiritual yearnings. These include European as well as Afro-Brazilian spiritism, the faith of the early Christians, and the mysticism of both Eastern and shamanic disciplines. Although our members come from widely varying backgrounds and experiences, our doctrine teaches us not only how to tolerate and forgive each other (and ourselves), but actually to embrace each other's differences.

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