Awakening in God-Consciousness, class #4

2001, Barry M Klein, Los Angeles


Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 13] 4/26/2001 08:01 PM

HOST LFST RB3000: Good evening, dear friends. :)

StellaWolf: ::waves hello to 3k::

GoldenDove7: {{{{{{{{{{ HOST LFST RB*******}}}}}}}

HOST LFST RB3000: ~~~~~~~~ (waves back :)

HOST LFST RB3000: FRIENDS, tonight is our fourth scheduled class of the series, Awakening in God-Consciousness. It lasts for approximately 1.5 hours, and it is run under a special protocol, which mainly involves no personal or side conversation, and greetings need to be done in IMs only. Thanks for your forbearance. :)

StellaWolf: I like that word :)

HOST LFST RB3000: Last week we discussed Levels of Being, trance states, parallel dimensions and Supernatural Realities. If you missed our earlier discussions on spiritual and mystical practices, I invite you to read the logs of our earlier sessions-- you'll find the links in my "Doorways" newsletter.

HOST LFST RB3000: The featured subject tonight is "Self-Awareness -- using the disciplines of self-study to defeat the ego and to create the Platform of intent."

Khiron1771: that's a really good topic.

HOST LFST RB3000: All right, then -- let us begin

HOST LFST RB3000: ..............................................................

HOST LFST RB3000: Many of you will recall that, in our first two sessions last month, we talked about daily practices, and what they were good for. Tonight we will discover that they are good for setting up Self-Awareness which, in some esoteric systems, is the second stage of consciousness.

HOST LFST RB3000: In the first exercise we did, we kept it simple, and only pre-set for two or three times the following day when we would attempt to "meet ourselves" by just stopping momentarily at those times and "taking a snapshot" of our mental, emotional and physical states.


HOST LFST RB3000: Now that we have been practicing that religiously for a couple of decades, we have progressed to the stage where we meet ourselves almost continuously, as if taking a movie of ourselves instead of snapshots, in 3-D

HOST LFST RB3000: panorama surround technicolor.

HOST LFST RB3000: In the second practice, we made a small, private place of silence in ourselves, a platform of silence in ourselves that belongs only to you, to me -- little by little, every day, where we are balanced and vigilant and present, without any of the commentary that we are constantly telling ourselves about how everything is and is not.

HOST LFST RB3000: Instead, the platform of silence meets the moment of our life head-on, in ecstatic joy and fierceness, in humble surrender.

HOST LFST RB3000: The third little exercise that we have been doing, since we have our self-snapshots and our platform of inner silence, is to take our "reverse inventories" at the end of each day, impartially examining all of our responses to the day's challenges.

HOST LFST RB3000: This allows us to be immediately aware, as an emotional reaction first begins to trigger in us, like watching the temperature guage in your car if your engine has a tendency to overheat.


HOST LFST RB3000: But here, instead of turning the engine off, our efforts have created the possibility of a turbocharger that can use the extra heat to propel the car in ways we never would have considered.

HOST LFST RB3000: Perhaps now the car can fly, or travel through time or across dimensional barriers, or become invisible, shrink to the proportions of an atom or expand to that of a galaxy.

HOST LFST RB3000: Obviously, such feats could not be done with the ordinary ways we have been trained to indulge in our "feelings" and self-importance, which is basically to run an internal, incessant story about "injustice", "honor", "rightness", "morality", "self-respect","deserving" etc.

HOST LFST RB3000: Let me assure you that rapists and axe-murderers run exactly the same kinds of stories that the rest of us do; they just have made different decision points.

HOST LFST RB3000: So I am saying that everything that we have called our "feelings" and our "values" are nothing but uncontemplated background programs without them we can gain access to our natural forces, if we are unflinchingly committed to "riding the dragon" of their intensities without falling into ego traps.

HOST LFST RB3000: ****** ALL RIGHT, friends. The floor is open for your questions or comments about the results of your practices, and what can be done with them. Go right ahead now please ............................

RochelleDo: tis rather humbling when you are first starting out.

HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, I think that's why they never told us why we were doing it :)

Starshine7569492: why would one even want to be without values or feelings????

HOST LFST RB3000: Starshine, quite the opposite -- we have been shielded from our experience by our programmed inner stories, see?

Azure Lake: This impartial review of our responses -- is this recapitulation or something else?

