PowerChat:  *** Entered The New Age on 12/6/99 at 07:31 PM ***

Freethinker40:    i have been pretty busy .....Mag

RBCF 3000: Good evening, dear friends.

RBCF 3000: Sparkling Hope, and now there is another (semi) formal chat that

RBCF 3000: goes to midnight

RBCF 3000: (So tuxes are optional

Sparkling Hope:   3000.......and what is the semi-formal chat on?

BrthrMonk: :::throws off formal robes:::

GeeBlondie:       put the coffee on

RBCF 3000: Tonight is our third class in Ecstatic Awareness. To reiterate for

RBCF 3000: those who are joining us for the first time, the way we are using

RBCF 3000: the word "ecstatic" here means entering into states of

RBCF 3000: consciousness, accompanied by transformation of being, in which

RBCF 3000: the supernatural and the Miraculous can be witnessed, even

RBCF 3000: including the realms of Divinity.

GeeBlondie:       jammys and slippers brthr?

BrthrMonk: :::sits back aunatural::::

RBCF 3000: By the word "ecstatic," I am not speaking of the common

RBCF 3000: vernacular for "very happy" but, rather, the mystical usage referring

RBCF 3000: to *outside of* all normal states of perception or awareness,

RBCF 3000: sometimes known at "second attention", "silent knowledge", "self-

RBCF 3000: remembering" or "seeing."

RBCF 3000: Tonight I thought it might be interesting to examine literature, film

RBCF 3000: and other media, especially science fiction in the modern culture. It

RBCF 3000: used to be done through myths, fables, faerie tales, religion

RBCF 3000: architecture, art, music and theatre.

GeeBlondie:       For sure 3000 the media has contributed greatly to people being able to experience

GeeBlondie:       a higher state of consciousness

LucidDreamweaver:       Fascinating subject matter 3000 This outta be good.

GeeBlondie:       interesting that about the time we think we have reached that higher state,

GeeBlondie:       something happens to bring us back into our physical reality

Magycian:   You going to tell us how to reach extacy 3000 or was that last week?

RBCF 3000: {{{{{ Light affection to StarzTears and Kiyas4 and all my dear

RBCF 3000: friends }}}}}

StarzTears:       =)

Planetshpr:       ~ ~ ~ ~waving at 3K from corner couch.

BLURP 223: those who speak do not know, and those who know do not speak;; seems a tough subject

RBCF 3000: Magycian, it will take most of a year to get to where I want to go

Magycian:   all topics should be about reaching extacy it would seem.

GeeBlondie:       ectsasy for me has happened when I least expect it, lifts me up and brings tears to my eyes

SnoLitNite:       hey Gala ;*)

RBCF 3000: Planetshpr, sure-- get comfy!

Magycian:   Wow that quickly 3000

Magycian:   I told a guy 3 years last night, LOL

StarzTears:       Ectasy came to me when there was nothing to describe what I experienced

ANA ooo:    ::;climbing on yon couch...curling round a pillow...getting comfy:::

Magycian:   Is that the topic though?

RBCF 3000: Magycian, well, *i* will get where I'm going, and whoever comes

RBCF 3000: along for the ride

BLURP 223: for those of us earthed in the King Arthur legends, we call extacy having a GRAIL MOMENT

Magycian:   That doesnt sound very compassionate 3000, back three spaces

RBCF 3000: Tonight I have several examples from film and media to illustrate

RBCF 3000: what we might find in ecstatic awareness.  Ready for an interesting

RBCF 3000: ride?

GeeBlondie:       and Joseph Cambell described it as entering a state of Bliss

RBCF 3000: Magycian, good observation! 

BLURP 223: seek your bliss, yes, joseph would say alot tonight, if he could

RBCF 3000: Ok, friends-- get comfortable, and I will take you through an

RBCF 3000: adventure of the Mind and Spirit..............

RBCF 3000: (Please hold comments, questions, greets, etc., till an idea has

RBCF 3000: been rolled out-- I'll let you know.............

RBCF 3000: As an example, one of my recent favorite movies is "Contact."  I

RBCF 3000: was rather amazed to find such a strong spiritual message in a

RBCF 3000: story written by a long-time skeptic, Carl Sagan, who was on the

RBCF 3000: advisory board of the society for debunking claims of the

RBCF 3000: paranormal!

RBCF 3000: In "Contact," the search for an intelligence beyond human,

RBCF 3000: something that could make sense not only of the universe, but of

RBCF 3000: the seeker's own personal grief and yearning, is portrayed in the

RBCF 3000: metaphor of a technological search for radio signals from outer

RBCF 3000: space.

RBCF 3000: This corresponds very well with a devotee's meditating all night for

RBCF 3000: years in the hope of receiving a vision or a message from God.

RBCF 3000: ******* Does that sound like your own experience, if you've been

RBCF 3000: searching for some kind of answers?

MoMolly2:   yes

Magycian:   Well my answer is have you been saying your grace before meals

BLURP 223: << not looking for a vision or message here, its all inside, just trying to access it

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RBCF 3000: BLURP, how will you access what's inside without getting some kind

RBCF 3000: of transmission?

Magycian:   Im with God every moment as far as Im concerned

Cuddleman1:       Blurp, have you done meditation?

RBCF 3000: Magycian, does that mean you have achieved everything you want

RBCF 3000: to?

BLURP 223: its all there for the taking, i have been in that state for three months and it was just....

BLURP 223: ..... like they say it is,,, wonderful

Magycian:   Well the Buddhist philosophy says enlightenment is not something out there

Magycian:   It is here and now..thus

RBCF 3000: BLURP, do you get there through meditation, or shamanic work like

RBCF 3000: drumming, or prayer, or what?

BLURP 223: meditation is not my method, but cleansing, physical and mental, lotta work

StarzTears:       I believe we have to program and condition ourselves..to unlearn all we have learned, so

StarzTears:       that doorways can open

Magycian:   So thus for me...

Cuddleman1:       How does one open one's heart?

BLURP 223: deep concentration and study worked for me, none of the usual physical means helped

RBCF 3000: StarzTears, does it prove to be a straightforward procedure, or are

RBCF 3000: there unexpected side paths and surprises?

StarzTears:       3000 I know there are unexpected and side paths..many surprises

RBCF 3000: Cuddleman, the best way that I've found to open the heart is to be

RBCF 3000: of humble service-- that doesn't mean offering advice, it means

RBCF 3000: really serving without agenda.

BLURP 223: main thing we have learned, it seems, is we must fear/hate, and all it does is hurt us

Cuddleman1:       RB, that sounds good

StarzTears:       I find these side paths and surprises can be of great teaching

BLURP 223: what kind of service?

