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RBCF 3000:       Good evening, dear friends.

RBCF 3000:       Welcome, Teklashine, Chante Ishtae and Dodihere--

RBCF 3000:       we're about to start our 14th class on Ecstatic

RBCF 3000:       Awareness. 

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Insink22:           as long as we can see the light we won't loose our way

RBCF 3000:       In this session, we use semi-informal protocol, which

RBCF 3000:       just means that you give me time to run out a few

RBCF 3000:       paragraphs of an idea before we all start talking.

RBCF 3000:       Welcome, everyone -- tonight is our fourteenth class in

RBCF 3000:       Ecstatic Awareness: "The awakening of ecstatic

RBCF 3000:       passions through singing, dancing, prayer, meditation,

RBCF 3000:       fasting and seclusion."

RBCF 3000:       Once again, for those who are joining us for the first

RBCF 3000:       time, the way we are using the word "ecstatic

RBCF 3000:       awareness" here means entering into states of

RBCF 3000:       consciousness, accompanied by transformation of

RBCF 3000:       being, in which the supernatural and the Miraculous can

RBCF 3000:       be witnessed and experienced directly.

Vimly1:              how does class work

RBCF 3000:       Vimly, for this class, we just wait when I'm rolling out

RBCF 3000:       an idea, and then I open the floor for discussion on that

RBCF 3000:       section.

RBCF 3000:       Ok, friends, let's begin tonight's class: "The awakening

RBCF 3000:       of ecstatic passions through singing, dancing, prayer,

RBCF 3000:       meditation, fasting and seclusion." The question keeps

RBCF 3000:       coming up here, "How could working up an emotional or

RBCF 3000:       physical frenzy be of some lasting benefit, or help me in

RBCF 3000:       my daily life?"

RBCF 3000:       Or it could come from the opposite perspective, "Why

RBCF 3000:       would my spirituality require getting worked up?" and

RBCF 3000:       "Why should I follow somebody's meaningless ritual?"

RBCF 3000:       .

RBCF 3000:      Those questions give us a good jumping-off place for

RBCF 3000:      our discussion tonight. The "lasting benefits" I am

RBCF 3000:      looking for here, are 1) Awareness of subtle levels of

RBCF 3000:      perception and of the hidden dynamics that run our

RBCF 3000:      lives;

RBCF 3000:      2) Heightened energy levels heal and rejuvenate our

RBCF 3000:      bodies and minds; 3) We form much better mind-body

RBCF 3000:      connections, and become more creative, spontaneous

RBCF 3000:      and focused; 4) We gain a sense of being a vital

RBCF 3000:      member of organic life and of other levels of beingness

RBCF 3000:      as well, thus raising our intuitive, cognitive and

RBCF 3000:      empathic sensibilities;

RBCF 3000:      5) We start condensing crystals of our higher bodies,

RBCF 3000:      eventually gaining the powers and functions proper to

RBCF 3000:      those vehicles, including doubling, immortality,

RBCF 3000:      witnessing the future, and emanating miracles!

RBCF 3000:      .

RBCF 3000:      In fairness I am obligated to tell you the downside risks:

RBCF 3000:      these practices may actually hinder or disrupt your

RBCF 3000:      "daily life," at least for a time. In some cases people

RBCF 3000:      have been "diagnosed" with "mental disorders" who are

RBCF 3000:      undergoing this metamorphosis; in other cases the

RBCF 3000:      people never returned to the previous lives.

RBCF 3000:      .

RBCF 3000:      Actually, it would be fair to say that anyone who walks

RBCF 3000:      this journey with integrity and commitment is

RBCF 3000:      *guaranteed* never to return to ordinary life! You may

RBCF 3000:      choose tasks to do, or they may choose you, but your

RBCF 3000:      motives will be very different, and the outcomes will

RBCF 3000:      take on values that would mean nothing to you at the

RBCF 3000:      beginning.

