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RBCF 3000: Good evening, dear friends. )

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RBCF Arwen: Ladies and Gentlemen....class starts in 1

RBCF Arwen: minute...please remember that thsi class is

RBCF Arwen: semi-protocol, and chat outside of IMs is

RBCF Arwen: invited after each brief information

RBCF Arwen: session....

RBCF 3000: As soon as your all settled and ready, we'll be starting our fifth

RBCF 3000: class on Ecstatic Awareness or Mystical Consciousness.

RBCF Arwen: Ladies and gentlemen..protocol please....

RBCF 3000: Ok, dear friends-- time to take all private conversation into IMs

RBCF 3000: so we can get started-- we have a lot to talk about tonight.

RBCF Arwen: Welcome, , to our class in Ecstatic Awareness.

RBCF Arwen: The word "ecstatic," refers to the mystical usage

RBCF Arwen: referring to *outside of* all normal states of

RBCF Arwen: perception or awareness. TOS will be followed.

RBCF Arwen: The class is "informal" protocol. The instructor

RBCF Arwen: will open a topic, intro it, then go ahead with

RBCF Arwen: question and answers, repeating this process

RBCF Arwen: several times. Tonight: Techniques, practices

RBCF Arwen: and exercises leading to ecstatic awareness.

RBCF 3000: Ok, class is beginning now, so please go into protocol mode

RBCF 3000: and wait for discussion to open. Thanks.

RBCF 3000: Welcome, everyone. Tonight is our fifth class in

RBCF 3000: Ecstatic Awareness. To reiterate for those who are

RBCF 3000: joining us for the first time, the way we are using the

RBCF 3000: word "ecstatic" here means entering into states of

RBCF 3000: consciousness, accompanied by transformation of

RBCF 3000: being, in which the supernatural and the Miraculous

RBCF 3000: can be witnessed, even including the realms of

RBCF 3000: Divinity.

RBCF 3000: By the word "ecstatic," I am not speaking of the

RBCF 3000: common vernacular for "very happy" but, rather, the

RBCF 3000: mystical usage referring to *outside of* all normal

RBCF 3000: states of perception or awareness, sometimes known

RBCF 3000: at "second attention", "silent knowledge", "self-

RBCF 3000: remembering" or "seeing."

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: Tonight I am going to describe a number of specific

RBCF 3000: practices that seem indispensible for achieving

RBCF 3000: accelerated states of grace, communion, vision,

RBCF 3000: revelation, epiphany, satori, etc, in which we know

RBCF 3000: directly, even inside each other's minds, and may even

RBCF 3000: be able to act directly on the structure of reality.

RBCF 3000: This is what saints, wizards, sorcerers, priests and

RBCF 3000: shamans used to be able to do, and which is once

RBCF 3000: again within our grasp, if only our grasp be delicate

RBCF 3000: and fine enough-- act directly on the structure of

RBCF 3000: reality, using the laws of the higher dimensionality

RBCF 3000: over the lower.

RBCF 3000: All of the major traditions use various combinations of

RBCF 3000: these practices: the yogas, the Buddhisms, Sufism,

RBCF 3000: shamanism, all native traditions, and mystical religions.

RBCF 3000: Actually, almost all religions began as a mystical

RBCF 3000: sequence for achieving ecstatic or religious states,

RBCF 3000: and even for achieving the coalescence of the Deity in

RBCF 3000: the virgin matrix (I'll be explaining what I just said in a

RBCF 3000: future class).

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: The first of these practices is meditation. But there is

RBCF 3000: not just one meditation; some of the practices called

RBCF 3000: meditation actually take the person further from the

RBCF 3000: goals we have been speaking of in this class, which

RBCF 3000: include inner peace, self-authority, silent knowing, and

RBCF 3000: states of grace, bliss and power.

RBCF 3000: Therefore I will focus on only the types of meditation

RBCF 3000: that lead to such goals. In Zen, they tell you, "Just

RBCF 3000: sit!" We are tasked to become innerly still, so that

RBCF 3000: the gusts of our random thoughts, the "requirements"

RBCF 3000: of our lives, emotional triggers and physical urges,

RBCF 3000: restlessness and discomforts become simply "scenery,"

RBCF 3000: background noise which can then be tuned out.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: ******* This would be a good point to hear from

RBCF 3000: anyone who has been doing these types of practices.

ComtDeStGr: what about affirmations?

RBCF 3000: (Now open floor for discussion on your own practices)

Planetshpr: Yes, 3000... many different forms of meditation, beginning with Buddhist Turning the Wheel.

Bitsty: I meditate daily..

ComtDeStGr: do they qualify?

POUNCE51: how do ya tune out everything ?

Planetshpr: Also, Ch'i Gung, Reiki.

RBCF 3000: St. Germaine, affirmations per se *can* be a practice

RBCF 3000: of this kind, but usually isn't-- know why?

Planetshpr: All of them call forth an experience of altered reality.

ComtDeStGr: no why?

Witedragin: Sexuality should be a good path to estatic awareness!

RBCF 3000: Planetshpr, yes-- I'll be getting to those, and your knowledge of them will help us

Planetshpr: ;-)

ShimmyCocaBop: attunement with nature is my apth

POUNCE51: rbfc do u have any good web sites on meditaions?

RBCF 3000: POUNCE, I will be explaining more about that, but

RBCF 3000: basically it is to set up a separate platform outside of

RBCF 3000: personality.