MoMolly2:   im tired of the surprises.. they are painful

RBCF 3000: StarzTears, but do they seem like nice lessons at the time, or only

Planetshpr:       Blurp, it was the UNlearning of that, which surprisingly took me to an experience of ecstacy

RBCF 3000: later do you see why it was?

MoMolly2:   back, teeth heart  oiuch!

StarzTears:       3000 no way..just like Mo said..they can be painful

BLURP 223: pain is a great teacher, ask it its message, works for me

Cuddleman1:       RB, are you in service at this time?

StarzTears:       later it shows why it was

MoMolly2:   well it means my body is mad at me

Planetshpr:       indeed, Blurp.  me too.

RBCF 3000: Cuddleman, yes, and it is often agonizing, but more rewarding than

RBCF 3000: anything.

Cuddleman1:       in what capacity?

Planetshpr:       I've gotten to ecstasy by transcending pain.

MoMolly2:   what is Ecstacy?  define?

RBCF 3000: Planetshpr, is mutilation a good idea??

Planetshpr:       Mo...  scroll.

Magycian:   Well I carry the magicians definition of extacy...

Galaxon:    isnt ecstacy an abundance of love?

Planetshpr:       <grin>.. uh, I wouldn't recommend it, 3K... One does not have to go looking for pain..

StarzTears:       Mo I think its impossible to describe..at least what I experienced to be ectasy

MoMolly2:   happiness, and feeling complete, secure right/

Planetshpr:       trust me, it WILL find us! LOL!

Magycian:   I would say unmeasureable joy and love

BLURP 223: after watching the movie DUNE< where he ignores pain cause it is a mind illusion

RBCF 3000: MoMolly, I define it as extremely special states of consciousness,

RBCF 3000: outside of normal ego, outside of what we "know", whole new

RBCF 3000: ranges of feeling...

Cuddleman1:       Ecstasy for me has been a connection of love to God

Magycian:   Well its like death really...

Planetshpr:       (why, 3K?  would YOU recommend it?)

Freethinker40:    Illumination happens where there is the greatest poised balance of the conscious mind.

RBCF 3000: Planetshpr, I wonder why different cultures have religious mutilation

RBCF 3000: then.  How do you undergo pain to get to ecstacy?

StarzTears:       what I experienced was not any awareness of my "self"..it just was this awesome "something"

Magycian:   Its death within life

LucidDreamweaver:       Very nicely put there Free

ANA ooo:    I agree Cuddleman

Planetshpr:       3K, I find that "pain" is a judgment.,

Freethinker40:    The Ego must feel safe to o

MoMolly2:   a metanioa

Planetshpr:       when I transcend the judgment, I release it...  and I arrive at "ecstatic state"

RBCF 3000: Cuddleman, good way to put it-- now, how do we achieve that?

Planetshpr:       Bliss.

RBCF 3000: Planetshpr, exactly right-- agree 100% 

LucidDreamweaver:       Hello Vishal

BLURP 223: transend judgement = get rid of preconcieved ideas and expectations? sound ok

Cuddleman1:       I had the assistance of anohter to clear out the junk, quiet the mind, so I could feel what

Cuddleman1:       is already inside

Planetshpr:       <---don't do that, 3K!  You'll feed my ego! LOL!

RBCF 3000: MoMolly, I love that word-- like the evolution from paranoia, right?

StarzTears:       indeed..when I started analizing my experience it was gone

Magycian:   Death is the release of all pain and a great grace...

MoMolly2:   cuddle.. who was that? i would liek to ask

Vishal:     Omshanti Lucid and the rest of the divine bros n sistrs

RBCF 3000: :::::::: gets a bag for Planet's head to explode in :::::

Cuddleman1:       Jesus and Krishna talked about having the heart of a child

BLURP 223: question: what did the assistance of another do? super curious here

Planetshpr:       ::chuckling::

Magycian:   Omshanti Vishal friend

Freethinker40:    Such states lead to a condition of mental, psychic and physical health.

MoMolly2:   no RBCF.. it is not paranioa.. you dont know the meaning of that?

RBCF 3000: StarzTears, sounds like a dream, sort of, right?  Have to be very

RBCF 3000: quiet and receptive?

StarzTears:       yes...just let it be

Cuddleman1:       Blurp, lets see

RBCF 3000: MoMolly, I said evolution *from*-- I know what metanoia means--

RBCF 3000: like epiphany, right?  Satori.

Cuddleman1:       Someone that has experienced the light can potentially guide one who has not into teh light

AJay200:    wow busy room

Planetshpr:       indeed, Cuddleman... that is how I initially found this too.

MoMolly2:   is a change of heart.. not paranioa

RBCF 3000: Cuddleman, yes, heart of child is good direction to go.

BLURP 223: interesting, thank you,,, when i experienced it, no one could follow or even understand,

Planetshpr:       Thank goodness, Blurp, our numbers are growing!

Cuddleman1:       RBCF, but how does one take themselves to the heart of a child?

AJay200:    so how are we tonight

Magycian:   Yes you parachuted into in Vish

Cuddleman1:       I believe it might reqiure outside intervention

MoMolly2:   to look at everyone with innocence.. and learn to trust agian

ANA ooo:    ..or assistance

RBCF 3000: Cuddleman, get totally humbled, submit to will of Master or guru, go

RBCF 3000: into service or seclusion for a decade or two...

StarzTears:       Cuddle that is where the "unlearning" comes in..you have to forget all the negativity you've

BLURP 223: live in the immediate moment, as children do, my opinion

StarzTears:       taught

StarzTears:       all the limitations

Cuddleman1:       RBCF, that is true, but

Cuddleman1:       It is possible to do it in a shorter time

Vishal:     we are currently living in wrong awreness

Vishal:     we think we are these perishable bodies

StarzTears:       children believe in everything untill they are told otherwise

Vishal:     the truth is we are immortal souls

RBCF 3000: Cuddleman, how short a time do you plan on?  Total change of

RBCF 3000: being takes lifetimes, no?

Vishal:     as souls we are all bros

Freethinker40:    Dreams are the most effective connectors between the interior and exterior universes.

MoMolly2:   i agree visha;

Vishal:     thru this true awareness we can tune into the divine

Cuddleman1:       One has experience that divine presence anytime

Magycian:   We knew that Vish

Cuddleman1:       if they are ready

BLURP 223: these perishable bodies need perfect alignment though, alot of care, which helps the path

RBCF 3000: Ok, friends-- I'm going to continue the example from "Contact"

RBCF 3000: (either the book or the movie, although the emotional and spiritual

RBCF 3000: issues are clearer in the film).................

Vishal:     magy,there is a world of difference betwen knowing it and experiencing it

Magycian:   Yogi Salugud says we have blessings here Vish

RBCF 3000: (please hold comments/questions for a couple of minutes while I roll

RBCF 3000: out the lesson) ..............................................

