Awakening in God-Consciousness, class #9 © 2001, Barry M Klein, Los Angeles Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 23] 7/12/2001 08:02 PM OWLSprit9: there's 3K,,,must be a good one planned :)> HOST LFST RB3000: Good evening, dear friends :) HOST LFST RB3000: <-- preparing for ensuing class on Awakening Consciousness ... HOST LFST RB3000: Here's the subject of tonight's class, which we'll be getting to presently ... HOST LFST RB3000: Identifying, Acquiring and Operating within Alternate Realities Graciee: {{{{Rb3000 and MikeB}}}}} Neptunespell: :::settles in, looking serious::: HOST LFST RB3000: FRIENDS, we are now about to begin the formal session of tonight's scheduled class, so we will be using informal protocol, sort of an "honor system" whereby you hold comments until I've had a chance to roll out a few paragraphs of an idea, and then we open the floor for discussion in each section. HOST LFST RB3000: . HOST LFST RB3000: Last time we discussed The relationship between personal consciousness and God. HOST LFST RB3000: If you missed our earlier discussions on spiritual and mystical practices, I recommend that you read the logs of our earlier sessions, since each week builds upon all the previous material, and we are soon approaching the conclusion of the whole series. Just write to me and I'll send you the links. HOST LFST RB3000: THE featured subject for tonight is Identifying, Acquiring and Operating within Alternate Realities. In sorcery and esoteric lineages, the skills and knowledge of tonight's subject would only be *discussed*, let alone practiced, with advanced adepts. HOST LFST RB3000: But you here tonight have had the extraordinary advantage of my previous classes, so this will make sense to you, and you will intuitively understand how to apply your newly identified spiritual power. As if. :) HOST LFST RB3000: Before we begin the formal session, are there any questions or comments about the class in general, or about these subjects? … (Just some silly comments) … HOST LFST RB3000: All right, then -- let us begin HOST LFST RB3000: .............................................................. HOST LFST RB3000: First let's go over what we all have been trying to accomplish in our whole lives, and that is to become able to discern the truth and what is valuable within a context of deep illusion and lies. HOST LFST RB3000: Being able to do this is very critical for any warrior or sorcerer who plans to venture out past the "safety" of the familiar, ordinary world, because the realms, dimensions and alternate realities are fraught with "demons", "scouts", "flyers", astral vampires, and seductions of the spirit that no one could even prepare for! HOST LFST RB3000: WHERE I come from, the first step toward being able to see and to operate within the Truth is to shut off or disconnect the constant programmed inner voice that is always telling us what's what and how offended we should be about everything. The second step is to observe the work of our mind-centers and get each one doing its own proper work in harmony with each of the others. HOST LFST RB3000: We've discussed both of those processes at some length in our previous sessions, so now let's see what the world looks like entirely without symbols, mental constructs, emotional bias, hysteria, judging, critiquing or even "knowing anything about it." HOST LFST RB3000: That's because it is our very "knowing about " that blinds us to what is before us. It takes inner silence, self-integrity, discipline, energy, compassion, faith, love and ruthlessness to apprehend the what-is and distinguish it from the illusory, and then to operate in the exact moment-of-the-present in terms of the what-is. HOST LFST RB3000: SO AS IN Buddhism, Taoism and mystical Christianity (and also Kabbalah), we have to find a way to know-without-knowing, which mainly means to see-feel-hear without transposing our impressions into symbols and categories. I've found that spending a whole day with a toddler or an animal gives a lot of insights into doing this task. HOST LFST RB3000: This biggest things to watch out for, in illusion, are any sort of flattery or promises, and anything that you "must do" for the "sake of God" or "morality" or "honor", etc. The Truth never asks us to do anything but witness and transform within ourselves. HOST LFST RB3000: ****** OK, friends -- the floor is open for your ideas and questions about *Distinguishing the Truth from illusion and Delusion*. Go right ahead now please ...................................... Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 26] 7/12/2001 08:15 PM Symphony0fAngels: how do you block someone who is doing the spiritual vampire thingy to some one you love?? Symphony0fAngels: they dont even realize they are being drained HOST LFST RB3000: Symphony0fAngels, no blocking necessary -- opening with love and inner change within just ourselves will do this. Also, tonight's subject isn't really about "helping" other people-- just getting along in our own journey. Wilmamaria3: HOST LFST RB, In truth is to silence the mind of thought related to what we think we are hearing? and to hear what is? RochelleDo: <~~still wondering about spending the day with toddler or animal Elektrana: Host are you speaking of other dimensional entities? HOST LFST RB3000: Wilmamaria, yes, hear what is, without words, symbols, categories