2000 Barry Matthew Klein, Los Angeles

This is an intensive and illuminating 1.5-hour journey into the lost secrets of Consciousness and the Mystery of Beingness. We will examine how esoteric and mystical traditions have approached this, and to what degree they have remained faithful to their original purpose. Then we will take up the best of what the modern-day approaches offer us, and find out how to spot imposters, deviations and delusion, both in the teachings and in ourselves.
Each week we will work on simple, yet extremely effective exercises in attention, presence, centering, self-healing, perception and attunements, leading up to actual Power-- the ability to handle the strong Currents of the invisible emanations that have driven others mad, or even to their deaths, and yet with absolute delight and simple wisdom. We will discover the miraculous nature of the world as *fact*, not theory or philosophy. And we will be changed for good. :)

Week 1: survey of mystical ideas in old teachings like Kabbalah, Christianity, Buddhism, Tao te-ching, Tarot and mythologies. The origin of religions.
Week 2: survey of modern mystical teachings like 4th way and don Juan.
Week 3: survey of movies and other media which portray these ideas.
Week 4: summary of the principal ideas.
Week 5: summary of work techniques.
Week 6: Why change being, work on self, gain mastery, sacrifice?
Week 7: Noticing the Miraculous in our lives, starting with the discontinuities and non-sequentialities of "normal reality."
Week 8: How is Faith different from beliefs, and how is it related to Power?
Week 9: The connection between the principles of modern physics and the mystery of Existence.
Week 10: What kind of Being are we? Is it possible we've been missing most of it?
Week 11: What is it that psychically connects us to everything? Can we gain control over it?
Week 12: The discernment and application of love and forgiveness as the alchemic base.
Week 13: Awakeness in dreaming attention. Setting up trance states.
Week 14: The awakening of ecstatic passions through singing, dancing, prayer, meditation, fasting and seclusion.
Week 15: Vibrations, harmonics, postures and movements for opening and activating the keys.
Week 16: How our health and every event in our lives is made up of observable, specific decisions that we are constantly making.
Week 17: The expansion of the Moment into its ecstatic components.
Week 18: The nature of the Divine, and how we connect to .
Week 19: Secret keys, programs and maps embedded in the DNA, the horoscope and the gridlines of the world.
Week 20: The opening of Ecstatic Awareness. Its domain of operation. Terror and illness as accidental openers. The dimensions of perception.
Week 21: Messengers, allies, scouts and "little people." Extraterrestrials, ghosts and entities. Gateways and shift points.
Week 22: Responsibility and Power of Causal Mastery.
Week 23: Making Mastery present at every moment of existence. What immortality really is.
Week 24: Our ancient covenant with Death and with the Guardians.
Week 25: The Secret of all Existence.

1. appointments. 2. review of day. 3. journal.
4. taste everything. 5. do things differently.
6. see through others' eyes. 7. relaxation and trance exercises.