Awakening in God-Consciousness, class #1

2001, Barry M Klein, Los Angeles


Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 17] 3/15/2001 08:01 PM

HOST LFST Heart: welcome 3K and George Yim

HOST LFST RB3000: Good evening, dear friends -- do you all know what tonight is? :)

HOST LFST RB3000: Premiere Class of Awakening in God Consciousness:

HOST LFST RB3000: The Exact Mechanism of Each of the Basic Practices for Self-Knowledge.

HOST LFST RB3000: I will give you a few ideas, and then open the floor for discussion on each point.

HOST LFST RB3000: Ok, this is the beginning of an extensive class series on

HOST LFST RB3000: "Awakening in God-Consciousness" based on a half-century of

HOST LFST RB3000: mystical experience and inner work.

HOST LFST RB3000: Now that the class is in session, we are in semi-formal protocol.

HOST LFST RB3000: Here is the first practice I'd like to offer to you. ....

HOST LFST RB3000: "Just Sitting": a few minutes daily allows a steady core to

HOST LFST RB3000: develop gradually, which can sustain 2nd consciousness and

HOST LFST RB3000: which can be a seed for the development of an immortal astral

HOST LFST RB3000: body. The way I prefer to do this is to *intend* inner silence

HOST LFST RB3000: and composure, but somehow without *trying* -- rather, I

HOST LFST RB3000: surrender to it, but without yielding.

HOST LFST RB3000: The reason that the words may sound paradoxical, in

HOST LFST RB3000: explaining these areas, is that we are aiming for positions of

HOST LFST RB3000: consciousness that are not mapped in the field of ordinary,

HOST LFST RB3000: mechanistic ego-intellect, and so normal language categories

HOST LFST RB3000: never fit accurately.

HOST LFST RB3000: Ok, how many of you do some kind of silent meditation? (Show hands :)

Waheyleah: I have

Waheyleah: many times

HOST LFST Heart: <~~~~

DCizunas: I have also


Galaxon: i have silent ones and i havve noisy why i am deaf

Waheyleah: that is to me,,talking to God

HOST LFST RB3000: Waheyleah, can you say how it has changed your life?

SnoLitNite: sometimes

HOST LFST RB3000: DCizunas, you also, please :)

GeorgeYim: I do

SongofAncients: don't meditate much anymore, least of all trance

Waheyleah: it has changed me as too know, things that are going on around me

BAR120950: most of mine are quiet infact I think all

FIFEVermilionSky: tring ti find my hand key

Nubbinus: 3000 I have a question, do you know that we can only change as the higher force allows us to

Waheyleah: I can change things, if I try to

Waheyleah: which is simply of Love

FIFEVermilionSky: if i want to i can

HOST LFST MikeB: use mantra, used to do TM years ago

HOST LFST RB3000: SongofAncients, most people I know, including myself, have

HOST LFST RB3000: gone thru cycles of less practices-- can you say why you stopped?

Waheyleah: when u sit with God

DCizunas: I can now keep up a "dual" existance through most

DCizunas: of my day. I have added energy, more insight and

DCizunas: most of all peace.

Waheyleah: u have to mean it

Waheyleah: be there

HOST LFST RB3000: FIFEVermilionSky, how do you get to *WANT TO* enough? :)

SongofAncients: 3000, long story short..... I veil walk. Anything done in

SongofAncients: meditation is part of my daily life anyhow.

HOST LFST RB3000: SongofAncients, can you tell us about Veil Walking?

FIFEVermilionSky: a a desire to help someone

Waheyleah: I need to meditate I don't right now

Nubbinus: way I use to meditate but I don't need to much anymore, it is interesting

Waheyleah: God is Love,,

SongofAncients: 3000..... it's when the difference between Self and self is

SongofAncients: gone.... seeing and experiencing etheric and physical

SongofAncients: simultaeously.

HOST LFST RB3000: FIFEVermilionSky, who needs "help" so much? Can we know

HOST LFST RB3000: that our help will do any good? But I do honor your sense of

HOST LFST RB3000: service -- that is actually one of the practices we'll discuss :)

SongofAncients: Shamanism is a form of preparation for it in ways.

Waheyleah: love is being a part of us,,that helps others see

DCizunas: Ah Song, that's how I get too :)

FIFEVermilionSky: i will give my heart to it

Waheyleah: I gave him insight

Waheyleah: to think about

Galaxon: meditation is highly over-rated

Waheyleah: more then he cared to hear

HOST LFST RB3000: SongofAncients, do you know that neuroscience has found a

HOST LFST RB3000: brain structure that maintains our sense of separateness?

HOST LFST RB3000: This goes to sleep during meditation or chanting. :)

HOST LFST RB3000: Galaxon, can you explain why you say that? I am serious.

SongofAncients: 3000......yep. A friend had shared quite a bit of information with me regarding that.....

Waheyleah: as my son is deaf,,and he needs to think about his gift with him

HOST LFST RB3000: GeorgeYim, it was just a paragraph in Newsweek.

Galaxon: 3k i am serious.....i have meditated for around,

Galaxon: oh...8 years and have nothing to show for it

SongofAncients: they had originally contacted me because of the fact that

SongofAncients: some can reach that state consciously.

HOST LFST RB3000: Galaxon, you're doing fine-- I didn't have anything to show for about 30 years :)

Rampion1950: Been forever, seems like

FIFEVermilionSky: when my brain is quite i see how can it be asleep

Galaxon: 3k if it takes me that long, i'll be pushing up daisies in ecstacy

GeorgeYim: geesh, gallaxon, can you wait that long?

BAR120950: What would you like to have for it???? (meditation that is)

Rampion1950: What do you mean, Host? Nothing to show?

Waheyleah: we all have gifts host

Waheyleah: u r not solo :)

Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 25] 3/15/2001 08:15 PM

DCizunas: Galax, if you relax during the process and do not

DCizunas: expect, it comes a lot quicker

HOST LFST RB3000: Rampion, well, that was Galaxon's phrase - but we really do

HOST LFST RB3000: have to trust a lot, and work in service for a long time before we can show "results"

Galaxon: my gifts are on gaffs just hanging around

Rampion1950: Agreed

HOST LFST RB3000: .... It's a lifestyle. :)

Waheyleah: host,,duh,,

Nubbinus: no 3000

Galaxon: dc i relax so much i fall asleep

Waheyleah: that is like what I was trying to say

DCizunas: Galax, you can also get things while asleep

GeorgeYim: galax, me too

Waheyleah: we all r gifts :)

BAR120950: Host the process is "It"

Waheyleah: we have to however

Waheyleah: as in self

HOST LFST RB3000: Galaxon, this first practice should be done *first thing* in the morning.

Nubbinus: but I guess maybe so I understand

FIFEVermilionSky: you have to shut down to see

Galaxon: 3k i meditate about 4 times a day

Waheyleah: like my son

UNANA: 3k i meditate about 4 times a year

HOST LFST RB3000: Galaxon, interesting that you do it so much, and then complain.. :)

Waheyleah: he has hearing aids to think about

Promethean Zen: Wow. Even Buddha only meditated three times a day.

Nubbinus: I say we need no practive or way to be more, just trust in what we can become

Waheyleah: not just money

DCizunas: Galax...many insights come in the sleep

HOST LFST RB3000: <-- hardly ever meditated more than 10 minutes a day. :)

Waheyleah: lol

Galaxon: 3k i am praying somethiung will happen

Galaxon: dc nothing like that comes in my sleep

Waheyleah: I talk to God more then 10 minutes a day

HOST LFST RB3000: Galaxon, prayer is actually a whole practice in itself. ...

HOST LFST RB3000: ... except that when I pray, I don't pray for something.