or preconceptions. RochelleDo: I suppose they are meant to remind us of simplicity Wilmamaria3: thank you HOST LFST RB3000: Elektrana, I regard *all* entities as "extradimensional", including "humans" Neptunespell: <~~has many extra dimensions HOST LFST RB3000: Symphony0fAngels, right, we don't till afterwards, usually-- but this class teaches about how to spot them before we are drained. OWLSprit9: point being work on yerself,,,the rest of the universe will take care of itself. RochelleDo: Symbols seem like the most difficult thing to leave behind. HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, don't we have *everything* caught up in symbols?? Elektrana: Host, I had to learn hands on, isn't that the only way to do it? DLewisSticky: Host: I didn't get in on the beginning: We are talking about energy suckers & how to block them? Elektrana: To learn discernment? RochelleDo: exactly, 3k HOST LFST RB3000: DLewisSticky, the subject is really "Identifying, Acquiring and Operating within Alternate Realities" DLewisSticky: Ah. Seth Speaks stuff. MaranthaZ: or Messages from Michael HOST LFST RB3000: DLewisSticky, so this is the first part of it-- protecting our vehicle by identifying bandits of various kinds :) VICBAG: Wouldn't it be a good idea to get a handle on THIS reality before going after alternatives? RochelleDo: Difficult to imagine expanded consciousness of sorts without even symbols. DLewisSticky: So when you are doing OBE's "things" don't attach? HOST LFST RB3000: VICBAG, yes-- all the previous sessions of this class were about that. Logs are available. Elektrana: This reality is influenced by alternate realities at all times, Vic DCizunas: I've noticed that when I read for someone, symbols switch to fit their understanding HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, right-- but most realities exist entirely without symbols of the kind we are familiar with. OWLSprit9: wow...thanks...what a combination ..powerful. HOST LFST RB3000: DLewisSticky, right-- or we can at least scrape them off. Also, we'll get into converting them into allies, like Jacob did in the Bible. Neptunespell: yep----Balance, OWL, is everything :) HOST LFST RB3000: DCizunas, right -- that's how we cognate. Elektrana: But you cannot convert them all, host Wilmamaria3: if we listen or understand truths to be this then we are free to hear and understand truths we have not yet experienced before by eleiminating catagories? HOST LFST RB3000: Elektrana, eventually, we have to convert *all* of them. Elektrana: Eventually, yes HOST LFST RB3000: Wilmamaria, exactly right-- we have been limiting ourselves critically by forcing our cookie-cutter categories on all our experience. Wilmamaria3: Ok thank you Elektrana: Host, don't you think that these other dimensional forces attach to something within us? HOST LFST RB3000: Elektrana, yes, that's what I'm trying to tell you :) HOST LFST RB3000: GREAT comments, everyone. Now let us review some of the doorways and jump points that we identified in our previous sessions. HOST LFST RB3000: .......................................................... HOST LFST RB3000: IN OUR earlier sessions, we discussed how we can extract the specific, unclassified (but distinguished) energies of our emotional triggers -- the stronger, the better, because those give us the most "boost" for crossing the edges between the worlds. That is, by holding an intensity that I might otherwise *interpret* as "rage", "lust", "grief" or "agony", I instead hold in the instant as an *edge* -- if I can hold such an edge perfectly steady with my attention, we can say that it opens a gap to the next level or dimension. Alternatively, we can say that holding the edge is what assembles the next level -- sort of Schroedinger's Principle applied to possible realities, except that it is really *we* who change and shift, rather than some "external" forms that we merely are supposed to move around in. HOST LFST RB3000: WE ALSO mentioned some of the shiftings of perspective, although not in as much detail. Good exercises for doing this include rolling your eyes while looking at something, forcing yourself to see double, walking backwards with a mirror, or with your eyes closed (make sure you're in a safe place to do this). HOST LFST RB3000: If you can perform self-hypnosis, you can set up two different trance states simultaneously, and then flip back and forth between them, or even hold them both at the same time! (It's like being in a pool of water with your eyes at the surface line of the water.) HOST LFST RB3000: Since we hold our "normal" world in place by an entire edifice of habits, a good way to break it loose is to take all of your routines and make small changes in each one -- how you walk, the way you travel to work, eating with your opposite hand, sleep schedule, mealtimes, waking routines. Really familiarize yourself with your interwoven mesh of routines -- it really doesn't take any more time to do things differently -- just different attention. HOST LFST RB3000: FASTING, sleep-deprivation and religious ordeals, done over extended periods of time, are also excellent ways to break the hold that our entrained world-view holds on us. Of course, anyone who does consistent chanting, mantras and sacred dancing also finds that these help us to shift our perspective and perceptual constructions. HOST LFST RB3000: IT