Insink22: there are 2 kinds of silence thoughts seeking silence and the silence which freedoms

Insink22: brings

Witedragin: Kumar recomends repetition of the names of Got to achieve awareness.

JeannieJ1: true Insink

Planetshpr: ::admiring the way you put that, Insink!::

ComtDeStGr: Mantras too are not a part of this group you speak of 3K?

Insink22: in real meditation the meditators dies

NTASantaFe: sweats utilize absence of awareness with steam and vibrations for trigger

Insink22: now who whats to do that?

Planetshpr: Insink... or his/her EGO dies...

ShimmyCocaBop: nta and the round of prayers

Insink22: say it anyway you want

Insink22: but you step into the fire

Insink22: and you give up EVERYTHING

Planetshpr: not the Self, but the self, dies.

RBCF 3000: Witedragin, I have been finding that mechanical

RBCF 3000: repetition, even of the names of God, ultimately

RBCF 3000: doesn't get us where we are going. But done with the

RBCF 3000: right awareness, very powerful.

RBCF 3000: St. Germaine, yes, mantras can be great!

Insink22: hey we do it every note when we go to sleep

ComtDeStGr: but they are repititions

ComtDeStGr: of the names of God

RBCF 3000: Insink, can you say more about "thoughts seeking silence"?

Insink22: time and space fall away

Witedragin: Theoretically simple repetition of the names of God causes awareness.

Insink22: as asllep so awake

DCizunas: One thing I've found is when you leave all problems behind for meditation you do not get...

Insink22: as asleep

Insink22: so awake

DCizunas: them all back when you return to a normal state

Insink22: the forcing of our internal dialogue to shut up

POUNCE51: like leave all daily concerns behind?

ShimmyCocaBop: dciz good to remember and another reason to practice

DCizunas: Pounce, exactly...they have no place in meditation

RBCF 3000: Witedragin, that is one of my daily practices, but it

RBCF 3000: works because I stay present and aware throughout

RBCF 3000: it, and listen innerly.

ComtDeStGr: Is force not the hiding place of thought?

POUNCE51: well easyer said then done >=

Insink22: suppression in other words

Witedragin: DC! Intend for problems to be solved in your supconscious during meditation.

Insink22: freedom comes when we "give it all up"

RBCF 3000: DCizunas, or, if they do return, we meet them with something more, special, right?

DCizunas: Wite...very true

UNANA: {{{{{Witedragin}}}}} {S drgnkiss} sorry, in IM land big time tonight

Insink22: what ever drama it is

POUNCE51: i need a good meditation

Witedragin: 3000! It is said also to work if you simply repeat without awareness.

RBCF 3000: Insink, *forcing dialog to shut up* is only *more* internal dialog, I find.

DCizunas: Exactly 3K....they just seem to fall away or get solved

Witedragin: Hi Unana.

Insink22: freedom can fly in the face of anything

ComtDeStGr: so stopping the internal dialogue is the first step in this process?

Witedragin: The inner smile is a great meditation!

RBCF 3000: Witedragin, it will accomplish something, but not what

RBCF 3000: we are doing in this particular class-- this one is

RBCF 3000: *about* ecstatic awareness, and so we will learn to

ComtDeStGr: whatever this process might be

RBCF 3000: be *aware* and present in the moment.

ShimmyCocaBop: i like that

Insink22: and when your free there is a silence that leaves you mute

Insink22: the internal dialogue holds our world together

Insink22: without it the world stops

ShimmyCocaBop: don't think so insink

ComtDeStGr: Perhaps you should continue 3K......I think we need more mental stimulus

RBCF 3000: Witedragin, I agree -- it has helped me get through a lot!

Insink22: don't think

Insink22: and try it

Insink22: lol

NTASantaFe: preplanned purpose doesn't seem to effect meditation for me, isn't that baggage

Witedragin: Can I not be ecstaticly aware while being almost totally unaware, say during sex!

RBCF 3000: Ok, ready to continue with tonight's lesson -- back on protocol, please

Insink22: you dreamed you went there your here

Grazhopprr: lesson, lol

Insink22: you can be aware in your dreams

Insink22: but them your dreams are not dreaming you

Insink22: your are dreaming your dreams

ShimmyCocaBop: lucid dreaming

RBCF 3000: Witedragin, hold that question for a little bit-- we'll have more to say on it, ok?

Insink22: being in dreaming

RBCF 3000: Ok, please hold comments .......................................

Insink22: is the second attention

RBCF 3000: .......................................................

RBCF 3000: In this stillness, it becomes easy and natural to follow

RBCF 3000: our breathing, but I avoid those meditations in which

RBCF 3000: they force the breathing according to counts, or

RBCF 3000: anything unnatural. However, most of us have been

RBCF 3000: taught all our lives to breathe in an unnatural way,

RBCF 3000: from high up in the chest. Watch the way a baby, a

RBCF 3000: kitten or a puppy breathes-- from its belly. Its whole

Witedragin: I would love to learn "dream yoga" so as to be able to work while dreaming!