Galaxon: 3k prayer is just an affirmation of what you assume is reality

BAR120950: Host its the practice 10 minutes is all that is necessary

DCizunas: Galax, perhaps you are too anxious...relax and

DCizunas: enjoy the feeling

Nubbinus: the higher energy will take us where we should go automatically

Waheyleah: u don't have to pray for something,,u pray for someone

Galaxon: dc i conk out from relaxation

HOST LFST RB3000: Galaxon, actually, prayer is way way way more than affirmation.

Waheyleah: like a situation

Waheyleah: and it unravels

Waheyleah: by living

Waheyleah: and listening to your soul sing

Nubbinus: the mind that tries to get there holds one back

HOST LFST RB3000: Nubbinus, pretty much so. :)

Promethean Zen: Or the starving in Ethipoia.

Galaxon: 3k prayer is a statement of what is

Nubbinus: fly my friends

Waheyleah: and u do need to listen

Waheyleah: I know God

Promethean Zen: Whatever this "higher energy" seems decidedly UNtrustworthy.

HOST LFST RB3000: Promethean Zen, why do you say that?

Nubbinus: only to one that is so Zenister

Nubbinus: it reflects what one is

Waheyleah: I don't need a bible,nor a person to tell me

HOST LFST RB3000: Waheyleah, from your practices, or did you have experiences early on?

Waheyleah: I know God through me

Waheyleah: I knew God since I got here

FIFEVermilionSky: yes listen sometimes i don't and regret it later

Waheyleah: my first I was 3 months old

Waheyleah: I had my last rites at 3 months

Waheyleah: I had no plan to go so soon :)

Waheyleah: on a bible :)

Nubbinus: it is funny when we blame the Universe for how we feel

Nubbinus: when it is how we feel that makes the Universe for us

Nubbinus: shine bright you stars of heaven

HOST LFST RB3000: Ok, hold your horses, everybody, while I present the next

HOST LFST RB3000: practice for us to look at ........................................

HOST LFST RB3000: Mantras: tones, chants, hymns, throat-singing, etc. These

HOST LFST RB3000: vibrational conduits allow new kinds of neural pathways to

HOST LFST RB3000: form, which in turn permit us to think, feel and perceive in new

HOST LFST RB3000: ways. Repetitious chanting is one of the best ways for over-

HOST LFST RB3000: riding the "privacy" structure in the brain; when this structure

HOST LFST RB3000: shuts off, one enters transpersonal consciousness, because

HOST LFST RB3000: the brain can no longer separate the ego-self from the World.

HOST LFST RB3000: Preliminary studies indicate that, when this structure is turned

HOST LFST RB3000: off by artificial means, people have what can most easily be

HOST LFST RB3000: described as religious experiences. I am fascinated by the idea

HOST LFST RB3000: that we have a mechanism that prevents us from transcendent

HOST LFST RB3000: experience.

HOST LFST RB3000: That's what I was talking about earlier. Mantras produce very

HOST LFST RB3000: strong results, don't they? What are your experiences with it?

BAR120950: Are you saying if we don't ie chant etc we lose part of the meditation process?

Rampion1950: That's a nice outline, Host. Interesting about that mechanism..

Rampion1950: I've had good results from a mantra which I was lucky enough to design myself.

Rampion1950: Kids, don't try this at home, though...

Waheyleah: u make it like sound hard

Waheyleah: lol

Waheyleah: we r us,,evolved

HOST LFST RB3000: BAR12... no -- you can do everything without ever chanting, I

HOST LFST RB3000: suppose -- but it's harder to do, and takes longer.

Rampion1950: Best to take an established mantra which has been tested for vibrational qualities.

FIFEVermilionSky: chanting is away to learn to see later on you can without chanting

BetzerG: What is the purpose of chanting? I'm new here

HOST LFST RB3000: Rampion, I'm not surprised -- old souls design their own religions and practices. :)

Rampion1950: But there are silent, meditational mantras as well as the ones Host described.

CorvaVolpa: where do we find these mantras?

DCizunas: It seems like I have to use these means when my

DCizunas: mental "boat is rocked" to get back into balance

HOST LFST RB3000: Rampion, how does a silent mantra work?

BAR120950: Do you constantly chant or do you just lead intoi the meditation with a sound?

SongofAncients: Hmm...wonder if that's my excuse, 3000. ::chuckle::

GeorgeYim: rampion, what is a source for tested mantras?

Rampion1950: Example of Transcendental Meditation...they give you a simple sound...

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Rampion1950: repeat inwardly, but not force it. Your mind will leave it,

HOST LFST RB3000: CorvaVolpa, usually east Indian religions, also native American

HOST LFST RB3000: and shamanic lineages have lots of mantras. ...

Rampion1950: and you gently bring awareness back to it when you realize this

HOST LFST RB3000: ... The Christian hymns were originally mantras, I believe.

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Waheyleah: u know what,,I don't do sound but my voice ,,I just chat to God

HOST LFST RB3000: SongofAncients, I think we are running out of excuses :)

Waheyleah: in my own voice

OnlineHost: COACH TRAYYY has entered the room.

GeorgeYim: 3k any particular example?

Rampion1950: The mantra I designed is for chanting out loud. It's actually two mantras put together.

Galaxon: the xian hyms are brainwashing tools

FIFEVermilionSky: wah no my way

Waheyleah: and u know what,,God hears me every thought

Rampion1950: A Christian wanting to meditate could just inwardly hear the name "Jesus" for example.

HOST LFST RB3000: Rampion, I'm glad you improved on TM -- I saw a lot of non-optimal results. :(

Promethean Zen: Wouldn't mantras fall under Jesus complaint against...

Waheyleah: let alone when I just chat :)

Promethean Zen: "Vain utterances and much speakings"...?

Rampion1950: ...or just "lord". Our psyche is like a laboratory.

Waheyleah: I feel God,,when I chat

Waheyleah: with God :)

BetzerG: Christian hyms caring meaning and worship...not just sounds

HOST LFST RB3000: GeorgeYim, in my mystical cult that I'm initiated into, we sing

HOST LFST RB3000: thousands of repetitious songs during 12-hour rituals. How's that?

BAR120950: I learned once don't remember where but to hum in song with no particular place to go just

Waheyleah: I smell my Grandfathers pipe

Waheyleah: sometimes

Rampion1950: In my "stillness-meditation" I don't use a particular mantra any more.

SongofAncients: LOL! I think you missed my point, 3000. :) but it's cool.

DCizunas: Wah, think meditation is when we hear "god"

CorvaVolpa: yes Gala sometimes there is smell

Waheyleah: that is when ,,very special

Promethean Zen: Host, sounds like standard brainwashing techniques.

DCizunas: speaking to us...calming the mind to hear

BAR120950: enter with nothing planned and go for it - this has led me into some of my greatest meditati

HOST LFST RB3000: SongofAncients, oh, please re-try me :)

Rampion1950: If the TM mantra comes up, that's OK too. But it usually doesn't.

HOST LFST RB3000: BAR, good point. :)

BetzerG: Christian prayer has direction to a higher being...not just trance potential

HOST LFST MikeB: I thought repeating 4 matras 108 times each was a long time :)

Moondragon826: hows this font ???????????

SongofAncients: Just the comment you made about old souls creating their own religions.

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Waheyleah: DC,,I think going in u is sorta meditation

Waheyleah: however,,I have done it without knowing,,it had a name

Waheyleah: :)

Moondragon826: who repeats mantra? have better things to do than mantras :)

HOST LFST RB3000: Rampion, right-- my problems are with 4-hour noisy

HOST LFST RB3000: meditations and chanting that makes the mind to busy.

FIFEVermilionSky: my papas pipe my mothers lavender i smell love

Waheyleah: I was but a child

Galaxon: do they have womantras, too?

