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RBCF 3000: Good evening, dear friends-- we'll be starting our class in a couple of minutes.

RBCF 3000: Ok, friends, tonight is week six of our class on "Ecstatic

RBCF 3000: Awareness". Tonight's theme is:  Why go through all the

RBCF 3000: pain of inner work? What would self-knowledge and

RBCF 3000: mastery do for us? Why should we need to sacrifice

RBCF 3000: anything-- why can't I "have it all"?

WesternElf:       3000  we can have it all by letting go of it all

Sunglo001: who says you can't have it all????

RBCF 3000: WesternElf, that's a lot of it.

Dochrtlght:       Why?  because there has been no other way to find enlightenment until now

Sunglo001: actually.. the inner work clears the "stuff" we hold down thinking we can't deal with it

FoxesTruth:       everything we experience has worth......for our

FoxesTruth:       path, evolution and spirit

WesternElf:       3000   non attachment to everything other than the lotus feet of God

Sunglo001: but in reality, it takes more energy to hold it down... therefore we are afforded freedome.

JacobJG:    there can be no enlightenment or transformation without a commitment to dig inside

Dochrtlght:       but hopefully we are moving into the age of seeing and knowing anothers experience enough to grow from that

RBCF 3000: Ok, everyone-- since this is going to be a semi-formal

RBCF 3000: class, we ask you to hold comments and questions till

RBCF 3000: the floor is opened after an idea has been rolled out. 

RBCF 3000: .....................................

RBCF 3000: Welcome, everyone. Tonight is our sixth class in

RBCF 3000: Ecstatic Awareness. To reiterate for those who are

RBCF 3000: joining us for the first time, the way we are using the

RBCF 3000: word "ecstatic" here means entering into states of

RBCF 3000: consciousness, accompanied by transformation of

RBCF 3000: being, in which the supernatural and the Miraculous can

RBCF 3000: be witnessed and experienced directly, even including

RBCF 3000: the realms of Divinity.

RBCF 3000: Before we begin tonight's lesson, I'd love to hear if any

RBCF 3000: of you are trying some of the exercises we discussed

RBCF 3000: last time.  Go right ahead...

So so Rus: what kind of exercises

RBCF 3000: (knowing that So so has taken Castaneda's workshops) So so Rus, you know-- recapitulation, tensegrity, stopping the world, etc.

DCizunas:   I am having trouble with feeling the visualization, after so many years of scientific....

DCizunas:   detatchment, it's hard to feel emotions when looking back

So so Rus: hum i should be doing those right now

So so Rus: looking back that recap

IrocU13:    i haven't heard anyone even come to the real thing yet

IrocU13:    come close even? lol

So so Rus: sometimes past events just pop up in my head

IrocU13:    the real thing? anyone have a clue?

So so Rus: i just caught myself on the computer

RBCF 3000: Ok, I'll go over the exercises quickly...

RBCF 3000: First of all, we try to meet ourselves at certain set

RBCF 3000: times and find out what we catch ourselves doing.

RBCF 3000: Second exercise: Pick a few minutes first thing in the

RBCF 3000: morning and "Just Sit", with no agenda.

Sunglo001: 3000 ~ I did that before.. and all I got was a white walled tire.... turns out the girl

Sunglo001: I was suppose to be concentrating on was focusing on a stature

Sunglo001: right by her basement window where her car was parked.

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RBCF 3000: Third exercise: "Listen to the song of everything", let everything be new.

FoxesTruth:       yes 3000.......when I meditate....I concentrate

FoxesTruth:       on how many sounds I can hear....and count them

FoxesTruth:       one by one......it helps me to focus

RBCF 3000: FoxesTruth, sounds like a good approach to it.

RBCF Serapis:     that's great, Foxes

FoxesTruth:       it works for novices easily because it is not

FoxesTruth:       mystical and they can get into it right away

Galaxon:    3000.so..this quiet meditation is designed to get our

Galaxon:    thoughts to slow down...the slower they are the

Galaxon:    closer to the "void" we are..closer to the absolute

Galaxon:    is that right?

FoxesTruth:       Gala....it helps to hear your inner

FoxesTruth:       voice.....loud and clear

RBCF 3000: Galaxon, when we get really quiet, often the mind speeds up dramatically.

Galaxon:    3000 wow....mine doesnt

IrocU13:    <~~~astrologer

FoxesTruth:       we can open to channels normally unknown to our

FoxesTruth:       psyche in normal conditions

FoxesTruth:       the Higher Mind

Galaxon:    3000 so you want the mind to speed up? i thougth the intent was to get it out of the way

RBCF 3000: Galaxon, the Mind is not the same as the random

RBCF 3000: conversation that always chatters away, right?

Galaxon:    3000 hmmmm. i thougth it was

Grazhopprr:       different levels of mind access

RBCF 3000: Ok, friends, I think that's enough to get us started.

RBCF 3000: Let's get into the "meat" of tonight's subject...

Galaxon:    the mind is what is doing the chatter

RBCF 3000: (Please hold comments a minute while I run this out

RBCF 3000: ...........................................

RBCF 3000: Let's start with the last question first: "Why can't I

RBCF 3000: 'have it all'?"  First of all, we already *do* have it all,

RBCF 3000: and that is our major problem! We wonder why we don't

RBCF 3000: have the power to change even small but annoying

RBCF 3000: habits, and often live in misery and then die stupidly for

RBCF 3000: these habits.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: And what is it all that we do have? We have our

RBCF 3000: positions-- we are *right* about all our positions, and

RBCF 3000: continue to justify them long after they have been

RBCF 3000: demonstrated to be worthless.

RBCF 3000: They are our "convictions," our "beliefs," our "feelings",

RBCF 3000: our "morals." They are "what makes us worth

RBCF 3000: something" as parents, in our careers, as family

RBCF 3000: members, as "stalwarts of our community/ church/

RBCF 3000: lodge/ party," or even just as fans of some celebrity or

RBCF 3000: sports team.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: These positions allow us to talk without listening, even

RBCF 3000: to ourselves, and it is with our constant talking that we

RBCF 3000: keep our little worlds flat, dull, ignorant and degenerate.

RBCF 3000: Does this mean that we should take a vow of silence,

RBCF 3000: or "let people run all over us"?  First of all, vows are for

RBCF 3000: much later, when we have developed power, discipline,

RBCF 3000: knowledge and purpose and, most important of all, unity

RBCF 3000: of self.

RBCF 3000: ******* Any questions or comments about our

RBCF 3000: "positions" and justifications?  Go right ahead ........

Tipherath: 3000...you use "position" as a replacement for "social roles"?