IS POSSIBLE for some people to make these types of shifts from accidental events like near-death experiences, flying-saucer sightings and abductions, visitations of ghosts, spirits, angels, elves, demons and anything that writhes out of the DT's or madness but, as I mentioned previously, it is quite rare that the person can sustain against the stress and the overwhelming fixations that such experiences induce in unprepared people. HOST LFST RB3000: DO YOU SEE that what is really happening is that we are shattering our ego-mask in order to penetrate the boundaries of its artificial dreamworld? In our case, we are stalking the same changes as a lunatic or an abductee has to deal with, or one who has come back from the dead, but we are methodically preparing ourselves for what we will find. What is left after the ego-shattering is the *infinite*, the ineffible -- it's right here in front of us when we have done these shifts, but there is no way to talk about the Truth truthfully-- we always have to use metaphors and make up stories about what we saw. Hence all the stories in mythology and religious testaments -- they needed to say that Something-Wonderful had been seen, and it was really to say "Come here and see for yourself!" but old habits always crept back in, and people became content to believe in the stories instead of seeing for themselves what the stories were really pointing out. That's because it is, for the sleeping, far more comfortable to believe the words than to be faced with something we have no way of talking about! HOST LFST RB3000: BUT FOR THOSE awakening, we will see what lies behind the curtain, beyond reason and even intuition. We will encounter Beings who Reason without words, whose Science is entirely unified and embraces the Miraculous. We will meet the Beings whose every impulse creates and destroys in an instant -- already done, the moment the impulse is sparked, and already ended as well. We will find the World of Perfect Harmony, in which only that which is pleasing and harmonious and beneficial can manifest at all, like an autoharp or a Q-chord, or any instrument that allows only tones within the given key. We may even find The Way Home. Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 26] 7/12/2001 08:30 PM HOST LFST RB3000: ****** OK, friends -- the floor is open for your comments and questions about how we can identify the gaps and edges between the realities. Go right ahead now please. ...................................... DLewisSticky: RB: Have you actually met some of these folks? HOST LFST RB3000: DLewisSticky, yes, these are my own first-hand accounts. :) Wackron: Rb.. have to say. do vary in sleep patterns.. (been on all niters for over a week )... Wackron: do make changes in routine things at times.. OWLSprit9:'s frustrating to me to not be able to describe things I've, other galaxies up close. DLewisSticky: And you're sure its not just your imagination. OWLSprit9: I can understand why people stay 'asleep Wackron: 2 eves in a row.. been listen to my native American tapes.. some do include chanting Neptunespell: some things defy description, OWL Elektrana: Host,whenever I have "interference" it is usually connected to something "they" can plug into an emotion. Wackron: can relate to things u have said Rb.. OWLSprit9: too true, Neptune WolfoWyrd: Anyone seen "Contact"? HOST LFST RB3000: OWLSprit, I use music and channeled stories -- I've composed more than 260 sacred songs to describe what I've found so far. :) DLewisSticky: I feel like I have enough to learn from this reality without Neptunespell: OWL, and are ever so beautiful for it :) OWLSprit9: wow HOST LFST RB3000: OWLSprit, why do you say ppl stay asleep? DLewisSticky: creating more "stuff" in my life......perhaps that is narrow minded.... HOST LFST RB3000: WolfoWyrd, “Contact” is required for this course :) Graciee: 3K. Why would changing our daily routines help us cross over to other realities? OWLSprit9: maybe because it's easier than dealing with the frustration?? HOST LFST RB3000: Elektrana, *always* an emotion. That's what drives us -- but we can get into the driver's seat. Elektrana: Of course, Host Elektrana: I think that is what the lesson is HOST LFST RB3000: Graciee, because we have the "current reality" fixated entirely through our habitual routines, of action, word, and thought. Elektrana: It makes us become aware to be in the moment with ourselves HOST LFST RB3000: ... and postures, ways of moving-- everything! DLewisSticky: So, our "natural state" is to live in multiple realities? Haleyslight1: where is home HOST LFST RB3000: DLewisSticky, yes, we are by nature a fluid, multidimensional, transcendant Being. Wilmamaria3: change and the unexpected cause us to have a Wilmamaria3: loss of words in the truth of the experince? and Wilmamaria3: the small changes we choose to make in our life Wilmamaria3: prepares us for the unexpected and experience Wilmamaria3: truth of the momment for what it is?Like an Wilmamaria3: exercise in preparation of change. Wilmamaria3: is that right HOST LFST RB, ? HOST LFST RB3000: Wilmamaria, more or less :) WolfoWyrd: As a child...I used to...find myself..."spinning"...while falling asleep... Graciee: 3K, meditation seems to help me...go to other realities.... WolfoWyrd: Very strange sensation... HOST LFST RB3000: WolfoWyrd, I *still* do! :) WolfoWyrd: I times...but