HOST LFST RB3000: Azure Lake, yes, recapitulation is one form of it, for sure! :)

Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 13] 4/26/2001 08:15 PM

RochelleDo: Then again, tis rather encouraging when you feel a part of it and know it for where you are meant to be :)

HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, yes, but that comes in very gradual stages, usually, until something falls into place -- is that your experience?

RochelleDo: Oh yes, quite gradual.

Azure Lake: So we can examine ourselves in reverse, stripping away the falsehoods leaving us with the real feelings underneath.

RochelleDo: So for all the work that needs to be done...the knowing that it is where it is rather special.

HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, yes, special, and usually avoided because it can be so daunting. :)

VWright916: host you absolutely sure about this?

HOST LFST RB3000: VWright, for me, for half a century of practicing it, yes. :)

RochelleDo: Aha, my favourite word....daunting indeed!!!

RochelleDo: That keeps us back. I think we need to feel ready.

VWright916: My point exactly.

Azure Lake: And it's just apparent when the true feelings are out.

HOST LFST RB3000: Azure Lake, yes, although it sounds so simple to tell it that way, eh?

Starshine7569492: Azure and what are"true" feelings?

Azure Lake: Why make it too difficult for myself?

DCizunas: 3K, so basically internal combustion rather than

DCizunas: external (yelling at people)?

HOST LFST RB3000: DCizunas, it's not stuffing -- it's more directing the energies.

RochelleDo: Azure, and sometimes it is apparent but later we forget.

HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, I might have been dead many times over, if I'd waited for being "ready" )

RochelleDo: Not sure why we keep forgeting.

Azure Lake: True feelings have an edge, a lightning-like quality. All you can do is smile and laugh!

RochelleDo: Not saying we have to wait.....but not feeling ready means we might

RochelleDo: not catch the drift, 3k....there is something in that.

RochelleDo: I dont mean hold back

RochelleDo: You know if you give answers to someone who is not ready, they

RochelleDo: will not hear or take notice.

Starshine7569492: Azure, humm

SexualPotency: well to deal with that problematic we need to know what is the 'self' what is the 'ego' and

SexualPotency: what is 'intent'

HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, right on!

RochelleDo: intent is conscious design.

HOST LFST RB3000: ... or, as in my case, they start shouting

VWright916: host what in your view is the preceeeding factors to control these?

HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, yes, conscious design is coming up down the road in this series.

SexualPotency: what is conscious?

SexualPotency: what is design?

Starshine7569492: So do you think spirit and ego can not work cooperativley ?

RochelleDo: I think ego does best to take a back seat.....depending on what is meant.

HOST LFST RB3000: Starshine, yes, eventually they must work together.

Starshine7569492: Yes, that I agree on:)

VWright916: Is spirit and ego double negation?

HOST LFST RB3000: VERY GOOD COMMENTS, EVERYBODY.... Now let us venture forth into our next segment of the class ................................................

HOST LFST RB3000: Now we are ready to apprehend the results of this vigilance. In don Juan's terms, "our heads have been turned around" so that we see the oncoming future, like moving from the caboose to the engine of a train.

HOST LFST RB3000: Instead of being passengers who know only about what "happened," we are now driving our life, meeting the future as it streams toward us.

HOST LFST RB3000: And what is the main event that we can now see coming down the tracks toward us? Why, it is the amazingly predictable programmed reactions of our ego-mask, followed immediately by the silently roaring freight train of the Supernatural, carrying to us the most amazing and overwhelming cargo of the Miraculous, the ineffible, the unspeakable, the Unknowable, the Eye of the Mystery, the star-blazing pantheons of all the traditions of humankind, and then some that we never encountered.

HOST LFST RB3000: But there is a price for all that glory, and the down payment is the exercises we've been working with. The principal is our entire Self, self-aware and conscious, fully responsible with an awakened Conscience, aware of every single tiny flaw in our ego and its impact on our fellows.

HOST LFST RB3000: On the other hand, the reward for our fully surrendered suffering in this way, is the possibility of forming immortal bodies in ourselves, crystallizations of surpassing intelligence and power. These are we and yet far more than we. Soon we will examine the attributes of these potentialities in ourselves, but for now ...

HOST LFST RB3000: ******** THE FLOOR IS OPEN, dear friends, to discuss what immortality and spiritual awakening might look like to you. Go ahead now please.

RochelleDo: look like in what way?

JLook91968: then maybe you could recap the gyst of this

Azure Lake: Interesting that the ego-mask (the reaction, the defense mechanism for our egos) precedes the oncoming All & Everything coming towards us.