Vishal:     magy,its now time to see how the supreme magician changes ordinary human

Vishal:     beings into an angels

Cuddleman1:       Vishal, that is my experience too

Magycian:   If you join my Stop the War club you can earn great blessings

Magycian:   If we save even one life we will get many blessings

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RBCF 3000: The next great metaphor in the movie is the way that the message

RBCF 3000: is received. The first image that appears in the transmission is Adolf

RBCF 3000: Hitler (opening the 1936 Olympic games), a great depiction of the

RBCF 3000: darkness that comes up for healing when we enter into the silence

RBCF 3000: inside of us, before we can unravel what the real message is.

RBCF 3000: In the story, there are two halves of the transmission, but the

RBCF 3000: second half is initially assumed to be noise until the blind

RBCF 3000: astronomer has listened to it closely enough to hear the subtle

RBCF 3000: structure within it.

RBCF 3000: Then it is revealed to be the real message, but not the final

RBCF 3000: message, for it contains instructions on how to construct an

RBCF 3000: instrument that can bring someone into position for direct

RBCF 3000: communication by the star beings.

RBCF 3000: If we look at this the right way, we can see that this is probably

RBCF 3000: the origin of most religions, and the content of most mythologies.

RBCF 3000: Someone receives instructions, usually through some sort of

RBCF 3000: mystical experience, on how to build an ark or a wooden horse or

RBCF 3000: wings to fly with, and there will always be major tests of courage

RBCF 3000: and, almost always, a major transformation on the part of the

RBCF 3000: receiver.

RBCF 3000: This can take the appearance of a great flood, or a quest through

RBCF 3000: the underworld, or monsters that eat you if your wings don't hold

RBCF 3000: up.  Very often the hero dies and is resurrected because of the

RBCF 3000: favor of the gods, or because of the love of the princess, etc.

RBCF 3000: In "Contact", the heroine has to drop into the vortex of the

RBCF 3000: complete Unknown, because the instructions never said what would

RBCF 3000: actually happen there.

RBCF 3000: Ellie drops into a set of improbabilities in time and space, and goes

RBCF 3000: through distortions and transformations.

RBCF 3000: At the end of the line, she is made to dream, and in her dream she

RBCF 3000: meets with an apparition of her father, who explains the vastness

RBCF 3000: of the universe, and what is possible for Ellie and her race of beings-

RBCF 3000: - the humans.

RBCF 3000: In religion, the faithful mortal goes through tests and mystical

RBCF 3000: experiences before dying, and in the process they meet whatever

RBCF 3000: Being is the source of what they actually are, and what they aspire

RBCF 3000: to be, and then they are sent back to work on the earth, to teach

RBCF 3000: the others to dream and thereby to awaken.

RBCF 3000: ********** Ok, we can discuss the ideas in this example.  How

RBCF 3000: does this relate to your own search?

Vishal:     3000,only those that are lawfull and lovefull can help others

BLURP 223: she relayed what she expereienced  to others who must take it on FAITH, the GOTCHA

Magycian:   Yeah Vish just make a conscious exit from the body right???

LucidDreamweaver:       I totally understand that RBCF ...I can relate to this on a very intimate level

Planetshpr:       One of the things that amused me in the film, 3K, is that there is NO DOUBT of the experienc

Planetshpr:       e Ellie has.

RBCF 3000: BLURP, that's actually going to be my next point.

RBCF Arwen:       Vishal..please turn on oyur IMs or allow me to IM oyu

Vishal:     magy,yes,thru one powerfull thought

Planetshpr:       SHE DOES NOT DOUBT IT.

Planetshpr:       The rest of us?  LOL!

Magycian:   Well make sure its your time and its approved Vish

Planetshpr:       (am I going NUTS, or what????)

Magycian:   Of course you would

RBCF 3000: Planetshpr, and yet, a psychopath does not doubt his "voices"

RBCF 3000: either, right?  What about Koresh or Applewhite?

Planetshpr:       interesting point, 3K.  So, by considering the possibility that I AM nuts, I prove I am sane

Planetshpr:       ?

Planetshpr:       I can go with that.

BLURP 223: my search is all about doing it all myself, no machine, no help except others on the path

Magycian:   Thus...

Planetshpr:       (or maybe that we are ALL insane together... a point I contemplate quite a bit)

Magycian:   A rose by any other name is still a rose

Vishal:     arwen,why not share your welath here ?

Rock isme: not hardly Planet...possibilitiy does not equal evidence of same

RBCF 3000: Planetshpr, actually, it's a catch-22, right?  I like don Juan's

RBCF 3000: definition of 'sanity':  to hold stability in the "tonal" and to hold

RBCF 3000: fluidity in the 'nagual' 

Vishal:     magy,some roses are less fragrent

BLURP 223: ellie in contact only got a wordly view, not a spiritual view, my opinion, no extacy for her

Magycian:   Yes I want my lady to have a very fragrant rose, LOL

Freethinker40:    I take all this for granted...i was born into a state of Iiiumination.

RBCF 3000: BLURP, that's my point-- the machine is just a metaphor for the

RBCF 3000: "machine" that exists inside of us-- some kind of instrument and

RBCF 3000: mechanism we have for receiving transmissions, no?

Diffiefan7:       hi all

BLURP 223: interesting point, well taken {Deep Bow of understanding} thank you

Magycian:   or do I have to give her up Vish?

RBCF 3000: Freethinker, amazing! And here you are, on AOL

Planetshpr:       LOL!

LucidDreamweaver:       LOL

Vishal:     magy,consider the youndg lady your divine sistr

Freethinker40:    its not funny to me

Magycian:   Thank you for your blessing Vishal...

Vishal:     magy,is it poss?

RBCF 3000: Freethinker, I was just teasing you.  What is your state of

RBCF 3000: consciousness like then?

ANA ooo:    {{TREES}}

ANA ooo:    hiya

Magycian:   Huh Vish?

LucidDreamweaver:       Im sorry for laughing

Freethinker40:    Y ou want to treat this as some game of the consciousness

Rock isme: sorry Free...no of us are born with wisdom...age and time is how this ia aquired

Magycian:   Im not telling who it is Vish...

Vishal:     magy,is it poss to consider the young lady your sistr for the rest of this birth?

BLURP 223: the transmission message to me is that this outer world is an illusion, inside is the messag

BLURP 223: e

Magycian:   Oh yes Vish very much so...