back was so effortless... Wackron: lol Nep... yep. mind loggin .. Haleyslight1: you said find the way home are we lost? HOST LFST RB3000: Haleyslight, we can't really be "lost", ultimately, because there is no "place" to be except *here* ... DCizunas: Interesting you mentioned change of routine DCizunas: tasks, scientists have found it maintains brain DCizunas: function and staves off Altzeimer's Wackron: thats interesting.. Dc.. HOST LFST RB3000: ... but watch toddlers and kittens-- they lose their way around in a minute! :) HOST LFST RB3000: ... and so do we! Haleyslight1: lol RochelleDo: Right here, yes and what we are trying to achieve RochelleDo: by being here in and questing will take us to a RochelleDo: different "here" ......that what was mentioned at RochelleDo: the very beginning Neptunespell: peace pipe is my entry into other dimensions :) HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, yes, but all we are doing is changing the angle of an interior hologram, not really "going" somewhere, see? David7204: Host: Yes,,,about being "Lost" we as a collective consciousness are ever evolving to return RochelleDo: I am all for that, 3k, that is why I am "here" :) HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, you see-- you woke up at the right time :) HOST LFST RB3000: GREAT comments, everyone. For our next segment of tonight's lesson, we're going to discuss how to go through the various reality frames. HOST LFST RB3000: .......................................................... HOST LFST RB3000: AFTER WE have loosened our bonds from the "normal" world (that is, *any* persistant assemblage of attention), and after we have "mapped out" all of the jumping-off points, as described above, having some idea as to what lies on the other side and what we need to bring to it, our next job is to accumulate the resources that it takes to actually jump across to each reality, and then trigger them in just the right way and right timing. HOST LFST RB3000: It turns out that we can't really *learn* to do this, any more than we can manually operate the bits and circuits in our computers (unless you are an engineer with the right instruments). But the instruments that we need for our task at hand are hidden in us, probably in the "junk" genes which constitute the majority of our DNA, in the 90+% of our brains whose functions are not understood, and also in the finer material that interpenetrates what we regard as our physicality. HOST LFST RB3000: IN THE ANCIENT teachings of Atlantis, and perhaps from the Pleiades, the alchemy for unlocking these latent functions by just the various kinds of practices that I have been suggesting you do every day. But the mechanisms are triggered only by *magic* or sorcery of a special kind. As I've mentioned, a gap in the fabric can appear by the occurrance of a near-death or other supernatural experience, but such openings are generally short-lived, confusing, unreliable and dangerous. HOST LFST RB3000: In esoteric schools, a Master sets up a specific context in which the supernatural is invoked in an orderly way (although not in the linear or categorical ways of ordinary thought). HOST LFST RB3000: PRIMITIVE cultures perform drumming rituals and undergo physical ordeals of various kinds to open gateways to the Other, very often with quite valid results. Sorcerer-priests of more sophisticated societies tend to set up ceremonies such as those whose degenerate fragments constitute most of our present-day religious practices. In their original form, however, these rituals are actually the procedures of an *objective science*, in which the results of the procedures are known in advance. The point then is to bring the participants to a position in which they can witness those results. Of course, each witness will learn a different piece of the puzzle, but it is all part of the consistency that has been invoked from the other side. Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 26] 7/12/2001 08:45 PM HOST LFST RB3000: ****** OK, friends -- the floor is open for your comments and questions about penetrating through the edges between one reality frame and another. Go right ahead now please. ...................................... HOST LFST RB3000: Neptunespell, this is your chance to unload some of your comments :) Neptunespell: :::empties basket of comments on floor:::: RochelleDo: It is up to us to find which way penetrates best for us? HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, at first we can't know, so we need a guide of some kind. We choose terrible guides at first, but gradually improve our discernment. :) MARBLUESTAR: you mean venturing into another dimension? HOST LFST RB3000: MARBLUESTAR, many other dimensions! :) David7204: It is my Belief that we exist simultaneously in ALL Realities at once HOST LFST RB3000: David, yes, mine too! :) RochelleDo: Sort of like there is a smorgasbord and we learn this and that we dabble in. MARBLUESTAR: and we can do this at will Galaxon: 3k so...would you say that each dimension is a state of conscousness: HOST LFST RB3000: Galaxon, pretty much, not quite exactly, but that's the general idea. :) HOST LFST RB3000: David, but are we *conscious* within them??? RochelleDo: "realities" as in planes? SandyzBack: i think we have to be quiet in our reality to penetrate into another reality.. like really listen to another person. Haleyslight1: host tell me now what is the purpose for this.? David7204: Our original DNA as Physical beings came from distant Galaxies, yet Earth for some may be only conscious within the plane at hand Haleyslight1: for what reason? to do it? RochelleDo: like in dreaming Galaxon: i dont like general ideas. i prefer precise ones Magikfsh3: learn to be still David7204: Magick: Much to B said for this - it is HOST LFST RB3000: SandyzBack, yes, but listen so very very very de-e-e-eply that our inner Heart opens to the new reality. WolfoWyrd: It is in the Silence that we truly Hear Wackron: preyin mantis.. that is its lesson.. 