RBCF 3000: body moves with the breath, and it relaxes utterly

RBCF 3000: completely.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: Another typical exercise, this one for the attention, is

RBCF 3000: to decide two or three times the following day when

RBCF 3000: we will be there present to meet ourselves and find

RBCF 3000: out what we are doing when we do it. This turns out

RBCF 3000: to be much harder than remembering dreams, or at

RBCF 3000: least as hard anyway, and the technique for

RBCF 3000: accomplishing this goal is similar to increasing dream

RBCF 3000: recall.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: It doesn't even sound like a "technique" to describe it,

RBCF 3000: because it is so simple to say, yet difficult to do. It is

RBCF 3000: to just keep intending to do it, reinforced by each time

RBCF 3000: we come to and realize that it was the farthest thing

RBCF 3000: from our mind when the time came around for it. This

RBCF 3000: must be done with no violence, no judgment for how

RBCF 3000: weak we are-- we are actually far, far weaker than

RBCF 3000: we can imagine, at this point, but the study of the

RBCF 3000: piano begins with very simple scales.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: ******** This is often called mindfulness. Do you

RBCF 3000: have experience with this sort of thing? (Open floor

RBCF 3000: for discussion)

Insink22: the second attention in our wakeful hourss

DCizunas: 3K, are you saying that we should see ourselves in the future during the meditation...don't

DCizunas: understand

Insink22: is the same as the second attention in our dreams

RBCF 3000: DCizunas, not *during*, but while setting it up in advance.

ComtDeStGr: self awareness of daily activity only takes place for me when I am wondering how others are

ComtDeStGr: reactig to me

ComtDeStGr: reacting

Insink22: it is a feeling LIKE waking UP from a DREAM

Insink22: THIS IS THE STATE we all seek

ComtDeStGr: and then not in a observational way, but as a tool to direct my situation

Insink22: it is freedom

RBCF 3000: Insink, I don't find that we can just place ourselves

RBCF 3000: into 2nd attention. It has taken me 40 years of

RBCF 3000: practices to do that more or less consistently.

MLevin1962: Did anyone try White Light for extatic awareness ?

Insink22: we are really in the moment

Insink22: beauty is born of the moment

JeannieJ1: True Insink

Insink22: but we stalk this feeling

Insink22: it starts with a mood

UNANA: <~ need to leave {{{{ Friends }}} ::: blowing kisses around room ::: bye

RBCF 3000: St. Germaine, "wondering how others are reacting to

RBCF 3000: me" is the opposite of what we are trying to do.

RBCF 3000: Gurdjieff calls this "internal considering"; don Juan calls

RBCF Arwen: UNa*

Insink22: and that mood is the hardest thing to hold on to

RBCF 3000: it "self-importance". We are going for "external

RBCF 3000: considering", which is mindfulness.

ShimmyCocaBop: bye una

Insink22: 40 year hu?

Vibrant Soul: RBCF, maybe u tryong to hard ?

ComtDeStGr: ok


ComtDeStGr: observing ourselves noncomittally 3K?

ComtDeStGr: is that what your saying?

RBCF 3000: Insink, you are saying that 2nd attention is our goal?

RBCF 3000: Maybe it will turn out to be our goal for this class--

RBCF 3000: we'll see if we can agree on where we get to.

RBCF 3000: Vibrant Soul, trying to hard what?

Witedragin: I try to remain ecstatically aware in meditation nearly constantly!

Insink22: we are hynotised by the drama of life and in dreams there too we are swept along

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, committed, but not judging, see the diff?

Insink22: we all need to get hip with no ties

Insink22: hehehe

Vibrant Soul: to get 2nd attention

Insink22: disenthrall ourselfs

Insink22: yes

ComtDeStGr: yes, noncomttal observation

RBCF 3000: Witedragin, I'd like to hear what *you* mean by

RBCF 3000: "ecstatically aware". I use this term in a particular way.

ComtDeStGr: oh

ComtDeStGr: ok

ComtDeStGr: commited to what 3K?

Insink22: our world id filled with stuff

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, committed to doing it, simply.

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ComtDeStGr: ok

Insink22: is

Witedragin: Not definable - must be experienced to be understood!

ShimmyCocaBop: and it is different for each one

Witedragin: Anyway I have been advised not to talk about sex.

RBCF 3000: Witedragin, then maybe we are talking about the same

RBCF 3000: thing, because it is heightened vibes of the organism,

RBCF 3000: right?

RBCF 3000: Witedragin, this really isn't about sex, so we're safe.

Insink22: we identification discrimination desire

SEEKNGSTUD: sex??? :::ears perfked up!::::::

Witedragin: organism or orgasm!

RBCF 3000: :::::: squeezes Seekng back into the teapot :::::::

Witedragin: Speak for yourself 3k!

Insink22: this is the stuff of us

Insink22: filled to the brim

Insink22: me included of course

Insink22: so filled with ourselfs

SEEKNGSTUD: 'scuse ME?? thanks Wite! {{{wite}}}

RBCF 3000: Ok, now onward with our class material. Protocol

RBCF 3000: again, please ....................................

Insink22: our energy is 95 % used for the self image

RBCF 3000: (please hold comments) .............................

Insink22: self pity self importants

Witedragin: Nite all! My freedom of expression is just too violated here!

RBCF 3000: (continuing ..............................................

RBCF 3000: The next "scale" we come to in our study of our self,

RBCF 3000: is to take time at the end of the day, after all the

RBCF 3000: things of the day are put aside, to review the day in a

RBCF 3000: special way, as if rerunning the events of the day

RBCF 3000: backwards. At first we are just looking for what struck

RBCF 3000: us, what made an impression on us for any reason.