Vishal:     blurp,our inside is now full of impurity

Freethinker40:    looking out when you need to look in

Vishal:     blurp,our souls are now covered with alloy of sin

BLURP 223: many of us, were born with great wisdom, then lose it in time

Rock isme: looking in from the outside maybe

Freethinker40:    yes.....Blurp

BLURP 223: then to purify and uncover is what is to be done, the message is inside, hidden, buried

Vishal:     blurp,yes,by becoming influenced of evil spirits we become bankrupt

INDIGO8999:       (((( SNO)))  LONG TIME, NO SEE

Magycian:   bankrupt of spirit

RBCF 3000: Freethinker, actually, I can relate. I myself have gotten rather

RBCF 3000: cranky and thin-skinned as the onslaught of illumination approaches.

Magycian:   My wallet is dead

Vishal:     magy,people of the whole world are now poor

Freethinker40:    Thanks....3000

Planetshpr:       (what does that mean, 3K?  "onslaught of illumination"?

Magycian:   I'll soon be begging on the streets of London, LOL

Rock isme: nonsense Blurp...takes half a lifetime just to remember who we once were

INDIGO8999:       Rock, hows my baby Rocky

RBCF 3000: Planetshpr, if you sit here all year, you'll see why I call it an

RBCF 3000: "onslaught" 

Vishal:     magy,why beg when u know u can claim

Magycian:   I noticed that lessening of compassion 3000

BLURP 223: for you perhaps, i used to see it quite often, wish i could share it

Planetshpr:       oh.  gotcha.

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Magycian:   Im teasing Vish, Im very happy

Rock isme: the baby is sleeping with all 4 legs stretched out Indigo

Magycian:   Im in extacy in fact...

Vishal:     magy,its good to be happy

Vishal:     : )

Magycian:   I am so happy...

RBCF 3000: Magycian, my problem is that I am a telepathic empath, and I try

RBCF 3000: to protect myself, even when I wish to be open.

Magycian:   Well you havent been that nice to me, LOL

LucidDreamweaver:       How do you do that 3000?

Planetshpr:       protect yourself from pain, 3K?  embrace it.  it will take you to ecstasy.

Vishal:     3000,why labour like this?

Planetshpr:       <grin>

Magycian:   You want lessons on casting a magic circle 3000, LOL

RBCF 3000: Would anyone like to take a stab at why I call the approach of

RBCF 3000: illumination an "onslaught"?

Vishal:     3000,take shelter under the protective canopy of our holiest father

BLURP 223: 3000, boy can i relate there, good luck, the rewards are so good when it works, though

RBCF 3000: Planetshpr, totally! 

Rock isme: easy...put confusion in your mind and no one can read you

RBCF 3000: Vishal, you got that right! 

Magycian:   Cause its going to come quickly when it gets here 3000

Planetshpr:       3K, many come, who believe they are enlightened.

Planetshpr:       "If you see the Buddha by the road....

Vishal:     3000,there are as many opinions as there are mouths,but one truth only

Planetshpr:       Kill him."

LucidDreamweaver:       Because it comes to you when you least expect it?....3000

RBCF 3000: Magycian, not only Quick, but demanding huge change of being on

RBCF 3000: our part-- really dropping illusion, right?

Magycian:   unless youre ready 3000

Magycian:   to recognize the "ground luminosity"

Freethinker40:    When you see,you see..

LucidDreamweaver:       Jesus said I shall come like a theif in the night

RBCF 3000: LucidDreamweaver, right-- all our expectation is in ego, and ego

RBCF 3000: dies (more than once, it turns out!) with the onslaught of the vast

RBCF 3000: Brilliance.

Planetshpr:       3K, consider that your last point of view suggests that "Illumination" is something being

Vishal:     planet,even buddha wasnt complete

Planetshpr:       done TO us.

Planetshpr:       I submit we are BRINGING it.

Magycian:   The Angel of Death comes...you move to the Astral Plane

Rock isme: deep human survival instinct to kill the opposition

RBCF 3000: Planetshpr, I consider that I-as-High-Self does it to me-as-

RBCF 3000: personality-self, see?

Vishal:     3k,illuminaton is the rewrd of our unadulterated love for GOD .

Magycian:   His name is Andrew and he's on Touched by an Angel,LOL

BLURP 223: please

LucidDreamweaver:       Amen Vishal

Planetshpr:       absolutely, 3K.  and at the end of the day, it's done.

RBCF 3000: Vishal, exactly right!  How do we get to such a pure love?

Magycian:   May we only reach enlightenment before death...

Vishal:     3k,thru unlimited renounciation

Alisnntrnt:       Planet, maybe it is being done for us, not to us

Planetshpr:       (lower-case-self may have a point of view, no doubt! LOL!)

Planetshpr:       Not my observation Alisn...

Planetshpr:       my observation, over 48 years, is that we have called it into the space.

M Natural 1:      greetings

Alisnntrnt:       anything is possible Planet

Wingsoligh:        I did not Understand What the hell you were saying

Magycian:   Hey thats a secret word 3000 you cant say that

Planetshpr:       What I love about that, Alisn, is this class could not have taken place when I was 18, or 28

Planetshpr:       or 38.

Planetshpr:       Society was not ready to permit it.

Vishal:     3k,is it possible to have unlimited renounciation?

RBCF 3000: Ok, friends, I just have one more comment about "Contact", and

RBCF 3000: then we'll go on to "The Outer Limits"

RBCF 3000: In "Contact," Ellie is sent back with not a shred of observable

RBCF 3000: evidence for her vision, except 18 hours of static on her recorder.

RBCF 3000: This is more than many martyrs and saints have to work with. They

RBCF 3000: didn't emphasize this in the movie, but everyone has to undertake

RBCF 3000: the journey if they are going to see and understand what is being

RBCF 3000: presented to them.

RBCF 3000: That is, they have to undergo "martyrdom," they must pass through

RBCF 3000: some sort of death-like transformation, back from which they may

RBCF 3000: never return.

RBCF 3000: ******* So, we already started to talk about faith in this regard.

RBCF 3000: Why "martyrdom"?

Vishal:     self realisation comes to those who die a living death

Magycian:   Well its death really isnt i

Magycian:   t

REISHISAGE:       Hiya

Rock isme: near death experience can go either way 3000

RBCF 3000: Vishal, can we make ourselves die that death?

Vishal:     yes

Wingsoligh:       Ok what about WHAT what dreams may come

RBCF 3000: Rock isme, do you suppose because it is not controlled enough in

Vishal:     by bidding farewell to this old world

RBCF 3000: that form?