RBCF 3000: Tipherath, it includes social roles, but it means more like

RBCF 3000: the whole world of experience that we have created in

RBCF 3000: that context.

FoxesTruth:       justifications are simply the EGO needing

FoxesTruth:       validation....which masks the light of the Higher

FoxesTruth:       Self.....and intuition

FoxesTruth:       in the higher consciousnesses

Wingdreamr:       I do have it all

Wingdreamr:       I found heaven my heaven

Wingdreamr:       and i thougth i was crazy at first

Wingdreamr:       till one day

Wingdreamr:       a friend of mine who survived 4 kidney transplants

Wingdreamr:       was bummed out cause now she si blind

Wingdreamr:       i said wanna go to heaven now

Wingdreamr:       but not die

So so Rus: i have had it all and lost it and got it back again then gave it away and then got it again

Wingdreamr:       she said yes

Wingdreamr:       I calmly talked her away from problems

Wingdreamr:       and put the music on

Wingdreamr:       and made her dance

Tipherath: 3000...but with each position comes an array of "correct" or

Tipherath: "incorrect" behavioral guidelines, no?

Grazhopprr:       social roles for the sake of others is unnecessary if your path is slowed by them

FoxesTruth:       yes Graz....so true

Wingdreamr:       later that night she called me

Wingdreamr:       and said her entier life she never felt peace

Wingdreamr:       peace is heaven in my mind

FoxesTruth:       in the lower consciousnesses.......we feel needy

FoxesTruth:       and inadequate.......not so in the higher ones

FoxesTruth:       awareness helps to absolve the feeling of deprivation

RBCF 3000: Tipherath, that's why I do not have it defined as social

RBCF 3000: roles like that. We do as we have been trained, and

RBCF 3000: support and justify everything with these "morals" and

RBCF 3000: "codes", right?

Wingdreamr:       Just have fun guys

So so Rus: jus have fun, can we do that?

Wingdreamr:       I do all the time even in pain i have fun

Wingdreamr:       its the way you think

Wingdreamr:       you want to heal tell you mind to heal yourself

Wingdreamr:       there will be crisies just go find a party someone you know

Tipherath: 3000...then let me ask, can a "position" have meaning and not, both at the same time?

FoxesTruth:       Tip.....can you give a specific example?

So so Rus: yeah yeah yeah we are all the product of social realm

So so Rus: we have to be

Grazhopprr:       separate yourself from "human" definitions

Wingdreamr:       will pick that spirit up don't go where someone will bring it down

Wingdreamr:       unless you're too high and need your spirit lowered LOL

RBCF 3000: Tipherath, to me, the only "meaning" it can have is

RBCF 3000: what I assign to it at the time, usually from

RBCF 3000: indoctrination, but I can expand it with metaphors. Still

RBCF 3000: just as subjective, right?

Wingdreamr:       the whole world is a manic/depressive

Meemoe:     Or Simply Party With yourself LOVe Your Self become Comfortable with

Meemoe:     SOLITUDE

Wingdreamr:       exactly mee

So so Rus: thats where stalking come in

Wingdreamr:       the ones diagnoses just go to extremes

Wingdreamr:       when i bummed i put the music on get nude and dance

FoxesTruth:       the signifigance of each event and how you

FoxesTruth:       respond to it is telling of your awareness and

FoxesTruth:       ability to cope......and ability to grow thru the

FoxesTruth:       adverse experiences most would not like to have

Grazhopprr:       separate yourself from human defined "need"

Wingdreamr:       i feel so much better lol

Wingdreamr:       don't live in your mind go to the next level

Wingdreamr:       live in your spirit and let that sprit move you

Wingdreamr:       people always tell me your out of your mind

Wingdreamr:       i say i sure am i am a free spriit totally ahppy

Meemoe:     when we are All Happy with IN our selfs Only We'll All be at peace

Tipherath: 3000...naturally subjective, this entire field of thought is subjective

FoxesTruth:       Tip......what does that qualification mean then?

RBCF 3000: Tipherath, actually, mystical consciousness is a very

RBCF 3000: old science which includes many art forms. It is quite

RBCF 3000: consistent, I find.

Tipherath: 3000...to each person holding a "position", they find value

Tipherath: and it's real (to them), but not (perhaps to others).

FoxesTruth:       Tip......do you think it needs validation then?

Tipherath: 3000...agree with the consistent observation

Wingdreamr:       feel the energy move with it

RBCF 3000: Tipherath, then "real" has to be in quotation marks. It

RBCF 3000: can be intense and persistent, but that does not make

RBCF 3000: it more real objectively, right?

FoxesTruth:       good one Wind

Grazhopprr:       mystics went to solitude to learn their "human defined needs"

Tipherath: Foxie...I was just following the topic

Wingdreamr:       Life is simple you humans make it hard

Wingdreamr:       wake up and decide  your in a good mood

Wingdreamr:       then go in the world and make everyone smile

FoxesTruth:       and?

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Tipherath: 3000...agree that the "real" should lie in quotes

RBCF 3000: Grazhopprr, solitude for a time, then re-engage in life

RBCF 3000: very often, to affirm what they have assembled.

Wingdreamr:       open your mouth, say kind words, blow people's minds with kind acts

RBCF Serapis:     I like that thought, Wing

Wingdreamr:       life is suppose to be fun

Grazhopprr:       3k,,,,,not re-engage with life, move within it, unaffected by human life, eye of the storm

Wingdreamr:       we are made in the image of God

Wingdreamr:       when we cry god cries?

Wingdreamr:       well when we have fun and laugh he does too

RBCF 3000: Wingdreamr, I almost always awaken with an anxiety or

RBCF 3000: depression attack, so I do a lot of praying and

RBCF 3000: meditating to even get functional.

Wingdreamr:       Rb do you want that to totally disappear

Tipherath: 3000...ROFL...you're an honest teacher, give you that...

Wingdreamr:       i give you something to make it go away 3000

Galaxon:    i rely on what i channel from the void

Wingdreamr:       tommorow morn get up a half hour eary

RBCF 3000: Wingdreamr, but I don't want it to "go away"-- I am working it for Power.

Wingdreamr:       Power you want power try this ok just hear me out

Grazhopprr:       lol,,,work that pain, go, go, 1,,,,,,,2,,,,,,1,,,,,2,,,,,

RBCF 3000: Grazhopprr, I'm afraid we can't really get into drugs in this forum

FoxesTruth:       comfort zone eh?

Tipherath: 3000...Lordie, I know where you're at...interesting

Wingdreamr:       wake up tomorro say to god lord i need to be happy

DCizunas:   That's the problem I'm having 3K, after years of detachment cannot feel anymore...