RBCF 3000: Then we can start breaking it down into separate

RBCF 3000: "runs" for mental or visual impression, emotional

RBCF 3000: impressions, and then physical impressions.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: During this review, we don't go into judgment against

RBCF 3000: ourselves or against the other people involved.

RBCF 3000: Instead, we are studying what it is that we actually

RBCF 3000: do when we are triggered in all our habitual ways.

RBCF 3000: Usually this is given with the task of "remembering-

RBCF 3000: into-breathing."

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: For example, I am remembering how Mr. So-and-so

RBCF 3000: seemed disrespectful of me. But I don't go into how

RBCF 3000: distressed I should be over it, or "how rude some

RBCF 3000: people are," but instead feel the raw energy of that

RBCF 3000: impression wordlessly, and turn my head to the right

RBCF 3000: while inhaling slowly, and then to the left while

RBCF 3000: exhaling, all the while feeling how that "disrespectful"

RBCF 3000: energy moves in me, what it is attached to.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: ******* Have you done this type of practice? What

RBCF 3000: do you find with it? (open floor for discussion)

ComtDeStGr: no I just try to stuff it

Insink22: garbage in garage out

ComtDeStGr: don't know what to do with bad feelings, really

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, do you know why stuffing doesn't work very well?

DCizunas: 3K, this whole thing sounds like the way we view tv or a movie on tv

ShimmyCocaBop: after all these years of practice just remembering to deep breathe is key

Insink22: to travel infinity you have to travel light

ComtDeStGr: I don't know another way 3K

Insink22: so you have to give up stuff to do this light travel

NTASantaFe: See no purpose in this self serving meditation - greater purposes maybe

ComtDeStGr: I know stuffing is wrong, but murder and mayehm is worse

ComtDeStGr: lol

Insink22: and do you knw what you have to give up?


RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, the practice I am describing is to

RBCF 3000: *catch* the energies and triggers *before* we have

RBCF 3000: time to assign blame, guilt, shame and pain to them,

RBCF 3000: but just dance with them as pure energy.

RBCF 3000: DCizunas, it starts something like that, but we work

RBCF 3000: the energies directly, not vicariously.

Bhodisattva: It''s always easier to talk about what to do than it is to do it!

Insink22: seeing everything as equal

Insink22: all energy

Insink22: is the same

ComtDeStGr: I see, but don't we attach immediately upon the experience 3K?

Insink22: same atoms

RBCF 3000: ShimmyCocaBop, it's something if you can do that!

ComtDeStGr: by the time we get home its to late

Insink22: no good no eveil all equal

RBCF 3000: Bhodisattva, have you had some success with this?

Insink22: you are recapping your day your life

Insink22: everything

Insink22: you give it up

ShimmyCocaBop: that's the practice

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, very quickly, but not *immediately*, it turns out.

ComtDeStGr: we would have to turn our heads and breath as we speak to the person infront of us!

ComtDeStGr: I see

ComtDeStGr: ok

Bhodisattva: Well...I still draw the bath and sink to the bottom...

RBCF 3000: Insink, yes, that's right.

DECLIGHT: Just noting that to focus on the ecstatic "experience" promotes it as having a value...

Insink22: and the propose is to be formless

Insink22: and yet still be

DECLIGHT: but experience does not truly have value

Insink22: after all

Insink22: after all

Bhodisattva: so I don't know if I'm qualified to give any advice on how to handle the stuff

Insink22: death

Insink22: you still want to be here

Insink22: even thou your formless

Bhodisattva: the world presents as lessons

DECLIGHT: beyond all experience, including ecstatic ones...is that from which they arise and which

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, this particular stage of the exercise is for

RBCF 3000: later. There is another stage, with other skills, for the

DECLIGHT: they take place

RBCF 3000: given moment. But this is the drill to get there.

NTASantaFe: just throw it in the river - takes two seconds

ComtDeStGr: ok 3K

Bhodisattva: anybody tried toning...

RBCF 3000: DECLIGHT, please explain. If experience is not the bottom line, what is?

Insink22: it is a state where you have no name no family no country no honor

Insink22: only life to be lived

Insink22: now who want's that?

Insink22: lol

ComtDeStGr: what kinda life you got without no name no family no honor?

Vibrant Soul: Don Juan

DECLIGHT: to seek experience is the opposite of allowing awareness to arise correlated to where...

Insink22: yes

DECLIGHT: one seems to be in the world of appearances

Insink22: don juan

Insink22: lol

Insink22: hehehe

ComtDeStGr: I guess you go live in a cave

DECLIGHT: seeking a particular experience is like the burning bush

Insink22: there really is NOTHING GOING ON

Insink22: you just think there is

Vibrant Soul: oint is u only have to answer to urself and not to any country or person

Vibrant Soul: point

Insink22: nothing was important until you thought of something

DECLIGHT: after looking for the reality of God or whatever in a burning bush...

ComtDeStGr: I see Vibrant

DECLIGHT: one finds it instead in a still small voice...but...

DECLIGHT: later, then go looking for a still small voice and can't find it there...and find it elsewhe


ComtDeStGr: so what was important before I thought of something Insink?

DECLIGHT: focusing on the form rather than the substance

Bhodisattva: give thanks for everything that comes...it's all a blessing

DCizunas: Am I on the right track when I say that this would be for us as eternal to understand our ..

DCizunas: ...mortal experience

DECLIGHT: good point Bhodi

RBCF 3000: DCizunas, I hope so!