'stillness'.. hmm interesting David7204: "When we train our thoughts to reach that "Oasis" of the desert, in the mind. It is then we behold the Fire of "Illumination" which burns yet does not Consume Galaxon: which is better, learning to be still or learn to still be? MARBLUESTAR: so we may be traveling from level to level without knowing it? Graciee: 3K, This guide you speak of...human or spirit? HOST LFST RB3000: Haleyslight, to realize our birthright as HU-man BEings. Magikfsh3: did not open to learning till i learned this lesson Pleiadian1: my daughter who dances with Washington ballet says its the space between the notes where one hears the music Neptunespell: <~~~seriously listens most of the time Haleyslight1: is that it? RochelleDo: lovely one, Pleiadian OWLSprit9: Pleiad...I totally agree!!!!! HOST LFST RB3000: MARBLUESTAR, yes, that explains deja vu and synchronicities, I think. Neptunespell: Pleiadian, that is beautiful! truly perceptive :) Magikfsh3: I chased and searched .but was never still long enough to see the answers HOST LFST RB3000: Graciee, either human or spirit-- neither one can be trusted for a long time ... Pleiadian1: well, ballet is a form of silent communication and a from of yoga HOST LFST RB3000: ... and ultimately we have to know our Self. David7204: Magick: Prayer is the Asking,,,,Medetition is the answer Haleyslight1: so we can create and destroy too? Magikfsh3: and those answers came from within Galaxon: there are no answers. there are only questions nobody thinks of asking HOST LFST RB3000: Pleiadian, beautiful way to say it-- although it goes even further than that. :) David7204: Harley: We R Co-Creators with the 1,,,2 do as we Please Pleiadian1: you’re a ballerina 3000? Elektrana: That is the whole point of other dimensional beings tho, Host RochelleDo: Gala, maybe all is answer and question is AELilmissprissy: so you're saying if we get a peek of another state we can't handle it or know how to grasp it? RochelleDo: irrelevant OWLSprit9: tai-chi, ballet, yoga...good tools for connecting to Truth HOST LFST RB3000: Pleiadian, no, but I do a lot of sacred dance-- will be dancing for 12 hours this weekend. HOST LFST RB3000: Elektrana, what is the whole point? Pleiadian1: well, in all seriousness, then you understand what my daughter said Elektrana: To know who we are, Host HOST LFST RB3000: AELilmissprissy, usually not-- it takes training and firming up our shields... MARBLUESTAR: so deja vu is just the remembrance of being in another level David7204: Host: & so it is that these so-called Dances - some of which are banned in U.S. are feared Wackron: Plei. yes.. very nicely worded..:) HOST LFST RB3000: ... so we don't get lost or fixated, like we did in *this* dimension! :) David7204: Such as the Ghost Dance HOST LFST RB3000: MaranthaZ, no, but a special uniform. MaranthaZ: ohh you're kidding Wackron: fear of that which is not understood?.. HOST LFST RB3000: MARBLUESTAR, yes, noticing mismatches in our perceptions, or unexpected match-ups. David7204: Wack: Yes,,,those whom have kept "Secret" many Rituals Wackron: yes David.. im aware of that.. :) Wilmamaria3: HOST LFST RB, thank you for your time HOST LFST RB3000: David, a lot of times they are not "kept" secret, but normies disregard or burn what they don't understand, right? David7204: Wack: No,,,these I speak of some call the "Dark Forces' that restrict "Knowledge" AELilmissprissy: trying not to sound stupid..are you saying that we have to keep our heart, mind and soul open? MaranthaZ: normies? is that like the renegade garden gnomes Wilmamaria3: HOST LFST RB, I understand and hear you AELilmissprissy: to all to find real truth David7204: AEL: Most of "Import" Is "HEART" AELilmissprissy: sorry about should have said heart instead of hear HOST LFST RB3000: AELilmissprissy, I am saying that, in order to travel in the rest of our holographic Self, we have to open our perceptions to the infinite, but secure our vehicle and shields. MARBLUESTAR: vehicle and shields? AELilmissprissy: but if you have seen things..wouldn't it be better to go with that flow instead of holding back? HOST LFST RB3000: AELilmissprissy, we have to Know what we are doing and where we are going, or we just fall right back through. Sometimes we get really stuck or injured. Tripsis2u: RB, doesn't this take a certain amount of risk? HOST LFST RB3000: OK, friends-- any comments about this last idea, before going on to the next? HOST LFST RB3000: Tripsis2u, yes, a lot of risk! But not TOO much. :) AngelSong888: was agreeing with you misspriss..about going with the long as we have our guidance directing our way Tripsis2u: What exactly are we risking? RochelleDo: a lot of risk but not too much? Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 23] 7/12/2001 09:00 PM MARBLUESTAR: HOW DO WE LEARN TO DO THIS? HOST LFST RB3000: Tripsis2u, first we are risking our old view of the world -- our self-image, our "rightness", our "honor" and justifications about everything... MaranthaZ: I'm just a hologram HOST LFST RB3000: ... Then we are risking that we can form a Self after the personality has been shattered and cleaned up. Tripsis2u: I am not so sure that is such a risk, host, old views to the wayside can be a good thing Tripsis2u: Are we risking "sanity'? HOST LFST RB3000: Tripsis2u, sure-- it depends on what we really want, right? RochelleDo: Risk of encountering other type beings who may RochelleDo: not wish us well perhaps? HOST LFST RB3000: GREAT comments, everyone. For our final segment of tonight's lesson, we're should find out how to operate and protect ourselves within the various reality frames. .......................................................... HOST LFST RB3000: Once we are on the *other side* of a "gate", we need to know how to evaluate what we perceive without judgment or ability to categorize or even cognate in any normal way. The "standard procedure" for doing this is to "incorporate" or "materialize" an "emissary" spirit of the given realm or dimension. It will always require some form of payment, so great care must be taken not to offer too much, such as one's soul or first-born son, etc. (History seems to be filled with errors of this kind). But offering some limited sacrifice or effort seems to do the trick, and the emissary will take great delight in guiding you on a tour of domain, pointing out the powers and beauties available there. HOST LFST RB3000: At this point, some spirits will try to sell you some time-share real estate, but remember that you are not obligated to buy anything (and you'd be well advised not even to bring anything back with you). HOST LFST RB3000: I should also point out that it takes some prowess to be able to follow your emissary on these tours, and even to hold domain steady enough to act and observe within it for more than a few seconds. HOST LFST RB3000: We need to develop the precision and energy it takes to stabilize our assemblages. Ten or 15 years of meditation and lucid dreamwork are very good practices for this task, because at first these regions are as fragile and slippery as soap bubbles until we get the hang of it. HOST LFST RB3000: Aside from the risks I just mentioned -- getting stuck with a bill of goods in a strange land -- travelling on the other side is fraught with perils of attack, as if by vampires. Without the protection of ordinary denseness, our dreaming or astral vehicle begins to shine very sweetly, and attracts beingnesses that don't have enough of their own energy. You can see that this is true of people too, but the wise traveller brings plenty of protection along. The old holding-the-silver-crucifix-out-in-front really only works if you know its *owner* and its specific *magic*, which is invoked by scientific, or objective, prayer. HOST LFST RB3000: The rosary prayers of Catholicism, the "sh'ma" of Judaism, the "li'allah" of Islam, and some of the mantras of Hinduism and Buddhism all originated for this very purpose, and they are available to us as well, but it is not enough merely to recite words unless you can throw the magic as well, or have *allies* who can. Allies are spirit beings which have been aligned with your essence, and which are completely loyal to you, as long as you meet the obligations of their price. Allies are found under various names in the mythologies of most cultures. HOST LFST RB3000: FINALLY, we need to know how to map out where we've been so we can get back to it, if there is truly something to be learned there. Part of lucid dreaming practices, therefore, include ways to anchor specific states of consciousness, and also the procedures for arriving at them. Care must be taken that these anchors will not fixate our attention to the new positions -- this causes dangerous obsessions and lunacy. We also have to develop enough inner agility to dissolve positions and their anchors whenever they prove to be negative for us, or at least those for which we have not enough skills and capacities to manage properly. HOST LFST RB3000: ****** OK, friends -- that is all the material that I wished to present to you tonight, so let us now discuss anything about moving among reality frames, and what is possible for us to do and learn in the other realms. Go right ahead now please. ...................................... Graciee: 3K, Is there really a price to be paid? Tripsis2u: To be in "reality" is hard enough MARBLUESTAR: OFFERING WHAT KIND OF SACRIFICE OR EFFORT? HOST LFST RB3000: Graciee, yes-- most of the price is our attention, and giving up our slavery, our sleep and our convictions about everything. :) Tripsis2u: could reality contain understanding of "all" gates? AELilmissprissy: wouldn't it be normal not to judge or anything on the other side we will be free and in truth HOST LFST RB3000: MARBLUESTAR, same answer as above :) OWLSprit9: <----offers gifts of sage and incense to spirits. RochelleDo: Would we not require symbols at least to man RochelleDo: forms of protection for ourselves in dealing with RochelleDo: these realms? HOST LFST RB3000: Tripsis2u, actually, to be "in reality" is a really bad bargain! :) OWLSprit9: seems to work good