DCizunas: Wah, agreed...but getting to the listening stage

DCizunas: is a great place to be :)

BetzerG: What is the purpose of a mantra...

HOST LFST RB3000: MikeB, it would for me too -- I get bored easily :)

GeorgeYim: yes galaxon

Galaxon: mantras are to focus the attention to still the mind

CorvaVolpa: focus

CorvaVolpa: so it can hear

Rampion1950: I don't know if I'm an old soul; but I'm deeply grateful to have found my own synthesis-Path

BetzerG: Still the mind...for what purpose

HOST LFST RB3000: Ok, let's look at the next practice -- your comments are great!

HOST LFST RB3000: .............................................

HOST LFST RB3000: Pranayama: the secret of breath -- the force which can be

HOST LFST RB3000: conducted over the 3rd octave of transformation, based from

HOST LFST RB3000: any of the chakras (literally, "wheels"). To remind everyone of

HOST LFST RB3000: what the chakras are, they are the centers of energies which

HOST LFST RB3000: run up our bodies in series of octaves, the primary octave

HOST LFST RB3000: beginning at the perinium and running up to a position

HOST LFST RB3000: corresponding to the tops of our head.

HOST LFST RB3000: Our secondary octaves of chakras run up each of our limbs.

HOST LFST RB3000: There are two reasons that these energies are described as

HOST LFST RB3000: octaves -- the first is that all energy spectra, not just musical

HOST LFST RB3000: pitch, span an octave every time the vibrational frequency is

HOST LFST RB3000: doubled. The second reason is that inner work

Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 26] 3/15/2001 08:30 PM

HOST LFST RB3000: -- that is, the intentional transmutations of emotional energies

HOST LFST RB3000: -- have been found to behave the same ways that octaves do:

HOST LFST RB3000: transformation proceeds in steps up to the points where there

HOST LFST RB3000: is resistance. These points correspond to the half-step

HOST LFST RB3000: intervals between B and C, and between E and F.

HOST LFST RB3000: Pranayama is usually described as the concentration of a

HOST LFST RB3000: mysterious "prana" which is somehow contained "in the air"

HOST LFST RB3000: that we breathe. My studies are showing some interesting

HOST LFST RB3000: detail that expands this idea: there are specific ways of

HOST LFST RB3000: breathing which concentrate the life-force within us, which

HOST LFST RB3000: connect our beingness together more profoundly, but which is

HOST LFST RB3000: not actually outside of us, as if in the air.

HOST LFST RB3000: BetzerG, it's a class on Awakening :)

HOST LFST RB3000: ...

HOST LFST RB3000: These certain ways of breathing cannot be taught directly, and

HOST LFST RB3000: my teacher always used to tell me not to *try* pranayama

HOST LFST RB3000: until I knew for certain how to do it. But he wouldn't teach

HOST LFST RB3000: "how" to us directly. Much later I saw why, when I found

HOST LFST RB3000: myself doing spontaneous pranayama in the midst of ecstatic-

HOST LFST RB3000: mystical trances. It was as if some other-worldly Being of

HOST LFST RB3000: higher dimensionality had merged with me and was channeling

HOST LFST RB3000: me through the procedure.

HOST LFST RB3000: ... I knew instantaneously how to go from one step to the next,

HOST LFST RB3000: and I could also see how a misstep at any point along the way

HOST LFST RB3000: would have been disastrous. I never could have learned all the

HOST LFST RB3000: steps and been able to execute them precisely enough the first

HOST LFST RB3000: time. The result has been sort of a turbocharging of the

HOST LFST RB3000: alchemic octave, as I said earlier, from specific chakras.

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HOST LFST RB3000: Ok, sorry I cut some of you off -- go ahead now, please :)

Waheyleah: I don't let just anyone in

Galaxon: the biblical representation of meditaiton is "Be still and know i am God"

Rampion1950: Certainly it seems like different levels of concsiousness correspond with different chakras.

Rampion1950: Beautiful Galaxon. Absolutely correct!

Rampion1950: I like Shunryu Suzuki's comment that the breath is like a swinging door.

BetzerG: No...what is the purpose of mantras and breathing...and hearing

Boldieu: wow LF

CorvaVolpa: learning Bet

Rampion1950: The corresponding instruction in the Bhagavad Gita is this:

Rampion1950: "Be without the three gunas, O Arguna, freed from duality..."

BetzerG: Learning.....learning about whom or what

Boldieu: LF-- you are WAY into it

BetzerG: What are we learning meditation

COACH TRAYYY: No its not bible study but i never get enogh of his nane

Rampion1950: You are certainly engaged in some intriguing alchemhy, Host!

HOST LFST RB3000: Boldieu, you bet-- and I am finally starting to see objective results. :)

HOST LFST RB3000: Rampion, isn't *all* inner work Alchemy?

Waheyleah: u r not alone

FIFEVermilionSky: my breathing is very still when this happen someone alway restores my breating when i come b

Waheyleah: solo

BAR120950: we leaarn about ourselves

FIFEVermilionSky: ack to body

Waheyleah: yes Fife

HOST LFST RB3000: BetzerG, could you make your question more specific?

FIFEVermilionSky: b

BetzerG: Host...what are we suppose to be learning about ourselves...

Rampion1950: Yes, indeed, Host. Now if I could spell it right...

Waheyleah: I had people check my breathing

Boldieu: LF- you study one specific path?

HOST LFST RB3000: FIFEVermilionSky, do you follow your breathing when you go out?

Waheyleah: u know,,that is obe

Waheyleah: that is very common

Waheyleah: some just don't know

Waheyleah: that r living

Waheyleah: obe

FIFEVermilionSky: yes keep it even

BetzerG: Because, I enter into ecstasy daily in my prayers...and don't have to breath properly....

Waheyleah: lol

HOST LFST RB3000: Boldieu, I've been in a dozen different "schools" of esoteric

HOST LFST RB3000: knowledge, but I am sticking with one particular one now.

CorvaVolpa: Bet how we connect with God the universe life what ever you want to know

Waheyleah: I love to fly

Waheyleah: the times I can

Waheyleah: don't we all

BetzerG: I don't have to chant to feel the pressence of God's holy Spirit

Boldieu: LF--yes, i have so many different influences..and they all are good

HOST LFST RB3000: BetzerG, that's true, you don't. Pranayama takes a lot of guidance.

Rampion1950: For me it's more about just noticing the breath; observing it gradually subsiding.

BetzerG: And the Holy Spirit of God leads to ALL TRuth

FIFEVermilionSky: soaring fun makes me feel free

CorvaVolpa: your lucky Bet you are more open than others

OnlineHost: Caytonfour has entered the room.

Waheyleah: fife, maybe we flew together

Rampion1950: This happens not only in meditation, but in spiritual writing.

HOST LFST RB3000: BetzerG, how do you get the most connection with Holy Spirit?

HOST LFST RB3000: (that's something we'll get to later on)

BAR120950: OK Betz I don't hsave too either and sometimes I choose that type

Waheyleah: however,I know i was not solo

Rampion1950: In fact, my breathing is quite shallow right now. Pretty relaxed.

FIFEVermilionSky: i bet we have wah

Waheyleah: jesus held me as I soared

Waheyleah: :)

BAR120950: other timews I will start with a chant but mever straight through

BetzerG: Not really....I just say God, I come into your pressence in the name of Jesus

HOST LFST RB3000: Waheyleah, that's how it usually feels to me too. :)

Waheyleah: fife,,it is rare ,and when it happens it is Gold

BetzerG: And I also have had visions, dreams

Waheyleah: host that is how it is

HOST LFST RB3000: BetzerG, nothin' wrong with that :)

Waheyleah: :P

BetzerG: Yet, I am not the is a promise to all Christians

Waheyleah: it is fun

Waheyleah: I am glad u know how to fly

Boldieu: ha--i get nothing nearly so interesting--are the just experiences or do they help you grow?