DCizunas:   any suggestions??

Wingdreamr:       then go get your walkman and turn on the music

Eddie Go Braugh: drugs aren't apart of the new age?

FoxesTruth:       DC..........wow really?

Wingdreamr:       go walking and move with god power comes when your body feels good

RBCF 3000: DCizunas, yes, if you try these exercises and

RBCF 3000: paradigms, you will be crying, screaming and laughing all

RBCF 3000: day like I do

Wingdreamr:       why would you want to cry

DCizunas:   Am fervently trying 3K

SparrowQvO:       now there are drugs for that

Grazhopprr:       dc,,,,,that's a good start, emotional detachment is good, learn to apprectiate and allow

FoxesTruth:       LOL Gala..........healing self is what they need to do

Tipherath: 3000...you bring back memories...

RBCF 3000: Eddie Go Braugh, you mean like mood-controlling drugs-- I guess so.

DCizunas:   Foxes, yes, I always view myself as kind of a third person]

Eddie Go Braugh: 3000...... I wasn't aware drastic mood swings was a desired effect

SparrowQvO:       they are called neuro balancing agents 3000

FoxesTruth:       DC..........do you have a walk-in perhaps?

Wingdreamr:       drastic mood swings is not power that is searching

Galaxon:    foxes you know how i do things

Wingdreamr:       that is learning hard lessons

FoxesTruth:       yes Gala.....i do

RBCF 3000: Eddie Go Braugh, actually, it is required for making the

RBCF 3000: leap of faith, the "somersault into the inconceivable" as

RBCF 3000: don Juan puts it.

DCizunas:   Foxes, nope...just many years of practice at being detached

Wingdreamr:       Leap of faith is getting out of your head and leap in spirit

Wingdreamr:       and move with life to bring joy and let everyone think your crazy

RBCF 3000: Wingdreamr, exactly

Eddie Go Braugh: 3000, how about weed?

RBCF 3000: Eddie Go Braugh, other drugs are a very complex (let

RBCF 3000: alone off-limits) subject, so we are not dealing with it in

RBCF 3000: this forum.

Grazhopprr:       sounds more like a straight jacket would be more applicable

Brahmasthiti:     DC you are still attached to your detachment

Wingdreamr:       Rb i here i am here

FoxesTruth:       Dc......I think THAT is good when it helps you to

FoxesTruth:       be REAL......but not when it causes

FoxesTruth:       "nothingness" as you seem to describe

Wingdreamr:       i am telling you you want that leap take the music and walk the streets

Sara ))))

Wingdreamr:       dance have fun with you

RBCF 3000: Grazhopprr, else we will be normal, and still go to our

RBCF 3000: graves without knowing what we could have known and

RBCF 3000: done, right?

Grazhopprr:       3k, emotional fits is a sign of lack of control, not learning to control

DCizunas:   Hard  to stop Brahma...been a scientific person too long

Eddie Go Braugh: Wing... I wasn't talking about you... but it's interesting that you answer to that name

Wingdreamr:       Eddie cause i am crazy and proud of it

Wingdreamr:       crazy brought me life love liberty and My complete utter happinesss

Wingdreamr:       I lost my mind

Wingdreamr:       been on the other side

Wingdreamr:       and i fought very very hard to be stable

RBCF 3000: Ok, friends, let's go on a bit further. Please hold

RBCF 3000: comments for a minute ......................................

RBCF 3000: Secondly, it is precisely when we are quiet inside that

RBCF 3000: we can be watchful enough to notice when we are

RBCF 3000: understanding each other and when we are not; and

RBCF 3000: anyone who has this focused, silent core is much more

RBCF 3000: likely to get what s/he wants than someone who does

RBCF 3000: not even realize that they have not stopped chattering,

RBCF 3000: and often randomly, at that!

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: I have noticed, for myself, that when I am truly quiet, I

RBCF 3000: can stop the conversation in a roomful of people, and

RBCF 3000: even stop traffic; I can answer someone's question

RBCF 3000: while they were thinking about how to phrase it; and

RBCF 3000: perhaps most significantly for me, I can *see* the

RBCF 3000: answers to my own questions, as if right in front of me,

RBCF 3000: and as complete gestalts rather than as ideas and

RBCF 3000: verbal formulations.

RBCF 3000: ********* At this point, I'd love to hear if you've had

RBCF 3000: experiences of little "miracles" from reaching special

RBCF 3000: states like this.  Go right ahead now .........

Tipherath: 3000...lordie you have all the afflictions of spiritual enlightenment...good for you...

Brahmasthiti:     Everything is a level of consciousness

FoxesTruth:       everything is energy

RBCF 3000: Tipherath, including "post-self-realization depression", right?

Wingdreamr:       you can reach enlightenment but can't stay there

Brahmasthiti:     the challenge is to learn to control them and our reaction to them

Tipherath: 3000...but later that's fun too...

SparrowQvO:       You know its an age old story not a new age story even prisoners swear innocence, so why not

FoxesTruth:       hmmm 3000........I wonder

RBCF 3000: Wingdreamr, that's because it takes a ton of focused energy to hold enlightenment.

DCizunas:   People have always called me "crazy" because I WAS able to read their thoughts, therefore..

Galaxon:    3000 so what does enlightenment feel like?

DCizunas:   ...I detached myself

SparrowQvO:       if you are chemically challenged say you are going through enlightenment

Wingdreamr:       no i can get to enlighment anytime i choose

Eddie Go Braugh: enlightenment is a relative term.... not a state

Grazhopprr:       foxey, me too, heh

Brahmasthiti:     I understand that DC

Wingdreamr:       i can bring anyone with me

FoxesTruth:       Dc.........yes........as an empath....I had to do that too

Galaxon:    wings you have been holding out on me

Wingdreamr:       no, it's a state, Gala

Wingdreamr:       i told my mom tonight i was a witch and my brother was a warlock

RBCF 3000: Galaxon, the little bit that I've experienced feels like

RBCF 3000: being plugged directly into the power main-- it's a real

RBCF 3000: fry, and you feel connected to *everything*!

Tipherath: Galaxon...it's a real kick, a natural high

Wingdreamr:       totally kidding

DCizunas:   Yes, Foxes...I used to pick up ailmants and moods...could not live my own life

Brahmasthiti:     I have found that most of us are here to find balance

Galaxon:    3000 i hear that from those i send hugs to

Eddie Go Braugh: Wing.... warlock means traitor... oath breaker..... it doesn't mean male witch... so I

FoxesTruth:       Dc......yep.....means you have a hole in your heart chakra

DCizunas:   Foxes, how do you mend that??