so far :)> Graciee: 3K, being diligent...walking a true spiritual path...that is the price??? HOST LFST RB3000: Graciee, mostly, yes :) Graciee: 3K, I can do that! Tripsis2u: I feel that being absolutely firm in your own honesty is key to arriving at a "better" place DCizunas: I remember my first price was giving up a DCizunas: relationship I held very dear Tripsis2u: everything henceforth no matter where you are will unfold "properly" HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, symbols help, at first, but only as reminders-- they don't do the job, as noted in a recent exorcism movie I saw. :) Cruxxlin: still, sometimes we believe false things honestly MARBLUESTAR: Is this basically for the opportunity to tour other dimensions? Wackron: giving and sharing of oneself.. Tripsis2u: good point Crux HOST LFST RB3000: Tripsis2u, yes, that is a good way to put it. :) Tripsis2u: but somehow I feel that you would know that soon enough Cruxxlin: our intentions are good but the info we were given was false Cruxxlin: trial and error to a point Cruxxlin: the ol 'lesson' HOST LFST RB3000: MARBLUESTAR, the tour is just an exercise. Our hope in this class is to arrive at the Whole of our Self. MARBLUESTAR: so ourselves are splintered in all dimensions? HOST LFST RB3000: Cruxxlin, yes-- there seems to be infinite time and room for errors, doesn't there? HOST LFST RB3000: MARBLUESTAR, pretty much :) NTASantaFe: taste and smell work as anchors for me- does anyone else use these? Cruxxlin: hope so 3K Cruxxlin: if love means forever, expecting nothng returned, i Cruxxlin: hope i'll be given another whole lifetime to learn Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 22] 7/12/2001 09:15 PM HOST LFST RB3000: NTASantaFe, very important and basic-- that's how I did my first past-life memories-- taste & smell. :) MARBLUESTAR: and to connect all of our realities together? HOST LFST RB3000: MARBLUESTAR, yes, exactly-- that is my goal. :) Tripsis2u: Crux, what we know to be virtue of experience Tripsis2u: rather than hearsay HOST LFST RB3000: Cruxxlin, whereas I hope this one is the LAST! :) AELilmissprissy: i agree with you there trip Cruxxlin: right but there are always so many levels to truth Cruxxlin: to stumble on the REAL one by accident seems near impossible RochelleDo: truth simply is....levels are merely interpretations Tripsis2u: counterfeit "truths" are something we all have to grapple with Cruxxlin: aith in our higher power will lead us straight HOST LFST RB3000: Tripsis2u, although we can't really say that our perception is "true", we can merely *witness* it usually, right? NTASantaFe: I still use them, with other feelings - to return to favorite places Cruxxlin: so long as we honestly Tripsis2u: yes we can witness it... HOST LFST RB3000: Cruxxlin, I find that they are all equally real & unreal, see why? AELilmissprissy: to me truth is what you believe it to be as long as you're honest about it HOST LFST RB3000: NTASantaFe, great work! :) Cruxxlin: i understand what you mean 3k HOST LFST RB3000: Cruxxlin, yes, sincere efforts keep us on the right path, I keep finding. Tripsis2u: What about omission of truth, Host, how does that affect the overall endeavor? Cruxxlin: i believe in everything and nothing at all Cruxxlin: and it works for me HOST LFST RB3000: Tripsis2u, in what way-- by words? Tripsis2u: Shouldn't we be able to say to someone what is true and take that risk? Graciee: 3K, did you study theology also? Tripsis2u: yes HOST LFST RB3000: OWLSprit, gotcha! :) OWLSprit9: thanks, 3k Tripsis2u: I feel truth is a shield in a way Cruxxlin: trip, we are able to do what ever we wish, but we are responsible or accountable some who for what we do somehow too HOST LFST RB3000: Graciee, not theology per se, but many forms of mysticism and esotericism. Tripsis2u: Why do we feel it is such a risk anyway? Tripsis2u: to speak truth Cruxxlin: sometimes truth hurts Cruxxlin: as does love? Graciee: 3K, any particular school? HOST LFST RB3000: Tripsis2u, yes, it is a great protection. AELilmissprissy: cruxx..isn't that just common sense??? RochelleDo: ego feels it a risk Tripsis2u: a small hurt at first Tripsis2u: yes it does but we are digressing Addieessie: i see no reason NOT to speak the truth - always... HOST LFST RB3000: Graciee, not really-- the path lies in many schools and ways, and we have to pick our way through it. I've seen ppl come to perfectly good schools and miss everything! :) Addieessie: <---is a risk-taker... serves me well :) NTASantaFe: Question: protection - is it necessary - really Graciee: I understand 3K :) Cruxxlin: anyone who says they always speak truth is often Cruxxlin: telling an untruth whether they know it or not HOST LFST RB3000: AELilmissprissy, "common sense", I find, is usually just indoctrination in a particular world view, no? Tripsis2u: protection from bigger hurts Tripsis2u: suffering Cruxxlin: everything has extremes Addieessie: and... my truth may not be your truth Cruxxlin: too much truth or not enuff Tripsis2u: at some level we know when a lie is given us Cruxxlin: either can do great damage Tripsis2u: we are getting off the main subject matter AELilmissprissy: but if you know yourself in every way..wouldn't it then be common sense HOST LFST RB3000: Addieessie, I get into awful trouble taking my risks, and then have phenomenal luck bailing :) Cruxxlin: does a 6 year