RBCF 3000:      In fact, it is common for the pilgrim to not even care

RBCF 3000:      how anything turns out, because one's only interest is

RBCF 3000:      on what s/he brought to the task.

RBCF 3000:      ****** I'd like to hear from you now -- are these

RBCF 3000:      reasonable expectations (regardless of whether you

RBCF 3000:      think they are possible)? How has your own path (your

RBCF 3000:      daily practices) changed you so far? Can you think of

RBCF 3000:      other risks or considerations?  Go right ahead now,

RBCF 3000:      please -- open floor till our next main idea.

RBCF 3000:      .....................

Zamurito:          I think the spirit does it to try and shake us out of our slumber....

HOST LFST Jill:         3k, I know that my life is much different when I

HOST LFST Jill:         practice the daily disciplines, meditations etc

RBCF 3000:      HOST LFST Jill, but is it *miraculously* different yet?

Grazhopprr:      one of the problems i had at one point was not being able to handle physical tasks

Zamurito:          My life has changed dramatically.  Nothing is taken for granted...

HOST LFST Jill:         Yes, I'd say so, 3k, in the small daily miraculous way

Insink22:           i have retired at 41 to take on the task

HOST LFST Jill:         like when I received those little "nudges" of intuition that turn out to be so true

Zamurito:          Jill, ain't those great?  :))

HOST LFST Jill:         learning to tune in and listen to the guidance and

HOST LFST Jill:         love that surrounds me... that's pretty miraculous

Shomble:           nudges of intuition can be bothersome

Zamurito:          Shomble, really?  Can you explain?

HCarol35:         Why is that Shomble ??

Mui Turtle:        what are we talking about here bottomline it for a turtle 3000

Shomble:           intuition warns you...not always what you might want

Insink22:           the ego wants what it wants and filter's out the signs (designs) of the spirit

HCarol35:         Intuition also leads you....in a positive direction.

RBCF 3000:      Mui Turtle, what I hope for us to achieve is to discover

RBCF 3000:      that everything that we do intentionally in our lives, big

RBCF 3000:      or small, can increase our consciousness dramatically,

RBCF 3000:      even miraculously.

Zamurito:          Yes, Shomble.  Lesons learned the hard way also

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Mui Turtle:        but at what risk again?

Mui Turtle:        mental what

Mui Turtle:        never return to prior what?

Shomble:           are lessons actually learned the easy way?

Zamurito:          Mui, one risk is to abandon the social society structure altogether...

Mui Turtle:        yes I have seen that done at local postal office

Mui Turtle:        is that what you mean?

RBCF 3000:      Mui Turtle, I'm just saying that truly committing to

RBCF 3000:      change, changes our world as well. We find that we can

RBCF 3000:      never return to our old habits or views of how things

RBCF 3000:      are.

HCarol35:         I don't recognize Ego anymore....and that gives you a great sense of freedom..

Zamurito:          Kewl Carol :) 

RBCF 3000:      Mui Turtle, what have you seen at the post office?

Mui Turtle:        no regard for life

Mui Turtle:        people going postal

Zamurito:          <----Not there yet:))))

Mui Turtle:        maybe they read ACIM or something

RBCF 3000:      Zamurito, this doesn't necessarily mean becoming a bum or a hippie, does it?

Shomble:           how about people going "managed care"?

RBCF 3000:      Mui Turtle, how does that fit with tonight's discussion?

Zamurito:          Yea, hehehe....Dropping out of society can be a result....

Insink22:           <<<i am just a good for nothing nobody  not a bum or hippy

Mui Turtle:         you said miracles

Mui Turtle:        and new shift in mind

Mui Turtle:        new age stuff

Grazhopprr:      difficult to be going thru dimensional shifts while doing day work with humans

Insink22:           as asleep so awake

Mui Turtle:        Lets put it this way 3ooo , without data or materials to read or hear these people would not

Zamurito:          Need to have the power to stay with it, in society, and face it

Mui Turtle:        become unstable

Mui Turtle:        otherwise correct?