VWright916: Spiritual emancipation has no categorizing, only what is preconcieved..

HOST LFST RB3000: JLook, the main point is what our possibiities are if something bigger in us can over-ride ego.

RochelleDo: jeeesh, 3k, that was some wording.

VWright916: to the emancipated its not of his hands, to rationaize its

VWright916: existence or illusions.

HOST LFST RB3000: Azure Lake, can you explain that more?

Starshine7569492: ---believes in living in the present, personal responsibility

JLook91968: maybe we don't need to override ego... but train it to play nice

Azure Lake: Well, you would think that the ego mask would be on the front of the engine.

BConWise: living in the moment works too:)

HOST LFST RB3000: Starshine, how do you "live in the present" -- merely deciding to, or does it take something else?

VWright916: to oppose the ego also accepts it.

Azure Lake: Instead it's coming towards us, defending us against the ineffable, because the ineffable is coming towards us with such speed that it's almost a reverse action.

Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 17] 4/26/2001 08:30 PM

RochelleDo: The immortal bodies in ourselves made me think.

Starshine7569492: Well it took 30 yrs of meditation--but other than that yes it is a choice

HOST LFST RB3000: JLook, the ego has grown to be monsters in us -- it takes a LOT of retraining!

Starshine7569492: After you know who you are

Azure Lake: That is, the only way it can defend us against our higher selves is to go there

Azure Lake: and then speed back before the oncoming All.

JLook91968: 3K... maybe there's a monster inside yours... I wouldn't presume that for another

VWright916: ego is overcome as is this world...

HOST LFST RB3000: Starshine, there it is! That little 30 years of meditation makes up for a lot, doesn't it?

Starshine7569492: RB yeppers:)

RochelleDo: there are no many years of meditation that guarentee anything, Starshine.

HOST LFST RB3000: JLook, it is an idea of this session that I am presenting for the consideration of each person here -- it is not intended as an axiom to argue over.

Starshine7569492: Rochell understand yourself, having integrity and purpose and know the more you know the less you know you know:)

RochelleDo: for absolute sure, starshine :)

HOST LFST RB3000: Starshine, unti we now nothing and everything, right?

Azure Lake: For after all, what we seek is the higher self, and that higher self eventually is seen

Azure Lake: as coming towards us, or joining us, uniting with us. In the end, we are one with it as we always were.

Starshine7569492: Rb yes:)

Starshine7569492: Then we live this life--with ego--and without harm

RochelleDo: we can amend ego

VWright916: host whats wrong with that?

RochelleDo: we can make less matter

Starshine7569492: as best we can

Azure Lake: we can move away from being centered in ego.

VWright916: everything and nothing..

RochelleDo: yes Azure

HOST LFST RB3000: Azure Lake, yes, that's the point of these practices, right?

Starshine7569492: aware of ego but centered in spirit Azure

Azure Lake: Yes, did you read my prior copmments?

HOST LFST RB3000: Azure Lake, yes, I did read them.

Professor Oddjob: SO WHAT IS THE EGO FOR THEN?

Starshine7569492: We choose to be here with ego as a tool to spiritual understanding

Starshine7569492: It is not to be negated--but intergrated

RochelleDo: Professor Oddjob, I reckon ego serves great purpose to keep us on track

HOST LFST RB3000: Professor Oddjob, good question-- I say that the main task of ego is to hold

HOST LFST RB3000: specific positions of "reality" in place.

Azure Lake: The ego is just a tool for dealing with things on earth. There is such a thing as a clean ego, one that is transparent and has no hangups

Professor Oddjob: so do you try to cram your inner truth into the context of the ego

JLook91968: Azure... some folks would consider that sort of thing really boring

HOST LFST RB3000: Professor Oddjob, quite the opposite.

RochelleDo: Professor Oddjob, no way <g>

VWright916: ego isn't of motives..

Starshine7569492: Ego is life ---overcoming the hang ups is the task:)

Azure Lake: Your inner truth, your higher self, is attached to but hopefully not at affect of your ego

Starshine7569492: of course its affected--thats what human life is

JLook91968: <~smacks some sobriety into Stella..... guess that's your monster ego, eh?

HOST LFST RB3000: Azure Lake, why "hopefully"? Ego is for sure in charge until we do something drastic, and for a long, long time.

Starshine7569492: Do not think ego is the boogie man:)lol

Azure Lake: Because we get taught that the ego is most important. It becomes the authority.