old need to know every adult truth? HOST LFST RB3000: Cruxxlin, have you done age regression work? I find that my 6-yr-old knew things that I need to know now! :) MARBLUESTAR: so when we have intuition or deja vu, is it a communication with our other dimensional selve NTASantaFe: LFST Protection - would not taking it with you, change the intent and neutrality Cruxxlin: i feel to tell a 6 year old info that is beter for Tripsis2u: Crux some of the things that cause loss of innocense Cruxxlin: adults is to destroy that childs childhoodan Cruxxlin: ldren grow too fast now Wackron: Host Rb.. that i can relate to.. my one son.. seemed very "intune"... Tripsis2u: truth wouldn't do that I don't think Cruxxlin: they skip a level HOST LFST RB3000: MARBLUESTAR, yes-- I like to think, along with Richard Bach, that our past and future selves are working things out with us. -- like the Twilight Zone :) Graciee: I love Richard bach... HOST LFST RB3000: Wackron, yes-- we are getting lots of old masters in young bodies these days :) Cruxxlin: total truth would be a curse, just as no truth would be a curse Tripsis2u: the truth of that reality is that they are ignorant of "TRUTH" in it's purest sense Cruxxlin: there is a time and a place for each truth HOST LFST RB3000: Graciee, mainly, "Illusions", "Bridge Across Forever" and "One" Cruxxlin: if its given out of time or place it can damage a person and perhaps a sooul permanently Graciee: Yes!!:) Wackron: Host RB... this son of mine.. would say.. things.. "see"... would ask him how did he know Cruxxlin: all opinion HOST LFST RB3000: Cruxxlin, what are all these separate "truths"??? AELilmissprissy: but isn't it still the same...cruxx...truth is truth when ever you get it Tripsis2u: How can pure truth damage? HOST LFST RB3000: ... opinions, yes-- not really truth. Wackron: *would say " i see it in my eyes".. and point Cruxxlin: everything has a truth NTASantaFe: gives up - later all -= good journeys hugs Cruxxlin: the truths and their types are infinite HOST LFST RB3000: Wackron, we can relearn to do that, I find. Addieessie: nite santafe :) be well :) Wackron: Host.. Rb..: hes see spirits.. some he feared.. some he spoke to.. Cruxxlin: what is the true name of a tree Cruxxlin: call it tree Cruxxlin: what does it call itself HOST LFST RB3000: Wackron, like "Sixth Sense"? Cruxxlin: are we telling an untruth when we call it tree Tripsis2u: I am not talking about when someone asks does my breath smell bad ...truth I am talking all Tripsis2u: knowing truth HOST LFST RB3000: Cruxxlin, it doesn't *call* itself *anything*, does it? Wackron: agree RB... once. he asked.. where and how i was going to go on my errands.. Wackron: stated he didnt think i should go that way.. so. i did my routine different.. :) Wackron: he was afraid something was going to happen to me.. Cruxxlin: it possible it does Tripsis2u: good one, Crux, a very good and pure truth you may go through this gate now HOST LFST RB3000: Cruxxlin, good point-- when we can totally *NOT KNOW*, we can witness the Truth, right? Wackron: yes Rb.. 6th sense.. :) Cruxxlin: we can be open to the truth Cruxxlin: we never have a guaruntee its THE final truth HOST LFST RB3000: Wackron, he taught you well. :) OnlineHost: Wb24u has entered the room. Cruxxlin: i feel truth is as infinite as 'god' Cruxxlin: respecting eachs definition of god/dess HOST LFST RB3000: Has anyone read "Mr. God, This is Anna"? It's about a small child who teaches an adult. Wackron: ty Host Rb.. but can say.. teach him as well..... to not fear it. .. and accept that.. in hi Wackron: *himself.. HOST LFST RB3000: Wackron, that's great! Wackron: ty.. :)... and he is very sensitive.. to wht others 'feel' and think.. Wackron: like.. he just "knows".. Addieessie: 3k - it's a great book :) HOST LFST RB3000: (Topic for July 26: Our appointment with Death.) Tripsis2u: don't pencil me in for that one Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 17] 7/12/2001 09:30 PM HOST LFST RB3000: Wackron, that is where I want us to get to in this class-- Knowing without knowing how we know. :) RochelleDo: children never stop teaching adults Cruxxlin: good news is we are going to heaven, bad news is we go july 26th? HOST LFST RB3000: Galaxon, it's very real, but it's not what you might think. :) Wackron: Host Rb.. i have done things of that nature.. just "know".. cant say where or how.. i just K Wackron: *KNOW Galaxon: 3k it is only real to those who dont see it as an illusion hehe HOST LFST RB3000: (Films to see for an intuitive understanding of our appointment with Death: "The Last Temptation of Christ", "Resurrection" (the old version with Ellen Burstyn), "Jacob's Ladder", "Altered States", "House of Cards", "The House of the Spirits", "Friday 13th: The Dream Master", "The Matrix", "Dark City", "The 5th Element", "Event Horizon", "Frequency", "Powder" and "Gladiator".) HOST LFST RB3000: Has anyone seen those films? Wackron: just i tend to push it away at times.. reject i am capable of Know.. or shut it down.. in a way.. Wackron: (not healthy)... Graciee: Very good HOST LFST RB3000: OK, FRIENDS-- YOU'VE been a great class! Email me if you'd like the study guides and log links, and I'll see you in two weeks. :) AELilmissprissy: well this has been insightful..will visit again..nite all HOST LFST RB3000: Good night, all! Log Entry: The New Age [Members - 17] 7/12/2001 09:34 PM