Shomble:           From the hippie era...not dropped out..change the system

Mui Turtle:        so we should then ban tv and radio and censor books and music yes?

Mui Turtle:        and public speakers ect

Magycians:        thats not freedom

Insink22:           it's called being in the world but not of it

RBCF 3000:      Mui Turtle, I am talking about becoming *intentionally*

RBCF 3000:      destabilized, in order to achieve a new stability at a

RBCF 3000:      much higher energy level and state of consciousness.

Mui Turtle:        to avoid losing our social societies morals and correct way of life

Grazhopprr:      mui, that is part of it, what you bring as part of your life is you inside, so, reject what

Grazhopprr:      you don't want in it

HOST LFST Jill:         3k, there's an analogy that comes to mind, may I share it?

RBCF 3000:      Sure, Jill 

HOST LFST Heart:    Please Jill

Mui Turtle:        higher and faster isn't always who finished first as even my name implies in old tale 3k

Mui Turtle:        turtle and hare

HCarol35:         I agree Graz...

HOST LFST Jill:         For the person who stands still, there is perfect

HOST LFST Jill:         balance in one place, but in order to move to new

HOST LFST Jill:         places, they have to be willing to "risk" the

HOST LFST Jill:         momentary place where they are out of balance as

HOST LFST Jill:         they move to the next step

HOST LFST Jill:         but the momentum of forward movement keeps them from falling over

Grazhopprr:      most of the time, seclusion is best, even if you still need to pay the bills

Galaxon:           you mean a person cannot be walking and be in perfect balance? woe

Shomble:           Moving to the new place can be scary

Mui Turtle:        this balance thing is another whole lecture , who on earth thinks they are in balance or can

Zamurito:          Nice Jill. :)  But they have to intend to keep moving....and growing, and expanding their

Zamurito:          conciousness...

FlowerJJN:        Good thought Jill :)

RBCF 3000:      HOST LFST Jill, thanks-- that's sort of in the right direction (but not exactly

Mui Turtle:        even teach a balance to a rotating planet

HOST LFST Jill:         Galaxon if you stopped in mid stride, you'd fall over

RBCF 3000:      Well, a lot will be cleared up for you in the next few

RBCF 3000:      ideas, so how about if I continue a bit with the ideas...

Mui Turtle:        its another myth

RBCF 3000:      Those are all good points-- thank you!  Let us now

RBCF 3000:      continue with the text of tonight's class. Please hold

RBCF 3000:      your comments for a minute so I can roll out a few

RBCF 3000:      ideas about it, for your consideration.

RBCF 3000:      .....................................................

RBCF 3000:      Now let's tackle the contrasting question, "Why would

RBCF 3000:      one's spirituality require getting worked up

RBCF 3000:      energetically?" In one sense, it doesn't.

RBCF 3000:      Our path and our daily practices always go on, even if

RBCF 3000:      we don't seem to be making "progress." Let us say that

RBCF 3000:      our daily path is some kind of tea that brews only with

RBCF 3000:      furiously boiling water; then the energizing that I am

RBCF 3000:      speaking of is the "boiling water."

RBCF 3000:      .

RBCF 3000:      Then our daily work is the accumulation of this "tea,"

RBCF 3000:      and the flavor and other properties of the tea are

RBCF 3000:      improved by the qualities of our work, like commitment,

RBCF 3000:      humility, forgiveness, positivity, supportiveness,

RBCF 3000:      mindfulness, courage and focus.

RBCF 3000:      .

RBCF 3000:      So eventually we have an accumulation of "tea," but

RBCF 3000:      why did we go to all that trouble? There is plenty of

RBCF 3000:      support in the world for priorities of "survival," personal

RBCF 3000:      gain at the expense of others, self-righteousness,

RBCF 3000:      vindictiveness and self-importance. One can even lead

RBCF 3000:      an exemplary life and remain ordinary.