Magycian:   Death is the release for all it doesnt guarantee where you are going

Wingsoligh:       or Ghost

Vishal:     its old ways

Magycian:   You could be up or down

Vishal:     and old habits

Wingsoligh:        Ghost dealt With a verry spiritual aspect

Grazhopprr:       or sideways, or crossways

Grazhopprr:       or in or out

Magycian:   The important thing is to escape the cycle of birth and death and achieve liberations

Vishal:     magy,no

RBCF 3000: Magycian, by Death, I hope you know I am not referring to the

RBCF 3000: ordinary crumbling of the physical body, in which our hearts and

Rock isme: have a feeling what you expect to see in death is what you will see

RBCF 3000: minds have long ago deteriorated, right?

Vishal:     magy the goal should be of liberation -in life

Freethinker40:    There is no one point of illumination, no single point of seeing, your entity is aware of al

Magycian:   Well the sooner the better Vish of course

Freethinker40:    Death is birth

Magycian:   You talking death in the Astral then 3000

Planetshpr:       Interesting point, Vish...  the old religions all worked to get us off the wheel... that was

Planetshpr:       the goal.

Vishal:     3000,we die a living death by renouncing body consciouness and bodily relations

RBCF 3000: Freethinker, many entree's, right? But methinks I come back to one

RBCF 3000: single point, at Source, no?

Planetshpr:       the new ones have a different goal.

Rock isme: the last obligation of the dying brain is to comfort the body in transition

RBCF 3000: Magycian, no-- I'm really talking about the death of false-

RBCF 3000: personality, see?

Grazhopprr:       it all boils down to, you can't take it with you

Freethinker40:    yes ....3000

Magycian:   Well there are different schools of thoght 3000

Planetshpr:       Ego death.

Wingsoligh:       i dont evin know what eccastic means

Vishal:     planet,its all about claiming our birthright inheritance of happiness

REISHISAGE:       well....i freely admit that though quite lucid and vishual i am a bitsty lost in this tpic

Vishal:     from the bestower

Rock isme: there fore what you need is what you get

Magycian:   Well mine died long ago so no wonder I wasnt following

Planetshpr:       absolutely in agreement with you Vishal.

RBCF 3000: Rock isme, that's true of ordinary, physical death, I believe, where

REISHISAGE:       what is it

RBCF 3000: the brain floods the body with endorphans, right?

Wingsoligh:       What about ghost Ghost had a spiritual theme

Grazhopprr:       who says your personality dies?

Vishal:     planet,all souls experience peace when they are naked

Planetshpr:       Wings, honey... we're following a structured outline... I am sure we will get to those films

Grazhopprr:       you are there, what you are here

Freethinker40:    it dont.....Graz

Magycian:   Yeah what are we talking about like Reishi said

RBCF 3000: ........ But through these methods, we can flood with endorphans

RBCF 3000: and anandanines in a healthy body, and still let the personality die

RBCF 3000: and reawaken anew.

Rock isme: haven't been there 3000...can't say for sure

Vishal:     planet,but happiness is the fruit of our current spiritual efforts

Magycian:   So you're still alive here 3000?

RBCF 3000: Grazhopprr, personality death is a principal of many transformational

RBCF 3000: paradigms, right?

Grazhopprr:       who you are now, is who you will be when you leave

REISHISAGE:       end of days has somewhat a spiritual theme as did the beginning of days

Planetshpr:       happiness ?  I'm not sure about happiness, Vishal..  It isn't a motivator for me anymore.

RBCF 3000: Magycian, I am here-- don't know about "still"..

Magycian:   So we cant improve Graz, between now and then

Planetshpr:       like pain, "happiness" is a judgment, in my experience.

STILL JAMIEL:     I am here too 3000.

Magycian:   Well you must be alive like us then 3000

Grazhopprr:       mag, up to us, we are what we are when we leave, at that point of departure

Wingsoligh:       Hi chester

Magycian:   You going to make a conscious exit 3000?

Magycian:   I will pay you...LOL

Vishal:     planet,by having a goal of inheriting happiness,we progress faster

REISHISAGE:       the shining was good example of the ego mind meeting the zen mind of nothingness vs a woman

REISHISAGE:       and chidl mind

Vishal:     on this journey of ours

Selph2000: happiness is always a state of"being"

RBCF 3000: Magycian, yes-- I will undertake mahasamadhi.

Freethinker40:    We have many selves i do believe.....?

Planetshpr:       I'll have to disagree, respectfully, on that one, Vishal...

Vishal:     magy,u just cant make an exit like that

Planetshpr:       my experience says otherwise.

RBCF 3000: Ok, great comments, friends. Now I'll continue on to a similar set of

RBCF 3000: metaphors in "The Outer Limits" ..................................

Planetshpr:       for me.

Vishal:     magy,u need the magic of grac

Chesster67:       what is the state of nothingness?

Wingsoligh:       Ok 3rd Time what about The movie ghost?

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Magycian:   How do you know 3000 what if you botch it up???

Vishal:     magiy,plus u need the fuel of purity

RBCF 3000: (please hold comments and questions for a minute again)

RBCF 3000: There are a series of episodes of The Outer Limits in which a

RBCF 3000: scientist who is dying drinks an enzyme which stimulates activation

JLook91968:       so the   system  isn't perfect, we're grownups, right?

RBCF 3000: of dormant strands of the DNA.

RBCF 3000: Not only is his illness healed, but he starts receiving instructions

RBCF 3000: about gathering eight students "without blemish" and also without

RBCF 3000: relationships or attachments that would hold them back, to go with

RBCF 3000: him, and where he is to go is indicated by a map that grows on his

RBCF 3000: back. Also, a geometric shape assembles itself in the palm of his

RBCF 3000: hand.

RBCF 3000: The place where the map shows them to go is guarded by a military

RBCF 3000: outfit who have discovered an unexplainable, and obviously highly

RBCF 3000: advanced, object embedded in 60,000,000-year-old strata of rock.

RBCF 3000: The object is impervious to any attempt that the guards make to

RBCF 3000: examine it or open it, but the shape on the scientist's hand

RBCF 3000: matches a symbol on the object and, when pressed together,

RBCF 3000: opens a hatch in what proves to be a space ship.

RBCF 3000: It turns out that the ship was left there to test the proper

RBCF 3000: evolution of the sentient life form, and thereupon to repopulate the

RBCF 3000: world at a time when humanity has destroyed itself and most of the

RBCF 3000: other life on earth.

RBCF 3000: Naturally, most of the students lose faith in the scientist and in the

RBCF 3000: builders of the ship, and attempt to mutiny, but find out that none

RBCF 3000: of that mattered, because it was only their very presence that was

RBCF 3000: needed, at least until they got where they were going. Then they

RBCF 3000: realized that they were indeed to be the foundation of civilization--

RBCF 3000: they themselves.

RBCF 3000: Again, this is a wondeful set of metaphors for entering the Mystery.

RBCF 3000: A mysterious object, simultaneously ancient and yet very

RBCF 3000: advanced, is found embedded in a natural formation.