ComtDeStGr: we are trying to attain that state of mind now Bhodi

Babyti1: Does anybody know what imortality is?????

DECLIGHT: if one truly understands there mortal experience wholly, then it isn't mortal experience any

DECLIGHT: longer

RBCF 3000: Bhodisattva, that's another great practice-- simple too, isn't it?

DCizunas: So then, 3K, we reap all the benefits of our human experience??

RBCF 3000: Babyti, I don't think anyone on earth does.

Bhodisattva: like all simple things it becomes complex in the doing!

Babyti1: It means you live forever

RBCF 3000: DCizunas, of course-- always and all ways.

DECLIGHT: immortality is the fact mortality tries to cover with false evidence

Babyti1: bye

ComtDeStGr: we can bless all day, but if we don't feel it what does it matter?

ComtDeStGr: just another lie

DECLIGHT: in short, mortality is denial

RBCF 3000: Babyti, actually, not like that. Eternity is not "a really long time" at all, I find.

CorvaVolpa: hello

DECLIGHT: Comt...depends on what one is calling blessing

ANA ooo: hello all

Bhodisattva: then the question becomes..to whom are we lying?

Insink22: death can be transcended by an act of creation

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, exactly-- so the point is to *feeeeel* it, sincerely and completely, see?

DECLIGHT: to bless and to pronounce blessing...are quite a bit different

ComtDeStGr: to be happy for whatever comes our way

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ComtDeStGr: I guess

Magycian: Well blessings are going more to some than others it seems

ComtDeStGr: right 3K

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, not by "I guess", but by complete commitment to it, passion! :))

Bhodisattva: yes...accoeding to our consciouness.

Phiny7: blessings are for all everywhere

DECLIGHT: one need not feel anything differently...that is just icing...sometimes on a worthless cake

RBCF 3000: Phiny, if we but look for them, right?

ComtDeStGr: Well, 3K, I find passion clouds my ability to reason

ComtDeStGr: which is more important?

Magycian: Well you earn more blessings with good acts than with bad

ComtDeStGr: reason or passion?

DECLIGHT: if one were to have pure passion...it would be simply passion for their life...nothing more

Phiny7: 3000 ,, look??,, no t really,, faith,, says they are

CorvaVolpa: sorry what was the topic again?

Bhodisattva: blessings aren't "earned"...they are given

Magycian: blessings are showered when good works are done

RBCF 3000: Magycian, I find that it comes down to personal integrity, not complying with a norm.

Bhodisattva: give thanks ceaslessly

RBCF 3000: Phiny, that's what I meant, of course.

ComtDeStGr: If complying with the norm makes us happy, are we blessing ourselves or not?

ComtDeStGr: can we bless and be unhappy?

ShimmyCocaBop: bhodi thanksgiving is a practice of itself yes

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, different kind of passion. I'll be getting to which kind this is soon.

ComtDeStGr: are the two states compatible?

Bhodisattva: for me that is true yes...

RBCF 3000: ...The kind of Passion that *clears* the sight and the heart.

Phiny7: to bless is to affirrm personal faith

ComtDeStGr: ok 3K

Magycian: transcendentalism?

RBCF 3000: Ok, we have a bit more to go in tonight's lesson, so

ComtDeStGr: not emotional passion, then buy joyful desire

RBCF 3000: please use protocol once again now

RBCF 3000: ..............................

RBCF 3000: ........................................................

Bhodisattva: to give thanks for everything is to acknowledge the love of the Creator

RBCF 3000: Parallel to these exercises of attention and centering,

RBCF 3000: we are always given some physical practices to do.

RBCF 3000: They may be in the form of the asanas or postures of

RBCF 3000: hatha yoga, which is the most widespread yoga

RBCF 3000: practice in the West, or the moving meditations of

RBCF 3000: Buddhism.

RBCF 3000: In Asia and Africa there are traditions like the faqir, in

RBCF 3000: which adherants learn to endure pain, mutilation and

RBCF 3000: even suspended animation, although often without

RBCF 3000: understanding what they are accomplishing. Often

RBCF 3000: these are done in religious frenzies, where the faithful

RBCF 3000: walk on fire or broken glass, and pierce their faces

RBCF 3000: with spikes.

Magycian: Well what grants the power?

RBCF 3000: (one moment more, please..........)

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: The physical discipline may take the form of martial

RBCF 3000: arts, as in t'ai ch'i, aikido, qi-gong or k'ung fu, or they

RBCF 3000: may be highly formalized dances. The first three of

RBCF 3000: these contain the word ch'i (or qi), which is the focus

RBCF 3000: of unity of attention, usually visualized centered at

RBCF 3000: the solar plexus and then extended out through the

RBCF 3000: hands, the feet, the voice or even just the Will (this

RBCF 3000: does occur when mastery has been achieved). The

Skater5824: hey

RBCF 3000: fourth system, k'ung fu, means something like "man

RBCF 3000: works hard for long time."

RBCF 3000: .

Skater5824: 14/m/ca

RBCF 3000: This makes sense once we realize that the intent of

Skater5824: hello everyone

RBCF 3000: k'ung fu is not to vanquish an outer enemy, but to

RBCF 3000: conquer the self: our habits, our chatter, our

RBCF 3000: pettiness, our sloth, our self-justifications about

RBCF 3000: everything. The man we refer to as "Confucius" is

RBCF 3000: actually K'ung-fu tzu" which means "master of k'ung

RBCF 3000: fu" or "he who has done the work."