Starshine7569492: It is the task master of the human brain

Azure Lake: Instead it's just supposed to be a tool, at the beck and call of the higher self.

Professor Oddjob: what are the parameters of ego

StellaWolf: wouldn't ego be like the screen from which, and to which, preconceived images are projected?

HOST LFST RB3000: Azure Lake, right on!

Azure Lake: :)

Starshine7569492: As I said earlier it is a tool:)

Starshine7569492: Or else why even be here!

Professor Oddjob: ego is like the body

Azure Lake: OK, Star Shine!

Professor Oddjob: once you realize you are neither

Professor Oddjob: you feel most free using them to complete your mission

Starshine7569492: Prof we are all!!

RochelleDo: as often as it feels really nice to be right and have ego stroked, at

RochelleDo: the end of the day, to not pat self on head can be a wee ego

RochelleDo: allowance we can like as well, ya know?

HOST LFST RB3000: Professor Oddjob, nice way to put it.

JLook91968: Prof... or maybe the other way around.... when we respect and care for our ego, we're happy

Azure Lake: Yes, but first you must realize that the ego is a tool. This is not taught in our schools.

Starshine7569492: Ego, subconcious and superconcious and it is all good:)

Tripsis2u: Why would one want to "defeat" the ego?

Professor Oddjob: with truth one doesn't have to be right

RochelleDo: like maybe sometimes we just let it go and others enjoy and we enjoy that they did

JLook91968: Sis... that sort of reminds me of the western white mentality that we had to tame Nature

RochelleDo: and we dont have to be credited.

Professor Oddjob: see most still misuse truth to emtrap

Tripsis2u: Why is it perceived as something to do battle with?

LaNinaAngel: badda bing...some topic at this time of night

Azure Lake: I left the Course in Miracles because they said the ego was bad and had no use.

RochelleDo: there is no battle

RochelleDo: there is a sharing

RochelleDo: and a happiness like a mother for her child winning a game

RochelleDo: she could have beaten him

Professor Oddjob: and that is why we don't feel comfortable expressing our inner truth

HOST LFST RB3000: Starshine, I'm finding that we've had those backwards-- our "conscious ego" is the most UNconscious part, and we are run by the conscious intent of the SUBconscious that "waking" does not have access to.

Tripsis2u: maybe the ego is something that gets better with time like a fine wine?

LaNinaAngel: prof...iam as comfortable as can be with my innner truth

JLook91968: Prof... could it be our inner truth changes from moment to moment?

Azure Lake: Ego must be a composite of all we've ever experienced & still held onto.

RochelleDo: in a certain way, Tripsis, perhaps

HOST LFST RB3000: Tripsis2u, the ego sure gets stronger and more monstrous, except when we train it patiently.

OnlineHost: DDreamtime has entered the room.

LaNinaAngel: nothing is sure but change

Professor Oddjob: truth is not encased in time nor space

JLook91968: Azure.. it also includes all our relations

Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 17] 4/26/2001 08:45 PM

Azure Lake: So if we've been hurt a lot, and we still have those hurts, then ego is an encumbrance

HOST LFST RB3000: Professor Oddjob, right-- we deal with that point in one of our sessions here.

Starshine7569492: Humm yes I see--I believe concious?ego is what others tell us, subconcious is what we tell

Starshine7569492: ourselves and superconcious is spirit and our interconnection

LaNinaAngel: moment to moment...inhale..exhale

Professor Oddjob: your inner truth isn't yet

RochelleDo: not sure that is ego, Azure...something needs nourishing

Professor Oddjob: and will never squelch on another's truth

HOST LFST RB3000: Azure Lake, it is the ego that says "I am hurt"-- nobody else!

Azure Lake: When we have looked at our ego inventory and gotten rid of the stock we don't want,

Professor Oddjob: it sets others free

LaNinaAngel: death is the best teacher of ourselves

Starshine7569492: Azure you just have to realize that you can't change the past but are responsible for your now

Tripsis2u: so you believe that it can become monstrous, or it can be trained to be "good"?

Azure Lake: then we have a "great" ego, since it doesn't trip us up and make us feel miserable.

Professor Oddjob: death of what

LaNinaAngel: and the ego

RochelleDo: Could it maybe be just an allowance of others being ahead of us, Azure?


RochelleDo: not that they are, just that we allow what they are regardless?

Azure Lake: You don't have to carry anything you don't want to with you.