RBCF 3000: This is what Moses found on Mount Sinai; it is what the founders of

RBCF 3000: the primordial Egyptian, Celtic, Mayan and Tibetan religions found,

RBCF 3000: and it is what "primitive" shamans find in their jungles and deserts.

RBCF 3000: ******* Ok, now let's talk.  What does this story tell you?

Magycian:   Im sorry to say I didnt like that one the best

REISHISAGE:       dormant strands reside in all humans , this scientist must have been in isolation tank all

REISHISAGE:       his life

REISHISAGE:       if it keep on raining the levey going to break.....when the levey breaks hav no place 2stay

REISHISAGE:       that what it tells me

RBCF WhiteRose:   I think it says that life comes full circle

Magycian:   Do we have any evidence of this 3000?

Vishal:     3k,it tells us that this world is now to be demolished

Shiftgood1:       I must sayu the most unequiocal phenonina (mystics) in film today is Artificial Life

Magycian:   There is no material evidence...

Shiftgood1:       Artificial LIfe has no empirical praradigm

Vishal:     3k,it tells us that scientists have made bombs for our own destruction

Planetshpr:       Challenging example, 3k...  that there IS a path, and those that have gone before, have a plan.

RBCF 3000: Magycian, we have all these civilizations that have been drowned

Shiftgood1:       and ALife mimics all of the functions of ;life

RBCF 3000: and buried under sands and rubble, we have a planet blown up into

RBCF 3000: asteroids between Mars and Jupiter...

Vishal:     3k,it tells us that we cannot attain perfection thru science

Magycian:   The future is not in material existence, it tells me

Freethinker40:    Mean old lady taught me to weep and moan.....REISH

JLook91968:       perhaps, it was a singular revelation for one guy

Magycian:   Which ones are those?

JLook91968:       tailor made for him

Magycian:   Atlantis has not been found last I heard

Vishal:     3k,it tells us that each one of us is unique

RBCF 3000: Vishal, right-- but I do see the ideas of science as great metaphors

RBCF 3000: for our spiritual path, do you?

Magycian:   and what if it was its only proof of material existence

REISHISAGE:       and edgar cayce is just scratching to get out last i heard

Vishal:     3k,it tells us that we are now orphans

RBCF 3000: Vishal, if we are unique, I don't see how it could be in any usual

RBCF 3000: way that we think of it.

Planetshpr:       Reishi, he got it right on the chamber beneath the Sphynx.

Magycian:   He's in the coffin Reishi

RBCF 3000: Freethinker, it's a couple of episodes of "The Outer Limits"

Magycian:   If all good beings achieve liberation who does it leave here?

Magycian:   Were a bunch of thugs

MetaTheMagi:      but lovable thugs

Shiftgood1:       Vishal...I admire your guts and non-wishy-washy attitude about what you have found triue

Vishal:     3k,it tells us that as long as we have our bodies we are under its limitations

REISHISAGE:       yes we luv our cuddley lilselves so mucho

Vishal:     shift,its now our chance to shift the clouds of confusion and let the rays of the sun of kno

Vishal:     shine thru

RBCF 3000: With such objects-- often plants having certain properties-- the

RBCF 3000: priests and shamans find a map that is embedded right in the

RBCF 3000: encodings of life itself, in the very nature of humanity. So here,

RBCF 3000: instead of being a transmission from outer space, the map was left

RBCF 3000: in what we are made up of. This gives a whole new perspective to

RBCF 3000: spiritual practices, as far as I am concerned.

RBCF 3000: The idea of replanting the holy doctrines is a very common thread

RBCF 3000: in both religion and mythology. It is accomplished by gathering

RBCF 3000: together a certain number and certain types of people "without

RBCF 3000: blemish"-- without sin or attachment to the hooks of ordinary life,

RBCF 3000: which is usually described as sleep.

RBCF 3000: It seems to be a necessary ingredient that the apostles are tested,

RBCF 3000: and lose faith until the master reappears after having "died."

RBCF 3000: I find it amusing that, just as in mythology, these students must

RBCF 3000: pass the challenge of the "guardians at the gate" in order to gain

RBCF 3000: entry to the Mystery. We find very much the same ideas in the

RBCF 3000: search for the holy Grail as well as for the treasures of mythology.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: Now it would be fair to ask what the point of all this is for us,

RBCF 3000: personally. I ask you, why do you suppose that virtually the same

RBCF 3000: story has come down to us, all over the world and for millennia?

RBCF 3000: In my generation, we used to think that science would uncover the

RBCF 3000: mysteries of life and the universe; instead, science has tangled

RBCF 3000: itself up deeper and deeper into tangled strings and quarks and

RBCF 3000: strangenesses, so that they can no longer explain why an apple

RBCF 3000: appears to fall, nor even how anything can exist. In my "humble"

RBCF 3000: opinion, of course! 

REISHISAGE:       u use dial Magy?

RBCF 3000: ******* Ok, let's talk about these issues and ideas now.

Magycian:   We receive spiritual energies through the night in our sleep

Vishal:     3k,its now time to incinerate the burden of sins that are on our souls

MetaTheMagi:      the roads are many but the gate is narrow

MetaTheMagi:      I guess

Magycian:   Dont go to bed without clearing your soul

Vishal:     magy,yet people of this old world just cant stop using the sword of lust on each other

Vishal:     each night

Planetshpr:       Many more imagine themselves prepared, than are actually ready.

Magycian:   Well thats true Vishal the fall from Grace

REISHISAGE:       reading scriptures in shower is good but require waterpoof pages

Shiftgood1:       Well, it is encouraging to see Visal give credit to what even Tipler calleed the Physiccs of

Shiftgood1:       god

Vishal:     3k,there is one power that is higher than sceince

Magycian:   You a Bodhissattva or Avatar Vish or just cleaning up your act...

MetaTheMagi:      3K, humn nature is such that this story or process is the one to use

RBCF 3000: Vishal, yes, thanks-- we already know.

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MetaTheMagi:      it satisfies all the ingredients to cause completeness

Shiftgood1:       And the reminders of this or that only serve to appreciate all 3 (o4 4) levels of reality

REISHISAGE:       looks up in twees

Magycian:   Divine bro is nice I think

RBCF 3000: (Just so you know, in case these examples are confusing, next

RBCF 3000: week we'll be talking about the core ideas and paradigms of

RBCF 3000: Mystical Consciousness)

Vishal:     magic,to have a brotherly vision is viceless

Magycian:   Divine Sis nice too Reishi

Shiftgood1:       RBCF....that sounds like a rellly good one. thanks

Grazhopprr:       so, what is the end consensus desired from this discussion?  a generalization of ascension?