Waheyleah: with me

Waheyleah: :)

HOST LFST RB3000: BetzerG, I think it's actually our birthright, rather than a promise.

CorvaVolpa: right Bet just some have to work at it

Waheyleah: we all can let go

Waheyleah: we r but a body

FIFEVermilionSky: true with me too

Waheyleah: with a very fun lite spirit

Waheyleah: :)

BetzerG: I don't guys are taking the long route

HOST LFST RB3000: Boldieu, only for spiritual perfection -- I am prepared to give up all fancy shows and "siddhes"

Rampion1950: Undergirded and informed by the virtual Ground, Waheyleah

Waheyleah: I am talking short route

Waheyleah: love

HOST LFST RB3000: BetzerG, how do you know? They are all one, aren't they?

Boldieu: LF-- its no good if its just for the thrill

Waheyleah: lol Ramp

FIFEVermilionSky: love the key

Galaxon: why not love the lock, too?

HOST LFST RB3000: <-- keeps finding that the "shortcut" takes just as long :)

BetzerG: Faith in Jesus brings righteousness...and ecstasy comes thru communicating with God

Waheyleah: hey Ramp,,I love me

Waheyleah: and God

Waheyleah: :)

FIFEVermilionSky: key to everything

Waheyleah: yep

Rampion1950: The source of Love and Life are the same Source.

Waheyleah: fife


HOST LFST RB3000: Caytonfour, tonight is the first class in a series on Awakening in God-Consciousness :)

Waheyleah: funny and true

Waheyleah: :)

Galaxon: faith in the fact that we are God individuated is the key

RochelleDo: BetzerG, there are many who must do searching in ways which suit them.

Waheyleah: :)

BetzerG: It's a matter of and you shall find, and believing

HOST LFST RB3000: Galaxon, sure, but maybe we are not as individuated as we believe :)

Waheyleah: if r soul could speak

Rampion1950: Yes, Galax. Seems like God is trying to wake up through us...

Waheyleah: what would u say?

FIFEVermilionSky: faith

Boldieu: Bet--that is true

HOST LFST RB3000: Ok, friends -- now on to the next practice ........................

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Galaxon: 3k well, the individuation is just an illusion anyway...just like okra addiction

Boldieu: yes LF?

Waheyleah: I love

Waheyleah: God and I have faith

Waheyleah: in me

Waheyleah: :)

HOST LFST RB3000: (once again, please hold chat until I've rolled out the idea)

HOST LFST RB3000: .................................

Waheyleah: my soul can sing

Rampion1950: HOW could you be addicted...oh, that's a joke, isn't it?

FIFEVermilionSky: faith in God

BetzerG: If the purpose of meditation is to find truth and peace...meditate on God...not sounds

Waheyleah: faith in God is in me

HOST LFST RB3000: I mentioned "ecstatic-mystical trances" -- we'll talk more

HOST LFST RB3000: about these in future classes, but for now I'll just point out that

HOST LFST RB3000: I am not using the colloquial nor the psychological meanings of

HOST LFST RB3000: these words.

HOST LFST RB3000: Asanas and Mudras: These are specific positions and

HOST LFST RB3000: movements of the body and of the hands which allow various

HOST LFST RB3000: kinds of energies and healings to be channelled, and which tone

HOST LFST RB3000: the psychic and spiritual apparatus.

HOST LFST RB3000: Moondragon, hang on ...

HOST LFST RB3000: I've seen lots of devotees in kirtans and meditations copying

HOST LFST RB3000: the positions of the gurus and masters "like monkeys," and

HOST LFST RB3000: often the teacher doesn't know why they are doing those

HOST LFST RB3000: particular movements, except procedurally: "At this stage or

HOST LFST RB3000: point, you do this one; for that condition, you do this other one."

HOST LFST RB3000: So people become unconscious (and highly imprecise)

HOST LFST RB3000: operators and channels of the energies which move through

HOST LFST RB3000: the positions, and without knowing how the procedure does

HOST LFST RB3000: what it is supposed to do. Now, instead of "supposing," let's

HOST LFST RB3000: look at how the hu-man Being is composed.

Waheyleah: and I am glad

HOST LFST RB3000: When we examine one of these beings properly (that is, a

HOST LFST RB3000: "human"), we find a broad collection of archetypal propensities

HOST LFST RB3000: as the foundation -- we regard these as *sentient emanations

HOST LFST RB3000: of supernatural Consciousness* -- that's why they're always

HOST LFST RB3000: portrayed as deities in the mythologies and earth-based cults.

OnlineHost: DR KIVAS has entered the room.

HOST LFST RB3000: BAR, hold on a minute more, please ..........

HOST LFST RB3000: These emanations give our perpetual mechanism the

HOST LFST RB3000: impression of such qualities as vertical bipedalness, gender,

HOST LFST RB3000: vertebrate, mammalian, primate, etc., with the next layer

HOST LFST RB3000: being "flavor" of personality type, balance among intellectual,

HOST LFST RB3000: emotional and kinesthetic typecast.

Waheyleah: I feel we r knowing what we can now

HOST LFST RB3000: Of course you already knew about these categories; the big

HOST LFST RB3000: distinction that I am making here is to say that, from the

HOST LFST RB3000: mystical perspective of this class, these impressions of

HOST LFST RB3000: qualities are not the accidents of genetic recombination

HOST LFST RB3000: (although it can be "explained" that way), but "meetings of the

HOST LFST RB3000: gods" in the supernatural dimensions.

HOST LFST RB3000: Ok, now, let's hear from you ....

Moondragon826: who needs gods in supernatural dimensions, they are right here as well

FIFEVermilionSky: hey wah everone sings not talk notice that they sing talk

Waheyleah: I notice

BAR120950: Aren't we all part pof the one so that if we are connected to anything

BAR120950: we are connecting to one and another and no one is really an island!

BetzerG: If you are can you be sure you are not opening up to negative forces

Boldieu: LF--give me a few days to re read and ponder....

BetzerG: Why meet the "gods"...there is only ONE GOD, creator of the universe

Waheyleah: we couldn't speak this

Waheyleah: at one time

Rampion1950: I remember Joseph Campbell the mythologer saying that those deities represent.....

FIFEVermilionSky: Gods lite protects you

Waheyleah: now we can

Rampion1950: ...different energies of the body in conflict with each other.

HOST LFST RB3000: Moondragon, isn't "here" still supernatural? ...

Waheyleah: spooky

Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 26] 3/15/2001 08:45 PM

Boldieu: Ramp--interesting

Waheyleah: :)

Boldieu: isnt it all here now?

HOST LFST RB3000: ... that is, if I can be aware of the deities, isn't that the

HOST LFST RB3000: supernatural dimension right there?

Moondragon826: well, seems natural to some :)

Waheyleah: very spooky

DCizunas: 3K, isn't the whole idea to transcend these

Waheyleah: to share

DCizunas: percieved differences?

HOST LFST RB3000: Rampion, not necessarily in conflict at all.

BetzerG: Do you believe in demons...fallen angels?

Moondragon826: there are more dimensions that y

Moondragon826: oull ever be aware of

CorvaVolpa: yes Bet i do

Rampion1950: Yeah, I agree. Campbell put it too severely.

Boldieu: Bet-some beings need more time to get it right

Waheyleah: u know,,I am so happy :)

HOST LFST RB3000: DCizunas, not really like that. First we have to become aware and make distinctions.