RochelleDo: they need ego as we have done

RochelleDo: and will move beyond when it is fed?

Professor Oddjob: this ego as you refer are clues

RochelleDo: Just wondering.

Starshine7569492: Azure there you go---it is a conscious decision!!!!

HOST LFST RB3000: Azure Lake, are you serious? We drag the entire menagery down the street with us!

LaNinaAngel: bada bing host

Tripsis2u: if it can be trained to be good then it must have received training in order to be

Professor Oddjob: very personal congruent clues

Tripsis2u: monstrous, as well

BANANAGIRL48: congruency is good.....

FIFEVermilionSky: <=====lost my ego when i had to wear glasses

Azure Lake: I don't believe you, 3000! We don't if we've decided to give it the heave ho.

LaNinaAngel: azurre...hon! :+)

HOST LFST RB3000: Azure Lake, how many times have you "decided to"?????

Azure Lake: Or at least, it is not up there as priority one in our brains.

Starshine7569492: ---doesn't carry a managery lol

Azure Lake: Not enough. This is what I consider recapitulation. That is, I give up the bad feelings

Azure Lake: not the memories.

Tripsis2u: that is my ego in training talking, BTW

Starshine7569492: Azure:))))))

HOST LFST RB3000: Azure Lake, but there are no "bad feelings" to give up, don't you see? We pervert our gifts of energy into self-pity and indulgence.

HOST LFST RB3000: ... by our inner chatter.

RochelleDo: ou, that hurts 3k but how very true it is.

Azure Lake: Right, Trip!

HOST LFST RB3000: VERY GOOD COMMENTS, EVERYBODY.... Now let us go on to our next lesson, which is the Attributes of Self-Aware Consciousness.

HOST LFST RB3000: First of all, we would have immediate perception of what-is, so that we know when people are lying to us or to themselves, and we know what's wrong before anyone can identify it. This is the gift of the true Healer or prophet or seer, or even a sorcerer or miracle-worker.

HOST LFST RB3000: Perhaps the greatest challenge with this is not to tell everything that you are seeing, because it conveys too much power and bears too much responsibility, and people get offended to the point of lynchings, burnings, stonings and floggings, which I myself find unpleasant. :)


HOST LFST RB3000: The next feature is that we are responsible and accountable for everything, but with no shame, guilt or fear. What could this mean? To me it means that we are heading towards Causal Existence, where the slightest utterance, gesture or even *thought* produces endless and universal consequences, such as the entire world that we are living in.

HOST LFST RB3000: The next feature is that we are responsible and accountable for everything, but with no shame, guilt or fear. What could this mean? To me it means that we are heading towards Causal Existence, where the slightest utterance, gesture or even *thought* produces endless and universal consequences, such as the entire world that we are living in.

HOST LFST RB3000: This is the power of a god, a divinity, a self-realized Source Being with a fully developed *Platform of Intent*. Of course, the moment any pride, shame, guilt or any other ego attribute sneaks into it, it causes corrupt, ignorant, painful and disease-ridden lifetimes to occur. Don't worry, this always happens at first -- we expect it. :)

HOST LFST RB3000: But eventually we find a way to drop the whole ego, to *die*, to "become formless", nothing-and-everything at once, the image of God. The funny thing, very generally when a person/Being has developed this kind of power, they are extremely reticent to exercise it, precisely because of the dire and extreme consequences of the slightest interference with anything.

HOST LFST RB3000: For example, look at the Christ -- despite all the good that was done through the Christ (and is still being done), we've had 2,000 years of religious wars, persecutions, inquisitions, "purifications" and "ethnic cleansings", and distortions.

HOST LFST RB3000: For me, the worst has been the taking over of the truly miraculous by weak but power-mad bullies who have no idea of what was actually given. But that also is expected, and will even help us in our own work.


HOST LFST RB3000: Finally, in self-aware Consciousness, we can see everything as miraculous, because we no longer have our self-image to limit it, and because we are present in the Moment with it.

HOST LFST RB3000: Everything *is* perfect and beautiful, without the slightest need for anything to be different from what it is, but yet so fluid that the gaze does not falter no matter how madly and wildly everything does change, fall out from beneath us, superimpose on each other, and dissolve into meaninglessness and beatific Purpose.

HOST LFST RB3000: ***** ALL RIGHT, friends. The floor is again open for your questions or comments about the attributes of Self-Awareness. Go right ahead now.