RBCF 3000:      .

RBCF 3000:      I know plenty of people who take some kind of pride in

RBCF 3000:      how much "tea leaves" they have accumulated (the

RBCF 3000:      pride tends to make me suspicious), but then they hold

RBCF 3000:      on to it for dear life-- they won't allow boiling water to

RBCF 3000:      come near it; they are satisfied with a tepid, watery

RBCF 3000:      tincture that has no hope of changing them.

RBCF 3000:      .

RBCF 3000:      I also know many people who keep their lives near the

RBCF 3000:      boiling point, but never add this good tea to it; either

RBCF 3000:      they have none, or they don't know what to do with it.

RBCF 3000:      They are considered fascinating and dramatic, and

RBCF 3000:      temporarily make us feel excited ourselves, but it is

RBCF 3000:      borrowed and so very evanescent that way. For a

RBCF 3000:      moment it reminds us of what Life feels like.

RBCF 3000:      .

RBCF 3000:      But friends, bring forth the cup of your life, and add your

RBCF 3000:      own good tea, the fruits of a lifetime of love, caring,

RBCF 3000:      strength and forbearance.  I'd love to hear from you

RBCF 3000:      now -- what are you most happy about, most proud of

RBCF 3000:      yourself for doing or for being?  Go right ahead now,

RBCF 3000:      please -- open floor. ............................

Shomble:           most proud of surviving with who I am

Mui Turtle:        ;) well i tried to follow it

RBCF 3000:      Mui Turtle, I promise, if you stick with us a bit, you will get it just fine.

Saeve88:           I am most proud of being the person i have turned out to be

Insink22:           i am happy that i have a power stop i can "hang" at with no bills no "world to encumber me

Zamurito:          Tough to answer that one....

HCarol35:         Most happy about my connection with God and the Universe.

Saeve88:           I have learned what it is to love others

RBCF 3000:      Saeve, can you name something you've really shined about lately?

Insink22:           i made a bid for this place  i had silent intent and it came

Saeve88:           as well as myself

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RBCF 3000:      HCarol, seems like it has become strong for you, hasn't it?

Saeve88:           I teach children and I shine everyday

Odielicious:      I have shined as a helper of fellow humans...

Mui Turtle:        I've about figured it out that I need a puter to compute the pc data 3k gives out

Galaxon:           i thougth i was connected to God and the Universe

Galaxon:           with krazy glue, but found out it was just with

RBCF 3000:      Insink, right on!  Warrior! 

Odielicious:      <~~teaches also...

Galaxon:           poligrip

Saeve88:           I give more than i take

Andreaaspn:      3000 isn't part of the joy of everyday life understanding the sacredness in it

Andreaaspn:      the sacred in the ordinary

Andreaaspn:      is this what you are describing -- came in late ya know

Insink22:           i am grateful that the "knowledge" is here as in the teaching you share 3000

Shomble:           I am a therapist.  I help people unscramble their lives

HCarol35:         Sure has...but that has been from what I have experienced in this dimension...

RBCF 3000:      Mui Turtle, I started getting this before anyone ever had

RBCF 3000:      their own computer-- thru meditation and works.

Saeve88:           I give to others more than i take

Odielicious:      does it scramble your life to unscramble others shomble??? LOL

RBCF 3000:      Insink, shucks.

Shomble:           sometimes

Andreaaspn:      lol odie -- that is wonderful shomble

Mui Turtle:        3000 k do you know how long puters have been on the market?

RBCF 3000:      Shomble, I'll bet you have some very satisfying achievements, eh?

Shomble:           some

Saeve88:           being in service to people is very difficult

Odielicious:      mine too...and my patients are school kids...LOL

Andreaaspn:      wow -- that would be challenging odie

FlowerJJN:        I am happy that Flowers bloom ... that birds sing ... that rivers flow ... and that I am

FlowerJJN:        here to see it ..