Boldieu: cool Wah

BetzerG: Then how do you know you are not opening up to an evil force

FIFEVermilionSky: theres bad stuff out there but im protected

Waheyleah: I am coming back

Boldieu: Bet-i dont believe in evil forces

Waheyleah: I protected me

CorvaVolpa: ask for protection

BetzerG: And the "gods" are not deceiving you

HOST LFST RB3000: BetzerG, me? Not at all -- just flavors of the supernatural.

Waheyleah: for years

Boldieu: yes LF

DCizunas: 3K, please expand on that idea sometime

Waheyleah: I am coming out of me once again

Moondragon826: dimensions arent baskin robins you know

Waheyleah: on like a bible

HOST LFST RB3000: BetzerG, there is no evil in Consciousness -- because it is inclusive.

BAR120950: How would we know what was good if we didn't know bad it all works out

Waheyleah: I cannot stop me

FIFEVermilionSky: learned to protect myself as child did not no now

BetzerG: Does that include Hitler, Manson and Jerry Fallwell?

Waheyleah: I know I am in the good,,and I will be shy no more

Waheyleah: :)

Rampion1950: :) flavors...I like that. There are sensual aspects to the expressions of Spirit.

HOST LFST RB3000: DCizunas, we will expand and expand and expand as we go through this journey :)

Bayingwolf: Bar....your gut tells you good and evil

Waheyleah: amen fife

Boldieu: BAR--there is better or not as good- not true evil in my view

Waheyleah: :)

DCizunas: 3K, is what you are saying that we have to see

Waheyleah: baying I love u

DCizunas: differences in order to then transcend them?

HOST LFST RB3000: BAR, do you notice that nothing has to be taken as bad at all, ever?

BetzerG: Who says all consiousness is good?

HOST LFST RB3000: Bayingwolf, not our guts, just programming, no?

Waheyleah: host easy to us

Boldieu: yes LF

Waheyleah: not easy to live

Waheyleah: life

Boldieu: Bet--its all we got

HOST LFST RB3000: DCizunas, sounds logical to me. :)

Waheyleah: we r not all so special

Galaxon: conscciousness is what you make it..good or bad is a judgement

Waheyleah: to be closed

BAR120950: no

Waheyleah: to know pain

Bayingwolf: Yes....3000....programing is good :)

HOST LFST RB3000: Galaxon, exactly :)

DCizunas: OK, with you thusfar 3K...thanks :)

Waheyleah: we know

BetzerG: Not really....God consciousness thru the Holy Spirit is pure light

Waheyleah: we all climb

Waheyleah: at r own will

BetzerG: Not tapped into the unpureness of others

Rampion1950: Yeah, Galax; consciousness itself is transcendent of good or bad.

Galaxon: even the bible says nothing of itself is

Galaxon: unclean..only one saying it is unclean makes it

HOST LFST RB3000: Bayingwolf, programming is great if *we* are in charge of our own programs! :)

Galaxon: so

Boldieu: oh lordy-- we are all just trying to reach the truth

Waheyleah: we r all right

FIFEVermilionSky: pain we chose it before we were born

Waheyleah: where we r meant to be

Waheyleah: :)

Waheyleah: on the ladder to Love

Rampion1950: And that truth is pretty elusive, isn't it?

HOST LFST RB3000: The old Aramaic word for "evil" is merely "unripe" :)

Waheyleah: to God

Boldieu: Ramp-so i find it

Bayingwolf: RB....we need to be in charge at all times....and this is hard to do

BetzerG: Yes, Galaxon...child abuse, murder, hate...these things are subjective..right

Rampion1950: Then there's quite an evil pear on my kitchen counter.

Boldieu: in charge??

Boldieu: Bay-- us? in charge?

HOST LFST RB3000: Bayingwolf, nearly impossible, actually-- but what else IS there to do? :)

BetzerG: There is no such things as sin or evil....

Galaxon: Betz yep

Boldieu: well put LF-- lets move on toward whatever we find

Bayingwolf: RB.......finding us, knowing us, trusting us

HOST LFST RB3000: BetzerG, I was given a good def for "sin" -- whatever turns me away from my goal.

Galaxon: Bet sin merely means to miss the mark. nothing else

Rampion1950: It's like: we already are fully conscious, YET we have to develop ourselves as well.

Boldieu: Gala--good

Galaxon: that is why most men sin in the bathroom

Rampion1950: We already have our "original enlightenment."

Boldieu: Ramp- do you think we are fully conscious?

HOST LFST RB3000: Galaxon, good way to put it. :)

Moondragon826: sin is no concept of new age

BetzerG: And so there is not right or that what you are saying

RochelleDo: Ramp, maybe because it goes beyond merely being fully conscious?

HOST LFST RB3000: Galaxon, I didn't mean your last comment :X

CorvaVolpa: not me Bet i know ther is true evil

Boldieu: I think we are not fully conscious

Galaxon: 3k never miss hehehe

BetzerG: Sin means to miss the mark...and the results of sin is evil and death

Rampion1950: Boldieu: Yes and no. We're all alienated to a degree from our True Nature...

Boldieu: at almost any given moment we are off somewhere else in our minds

Boldieu: not here and now

HOST LFST RB3000: Ok, we're moving right along on these practices ...

HOST LFST RB3000: Give me another minute to roll out the next idea ...................

HOST LFST RB3000: If anyone missed what we are doing here tonight, this is the

HOST LFST RB3000: first class in a series on AWakening in God Consciousness.

HOST LFST RB3000: T'ai Ch'i, K'ung F'u, Ch'i Kung and sacred dance (or

HOST LFST RB3000: movements): furthering the conditioning and attunement of

HOST LFST MikeB: I was knocked off too

HOST LFST RB3000: the apparatus and subconscious reactions (like reflexes), and

HOST LFST RB3000: supraconscious responses. Sacred dance takes it further by

HOST LFST RB3000: setting up a group "current" among the participants. That is,

HOST LFST RB3000: the movement is of the entire group of people present, and so

HOST LFST RB3000: is usually done in complete unison (often giving and observer

HOST LFST RB3000: the impression of "automata" or "culties" who have given up

HOST LFST RB3000: their self-authority, etc.)

HOST LFST RB3000: Some forms of sacred dance, rather than being performed in

HOST LFST RB3000: unison, comprise an intricate pattern in which each of the

HOST LFST RB3000: participants moves fluidly from one exact position to another

HOST LFST RB3000: (with the possible exception of the "possessed fool" in some

HOST LFST RB3000: Dervish and Tibetan dances-- but even there, one is "out of

HOST LFST RB3000: control" in a very controlled way). There is never any

HOST LFST RB3000: individual expression -- all of the art is expressed by the power

HOST LFST RB3000: and attributes of the current that is generated by the group

HOST LFST RB3000: intent.

HOST LFST RB3000: Ok, now the floor is open for this last idea. :)

Rampion1950: But we abide in that True Nature 100%; albeit only partly consciously.

Moondragon826: gosh youd think you were in a race,lol

Waheyleah: besides of the mind

Boldieu: LF--well, we are americans, after all--

Waheyleah: I left talking God and Love

CorvaVolpa: whirling dervish is very controlled

Boldieu: individuality and all that

Waheyleah: so now

Waheyleah: it is taebo

RochelleDo: This would be for directing energies?

Waheyleah: I do taebo

Boldieu: group meditation for example--very powerful

Moondragon826: love individuality, its me all the way :)

HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, of course-- what else IS there? :)

BetzerG: We dance in church...and in video taping, angelic beings were seen above the dancers

Rampion1950: Is that really good, Wahey? I've heard it kicks ass.

Moondragon826: well im not changing it this time

Boldieu: harhar Ramp

Waheyleah: its not just u moon

CorvaVolpa: angels do dance

Waheyleah: but yes,we r all angels

Rampion1950: No really. It looks like something I should try, gazing at my spare tire now...