FoxesTruth:       Dc.......try asking the power animals of past

FoxesTruth:       loves to come retrieve their missing heart parts

FoxesTruth:       from you.......and this will shift

DCizunas:   Thanx Foxes, will do that

FoxesTruth:       DC......and you have to bring in the light into the

FoxesTruth:       places where their parts leave......that is very

FoxesTruth:       important

NTASantaFe:       3000 -  takes a long hollow extension cord to plug in where you are saying

RBCF 3000: Ok, friends-- let's continue a little more on our subject

RBCF 3000: tonight...  please hold comments a minute

RBCF 3000: ................................................

RBCF 3000: Before we start talking about "sacrifices" and efforts,

RBCF 3000: we should talk about what we are trying to achieve on

RBCF 3000: this path. If "having it all" does not mean being able to

RBCF 3000: lie to ourselves and to others at all times, what *could*

RBCF 3000: it mean?

RBCF 3000: Could it mean being able to truly love and accept love?

RBCF 3000: Could it mean being able to understand, and have

RBCF 3000: compassion, courage and strength to achieve our aims?

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: That implies that we *have* an aim. What does it take

RBCF 3000: to have aim? Do we need to know ourselves thoroughly,

RBCF 3000: down to all our self-deceits, hold-backs, terrors and

RBCF 3000: shames? Do we need to have a single-minded insistence

RBCF 3000: on a vision, and not just a "wouldn't-it-be-nice"

RBCF 3000: platitude? Do we need to have "faith"?  What kind of

RBCF 3000: faith-- what is faith, really?

RBCF 3000: .

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RBCF 3000: If we were whole and focused, what kind of aim could

RBCF 3000: we have? If we had real faith, and not just second-

RBCF 3000: hand, watered-down dogmatic beliefs, what courage

RBCF 3000: and power would that give us to achieve our aim?

RBCF 3000: And now we can ask, what would we have to give up in

RBCF 3000: order to have such single-minded purpose?  What is

RBCF 3000: incompatible with total integrity and devotion to our

RBCF 3000: highest ideal? What is incompatible with a life dedicated

RBCF 3000: to truth and the very best that we have to offer?

RBCF 3000: **** Please go right ahead now with your comments about this .........

CrclOfLite:       isnt being able to have always making it relative to something that is future tense?

Serendipitous12: things hoped for

Brahmasthiti:     3000 any aim the ego has will only bring a little happiness until it wants something else

RBCF 3000: Brahmasthiti, then what in us can have permanent aim?

FoxesTruth:       when we can put aside the ego.....and let the

FoxesTruth:       flow of the universe and all it's tools to guide

FoxesTruth:       us........we can have PURE unadulterated inner

FoxesTruth:       peace...........and love unconditionally

NTASantaFe:       Don't think faith and connection have to be related

Brahmasthiti:     we are in search of ourself

Wingdreamr:       Rb you can type all what you typed and it is deep

Wingdreamr:       however the simple question is

Brahmasthiti:     we are what we are looking for

CrclOfLite:       agree with Brahm,, even in metaphysics we can apply visualization n affirmations from ego,

CrclOfLite:       but to connect to the source and allow and accept is a deeper task

Brahmasthiti:     but make the mistake of looking outside ourself

FoxesTruth:       all is within

Eddie Go Braugh: I think perhaps a definition of ego is necessary

RBCF 3000: CrclOfLite, what might we have besides ordinary ego?

Wingdreamr:       you all search for something that is arleady here

Wingdreamr:       it's peace

Brahmasthiti:     yes

Eddie Go Braugh: are we talking Ego... as in Pride.... or Ego as in self

Brahmasthiti:     both Eddie

CrclOfLite:       IMHO that which is within us all,, that which is termed different depending on background,,

Wingdreamr:       take your heart and mind and soul and just decide you self to be peace

Galaxon:    wing but ectatic awareness is becoming aware of it

FoxesTruth:       Wing....it is here to the aware.....but not yet

FoxesTruth:       available to those who have not the eyes to see

RBCF 3000: Wingdreamr, how can we know we are not fooling

RBCF 3000: ourselves, being in denial, if we are at rest?  What

RBCF 3000: really could inner Peace be?

MoMolly2:   I had an awareness recently

Wingdreamr:       its not eyes you need to see or words to hear

CrclOfLite:       universal mind, spirit, God / Goddess whatever that which one choses to term it

Wingdreamr:       it's energy to feel

Serendipitous12: Faith is the evidence of things not seen, but hoped for

Wingdreamr:       so be peaceful with your self and the peace will spread

Brahmasthiti:     3000 it is contentment with things as they are

FoxesTruth:       translate SELF into SPIRIT and you have found potential unbounded

RBCF 3000: MoMolly, like we are describing?

Wingdreamr:       automatically with out struggling to reach other

MoMolly2:   yes

Brahmasthiti:     without making demands on how things should be

FoxesTruth:       detach from outcome

Brahmasthiti:     but always doing our best to make things as good as they can be

NTASantaFe:       We are spirit,   self is just program

RBCF 3000: Brahmasthiti, is such contentment achievable for us, or

RBCF 3000: would we have to make great changes in ourselves?

DCizunas:   Brahma, that's been my life for the last 30 years..  : )

RBCF Serapis:     Tell us MoMolly

Brahmasthiti:     balance

MoMolly2:   I was not complete in myself, and not happy

Brahmasthiti:     DC then why do you seem to complain about being detached?

FoxesTruth:       3000.......yes it is.........but not to all at this

FoxesTruth:       time......we are each in our own cycle of

FoxesTruth:       learning, evolving and becoming

FoxesTruth:       harmony

Brahmasthiti:     I do not seem to understand?

CrclOfLite:       do we need to change that which is or do we truly need to re-remember and accept and allow ?

MoMolly2:   i looked for approval and found someone unatainable

MoMolly2:   who i wanted to care about me so much that imade myself believe he did

DCizunas:   Brahma, never did before but 3K said about getting energy from our feelings

Brahmasthiti:     oh okay

Wingdreamr:       molly find approval in yourself approve of you and then you will be amazed

MoMolly2:   it all made sense to me the other day

MoMolly2:   wing  yes, I understand that now

FoxesTruth:       cool Mo

Wingdreamr:       everyday look in the mirror deep in your own eyes and say I LOVE YOU

Wingdreamr:       for when you look in your own eyes in the nude in a mirror

Wingdreamr:       your looking in the eyes of God

Wingdreamr:       he is in your heart

Wingdreamr:       you're not god but he is in you

RBCF Serapis:     MoMolly, do you think you have grown from it?