Professor Oddjob: that is because they still don't dare to participate at a higher level for the effect perhaps

Professor Oddjob: to justify the unresolved cause

Professor Oddjob: patience has nothing todo with waitng

Tripsis2u: Host, another way of saying that would be that when we experience "bad feelings" or dissappointments, we want to make it a story....

Tripsis2u: by doing that we lock ourselves into something that has already passed.

HOST LFST RB3000: Tripsis2u, exactly!

Tripsis2u: Then we frantically try to escape from the suffering of that event, but we cannot find freedom from it if we have locked ourself into the pain of the event by making it our "story"

Tripsis2u: we are ever-changing and that realization is the real freedom

LaNinaAngel: Im blessed...i have put all of that behind me...i look forward and accept the best for me

LaNinaAngel: a true warrior waits and knows what he is waiting for

Starshine7569492: Rb:))))))))))

RochelleDo: aww, the Christ stuff clouded the importance of the stuff

RochelleDo: before....they are both important but too much in one go,

Professor Oddjob: perhaps until the end of time

Starshine7569492: Self aware being the key:)))

FIFEVermilionSky: it comes to you when your ready for it

LaNinaAngel: badda bing fife

RochelleDo: okay, it all makes perfect sense :)

JeannieJ1: I think..................................

LaNinaAngel: the blueprint of life!

JeannieJ1: some people THINK TOO MUCH

Starshine7569492: Fife no it comes when you reach for it

HOST LFST RB3000: I guess I should make it clear that the "Christ" for me is not what anybody heard about in Sunday school --

RochelleDo: jeannie, that is okay

StellaWolf: 3K, is this what the term 'transparent to the transcendent' means?

HOST LFST RB3000: StellaWolf, I haven't heard that before-- sounds nice. )))

Azure Lake: Why is it that we hold ourselves back from what 3000 has described? Our birthright.

HOST LFST RB3000: -- it is the ecstatic focus of my whole spiritual intent.

JeannieJ1: RO..........true.......but sometimes it's like chasing our own tails

RochelleDo: Just what was said before ...... on its own 3k was incredible.

JeannieJ1: I think it is all within

RochelleDo: Jeannie, some folk require that

JeannieJ1: makes my head hurt

RochelleDo: to each our own

StellaWolf: Joseph Campbell :) I'm still trying to apply it.

JeannieJ1: true Ro

RochelleDo: where we are all at is okay

FIFEVermilionSky: reach all ya want when it time it comes when your ready

HOST LFST RB3000: StellaWolf, we can learn a lot from him, but he is not an ecstatic mystic, if you know what I mean :)

JeannieJ1: FIFE exactly

FIFEVermilionSky: naturally

Azure Lake: Are we in actuality herd souls?

LaNinaAngel: when "time" is ready fife

Starshine7569492: Fife reaching is preparing

LaNinaAngel: amen star

Azure Lake: Always so influenced by others that we cannot free ourselves from the muck?

HOST LFST RB3000: Azure Lake, "in actuality"??? Our reality is nothing but what we believe it to be, no?

Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 21] 4/26/2001 09:00 PM

LaNinaAngel: its a step reach

JeannieJ1: then you are a follower, Azure

Starshine7569492: Yes Angel

FIFEVermilionSky: yes thats a step

RochelleDo: only moreso when you take responsibility of it, 3k

Azure Lake: Yes, but the instinct to lend others power is very strong. It comes from babyhood.

Zioncruises: hey was up this is sensual kisses anyone in hear ever heard of right knowledge if so get ba

RochelleDo: before that is meaningless

Tripsis2u: I am grateful to realize that I am an ever-changing individual.

CrystalMS7: Can somebody please explain exactly what is being discussed?

HOST LFST RB3000: CrystalMS, we do post the logues afterwards, but in a nutshell

HOST LFST RB3000: ... we are discussing what magic and power we can have if we can get ego out of the way.

LaNinaAngel: knowledge...intent..good words

Starshine7569492: Azure being a teacher is not a bad thing:)

CrystalMS7: ok TY very much

HOST LFST RB3000: Azure Lake, don't you believe that we learn these traps?

Starshine7569492: Azure and on one level we are all connected

LaNinaAngel: again blessed...i "knew" when i was seven yrs old..

JeannieJ1: we are all teachers and students at the same time

Azure Lake: I think we are connected on all levels to the extent that we agree to be connected --

CrystalMS7: I agree Jeannie

Azure Lake: unless we are totally at affect.