RBCF 3000:      Mui Turtle, I got my Osborne-1 in 1980, just a few years

RBCF 3000:      that anything personal was available.

Mui Turtle:        that would make you 70yrs old or more and adult in mind to comprehend it so you would be abo

Odielicious:      woof woof Stella...

Mui Turtle:        100yrs old now

Andreaaspn:      happy to have hands to type with - puter to play on

Andreaaspn:      voice to speak with

Shomble:           I wish there were more trees & flowers in Dallas

StellaWolf:        :)  kinda observing and reflecting on personal issues with this talk

RBCF 3000:      Saeve, do you give without feeling "used up"?

Saeve88:           I am happy that I chose happiness over being right

Mui Turtle:        i donate my time a lot

Odielicious:      it is Andrea...I help out kids that are screwed up by parents who mean well...but are

HCarol35:         And when I lived in Dallas Shomble, I was wishing for a beach....LOL

Mui Turtle:        here to explain things

RBCF 3000:      Mui Turtle, that's about right 

Mui Turtle:       

Grazhopprr:      amazing what you can say by not saying anything

Saeve88:           I have times I feel used up

Shomble:           The ocean is wonderful and regenerative

HOST LFST Jill:         Saeve, good for you

Odielicious:      actually causing the disrespect that is growing in leaps and bounds by the children today..

Andreaaspn:      wow Odie

HCarol35:         That is why I love Florida...

Saeve88:           I am a human being

Odielicious:      yeah..go figure...LOL

Magycians:        if you were paying attention, lol

HOST LFST Jill:         <not the used up part, Saeve, the goodness over being right part :) LOL

Andreaaspn:      whole nother topic -- would love to hear about it sometime

FlowerJJN:        So often ... we look too far for the answers ... that are so close

StellaWolf:        why's that, Carol?

RBCF 3000:      Odielicious, that's great work-- depressing or satisfying, or both?

Insink22:           i donate my time to teach piano and dance improv

Mui Turtle:        I was human once kissed by a snapper and woke a turtle

Odielicious:      most don't even realize the kids are going to have huge troubles later on...

Mui Turtle:        does that fit the conversation

Odielicious:      it is never depressing..

HCarol35:         Why is what Stella ???

Saeve88:           I think most people are unhappy cause they chose right over being happy

Shomble:           Not that simple

Odielicious:      always satisfying...sometimes a pain in the heart...

RBCF 3000:      Wonderful, dear friends!  Now we come to the final

RBCF 3000:      section of tonight's theme, so please hold all comments

RBCF 3000:      till I've had a chance to roll out the last few paragraphs

RBCF 3000:      of text. ................................................

RBCF 3000:      Now let us talk about how the water gets boiled -- is it

RBCF 3000:      "somebody's meaningless ritual" or is it a gift of

RBCF 3000:      priceless magic?

RBCF 3000:      The methods for doing this are almost universally

RBCF 3000:      similar in certain respects, regardless of whether they

RBCF 3000:      come through Eastern heritages or tribal lineages, and

RBCF 3000:      they come from the most distant antiquity.

RBCF 3000:      .

RBCF 3000:      As I mentioned earlier, the principle formats that I know

RBCF 3000:      of, are chanting, dance, stillness, survival, martial arts,

RBCF 3000:      mudra, tantra, extended prayer and meditation,

RBCF 3000:      fasting, sleeplessness, dreaming, intoxication and

RBCF 3000:      sorcery.

RBCF 3000:      .

RBCF 3000:      What these all have in common is, first, that they set up

RBCF 3000:      conditions that put the "mask" ego into retreat. This

RBCF 3000:      ego is variously called shiida, false personality, "the

RBCF 3000:      first ring of power", "the formatory apparatus" or maya

RBCF 3000:      (which is, more accurately, what the ego thinks it

RBCF 3000:      perceives).