CrclOfLite:       Agree Eddie many talk but few walk their words

Wingdreamr:       so start loving him

RBCF 3000: Wingdreamr, beautifully said.

MoMolly2:   yea  i love myself  enough not to  keep this crazy way of thinking  anymore.. will not destr

Wingdreamr:       thank you :}

MoMolly2:   destroy who i am

Wingdreamr:       yea crazy molly

MoMolly2:   yes..  time will tell tho

Wingdreamr:       i not the one struggling i happy are YOU

LourdMoon: ::::::::::::::::Looking around:::::::::: Crcl, you said a mouth full

FoxesTruth:       Wing......I say we are all omniscient,

FoxesTruth:       omnopotent, and omnipresent.........having

FoxesTruth:       the pure potential of the Source

Brahmasthiti:     the trick is finding the balance between doing and flowing

Brahmasthiti:     it is not easy sometimes

Wingdreamr:       i dont' know those words fox meaning layman please

LourdMoon: I Love my self enough to keep certian ones on ignore

RBCF Serapis:     good luck, MoMolly, and congratulations on your lesson learned.

Wingdreamr:       bra the trick is do as you flow

FoxesTruth:       they are all above the 3rd dimensional thinking of limitation

Wingdreamr:       any neg energy person what ever you dismiss

Wingdreamr:       leave alone

Wingdreamr:       if the person needs your help and is ready to turn the neg postive

FoxesTruth:       wonderful Bird.......so nice to see you too dear one

Wingdreamr:       then you let them in

RBCF 3000: Ok, friends-- we've got just a few more ideas for

RBCF 3000: tonight's subject, so please hold comments for the next

RBCF 3000: one ...............................................

RBCF 3000: One question that always comes up at this point is, "If I

RBCF 3000: can't believe in my morals, ideas or feelings, what could

RBCF 3000: I possibly have to go by? What can I guide my life on--

RBCF 3000: the Bible? Some guru or baba? Messages channeled

RBCF 3000: from spirits or ETs?"

RBCF 3000: The point is that all these things are categories of

RBCF 3000: ordinary manifestations-- indoctrination, labels,

RBCF 3000: socialization, and these all have to be gradually

RBCF 3000: replaced by what we know in our core being. (I am not

RBCF 3000: saying here that the *contents* of these

RBCF 3000: communications are ordinary, but our *representation*

RBCF 3000: of them)

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: But we can't know in advance what we will find in our

RBCF 3000: core being, because it does not fit into any of our

RBCF 3000: habitual compartments. First of all, it is totally outside

RBCF 3000: of habit-- it is where everything is completely new and

RBCF 3000: scintillating.

RBCF 3000: Second, any idea we could formulate now would only be

RBCF 3000: some permutation of what we are already stuck in. 

RBCF 3000: This is why all mythology and religious doctrines are

RBCF 3000: composed in metaphor and verse, and strung together

RBCF 3000: in special encodings.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: Because we can't know in advance, we are always at

RBCF 3000: risk of being duped by the next "spiritual or

RBCF 3000: transformational leader" who has his patter down

RBCF 3000: confidently. Fortunately, it turns out that we learn from

RBCF 3000: every single one of these. Heck, we might learn good

RBCF 3000: things from each other here, right?

RBCF 3000: ***** I'd love to hear your ideas now, about how we

RBCF 3000: can separate the icing from the cake, so to speak. Go

RBCF 3000: right ahead, now please 

Wingdreamr:       3000 may i ask your college education what you majored in

Wingdreamr:       Molly i know you well we always talk

BIRDIO2991:       i learn more about myself every day

Wingdreamr:       I dont want my icing off the cake

Tipherath: 3000...what if people do "examine their core being" and

Tipherath: decide they're right where they should be?  (By the way, that

Tipherath: just could be the majority).

CrclOfLite:       for me its is humility,, remembering the more I know the more i know I know nothing and

Wingdreamr:       have fun molly let go let god

RBCF 3000: Wingdreamr, Masters in Computer Sci, minor in Film writing.

Brahmasthiti:     3000 the problem is that one can not use conditioned thought to understand the unconditioned

Brahmasthiti:     energy that we really are

CrclOfLite:       to understand words from any are just symbols of ideas and

Serendipitous12: you dont have to have icing off your cake create more room

FoxesTruth:       by getting closer to our Source, and

FoxesTruth:       understanding that we are all connected......we

FoxesTruth:       can then dismiss the "Duality" and flow with all

FoxesTruth:       the positive harmonic energy we each create by

FoxesTruth:       doing so

CrclOfLite:       our responsibility to take within for discernment

Brahmasthiti:     only by giving up of our life do we find it

DCizunas:   I've always held with the Shakespearian saying "To thine own self be true..."

MoMolly2:   Brah  wow that is deep

RBCF 3000: Tipherath, I see it as a tiny minority who come to know

RBCF 3000: themselves. It takes long meditation, intentional

RBCF 3000: suffering, impeccability and humility.

NTASantaFe:       We are standing on the antenna -  listen to it - truth

Brahmasthiti:     Molly we are all one

BIRDIO2991:       to follow my own instincts

RBCF 3000: NTASantaFe, great way to put it!

Wingdreamr:       exactly brah i gave it all my friends, my family, my children

FoxesTruth:       it is so loud even....LOL

Wingdreamr:       i let them all go

Wingdreamr:       and got them all back

SparrowQvO:       there was another

Tipherath: 3000...I disagree, it takes all of those things for someone who

DCizunas:   Sparrow, I didn't know that

Tipherath: is not where they should be, but most are.

Brahmasthiti:     One Infinite Mind appearing as everything that is

Wingdreamr:       and so much more

Serendipitous12: yes Brah we all are one even w/our creator

FoxesTruth:       Wing....you are a wonderful example......

Wingdreamr:       thank you why do you say that

Brahmasthiti:     even?

NTASantaFe:       3000 -  thanks but not my wisdom

Wingdreamr:       my purpose here on life is for Gods amusement

Wingdreamr:       i am his toy so let's play

Tipherath: When I look at "how things work", I discern that things are

Tipherath: mostly where they should be to allow things to work.

FoxesTruth:       you speak your truth....which is obviously shining from the light

BIRDIO2991:       and wing  why did you do that

Tipherath: Therefore, most people are where they should be.

CrclOfLite:       like that Wing,, writing down lol

Brahmasthiti:     lol Wing

RBCF 3000: Tipherath, most are what?  Conscious?  Consistent?  Compassionate? Just?  Truthful?