Waheyleah: getting a chance

RochelleDo: sorry, its very tiny on my sceen as well, Moon :((

Waheyleah: to live

OnlineHost: Zeta Omega has entered the room.

Waheyleah: :)

Waheyleah: moon,,I love u

DCizunas: Thought just came to mind about sociologists

DCizunas: teaching break dancing to gang members to calm

DCizunas: violence

BetzerG: Wah...I;'m talking about the ones that are unseen...usually

Moondragon826: well glad someone does wahe :)

Rampion1950: I probably won't. It's enough to get me out on a Walkman walk these days....

Rampion1950: but thanks for the encouragement.

FIFEVermilionSky: i love you moon :)

Waheyleah: Betzer,,we can be U, but look we love U

Boldieu: Ramp--wanna take a walk?

Moondragon826: the l... word doesnt usually come outta me without really meaning itthought

Boldieu: i walk around a lake here--very nice

Rampion1950: I live in San Jose; you?

Waheyleah: do u understand

Boldieu: Ramp--just across some mtns in colo

Rampion1950: Nite Boys

Moondragon826: i think love is a very deep feeling, one i havent explored yet :)

Waheyleah: we r all equal

BetzerG: Oh my gosh...If you guys knew the power of God's HOly move in supernatural and

Boldieu: Bet--there is only one spirit--we are all talking about the same thing

BetzerG: miraculous ways....healing, dreams visions,

HOST LFST RB3000: BetzerG, we DO know it! :)

DCizunas: Betzer, trust me, we've all been there and are

DCizunas: now moving beyond it to higher planes

RochelleDo: BetzerG, many paths, one destination.

Waheyleah: do u know,,I am having to listen to dateline

Boldieu: k LF

Waheyleah: and they r hitting home

HOST LFST RB3000: Boldieu, yes, that's what I believe too. :)

Waheyleah: and I have a deaf son

Galaxon: Wah like a meteor from space?

Moondragon826: dateling?? is it interesting ??

Rampion1950: Yes, Bold. The One God or Spirit transcends (goes beyond yet includes) the God-concepts...

Rampion1950: ..of any one faith.

HOST LFST RB3000: Ok, hang on a minute again, while I roll out the next idea.

HOST LFST RB3000: Ok, let me go ahead and finish tonight's lesson ............

HOST LFST RB3000: Appointments: gradually setting up more and more of the

HOST LFST RB3000: hitherto unconscious activities of our daily lives until we are

HOST LFST RB3000: supported by a network of conscious points, as a platform from

HOST LFST RB3000: which our lives and realities can be transformed. Ultimately,

Waheyleah: and that is like why did I stop teaching him sign

HOST LFST RB3000: every moment of our life becomes seen as "an appointment

HOST LFST RB3000: with Power," as don Juan would say. And then the Power is in

HOST LFST RB3000: us and with us. Further along in this course, we will anticipate

HOST LFST RB3000: what it would be like to live by such Power. (Exercise: Why do I

HOST LFST RB3000: capitalize words like "Power", "Consciousness" and "Spirit"?)

Rerecros: capitalization can be a routine like any other doing....

Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 28] 3/15/2001 09:00 PM

Rampion1950: Perhaps because capitalizing (I do it often too) helps focus special attention, Host?

HOST LFST RB3000: Rampion, it's really because I am assigning particular meanings to the words ...

Rampion1950: Yes.

HOST LFST RB3000: Boldieu, yes

Boldieu: LF-so you are talking about forming a habit of spiritual awareness?

Rampion1950: Host is providing helpful info on aspects of developing consciousness

Rerecros: so make another routine, call it anything you want. :)

HOST LFST RB3000: Boldieu, not a habit, but entrenching a conscious program to replace all the habits.

Boldieu: LF--ummm..well, couldnt we say forming a new habit?

Boldieu: i dont wanna get into semantics

Boldieu: it can take up all ones time

Wei Liao: What do you mean by awakening?

DCizunas: Bold, to me it's not really a habit...more like a

DCizunas: way of life now

HOST LFST RB3000: Boldieu, ok, maybe habit is all right -- for instance, I now have a "habit" that, whenever I begin to freak, I remember to bless and love. :)

Boldieu: DC--yes, ok

Boldieu: LF--cool

Waheyleah: omg,,u should bow to life

BetzerG: Habits are changed and formed by changing what is within...not what is without

Waheyleah: all of u

BetzerG: The closer we come to God...the more we act and do the right thing

Boldieu: amen brother Betz

Rampion1950: Wei Liao, Host is using well-known esoteric language. God-consciousness simply means...

Moondragon826: the closer i become me, the more i am somebody

Rerecros: use stalking techniques to refine your outer being.

Boldieu: cool Moond

Waheyleah: they need to learn us

Rampion1950: ...that we abide in the Stillness of Being.

Moondragon826: dont need to become god right now, learning to be me

Wei Liao: rampion you said it, esoteric,

Moondragon826: thats what life is all about

DCizunas: Betzer, Bingo....that's the whole purpose of this class!!

Boldieu: Ramp-there are lots of terms for it arent there?

Rampion1950: Jesus Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu all lived as That.

Rampion1950: Yes there sure are. I use at least 50.

HOST LFST RB3000: Ok, now I am going into the last idea of tonight's class, so once

HOST LFST RB3000: again, please hold all chat for a minute...

HOST LFST RB3000: ................................

HOST LFST RB3000: Daily inventory:(sometimes referred to as "recapitulation")

HOST LFST RB3000: Initially done at the end of each day, this is a dispassionate,

HOST LFST RB3000: objective, experiential examination of our responses to

HOST LFST RB3000: everything that occurred on the given day for us, often divided

HOST LFST RB3000: into intellectual, emotional, psychological and physical

HOST LFST RB3000: channels (physical may be further subdivided into habitual,

HOST LFST RB3000: addictive, and fear- and anger- induced reactions). This

HOST LFST RB3000: examination is done silently, often by following the breath, and

HOST LFST RB3000: totally without judgments.

HOST LFST RB3000: Daily inventory:(sometimes referred to as "recapitulation")

HOST LFST RB3000: Initially done at the end of each day, this is a dispassionate,

HOST LFST RB3000: objective, experiential examination of our responses to

HOST LFST RB3000: everything that occurred on the given day for us, often divided

HOST LFST RB3000: into intellectual, emotional, psychological and physical

HOST LFST RB3000: channels (physical may be further subdivided into habitual,

HOST LFST RB3000: addictive, and fear- and anger- induced reactions). This

HOST LFST RB3000: examination is done silently, often by following the breath, and

HOST LFST RB3000: totally without judgments.

HOST LFST RB3000: The third outcome is that this practice develops and crystalizes

HOST LFST RB3000: our "double" or "dream body" or "astral body." This is not just

HOST LFST RB3000: "astral projection" or mediumship -- it is actually forming a

HOST LFST RB3000: fully conscious, fully functional and immortal second body of

HOST LFST RB3000: our attention, and it is this vehicle which can first exercise

HOST LFST RB3000: *Will* or true volition. If this body is formed correctly, it will

HOST LFST RB3000: have Knowledge (here the capital "K" means that it is direct

HOST LFST RB3000: Knowledge of Beingness, not mere "facts" or "information").

HOST LFST RB3000: The Double can be wherever and whenever <it> intends to

HOST LFST RB3000: be, and it can bend physical law considerably. It is not at the

HOST LFST RB3000: level of a deity, but it can form communication spectra with

HOST LFST RB3000: higher levels. It is also *possible* (none of this is *probable*)

HOST LFST RB3000: to transform the astral body into the higher-order mental,

HOST LFST RB3000: causal or Divine "bodies", and later on we might be able to

HOST LFST RB3000: examine what these could be, and what attributes they may

HOST LFST RB3000: have, depending on how much Power we will have collected as

HOST LFST RB3000: a group.