RBCF 3000: .

ComtDeStGr: wow

Magycian: <---advocate of practice

RBCF 3000: ****** Do you know something about handling Ch'i power? (Open for discussion)

Magycian: Oui

RBCF 3000: Magycian, how do you mean, "What grants the power?"

ComtDeStGr: no, but it sounds like them chinese know whereof they speak

Insink22: the right handling of power

Magycian: Well there is a "key" which must be obtained

Babyti1: how are things peple?/

ComtDeStGr: what key?

Insink22: you make a bid for the power and then you perpare yourself for death

Phiny7: chi power being ________ ??

RBCF 3000: Magycian, for sure-- there are many levels of the

RBCF 3000: keys, and they seem to fit the DNA patterns,

Magycian: A key to unlocking the universe

RBCF 3000: curiously.

Bhodisattva: Life force...light,,energy

ComtDeStGr: wow, where do you find that?

ShimmyCocaBop: learning to stand in our power and not leak it

RBCF 3000: Phiny, it's the integrated focus of attention as Will, like laser intention.

Magycian: There is a heirarchy and one must have the key

Babyti1: you guys are talking in big people language. You must be little people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phiny7: inward meditation??

Insink22: i am a good for nothing nobody

ComtDeStGr: Baby, where is the key?

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, it's around everywhere-- I got it on sale

ComtDeStGr: lol 3K

Fdbros: bon jeur

ComtDeStGr: 3K, I imagine it unlocks the .....brooklyn bridge?

ComtDeStGr: lol

Magycian: There is one "Saint" that holds a particular key

ComtDeStGr: who is that Magy?

ShimmyCocaBop: magy the key is within evryone's reach, especiall as consciousness shifts

Lorinaz: lol3KI agree 3K

Magycian: Well different Saints for different keys

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, when you have the real thing, it unlocks the Crystal Bridge

Babyti1: trying to be dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleogh o're the fields we go

ComtDeStGr: the Anakaranda?

Babyti1: laughing all the way

Babyti1: ha,ha,ha,

RBCF 3000: Magycian, it's not really in the hands of one particular mortal, thank God

Magycian: Well as long as youre at the level

NTASantaFe: Oh tell us about the real thing, the crystal bridge

Spirit Heart9080: :-)\

Magycian: No not mortal

DCizunas: 3K, are these exercises eventually done at the same time?

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, what is Anakaranda?

RBCF 3000: DCizunas, yes, in streamlined form for real-time presence

ComtDeStGr: it is the bridge between Man and God

ComtDeStGr: used in Ascension

Insink22: you make a bid for power power is impersonal

ComtDeStGr: it deals with the silver cord

Babyti1: Dashing through the snow

Babyti1: in a one horse open sleigh

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, I suppose you could say that, but it's

NTASantaFe: Not into assension, but do enjoy the light

RBCF 3000: better to keep it simple and personal for a long while.

Babyti1: o're the fields we go

Babyti1: laughing all the way

Spirit Heart9080: ha

Babyti1: ha, ha, ha, ha

ComtDeStGr: k 3K,....you da man

Babyti1: bells on bobtails ring\

RBCF 3000: NTASantaFe, Castaneda had a vision of it in the bank

RBCF 3000: of fog, I've gotten it in several different trances.

Babyti1: making spirits bright

Babyti1: what fun it is to ride and sing

Babyti1: a sleighing song tonight

Phiny7: to remain simple is the best,, live simply so others can simply live

Spirit Heart9080: ohhhhhhh.......

NTASantaFe: RBCF - do you know the source

Rnonblond: is the topic ascension or martial arts ?? I went to wash the kids hair..we were on martial

Babyti1: oh, jingle bells

Magycian: a vision of the extatic state?

Rnonblond: arts...now its Christmas carols and ascension...

Magycian: Extacy I believe

RBCF 3000: I'd still like to hear your experiences handling ch'i

RBCF 3000: power-- breaking boards or telekinesis?

ShimmyCocaBop: phiny hard to do in these times, live simply

RBCF 3000: NTASantaFe, source of what?

Magycian: practices to do for experiencing extacy

ComtDeStGr: 3K, I find my chi in a baseball bat

Babyti1: jingle bells, jingle all the way, h what fun it is to ride and sing, a sleigng song tonight

ComtDeStGr: or a tire iron

Phiny7: shimmy depends on personall choices,,

Rnonblond: <~~breaks boards...

ComtDeStGr: so I am without chi since I gave that up

ComtDeStGr: lol

Phiny7: 3000 telekinesis,, ,, mm works,,

ShimmyCocaBop: yes it is a practice too

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, how would you like to find more power in a gentle open hand?

Magycian: The body can handle more and more Chi with practice

Rnonblond: you gave up your chi Comt??? LOL

Phiny7: with much practise by all parties,

ComtDeStGr: I would love it 3K

JJones6102: Hi all, what happened to the reading room?

Magycian: <---Peace advocate

RBCF 3000: Magycian, aside from practice, what else has to change in us?

Grazhopprr: < observing advocate

Rnonblond: hiya Grazzzzzzzzzy...

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, I love the stories in the Aikido literature

RBCF 3000: about how they vanquish violence with gentleness.

Magycian: Purity...