Vishal:     magy,sistr vision tooo can somtimes be changed by maya

Wingsoligh:       I said Ghpst was a great  film of mistical conscousness

MetaTheMagi:      Ascension is where its at

REISHISAGE:       Graz is that what that was ?

JSchumm717:       Is this a class?

Planetshpr:       yes, JS.

Wingsoligh:       Ghost With patrick swasie and demi moore

Magycian:   We should love unconditionally really, love for the best for the person

RBCF 3000: Wingsoligh, I agree, although I thought the issues were clearer in

RBCF 3000: "Always"-- did you like that one?

JSchumm717:       How can i get info on it?

Wingsoligh:       It deal With spirituality

Shiftgood1:       You know, RBCF...there are laws that say we should think (ie evolution) but none about law

Shiftgood1:       to have faith

Vishal:     graz,to ascend we need to establish in a pure and a spiritual lifestyle

RBCF 3000: ... "Always" with Holly Hunter, Richard Dreyfuss and Audrey Hepburn.

Yogi Salguod:     lol, you are right Grazz

FlowrNtheWind:    3000, great movie

RBCF 3000: Shiftgood, what kind of laws? Have I been in violation?

Grazhopprr:       unfortunately, ascension can't be generalized.  there have been too many types, angles,

Grazhopprr:       desires

ANA ooo:    3000 GREAT movie!

REISHISAGE:       3000 he die on ice how does that relate unles u thinky we come from block of ice age thrwbac

RBCF 3000: FlowrNtheWind, I saw it 4 times, but it got panned by the critics, of

RBCF 3000: course.

MetaTheMagi:      attention requires forgiveness and desire

MagicGspot:       always helped me to sleep better

Shiftgood1:       RBCF....not to my knowledge...I bet you have fundamental believes and that is kosher enough

Shiftgood1:       but we need more like that

Vishal:     3k,why take the support of movies as your teachers?

MetaTheMagi:      I mean ascension

RBCF 3000: MetaTheMagi, what else does it require?  What results from

RBCF 3000: ascension?

RBCF 3000: Vishal, helps to explain the ideas.

MetaTheMagi:      Ascension brings us to a higher ability of consciousness

FlowrNtheWind:    3000, I cried

Alisnntrnt:       Vis, would you select your tachers?

MetaTheMagi:      so that these truths we ponder now are realized so that even greater progress may take place

Grazhopprr:       ascension from this realm only leads to another realm to ascende

Vishal:     3k,all movies are ideas burrowed from this eternal world wheel predestined drama

MetaTheMagi:      the answer, in other words, to our world is found in the next dimension

MetaTheMagi:      or the next state of mind

MetaTheMagi:      its all a state of mind, 3000

MetaTheMagi:      literally

MetaTheMagi:      perception defines this state

MetaTheMagi:      vision defines the next

MetaTheMagi:      awareness defines the next

WlksWithGreyEgle:       Vis, I don't think there's one movie that is an orginal thought. Someone, somewhere else

MetaTheMagi:      and so on

WlksWithGreyEgle:       a;ready had that thought

MetaTheMagi:      until there is only being

RBCF 3000: Ok, I have just one more example that I'd like to give you before

RBCF 3000: we break up ...................................................

RBCF 3000: The dark side of these stories is embodied in the various vampire

RBCF 3000: and ghost tales and, more recently, in the "Friday the 13th" series

RBCF 3000: of movies, and such like "The Matrix" (which unfortunately I haven't

RBCF 3000: yet seen) and "Event Horizon" (which also unfortunately, I *have*

RBCF 3000: seen!) and "Sphere", which I liked much better.

RBCF 3000: They rightfully portray what happens to people *with* blemish,

RBCF 3000: with selfish motives, with fear, and who have no inner discipline.

RBCF 3000: They are slaves of their murky thoughts and whims, even if highly

RBCF 3000: educated and brilliant scientists.

RBCF Arwen:       That as many images as there are..that's how

RBCF Arwen:       many thruth's there are...no one;s any less or

RBCF Arwen:       more valid that another's..

Wingsoligh:       300 what dreams may come Anouther mystical movie

Yogi Salguod:     lol 3000 I didn't like Sphere much

REISHISAGE:       a movie needful things may relate in a fashion of detachment from material things to

MetaTheMagi:      in order to acquire physical truth, physicality needs to be seen as wholeness

MetaTheMagi:      this cannot be while in the physical

MetaTheMagi:      we are too close

MetaTheMagi:      so we must find a state of mind that overshadows this plane

MetaTheMagi:      but also encompasses it

MetaTheMagi:      its like using the word to define the word itself

StarBorn22:       we are talking about mysical aspects of movies?

Vishal:     eagle,yes,all this movies are ideas burrowed from this unlimited drama

RBCF 3000: (continuing ....................................................

RBCF 3000: Of these, let's look at "Sphere." Anyone who enters the sphere

RBCF 3000: ("encounters the supernatural") is given the (inadvertant) power of

RBCF 3000: creating reality on every whim, even in dreams.

RBCF 3000: Our brilliant scientists come with neurotic hang-ups galore, so they

RBCF 3000: keep creating realities that destroy everything, because their

RBCF 3000: insides are at war with themselves. At the end, they make it their

RBCF 3000: final command that they forget they have this power, because the

RBCF 3000: human race is not ready.

RBCF 3000: (continuing, please hold comments ...............................

RBCF 3000: Actually, it is not the whole human race that is not ready-- it is

RBCF 3000: each individual member of it.  Therefore, it is the possibility, even

RBCF 3000: the birthright, of each human, to remember the original power that

RBCF 3000: we were given, but which we pushed into the deep Unconscious,

RBCF 3000: and locked it away until a time when one is ready.

RBCF 3000: So I see us as having a two-fold task: first, to remember that I

RBCF 3000: have this unlimited divine power awaiting me; second, to purify

RBCF 3000: myself (making use of the considerable help that we stored around

RBCF 3000: for ourselves, hidden in metaphor and shadows; third, to awaken

RBCF 3000: enough to know the purpose and outcome of each of my commands.

RBCF 3000: Indeed, in this place, every gesture I make, every word that I

RBCF 3000: utter, and even every thought that I think, is instantly the Law of

RBCF 3000: Creation.

RBCF 3000: To any ordinary person, this would be so unbearable as to lead to

RBCF 3000: madness, violence and/or death (as history as demonstrated so

RBCF 3000: terribly many times, even from a brush with the supernatural); to

RBCF 3000: the sufficiently burnished, honed, trimmed and healed, it is the

RBCF 3000: crown of Existence.

RBCF 3000: ********** Ok, those are the ideas I wanted to present tonight--

RBCF 3000:  let's hear from you now

MetaTheMagi:      it is not possible

WlksWithGreyEgle:       yes, or experiences which unfolded

MetaTheMagi:      3K, where does the inner adjuster come in at?