Serendipitous12: yes

FoxesTruth:       exact;ly Tip

Wingdreamr:       because i have a key and need the lock and its on its way

MoMolly2:   Lourdmoon?

Tipherath: 3000...most people are where they should be so that the whole

Tipherath: of humanity will continue to survive

Wingdreamr:       or i am the lock and the key is on the way LOL

JeannieJ1: Tip I agree...people are exactly where they should be

RBCF 3000: Tipherath, looks pretty doubtful sometimes though, no?

Wingdreamr:       i gave it all up for true love

Wingdreamr:       my soulmate

Log Count:  There were 28 member(s) in The New Age at 08:30 PM

CrclOfLite:       I got a key but forgot where the lock is lQQkiing

Wingdreamr:       for together we will demonstrate how heaven should be on earth

RBCF 3000: Wingdreamr, how can we know if our love is true?

Tipherath: 3000...only thru eyes that wear different colored glasses

Wingdreamr:       you feel it its alive inside

Wingdreamr:       my love is true

Wingdreamr:       my light is bright

Wingdreamr:       i dont go in fear

Serendipitous12: most people are where they need to be ,until they learn more and can handle more, called evolvement

Wingdreamr:       if there is darkness i walk in and shine

DCizunas:   Wing, but true love would let you be you and not hinder your path

JeannieJ1: true Serend

Galaxon:    i used to know how to put things until all my things were stolen

RBCF 3000: Wingdreamr, I am very happy for you, but did it come by itself that way?

FoxesTruth:       3000.........you just know

NTASantaFe:       Anyone thinking there might be an urgency to learn a little faster

Wingdreamr:       rg i was born with it i never lost it always had it

RBCF 3000: FoxesTruth, every time I 'just know", I am wrong!

BIRDIO2991:       awww wing  what a lovely thought

Shedevling:       yes NTA

JeannieJ1: NTA why?

Wingdreamr:       question?

CrclOfLite:       true love would but many things pull from the source of same,, choice each day to center on

Brahmasthiti:     really 3000?

SparrowQvO:       DC, ... "Nothing in excess was the second phrase written over the gateway to the temple of Delphi.

CrclOfLite:       that when things arise IMHO

Wingdreamr:       How many can stand proud of themselves for just being you

Brahmasthiti:     that is interesting

SparrowQvO:       The First was "know thyself"

FoxesTruth:       3000........no.....you are just

DCizunas:   Sparrow, I can go with that for sure

FoxesTruth:       mistaken...LOL.......there is NO right or wrong

FoxesTruth:       in the higher thinking......all is to teach you a

FoxesTruth:       little more about yourself

Shedevling:       everyday is a birthday... a rejoicing

RBCF 3000: Brahmasthiti, yes, and that is a great gift for me, to be wrong about everything, you see?

NTASantaFe:       We are about to become an illusion - new dimensions

Serendipitous12: no, don't think there is urgency , been learning about time and relativity, its very eye-opening

BIRDIO2991:       this life is a journey

Brahmasthiti:     no I am sorry I do not understand 3000

Tipherath: Foxie, that's not completely true (the no rights or wrongs)

RBCF Serapis:     wonderful thought, Shedev

Wingdreamr:       People are becoming light workers I already am on

Wingdreamr:       and my soulmate will be one too

Brahmasthiti:     you are wrong about everything and it is a great gift?

JeannieJ1: Foxy I understand and agree

FoxesTruth:       Tip.......in higher consciousnes.......that has been solved

BIRDIO2991:       and some of us grow according to our capabilities

Wingdreamr:       and when two pray together two that are both completely in the light

RBCF 3000: Brahmasthiti, everything I attempt contains a

RBCF 3000: devastating blow to my ego, so I become more humble,

RBCF 3000: more surrendered, do more inner work.

DCizunas:   Sparrow, my profile quote is from AJ Davis.."Under all circumstances keep an even mind"

FoxesTruth:       Jeannie........thank goodness someone understands.....LOL

Wingdreamr:       Well lets just say we will rock this world

Galaxon:    my soulmate is such a lightworker, she floated

Galaxon:    away on a puff of wind...never saw her again

Tipherath: Foxie...there still remain some very important "rights" and "wrongs"

Brahmasthiti:     oh yes, that I know well 3000 hehe

SparrowQvO:       DC there is no such scale to measure what you call an even mind.

Wingdreamr:       then find another gala

SparrowQvO:       How do you calibrate it

Dochrtlght:       balance

BIRDIO2991:       i think this world will certainly be rocked spiritually and it will sweep the earth like a giant tidal wave

Galaxon:    wing i cant...i need a heavierworker

SparrowQvO:       balance can mean many things to many people

MoMolly2:   another one will be coming  just like a train, Gala

RBCF 3000: Ok, friends-- we're down to the last idea of tonight's

RBCF 3000: subject, so I thank you for your indulgence.  Ready for

RBCF 3000: one more? .............................................

SparrowQvO:       there is no chart

SparrowQvO:       on what a balance is

SparrowQvO:       one's balance my be off to another

DCizunas:   Sparrow, like Brahma said...it's all balance

RBCF 3000: (Please hold comments a minute .....................................

RBCF 3000: And so, friends, the final idea I'd like to leave you with

RBCF 3000: tonight is nothing new, but immensely valuable, I find.

RBCF 3000: And that is to surround yourself completely with

RBCF 3000: reminders of what you want to achieve-- saturate your

RBCF 3000: consciousness with the symbols and "alarm clocks" of

RBCF 3000: the very finest that you can become.

RBCF 3000: For myself, I keep a dream journal at my bedside; I take

RBCF 3000: a pocket recorder with me everywhere; and my walls

RBCF 3000: are covered with pictures of saints, masters, deities,

RBCF 3000: mandalas, enchanted forests, mythological beings and

RBCF 3000: sacred places.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: Half the time I have silence playing; the other half of

RBCF 3000: the time, I listen to meditation music, devotional chants

RBCF 3000: and sacred music from all over the world, and the most

RBCF 3000: wistful examples of classical music that I can find.  In

RBCF 3000: my journals I write my dreams, film and book ideas, and

RBCF 3000: inspirational thoughts that come to me; on the

RBCF 3000: recorder, I capture the melodies that come to me at

RBCF 3000: any hour of the day or night, and compose my own

RBCF 3000: psalms and hymns-- 122 of them so far.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: I encourage you to find your own symbols and

RBCF 3000: modalities of expression, taking care to find what

RBCF 3000: connects you to your insides, your deepest wishing,

RBCF 3000: your Sacred Dream, what is most precious for you. It

RBCF 3000: does not have to resemble what I have chosen for

RBCF 3000: myself, but you need to be listening and watching

RBCF 3000: innerly enough to be able to notice what works for you

RBCF 3000: on these levels, and what does not.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: ****** Well, friends, those are the ideas and practices

RBCF 3000: that I'd like you to try out for yourselves.  Now let's

RBCF 3000: hear your questions and comments. 