HOST LFST RB3000: Go ahead now please-- the floor is open.

HOST LFST RB3000: Ok, that's all I wanted to present to you tonight-- let's hear your ideas on them...

Wei Liao: that's alot of talk for something that can be done in an instant

Boldieu: LF--the hardest part there is the "without judgements" part

Wei Liao: what is Beingness?

SongofAncients: If any type of categorization is is Judgement.

Rerecros: At first, you must silence your mind. then recapitulate what doesn't sit right

Boldieu: Song--yes, we judge automatically

Rampion1950: Yes. We are lucky to be corporeal beings in the first place!

SongofAncients: Bold...yep. Judge is often misconstrued. Decisions are judgements.

Wei Liao: I can recapitulate my day in one minute.

Rampion1950: What do you mean by "causal", Host?

Moondragon826: we need a couple more hosts,lol

BetzerG: That is the topic...end of the day...ask God to reveal your shortcoming and we

BetzerG: forgive...

Rerecros: It's better to seek freedom with the double/dreaming body

Wei Liao: Song, what attacks?

Wei Liao: bitch

Boldieu: LF-- you have nerves of steel to put up with this

Galaxon: 3k no....i will fall thru

Moondragon826: ideas? presentation sucked the big one

SongofAncients: 3000.... can you paraphrase that thought?

CorvaVolpa: Thank You 3000 well done

Moondragon826: like anyone couldve followed it

Wei Liao: Host, what is Beingness?

Wei Liao: what do you mean by Beingness?

Galaxon: beingness is the FIRST CAUSE

Rampion1950: Do you engage in astral projection LF?

BetzerG: Host...simple is better....more peacefulful...relax

HOST LFST RB3000: Rampion, some, by accident -- but I don't like to do that.

Boldieu: i engage in psychological projection on a regular basis

Rerecros: wei and moondragon, your choice of font prevents me from reading you. :)

Wei Liao: so everything after the first cause is not beingnessss?

HOST LFST RB3000: Boldieu, why psychological?

Professor Oddjob: galaxon are you waiting for the effect

OnlineHost: RealmLady has entered the room.

SongofAncients: 3000..... there was a lot of explanation..... not sure what you're looking for.

RochelleDo: Surely this is much to practice to attain anything near that level, 3k?

CorvaVolpa: thank you Hosts this is a tough room but you are appreciated

HOST LFST RB3000: Wei Liao, how did you get that out of it?

Boldieu: LF--you know-- projecting my faults onto others

BAR120950: just

Galaxon: Prof i am awating the apprearance in the visible of that which is invisible

HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, anything we do is great. :)

Rampion1950: I think that "causal" ultimately refers to the first cause of pure Being or STillness.

Rampion1950: This STillness is the Source of all manifestation or movement.

Rerecros: first you need inner silence. then.

Boldieu: Ramp-you seem to like the Being and Stillness motif

HOST LFST RB3000: ... As I mentioned, I do very little formal meditation, but I do practices all day long. :)

BAR120950: go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you don't know its already within you

RochelleDo: Visualizations?

HOST LFST RB3000: Rampion, of course it does. How does it apply to us then?

BetzerG: Practice what???

Galaxon: Everything that comes to us originates from the void.

Boldieu: BAR--we gotta THINK about it

BetzerG: Host..sorry...but what do you practice

DCizunas: It seems we have lost a lot of what people used

Boldieu: have ya ever wondered how it is that we speak with such certainty?

DCizunas: to have before modern the

DCizunas: doppelgangers and vardgoers that performed the

DCizunas: same tasks for them

Boldieu: i mean-- what the hell do we know?

Boldieu: how can we act so sure?

RealmLady: Boldieu.....some of us "know" our truth.....

OnlineHost: DnnllySs has entered the room.

Moondragon826: good point bold :)

Rerecros: practice random acts of sorcery and notdongs

Boldieu: do we close off possibilities if we are too sure?

SongofAncients: Realm....very true.

Rampion1950: Host, in "Crouching Tiger", Li Mu Bai tells the thief of the Green Destiny sword...

Rerecros: doings

Boldieu: Realm-ok

Rampion1950: ..that

HOST LFST RB3000: BetzerG, I practice prayer, quietness, blessing, forgiveness,

HOST LFST RB3000: service, devotion, praise and happiness. :)

Rampion1950: "when you can hold the Sword in Stillness, you will be worthy of it."

FIFEVermilionSky: seek and you shall find

RealmLady: We do what "feels" right to our souls.....that which fits into our individual truths

Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 27] 3/15/2001 09:15 PM

Rerecros: thing is, routines trap us in conformity

Boldieu: Realm--is your truth the same as mine?

RochelleDo: So simply positive intent has us well on the way?

SongofAncients: Realm...yes....and is not threatened by the truths of

SongofAncients: others.... in fact it is easier for us to understand and

SongofAncients: respect the beleifs of others...

Boldieu: is it for everyone?

RealmLady: I doubt it Bold...

Rampion1950: But just doing stillness meditation is not enough, as Host has been pointing out.

Rerecros: routines teach you to be reactive

RealmLady: exactly SongofAncients

SongofAncients: without having to take them as our own or force ours upon them.

HOST LFST RB3000: Rerecros, yes, unless we can set up routines for overcoming

HOST LFST RB3000: negativity and unconsciousness, right?

Boldieu: Realm and Song-- i agree with that

SongofAncients: Bold :)

HOST LFST RB3000: Boldieu, how could there be different "truths"?

SongofAncients: It's simply security.... no need for control or defensiveness.

Rerecros: RB3k, these would be not-doings... designed to stop the 'doing' of the routine

Rerecros: realm, no, not inherently. but if you seek freedom, you'll stop all routines

Boldieu: LF-- well, maybe its different ways of knowing and experiencing

RealmLady: Rerecros.....nothing inherently wrong with routines.....

Boldieu: each must find his own

SongofAncients: 3000.... each person is an individual individual life and path....

RochelleDo: SongofAncients, security as in confidence?

HOST LFST RB3000: Rerecros, exactly--- the "not-doings" of habit and routine :)

SongofAncients: created and recreated each moment with each decision and action....

Rampion1950: Yes Song

BetzerG: This is a very subjective room....hard to find truth in subjectivity

LillyroseOmn: Right, song... everyone's reality is different

Galaxon: Consciousness is the substance out of which all is made

Boldieu: i dunno Betz

SongofAncients: Rochelle.....yes. When we know something to be true to us.... nothing can shake that.

DCizunas: Bold, perhaps you are talking about individual

DCizunas: perspectives of looking at the "truth" :)

RealmLady: very true Song....

Boldieu: Betz- i think there is just individual expression

SongofAncients: So we are not threatened by the differing opinions of others....

HOST LFST RB3000: BetzerG, that's true, but why the judgment on us?

Boldieu: DC--yes, i think so

FIFEVermilionSky: we are all on different paths they lead us the same place

Rerecros: RB3k, yes. use stalking to refine your outer being, dreaming to awaken your inner being

Moondragon826: energy is substance all is made of

SongofAncients: we recognize where we are and are able to see where others are at that moment...

Boldieu: DC-- we express things differently

Moondragon826: not consciousness

Rampion1950: Correct, Song. Not threatened.

Galaxon: energy is made of consciousness

SongofAncients: and not have to control it....or "correct" it because we know it is theirs and respect it.

HOST LFST RB3000: Rerecros, I guess that's what it really ends up as. :)

RealmLady: We all have our own truths......our own human individuals....