MagicGspot:       vishal are you the deputy?

Yogi Salguod:     Hiya Reishi :))

MetaTheMagi:      but what to create is the question, 3K

Grazhopprr:       Warner Bros. has the hook on ascension, eh?  The Screen Writers Guild must be a mystical

Grazhopprr:       coven

MetaTheMagi:      and what to create is what will cause progress

Vishal:     3k,we become law makers of future by following the divine laws now

MetaTheMagi:      there are laws 3K

MetaTheMagi:      all our supposing does not change the laws

MagicGspot:       haha

MetaTheMagi:      we can go in a circle all day long

MetaTheMagi:      but why?

Vishal:     the divine law to follow currently is that we remain viceless

FlowrNtheWind:    3000, personally I think is would drive me insane

Grazhopprr:       they are only ideas, we won't know till we get there.

LucidDreamweaver:       Thank you

Vishal:     egoless

Vishal:     and bodiless

Yogi Salguod:     good thoughts

LucidDreamweaver:       Hello Lucid

MagicGspot:       and lushless

MetaTheMagi:      vishal an effect is viceless, the cause must be changed first  before viceless can be truely

MetaTheMagi:      altered

MagicGspot:       lustless i mean

Vishal:     magic,viceless = free of lust

RBCF 3000: FlowrNtheWind, that is what happens, isn't it?  It's sometimes

RBCF 3000: called "Jerusalem Syndrome" -- contact with something sacred and

RBCF 3000: powerful drives people mad.

Planetshpr:       3K, excellent analysis ...  Campbell would have been proud!

MetaTheMagi:      if you do not change the cause then the effect will be there, just under a different name

MetaTheMagi:      or form

MagicGspot:       well vishal i guess im gettin 50-life

MetaTheMagi:      lust will become brotherly love

MetaTheMagi:      vice will become serving humanity

RBCF 3000: ... I believe the secret, as don Juan puts it, is to control our

RBCF 3000: madness, dole it out consciously.

FlowrNtheWind:    3000, I think what would drive me insane would be the fear of things I would think

MetaTheMagi:      you like that G?

MetaTheMagi:      hehe

MagicGspot:       oh yeah well said

Yogi Salguod:     and it there is not such thing as holy and not? what then?

RBCF 3000: Planetshpr, thanks, I guess. (I've always found Campbell a bit flat)

Yogi Salguod:     if

Vishal:     magic,this whole ironaged world is now in its retirement age

MetaTheMagi:      there is such a thing as holy, but it is not of this world

Vishal:     flower,be strong

RBCF 3000: FlowrNtheWind, yes, unless you got your mind really really really

RBCF 3000: Silent, right?

MetaTheMagi:      the very existence of this world precludes the word holy

MetaTheMagi:      until the cause of this world is changed nothing will be holy

FlowrNtheWind:    3000, one would think

Yogi Salguod:     lol, what happens when what some are preaching is not reality? what then?

Vishal:     meta,this world is now a brothel

RBCF 3000: MetaTheMagi, I see our task as to make our perception of the

RBCF 3000: world holy, then the world becomes sacred.

MetaTheMagi:      this world is an effect, just like Vishals lust

MetaTheMagi:      yes 3K

MetaTheMagi:      that is the first step

FlowrNtheWind:    #3000 regaudless of the good i could think it wouldnt take much to destroy it

MetaTheMagi:      you must change perception to change cause

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MetaTheMagi:      and this can only be done thru forgiveness

RBCF 3000: FlowrNtheWind, it also helps to "develop" humility-- but we can't

RBCF 3000: develop humility for ourselves-- ego has to be completely flattened

RBCF 3000: in order for the rest of our self to meet the inconceivable.

Yogi Salguod:     and if perceptions are just polarities of thought, what is real?

MetaTheMagi:      right 3K

Vishal:     meta,our criminal eyes change to civil eyes when we establish in soulconsciouness

Yogi Salguod:     lol, and who is wrong?

MetaTheMagi:      ego upholds the effects because it is the cause of this world

Grazhopprr:       "change" validates the needed change.  instead, create a new perception to supercede the old

FlowrNtheWind:    3000, to be honest I wouldn'y want that responsiblity

SoundDsgn: only the cause as we know it this momnet meta!

RBCF 3000: FlowrNtheWind, it is fragile and precious, and yet also more

RBCF 3000: powerful than anything!

MetaTheMagi:      Yogi, transcend right and wrong by changing the cause of the duality

MagicGspot:       brb

RBCF 3000: FlowrNtheWind, I sure do!  I must and insist on being the Source of

RBCF 3000: my universe!

Blue woofs:       a civil home life leads to a civil neighborhood which leads to a civil community....ect. ect

Yogi Salguod:     lol Meta duality is an illusion

MetaTheMagi:      not if you believe it Yogi

MetaTheMagi:      and you do believe it Yogi

Yogi Salguod:     only perceptions of thought

MetaTheMagi:      so you have to do it the hard way

MetaTheMagi:      intellectually you dont' believ it Yogi

SoundDsgn: effected you meta!

Vishal:     blue,istead what u find today is nothing but adultory

Yogi Salguod:     it is true

MetaTheMagi:      but totally it is very real for you

FlowrNtheWind:    3000, responsiblity for myself is one thing but for humanity no way

Yogi Salguod:     lol, I need not believe anything

Blue woofs:       hehe...good one Vishal

RBCF 3000: OK, friends, let's go to free chat.  Anybody who'd like the logues or

MetaTheMagi:      but you do Yogi

RBCF 3000: the newsletter, please email me.  Great discussion-- thanks

MetaTheMagi:      Yogi,you are here with us

MetaTheMagi:      you cannot deny that

Yogi Salguod:     no we argue over illusions

FlowrNtheWind:    I feel people need to see it for themselves in their own time and not be forced

RBCF 3000: Nierika, we just finished a class

Kirstenese:       Thank you 3000

MetaTheMagi:      Yogi, you are here, with the rest of us illusions

Yogi Salguod:     just our own perceptions of truth

MetaTheMagi:      how can you deny you believe it?

RBCF 3000: :::::::::: bows humbly ::::::::::

Planetshpr:       Thank you, 3000. 

Freethinker40:    Holyness is an illusion...for preachers and the such.

Vishal:     flower,time is running out

MetaTheMagi:      denial is your fate Yogi, transcend that

Yogi Salguod:     "belief" is the whole problem

MetaTheMagi:      agreed Yogi, but just saying it is not real will not make it go away

Yogi Salguod:     you all say "believe"

Vishal:     free,holiness is a divine qulaity