SparrowQvO:       What I think is occurring is the attempt to be that of perfection in which the human being

SparrowQvO:       never will be never has been.

Dochrtlght:       balance even between life and spirit

Tipherath: 3000...you do all of that and still consider your progress as

Tipherath: "natural"?  Don't know about that.

SparrowQvO:       the attempt though is honorable...

Wingdreamr:       but my path is taking as many people  i can

Wingdreamr:       to hike a mountian top laughing playin all the way

Galaxon:    wing do you need a hug?

FoxesTruth:       thanks for sharing 3000......nice job

RBCF 3000: Tipherath, when did I say "natural"? 

RBCF Serapis:     Taking? where?

Wingdreamr:       hugging trees talking to plants

Wingdreamr:       then at the top

Wingdreamr:       talking to these people

FoxesTruth:       LOL Gala......sounds like good idea

RBCF 3000: Tipherath, I can't even claim to be making "progress"

Galaxon:    wing i mean from  me..not a tree

Brahmasthiti:     3000 they yearning ego that wants to become something more than it is, just needs to turn around

Wingdreamr:       and put the whole group in a meditait to make them feel liek an eagle

JeannieJ1: 3000 it's simple.........Thoughts are THINGS

Tipherath: 3000...all of the "icons" you surround yourself with have a

Tipherath: correspondence in your "outside" world.  Find them.

Wingdreamr:       thoughts become realites

CrclOfLite:       remind me to repeat,, Im a radiating being of light,, a magnet for all good

RBCF 3000: JeannieJ, please say more about that...

Wingdreamr:       so i choose to think heaven

Brahmasthiti:     and see it is the All appearing in a little way, and just be content

JeannieJ1: what you think..........you become

Dochrtlght:       wing true

Wingdreamr:       i don't need one gala but i will love to have one

JeannieJ1: you have in your life

Tipherath: Jeannie...agree, thoughts are things

Brahmasthiti:     it is contentment that we all seek

Shedevling:       perfection is the goal.... the journey is the challenge

JeannieJ1: chit thoughts =  chit being

Brahmasthiti:     the absence of desire

BIRDIO2991:       i surround my self with fountains  mirrors   plants  soft music books and lovely things

Wingdreamr:       done seeking found now living it

FoxesTruth:       what you fear........comes to light

BIRDIO2991:       what does that mean?

Wingdreamr:       fox exactly

RBCF 3000: JeannieJ, the way I've heard it, "Whatever we think God

RBCF 3000: is, <He> is not; whatever we think the world is, it is!"

Brahmasthiti:     the place we go after a good orgasm

SparrowQvO:       Tipherath, there is an end to that saying also :) it goes like this :: Thoughts are things too"

CrclOfLite:       as in Tia Chis,, resistance breeds resistance

Brahmasthiti:     not to be ugly

Wingdreamr:       people just need to be simple be

SparrowQvO:       meaning there are many other factors determining destiny

SparrowQvO:       not mere thought

RBCF 3000: Brahmasthiti, now where do we go if our whole life becomes orgastic?

Tipherath: But Sparrow, they are not things too, they are things, period.

Wingdreamr:       gala?

JeannieJ1: awwwwwwwwwwww 3000 my God is a loving kind God.....I dont NOT want to believe that

SparrowQvO:       lol

Shedevling:       many answers in simplidity Sparrow

Brahmasthiti:     no 3000 the peace after

JeannieJ1: I like my saying better.......sorry 3k

Wingdreamr:       My god is a funny god

Brahmasthiti:     it is always there

Dochrtlght:       3000 - that is the question

RBCF 3000: JeannieJ, yours is fine too.

BIRDIO2991:       my god is a gentle and loving god

Tipherath: But, thoughts are transient things, without a home least the

Tipherath: carrier of the thoughts gives them one.

Wingdreamr:       all we do is laugh

Dochrtlght:       i would guess we get 2000 years peace

LourdMoon: Galaxon, you see the light here I'm sure

JAR21257:   I am with you gala.......I missed the all the other sessions

JeannieJ1: 3k to heaven?

BIRDIO2991:       good wing   i like to laugh

Shedevling:       lol....God indeed has a good sense of humor

SparrowQvO:       If you are to use the written word then to use it halfway is some how losing something...

SparrowQvO:       to deliberately leave things out

RBCF 3000: <-- just doesn't have some "god" that he can pull out

RBCF 3000: of his pocket and get the right amount of change for.

Galaxon:    Lourd i thougth we were looking for the void, not photons

SparrowQvO:       twist things to meet one's need or desired end

RBCF 3000: Next week: Noticing the Miraculous in our lives, starting

RBCF 3000: with the discontinuities and non-sequentialities of

RBCF 3000: "normal reality."  Thank you all for participating with us

DCizunas:   Wing, sounds like you have found your "god" in the attributes you like most about yourself

RBCF 3000: today.

SparrowQvO:       has no potential

Wingdreamr:       isn't that what its all about ?

Wingdreamr:       god gave me these gifts so why not show them off

Tipherath: Galaxon, cattle prod in hand, innocent expression on face says, "here little chickie"...

Galaxon:    3000....is the lowdown of what ecstatic awareness is just awareness of oneness?

BIRDIO2991:       what gifts wing?

Wingdreamr:       why not display my talents my love so the god who looks down can see his

Shedevling:       show them off Wing.... but give Him the thanks

Wingdreamr:       child that i am i am his child he wants what every dad wants

Wingdreamr:       to see his children playing

RBCF 3000: Galaxon, I don't really know what is meant by

RBCF 3000: "awareness of oneness", but it is still way more than

RBCF 3000: that.  It is more than the strangest science fiction, and

RBCF 3000: it changes us completely.

DCizunas:   Wing...look within to see your "god" because s/he truely dwells within you

Wingdreamr:       anyone who chooses to be this way has the power to do so

CrclOfLite:       I like to feel the gifts manifested are there,, and I am along to enjoy the ride

Galaxon:    3000 awareness of oneness is awareness that

Galaxon:    everything in the universe(except okra) is one

Galaxon:    thing.....completely connected

BIRDIO2991:       my son died 7 years ago and he keeps telling me they are building the bridges bigger

Wingdreamr:       Jesus is coming and SHE is beautiful LOL

FoxesTruth:       300....awareness of oneness means......since we

FoxesTruth:       are each an individual spark of the Source....we

FoxesTruth:       are each a part of source.....and each a part of

FoxesTruth:       the other........