RBCF 3000:      .

RBCF 3000:      The second property we are looking for is to jog the

RBCF 3000:      inner mind toward awakening, so the practices are

RBCF 3000:      engineered to disorient the conditioned mind, with all

RBCF 3000:      its labels, categories, filters, prejudices and, more than

RBCF 3000:      anything else, chatter-- it is always telling us what is

RBCF 3000:      happening instead of letting us be present to know for

RBCF 3000:      ourselves.

RBCF 3000:      .

RBCF 3000:      A third important property is to rearrange and train our

RBCF 3000:      thoughts, emotions and feelings to align with the other

RBCF 3000:      side of ourselves instead of with only what we expect,

RBCF 3000:      what we can name and either ascribe to ourselves or

RBCF 3000:      dismiss without even knowing what we are constantly

RBCF 3000:      throwing away.

RBCF 3000:      I claim that the reason we don't think there are

RBCF 3000:      miracles any more is that our culture, more than

RBCF 3000:      perhaps any other, has perfected the art of ignoring

RBCF 3000:      everything.

RBCF 3000:      .

RBCF 3000:      As I've mentioned in previous session, and will get back

RBCF 3000:      to later on as well, is that everything that we consider

RBCF 3000:      to be our "feelings" are nothing but this programmed

RBCF 3000:      chatter, and all of our pain, suffering and misery are

RBCF 3000:      maintained by the chatter.

RBCF 3000:      The moment the chatter is cut off, all we feel is

RBCF 3000:      "flavors", "hues" and intensities of energy.

RBCF 3000:      .

RBCF 3000:      The next major feature is the sustaining of vibrations

RBCF 3000:      long enough to generate a current, wave form or

RBCF 3000:      "nectar essence."

RBCF 3000:      This is what attracts Beings from other levels of

RBCF 3000:      Consciousness and Materiality, who then, if properly

RBCF 3000:      invoked, serve as escorts for us through the gateways,

RBCF 3000:      or across the parallel lines, or up the golden staircase,

RBCF 3000:      across the Abyss or the River Styx or the Jordan, or

RBCF 3000:      many depictions we can find in mythology and

RBCF 3000:      scriptures.

RBCF 3000:      .

RBCF 3000:      Within this Current, we are in the Miraculous, or you

RBCF 3000:      could say that it is the state of Attention that realizes

RBCF 3000:      the miraculous nature of existence.

RBCF 3000:      What we *see* there is indescribable in words or any

RBCF 3000:      worldly concepts or categories, including what religion

RBCF 3000:      has come to be -- flat!  The new world stands "at right

RBCF 3000:      angles" to the rational, "reasonable" world-- it takes

RBCF 3000:      more dimensions of apprehension to even glimpse a

RBCF 3000:      shadow of it.

RBCF 3000:      .

RBCF 3000:      So the main way that seers describe what they see, is

RBCF 3000:      to invent rituals that may eventually bring others to see

RBCF 3000:      for themselves, and that is, I believe, the original and

RBCF 3000:      essential purpose of all religion.

RBCF 3000:      .

RBCF 3000:      ****** Have you ever experienced such rituals, or

RBCF 3000:      gone over to the "other side"?  Do you disagree with my

RBCF 3000:      propositions?  Let's hear from you now, open floor.

RBCF 3000:      ...................

Insink22:           beautifully said!!!

Mui Turtle:        hate it when that happens, meaningless rituals given out freely without a decree from said

Mui Turtle:        stablized hands

Shomble:           Who thinks there are no longer miracles?

Mui Turtle:        just another way of saying a said quote unquote "guru, master this or that, grand poohpah,

Mui Turtle:        high this that or another, Andrea

HOST LFST Jill:         :) thinking about those other angles....

FlowerJJN:        Now this part I understood ... :)

Magycians:        Its part of the power thing, like government

Andreaaspn:      very interesting 3000

RBCF 3000:      Magycians, how is that?