Insink22: nothing changes we redeploy our energy

ShimmyCocaBop: too much chi can get stuck, ned to release it

Grazhopprr: hiyaaaaaa rnonny,,,,like yer color

ComtDeStGr: haven't had much experience with that 3K

Magycian: Yes Shimmy

Rnonblond: like yers too Grazzzy...LOL

RBCF 3000: Magycian, "impeccability" I guess is don Juan's word for it, right?

Insink22: so it flows free and is aimed at infinity

Babyti1: what is up people?

Rnonblond: didnt know I was in same color as you...

Log Count: There were 23 member(s) in The New Age at 08:30 PM

ComtDeStGr: gentleness is usually left on the barroom floor bleeding

MoutonLion: Hello Everyone

Seira413: Greetings all

ShimmyCocaBop: don't go into bars

RBCF 3000: Babyti, we're finishing up a formal class-- the

RBCF 3000: announcement was made in IMs, which yours is OFF.

Magycian: Who is Don Juan, LOL?

Phiny7: 3000,, gentleness by example,,,

Rnonblond: so 3K...what exactly is the topic??

RBCF 3000: Magycian, Carlos Castaneda's teacher.

Grazhopprr: i got 31 after

Seira413: I didn't get an IM :( no one acknowledges my existance

Seira413: ::sniff::

Magycian: Not the famous lover?

Rnonblond: I have just read up on Carlos Castenada...awesome teacher...

MoutonLion: there there Seira its ok

RBCF 3000: FOR ALL THE RECENT ARRIVALS WHO HAVE THEIR IMs OFF, here is what we are doing this hour:

Rnonblond: my IMs turned off...so I didnt get he topic...

Seira413: ::sniff:: thanks mouton

Insink22: don juan is a famious lover

Grazhopprr: {{{{{{{ seiraaaaaaaa }}}}}}}}},,,,i still love ya :o)

Seira413: I'm talkin in IM with friend, my IMs arent off!

Insink22: he lusted after EVERYTHING as equal

Magycian: Is it the same guy Insink?

MoutonLion: Don Juan is also a Yaqi Indian Shaman

Seira413: {{{{{{GRAZZY!}}}}}}}}}}}}}

RBCF 3000: THIS is a formal class till midnight. The subject is

RBCF 3000: Ecstatic Awareness, and the practices which help us

RBCF 3000: attain it.

Seira413: thanks babe!

Seira413: ecstatic awareness?

Grazhopprr: oh, my bad, back to my corner

Magycian: So Chi can be increased through the imagination

Rnonblond: so ...martial arts being a big part of that....

Rnonblond: ok...gotcha 3K...

MoutonLion: yes Seira kind of like Kundalini rising

Bhodisattva: rbc...have you done any practic with sound?

Seira413: obee kabee

RBCF 3000: Rnonblond, they sure *can* be, if used consciously as a tool for self-knowledge.

Insink22: 3000 would you call chi the creative energy

RBCF 3000: Bhodisattva, hugely-- for hours each day.

Rnonblond: its used inappropriately these days...

Rnonblond: used for sport ...lost the traditions of it..

ComtDeStGr: not rock and roll 3K

ComtDeStGr: lol

RBCF 3000: Insink, it *can* support creative power.

Bhodisattva: what? chanting...toning?

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, not usually, but not excluded either.

ComtDeStGr: 3K where does music fit into all of this?

Magycian: Yeah I heard you say the secret word 3000

Seira413: alright, well. i apparently dont have a clue as to what this is all about, so i'll see ya

Seira413: all later

RBCF 3000: MoutonLion, kundalini can be very tricky to handle-- few know how.

Rnonblond: music has got to fit in all this...

MoutonLion: tis true RB

MoutonLion: in its history it has made sopme go mad

ComtDeStGr: I know Germain suggest classical music, IF you must have music

ComtDeStGr: so I don't know

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, I'll be getting to music as a whole class

RBCF 3000: in ths series, but basically it aligns our emanations and

RBCF 3000: anchors particular trance states.

Rnonblond: especially when people like Everlast are writing such songs as the one with Santana..

RBCF 3000: ... Music shows us the way back to the Miracle.

ComtDeStGr: k 3K

Phiny7: 3000,, for sure,,, music is a direct link to the creator

NightPath: Music is a vibration..as you are..dang

NTASantaFe: Miracle ?

Grazhopprr: CCR must not fit in that category

RBCF 3000: Ok, please hold comments for a minute-- going on to

RBCF 3000: next idea .......................................

RBCF 3000: PROTOCOL PLEASE ......................................

Rnonblond: hey...I gotta go now...see ya all laters...

RBCF 3000: Although I have undergone the study of several of

RBCF 3000: these martial arts systems, I am especially drawn to

RBCF 3000: the power of sacred dance, which is an important

RBCF 3000: component of many mystical religions, including the

RBCF 3000: Sufi-Dervish traditions and many shamanic religions.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: These sacred dances may be as simple as side-to-side

RBCF 3000: or back-and-forth movements or swaying, or they may

RBCF 3000: be as elaborate as clockworks, in which each limb has

RBCF 3000: its own pattern and rhythm to follow, and the dancers

RBCF 3000: follow a pattern among themselves, such as the

RBCF 3000: progression of the enneagram.

RBCF 3000: .