FIFEVermilionSky: true jeannie

CrystalMS7: so true Azure

Azure Lake: Of course, we learn all these traps. This is what we need to dump so our ego can be the good

Azure Lake: tool it's meant to be.

HOST LFST RB3000: Azure Lake, I agree :)

LaNinaAngel: death experinces has deflated my ego...

Azure Lake: So every night I'm going to start reviewing and placing in perspective of the higher self.

HOST LFST RB3000: (Suggested reading for this class: In Search of the Miraculous by P.D. Ouspensky; A Journey to Ixtlan, Tales of Power, Second Ring of Power and The Power of Silence by Castaneda; The Sorcerer's Crossing by Taisha Abelar;

HOST LFST RB3000: Be Here Now by Ram Dass, Babel-17 by Samuel Delany, and

HOST LFST RB3000: Our Life with Mr. Gurdjieff by Thomas and Olga de Hartmann.)

JeannieJ1: I gave up sex 2 yrs ago

Starshine7569492: Azure meditation is good for that:)

DDreamtime: (((((((((((Rebedmu))))))))))

HOST LFST RB3000: Films to see: The Matrix, Dark City, John Boorman's Emerald Forest, Resurrection (the old version with Ellen Burstyn), Contact, House of Cards (with Kathleen Turner and Tommy Lee Jones), Little Buddha, and Mary Poppins. (I'd appreciate hearing your own relevant suggestions for films and books on this subject.)

RochelleDo: any chance you can rerun that macro before jesus, 3k?

LaNinaAngel: OMG....El Maestro...Carlos Castaneda opened me up!

RochelleDo: that made sooo much sense.

Starshine7569492: Azure-I have developed my own, but just find a wasy to quiet yourself and do it regularly, it

Starshine7569492: will develop:)

LaNinaAngel: thats why i take paths with heart and always laugh

Azure Lake: Thanks.

EaglWarrior: Beyond Fear..The Totec Guide ToFreedom and Joy a good one also

Starshine7569492: If one has developed that power and excercises it with loving intent it is a good thing:)

RochelleDo: I am intending to stay awake tonight

Starshine7569492: Intent is everything!!!

Starshine7569492: In the human experience

RochelleDo: yes

RochelleDo: I love it

LaNinaAngel: lol star....but "power" is our third natural enemy

Azure Lake: Intent! Intent! As well as the calm of one's core platform.

Starshine7569492: Azure beautifully stated:)))))

RochelleDo: Azure, yes indeed :)

HOST LFST RB3000: Azure Lake, right :)

Azure Lake: {{{{*}}}}

Starshine7569492: Angel my power is my friend:)

RochelleDo: good for the ego, Azure <g>

RochelleDo: sorry, I know but that is not a bad thing

RochelleDo: we all need that

RochelleDo: well, I do

LaNinaAngel: it can also be an enemy...

RochelleDo: <~~not beyond needing a wee ego stroke, alas

HOST LFST RB3000: (Two weeks from now: How we cultivate negativity and pain, and how we can redirect those energies into ecstatic awareness and the Dream Double or Astral Body)

Azure Lake: Well, we can't just rip it all apart in one day. We must love ourselves in our development

Azure Lake: or, that is, in our stripping away of needless things.

Starshine7569492: Angel not if you are self actuated and aware:)

RochelleDo: I can imagine that a toughie, 3k

HOST LFST RB3000: (Suggested reading for it: The Second Ring of Power, The Eagle's Gift, The Fire from Within and The Power of Silence by Castaneda; The Sorcerer's Crossing by Taisha Abelar; Empire Star by Samuel Delany; In Search of the Miraculous and The Fourth Way by P.D. Ouspensky; A Course in Miracles; Views from the Real World by G.I.Gurdjieff; the Seth books by Jane Roberts, and To Live Again by Robert Silverberg.

HOST LFST RB3000: (Your own suggestions?)

FIFEVermilionSky: do we got to read all week again rb?

Azure Lake: So we must love our ego. In a way ***.....*****

LaNinaAngel: when a person acquire too much power...they lay back because they think they are in control

Starshine7569492: Ego is your humanness--it is why you are here:)))

StellaWolf: Jonathan Livingston Seagull ::giggling::

HOST LFST RB3000: FIFEVermilionSky, these are books I read over and over, each decade ))

RochelleDo: it will be topic material for ages, many have so different uses for it.