RochelleDo: SongofAncients, I see yes, thanks :)

BetzerG: No judgement...I'm just saying not many absolutes in here

Moondragon826: consciousness is just an awareness, not a substance

SongofAncients: Rochelle :)

DCizunas: Bold, very true...trying to help define what it

DCizunas: was I thought you meant

Boldieu: Betz--yes, there is freedome here to be oneself

HOST LFST RB3000: BetzerG, you think there is Truth in "absolutes"???

RealmLady: mayhaps not for you Betzer....

Boldieu: thanks DC

SongofAncients: Realm......yes.....the Balance lies in understanding our

Galaxon: energy used to be made of okra until i was born, then i changed the rules

SongofAncients: connection to all others....and the gift of Individuality.

Rampion1950: And consciousness is Grounded eternally prior to energy or thought.

Rerecros: we only have our personal power or "will" to go as far down the path of knowledge as we can

BetzerG: There is that which is absolutely True...the interpretation is subjective

HOST LFST RB3000: Rerecros, true, but that isn't a limitation, as far as I'm concerned :)

Moondragon826: love individuality :)

RealmLady: The only absolute truth is the each of us gets there is different Betzer

HOST LFST RB3000: ... because these practices are designed to increase our power,

HOST LFST RB3000: our attention and our resolve.

Rerecros: RB3k, right. no limitations, just predilections to deal with along the way

Rampion1950: Thank you, RealmLady. Well put.

SongofAncients: do I. It actually brings me closer to others in an honest and open way.

Moondragon826: if i was connected to host, id go crazy,lol

SongofAncients: Perfect respect.

RealmLady: each of us may call that Oneness something else....

DCizunas: Betzer, think about how "truth" has changed

DCizunas: during the course of's constant

DCizunas: change in the way we view it

BetzerG: How each of us tries to get there is different

Boldieu: nicely put Realm

RealmLady: and the way each of us gets there is different.....

HOST LFST RB3000: Moondragon, you are connected to me, by being here (even by being in my world :)

RealmLady: Song's way may not be the way for me......

Rampion1950: Yes, Host. Attention means attention!

Galaxon: We are all one, unless we add each of us with a florida calculator, then we are alll 32

Boldieu: we are all connected my air if nothing else

RealmLady: both our ways is right and correct

RealmLady: for us as individuals......

Moondragon826: im in now ones world but my own thank you :)

HOST LFST RB3000: Rampion, yes, and INTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boldieu: Gala!!! hahahaa

SongofAncients: Realm....exactly. But your inner serenity shows the world that it is right for you...

FIFEVermilionSky: true realm

RealmLady: yes it does Song......tks friends.....*s*

OnlineHost: FrenchTwisti719 has entered the room.

Moondragon826: i dont connect with

SongofAncients: You are true to yourself. That is paramount. :)

RochelleDo: There is also that we are connected at the very source.

Moondragon826: those i have no good intentions from :)

RealmLady: yes we are Rochelle.......

SongofAncients: Rochelle.....yes..... on the etheric level we are all aspects of that source.....

Galaxon: i need a sourceful connection now

Rampion1950: yes, Rochelle; we are "sourcenurtured" by pure Spirit.

FIFEVermilionSky: being true to ones self another key

Moondragon826: have to know someone to connect :)

SongofAncients: and on the physical level we are able to experience and make good of the individuality.

HOST LFST RB3000: (Before we end the class tonight, here is our class for TWO weeks from now:

HOST LFST RB3000: In two weeks: The Scriptural, Mythological and Shamanic roots of awakening.

HOST LFST RB3000: Suggested reading: the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the

HOST LFST RB3000: Upanishads, the Vedas, the Koran, Rumi's verses, Homer, 1001

HOST LFST RB3000: Nights; The Hidden Gospel by Neil Douglas-Klotz, The Cosmic

HOST LFST RB3000: Serpent by Jeremy Narby, The Invisible Landscape and The

HOST LFST RB3000: Archaic Revival by McKenna, and Bullfinch or any of Joseph

HOST LFST RB3000: Campbell's books on mythology.

HOST LFST RB3000: Again, that is for TWO weeks from tonight.

TaylorKtayer: into a soul absolutely free

Moondragon826: who needs books to be spiritual

Boldieu: LF--i cant read all those books in two weeks...

Jewlcraft: lol

Boldieu: :>

Rampion1950: Thank you for the book recommendations Host. What's the Hidden Gospel?

DCizunas: Thank you hosties and roomies for a great

DCizunas: class...catch ya later :)

Galaxon: remember, when selecting a religion, never rent your brain to the most sexy preacher

BetzerG: Just won't have to Boldieu

Boldieu: Bye CD

HOST LFST RB3000: Boldieu, just browse, then :)

Boldieu: DC

RochelleDo: DC:)

SongofAncients: just blew my entire congregation. :)

Boldieu: Betz- you chant??

Boldieu: are you SGI?

LillyroseOmn: Gala... what if the sexy preacher has fried okra?

Galaxon: song i hope they have a smile on their face hehehe

FrenchTwisti719: chanting used to be a sign of mental instability

HOST LFST RB3000: Galaxon, but do go for the sexiest deities, I say! :)

Moondragon826: books are only needed for meditation only

Galaxon: OMN then it will slide out

SongofAncients: LOL!! Now that I read what I wrote....I do too.

Rampion1950: Then they're not really a sexy preacher. Unless the okra's in soup.

Moondragon826: if you cant listen to yourself

SongofAncients: Got Chapstick?

RealmLady: lol RB3K

BetzerG: What is SCI

Moondragon826: better to know how you wrok then go off of how others do :)

Boldieu: Betz-- an chanting group

SongofAncients: Merlin......that would be the case with many.

Galaxon: SCI...Self-Conscious Inhibits

HOST LFST RB3000: BAR120, I don't take anything as rudeness -- that comes from only self-importance :)

HOST LFST RB3000: ... it's actually one of my practices to bless the "rudeness" that

RealmLady: personally

HOST LFST RB3000: everybody exhibits, including myself :)

RochelleDo: Will there be a log 3k??? I lost 10 minutes in the middle.

HOST LFST RB3000: Galaxon, I said "the dearest roomie" :)

Waheyleah: who is rude?

Galaxon: 3k amazing...and here i thought my reputation was intact:(

HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, yes, I'll send announcements where to find the logs. :)

RochelleDo: T

Waheyleah: he wants to give me his sad storey of life

Rampion1950: Goodnite everyone! This could get addicting.

HOST LFST RB3000: Wheels, just attend to how you listen to everything -- the wind,

HOST LFST RB3000: the rustle of leaves, your heart beating, ...

Waheyleah: when we open

Waheyleah: souls that is

RealmLady: Namaste' and goodnight Rochelle and Rampion

Galaxon: 3k so do you think everything is made of consciousness?

Lorinaz: :) LF

HOST LFST RB3000: Galaxon, you bet! :)

Galaxon: good....ia m glad i am not lost

HOST LFST RB3000: {{{{{{{{{{ Roomies }}}}}}}}}}

RealmLady: {{{{{rb3k}}}}}}

Jewlcraft: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{3K}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Alisnntrnt: thanks Barry :)

HOST LFST MikeB: good night 3000, great class

HOST LFST RB3000: <-- bows humbly :)

FIFEVermilionSky: thanks RBHOST 3000

GeeBee030: 3K-goodnite and thank you

Waheyleah: ((((((hosties))))))

Wheels248: TY HOST

Waheyleah: with the mosties :)

HOST LFST Heart: Namaste' everyone

Waheyleah: love will be

Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 16] 3/15/2001 09:30 PM

LillyroseOmn: Thanks hosts for the class and for giving of your time and info

Wheels248: ME 2 HOST

HOST LFST RB3000: Ok, friends -- I'll see you all in TWO weeks for the next class :)

Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 15] 3/15/2001 09:31 PM