Magycian: Sounds like fun 3000

RBCF 3000: These dances are done to repetitious melodies and

RBCF 3000: songs, although the songs may sometimes be nothing

RBCF 3000: more than certain kinds of vocal scales. But often the

RBCF 3000: songs are just as elaborate as the physical

RBCF 3000: movements, and require a keenly honed, accelerated

RBCF 3000: and highly disciplined differentiation of the attention.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: What this means is that faculties of attention,

RBCF 3000: cognition and volition are put to work which have been

RBCF 3000: dormant most of the time, usually showing up in

Insink22: action with out thought

RBCF 3000: flashes of genius, strokes of creativity and response

RBCF 3000: to catastrophe. There is no room left for wool-

RBCF 3000: gathering, narration, categorizing, comparing or day-

RBCF 3000: dreaming; all the attention is fully engaged in the

RBCF 3000: present, and a consciousness begins to emerge in us

RBCF 3000: which perceives and cognates in entirely new ways,

RBCF 3000: generally without words at all, except for the lyrics of

RBCF 3000: the songs.

RBCF 3000: ****** Well, friends, those are the practices that I'd

RBCF 3000: like you to start trying on your own. Now let's hear

RBCF 3000: your questions and comments.

ComtDeStGr: enneagram?

Insink22: big word

ComtDeStGr: explain that please 3K

Magycian: Not many of those around here, LOL

Phiny7: sufi must be practised 100% to understand and own th e concept

ComtDeStGr: 3K did you log this chat? I forgot

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, there are pop books out about using the

RBCF 3000: enneagram for match-making, but it is an instrument

RBCF 3000: of consciousness.

ShimmyCocaBop: the music of nature is powerful and centering

Insink22: tance dance

Insink22: trance

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, yes, I'll be uploading the logue to the library. Remind me.

ComtDeStGr: is it like an energy pattern 3K?

ComtDeStGr: ok 3K

KylerKay: Blessings

WhiteTachi: Corva*

Insink22: your either liberating or masterbating

CorvaVolpa: hello

ShimmyCocaBop: insink this moon will be good for that trance dance

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, it appears as a diagram of the

RBCF 3000: relationship between the Law of Three and the Law of

RBCF 3000: Seven-- that is, octaves and triggers.

ComtDeStGr: ahhhh

ComtDeStGr: huh?

ComtDeStGr: lol

ComtDeStGr: never mind

ComtDeStGr: I understand

Insink22: for some it will be good for "gettin' it on

Phiny7: 3000,, yes droning tones moves one to another 'place'...

RBCF 3000: Insink, are you referring to tonight's subject

RBCF 3000: ?

Alisnntrnt: 3K, have any links for that?

CorvaVolpa: subject?

Insink22: you can dance to forget or dance to remember

Phiny7: dance as if no one is looking!

Grazhopprr: < can't dance

ComtDeStGr: 3K is lack of rhythm a drawback here?

Magycian: Oh gosh Im embarassed, LOL

Insink22: dances can be for power as in war the war danc

Insink22: or for love the mating dancwe

MagicGspot: what happened to the sceduled chat?

NTASantaFe: wouldn't think one would have to learn these natural dances

Gollyjoe: hi 15f

ComtDeStGr: its still going on Magic

Magycian: We are responding Magic

MagicGspot: oh ok hahah

ShimmyCocaBop: nta people freeze over

Magycian: That was real Magic, Im embarassed

CorvaVolpa: <<< lost and confused

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, I don't have much native rhythm, but in

RBCF 3000: the various trances, I can sing in a new voice and my

RBCF 3000: feet lead the way.

Magycian: Everyone will see me dancing, LOL

Insink22: we all have a dance a posture that we will all dance before we die we will dance it for our

Insink22: death

NTASantaFe: Dancing to the earths rythms is almost fetal dna

RBCF 3000: Insink, sounds like don Juan, eh?

ComtDeStGr: Insink try typing without the book

Insink22: i am a juntist first and last

MagicGspot: hahaha comt

Magycian: I'll stick with Hatha Yoga

Bhodisattva: Good night all...blessings unto everone this season...Namaste

Insink22: the book?

ShimmyCocaBop: namaste

Insink22: lol

Insink22: i live this

CorvaVolpa: Blessings

Insink22: i will choose the moment of my death

ComtDeStGr: let me Insink

MagicGspot: see what this town does to a fella

DivaofFire: Magic honey.. I bet you are havin a hayday with THIS topic.. LMAO

Insink22: it does'nt get any deeper than that

Fdbros: i like to feel the spirtual awareness of my whole being and then go into a trance like state

Fdbros: and write a kick ass rock n foll song

Insink22: you get to choose a new age

RBCF 3000: I'm going to open the chat up for open discussion, so

RBCF 3000: I'd like to wish you all a happy holiday. Class themes

RBCF 3000: are in my newsletter, so please email me if you would

RBCF 3000: like it sent. Next class in TWO weeks.

Log Count: There were 20 member(s) in The New Age at 08:45 PM

ComtDeStGr: thank you 3K for your patience and kind indulgences

RBCF 3000: (I'll be posting the logue of this session in the New Age library)

ComtDeStGr: Happy Holy Days to you , Sir

RBCF 3000: ComtDeStGr, I totally enjoy you

Alisnntrnt: thanks 3K

Insink22: best class on aol or anywhere i seen

RBCF 3000: Insink, wow! Thanks.

RBCF 3000: Ok, friends-- Happy New Millennium!

RBCF 3000: <poof>

Alisnntrnt: namaste'

DCizunas: Same to you 3K