Azure Lake: Ego is like the soul, while what we are striving to be is spirit.

JeannieJ1: IMHO...........god gave us a ego for a can't be all bad

Starshine7569492: Angel not at all---because real power is in the spirit

HOST LFST RB3000: StellaWolf, by Richard Bach-- thanks -- I recommend Illusions and Bridge Across Forever.

FIFEVermilionSky: ok well read ::;sigh:::::

LaNinaAngel: i agree...but not good for the human

HOST LFST MikeB: Ego as with everything in moderation

JeannieJ1: is that your life's readings 3K

RochelleDo: Time Enough for Love didnt he need to imprint his conscious into a puter to keep living?

Starshine7569492: Angel it is wonderous for me and Im very human:))))

RochelleDo: Robert Heinlein

Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 17] 4/26/2001 09:15 PM

RochelleDo: There we have ego perpetuating

LaNinaAngel: I am a very spiritual person...ive been channeling since i was very young..

RochelleDo: he didnt let go

HOST LFST RB3000: JeannieJ, I read 1,000s of books and journals -- these are selections. ))

FIFEVermilionSky: to much a negitive thingy huh

LaNinaAngel: i "look" at a person and "see" them

FIFEVermilionSky: ego

RochelleDo: But I loved his character

JeannieJ1: wow

Professor Oddjob: what's so negative about it

LaNinaAngel: and with all of my knowledge ..for so still open to learn more

Starshine7569492: Angel, but have you really looked within?

LaNinaAngel: thats power


Professor Oddjob: and what do you do with this power

JeannieJ1: <-- will continue to learn all my life

Starshine7569492: Angel, not chalenging, just asking:)

RochelleDo: <~~has to finish Mists of Avalon

LaNinaAngel: good topic...very good

Starshine7569492: Rb this has been most interesting, glad I found this room, thank you:)

LaNinaAngel: buts its late

Azure Lake: why do you have to stay up, RochelleDo?

Azure Lake: it's worse that stealing the w keys -- at least real people look at this chat

RochelleDo: indeed starshine :)

RochelleDo: could just go and reread the macros....some good stuff there

RochelleDo: only my ego wants to be heard

RochelleDo: I can live without that <g>

Professor Oddjob: do you want other ego's to listen

RochelleDo: cheers and love to all xxx and thanks 3k, I am learning x

Starshine7569492: Niters Rochell, nice to meet you

Azure Lake: maybe you could spend all night reviewing and recapitulating (Taisha's book=hint).

LaNinaAngel: peace, love, light and laughter

LaNinaAngel: good nite

StarShineArt: Has anyone here read The Art of Happiness by HH Dalai Lama?

Professor Oddjob: what part intrigued you, star?

HOST LFST RB3000: StarShineArt, one of my coworkers tried to read it, but stopped.

StarShineArt: I just got it at the library and I wondered what others thought of it.

HOST LFST RB3000: StarShineArt, some of it is nice :)

StarShineArt: I just started a book by Robert Johnson called Balancing Heaven and Earth.

HOST LFST RB3000: StarShineArt, I hope for your reports on these :)

StarShineArt: Okay.

Galaxon: i read a book, "the power of awareness"

Professor Oddjob: how far away is heaven from earth anyways

Professor Oddjob: and how long will it take to get there

FIFEVermilionSky: a thought away

Professor Oddjob: is it the thought that's in the way

Professor Oddjob: the way there

Professor Oddjob: a sign post

RealmLady: heaven isn't away from the thing....

HOST LFST RB3000: Reminder -- Two weeks from now: How we cultivate negativity and pain, and how we can redirect those energies into ecstatic awareness and the Dream Double or Astral Body.

Professor Oddjob: or the fuel that gets you there

Galaxon: 3k...i got a question aobut the etheral bodies

HOST LFST RB3000: Galaxon, I thought you knew more than I did about those ...

Professor Oddjob: in a garden

Galaxon: do the etheral bodies have tones, notes or frequencies associated with them?

Professor Oddjob: yet one of the most abundant and healthy to consume

HOST LFST RB3000: Galaxon, yes, in a certain way-- they are collections, not single crystals.

Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 11] 4/26/2001 09:30 PM

HOST LFST RB3000: ... ranges of frequencies, sort of...

HOST LFST RB3000: ... bands might be a good way to put it.


RealmLady: good night RB3K

FLYPUP7: good vibes

Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 11] 4/26/2001 09:31 PM