Tipherath: 3000...give it eleven months, so bank as much as you can

RBCF Serapis:     Wing, has Christ chosen the name Jesus again?

RBCF 3000: Galaxon, we are always talking about that, but it is a

RBCF 3000: total miracle to *experience* Oneness.

Dochrtlght:       galaxon the thing is define oneness is it what you want or what is?

FoxesTruth:       yes Gala

DCizunas:   BirdieO, what a beautiful message he gave you

BIRDIO2991:       tip? give  what  11 months?

CrclOfLite:       now if i can only get over the quezzyness lol

LourdMoon: BIRDIO: my son passed Aug 17, 1994

Shedevling:       and bigger bridges are being built Bird.....

Galaxon:    2000 i wanna experience oneness. is that what you are talking about?

Wingdreamr:       It dont matter the name you will know

RBCF Serapis:     Yes, we will

BIRDIO2991:       oh sorry lourd mine was sept 3 1992   he was 33

RBCF 3000: Galaxon, I suppose, but I don't put it that way,

RBCF 3000: because we'll stop too fast at the words, right?

Dochrtlght:       oneness is knowing you belong, you are a part of and yet all

Wingdreamr:       rb we will what

NTASantaFe:       Some beliefs are earth connected and some book connected - never could read

RBCF Serapis:     What year are you guided to believe?

Dochrtlght:       dichotomy very zen

LourdMoon: My boy was 20

RBCF 3000: BIRDIO, like Jesus?

BIRDIO2991:       she  do you think ones will cross the bridge both ways

Galaxon:    3000 well.....at the yield sign i just slow down...not stop

Wingdreamr:       my beliefs are neither one of those

Log Count:  There were 31 member(s) in The New Age at 08:45 PM

Wingdreamr:       i dont' belive the bible

Wingdreamr:       i believe the spirit

RBCF Serapis:     me either

NTASantaFe:       Wings - thats a book

Galaxon:    wing they dont have it in arkansas?

BIRDIO2991:       yes  3000 but i am a peace   he is now in school in heaven

RBCF 3000: Wingdreamr, I just started reading the Bible again-- it's amazing!

Wingdreamr:       its boring

FlowrNtheWind:    G, just my way of saying hello to ya

Tipherath: 3000...lol...you have ALL the symptoms...

Wingdreamr:       living like jesus is the amazing part

RBCF 3000: BIRDIO, I found my mother again, within me, long after she passed.

Dochrtlght:       yes if you read the bible and forget the dogma it is cool

BIRDIO2991:       oh how wonderful 3000

FlowrNtheWind:    Hiya Birdio

LourdMoon: BIRDIO: I am deeply heart felt for you loss, it's pain that never goes away, I know

NTASantaFe:       I'd rather read the dirt,  much more informing

Wingdreamr:       if you take yourself with music and walk the earth and dare

MagicGspot:       wing forget gala im the one for you

Wingdreamr:       to be like jesus is amazing

RBCF 3000: Dochrtlght, yes, I am reading it for the mystical signs

RBCF 3000: now, and it's all there, right where I left it!

FoxesTruth:       Gala........with the rest of em....LOL

Dochrtlght:       dirt can take you there it is just a bit harder to decipher

Wingdreamr:       dare yourselfs to be like god

BIRDIO2991:       yes there are many tears still but i know this journey is only until we reach the point that

Grazhopprr:       who knows what jesus did or didn't do?

Wingdreamr:       try to heal

Dochrtlght:       anything can take you there

QuietWmn40:       which version of the bible are you reading  3000?

NTASantaFe:       Dirts easy,  just have to listen to it

RBCF 3000: BIRDIO, it was harder for me to find my father after his

RBCF 3000: death, because we had never been close, but he came

RBCF 3000: to me in a miracle as well.

BIRDIO2991:       3000 and how was that?

SparrowQvO:       Graz those that have passed as we all will know very well that answer.

Dochrtlght:       santa then you have a gift with dirt - follow it

RBCF 3000: QuietWmn, I took a Gideon from the hotel room.

Wingdreamr:       they always do rb they always do

FoxesTruth:       3000.....oh naughty naughty

NTASantaFe:       Dochr -  that I do

Tipherath: King James

QuietWmn40:       eeekkkk  you didn't 3000!!

RBCF 3000: FoxesTruth, the Gideons put the Bibles out hoping that we will take them!

Dochrtlght:       I have a gift with thought I follow that

Wingdreamr:       i have a gift of feeling energy i follow that

Alisnntrnt:       Foxes, they put them there just for that reason

QuietWmn40:       i saw my mom after a meditation a few days ago...

RBCF 3000: BIRDIO, it was an amazingly profound initiation-- I had

RBCF 3000: to fully embrace everything my father was, in order to

RBCF 3000: embrace myself.

NTASantaFe:       thought gets pretty noisy -  dirts pretty quiet

Alisnntrnt:       lol i know

Wingdreamr:       what makes you think i can read

Alisnntrnt:       but maybe i am 'wrong'

CrclOfLite:       that relates similiar to the life review discussed in book The Tenth Vision

BIRDIO2991:       true   i have learned after much heartache to accept people for what and who they are

Dochrtlght:       NTA - I can deal with noisy :) - it is challenging or something

BIRDIO2991:       does not mean i have to always be with them

Tipherath: 3000...interesting that the "mother/woman" and "father/male" came to you so close in time.

Tipherath: that's unusual

Wingdreamr:       are you the doctor for the lightworkers?

RBCF 3000: Tipherath, not *that* close-- it took me 30 years for

RBCF 3000: my mother, and 10 years for my father.

Dochrtlght:       I just seem to be able to think well

Tipherath: 3000...but not the moment of gestalten, of "oh my, I get it"

RBCF 3000: Ok, friends-- I'm glad we are all here starting off the

RBCF 3000: new era of enlightenment and harmony. Feel free to

RBCF 3000: continue on, and I shall bid you wondrous dreams.

Tipherath: Graz, I once said to myself, "I don't understand me", until I

Tipherath: discovered, "What's to understand?"

Wingdreamr:       wow i am amazed with the energy i find here

RBCF 3000: Next week: Noticing the Miraculous in our lives, starting

RBCF 3000: with the discontinuities and non-sequentialities of

RBCF 3000: "normal reality."  Thank you all for participating with us

RBCF 3000: today.