Magycians:        Well the churches control the "God"

FlowerJJN:        Perhaps ... 3000 ... the real problem .. is that we are looking beyond what is in front of

Andreaaspn:      very insightful Magy!!!!!!!!

Andreaaspn:      so true

FlowerJJN:        us and not enjoying life as it is

Insink22:           church and state

Magycians:        Oh thank you Andrea

HushTone2k:    Flower... I was thinking of that very same point today!

FlowerJJN:        looking beyond instead of in the 'now'

Insink22:           it is more like the real world is filtered out

Andreaaspn:      I see a theme here -- it is that inability to let the Divine be in control

RBCF 3000:      Magycians, yes, and moreover, isn't it we ourselves who keep giving our authority away?

Mui Turtle:        ok so you want bacon on your cheeseburger 3k in other words boy meets nonworld nonreality

Mui Turtle:        nonsense

Magycians:        I think its the "devil"

Andreaaspn:      to argue with that and to control it does give our authority away 3000

Andreaaspn:      imho

RBCF 3000:      FlowerJJN, absolutely!  I was just realizing today how

RBCF 3000:      tepid and shallow we let our experience become--we

RBCF 3000:      have so many more sense available...

Mui Turtle:        pass go to new realities at the risk of being diagnoised with polarized brain cells

Insink22:           the scales are set from birth

Andreaaspn:      we don't have authority, really

Galaxon:           3000   how long is it gonna be before we start feeling ecstatic awareness?

Mui Turtle:        ie : prozac and years of deprogramming

RBCF 3000:      Andreaaspn, right, but I claim that we do have the ability, just need to focus, no?

Insink22:           we MUST tip the scales

Safarilarry50:     Space ship is leaving ,any one want to go

FlowerJJN:        Thanks 3000 ... I agree ... I was once told that when I look at a tree to look between the

FlowerJJN:        leaves and branches ... and see how much more there is to see

Magycians:        We are just little guys down here, lol

RBCF 3000:      Galaxon, I get Ecstatic Awareness every single day-- wassa matta you? 

Galaxon:           3000 okra clogged arteries?

Andreaaspn:      the ability - yes 3000 --but the trick is letting go of the illusion of what we want that ability to be

HushTone2k:    :) Flower... nice anology

FlowerJJN:        Thanks Hush :)

Mui Turtle:        3k what does this have to do with electromagnetic photon belts and ascension

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Insink22:           our identification discrimination and desire

RBCF 3000:      Andreaaspn, well, there are a number of tricks, which I

RBCF 3000:      am outlining in this 25-week class.

RBCF 3000:      Mui Turtle, it has to do with ascension, for sure-- but photon belts???

FlowerJJN:        perhaps a great many are looking for the silver lining in the clouds and not the one that

Mui Turtle:        you cannot talk and know ascension without knowledge of energy

FlowerJJN:        surrounds them 

RBCF 3000:      Mui Turtle, precisely!  We are going after the energy that it takes to ascend consciously.

Mui Turtle:        not subconsciously?

Odielicious:      ready for ascension...woof woof...

StellaWolf:        hop on

Magycians:        So really 3000 your talking about the state of ecstacy where you are in the astral or spiritual plane

RBCF 3000:      Mui Turtle, I've got it down to about a minute and a half.

Insink22:           a shift

FlowerJJN:        Like Astral Planing ... ??

Mui Turtle:        3k but people passed on for years without this knowledge how does it help now?

Insink22:           plane and simple

Odielicious:      LOL Stella...

RBCF 3000:      FlowerJJN, all of that, yes. 

Mui Turtle:        why is it needed

Andreaaspn:      because our awareness is shifting Mui

FlowerJJN:        and Akashkic Records ... ":):)

RBCF 3000:      Mui Turtle, why is the subject of the first four sessions

RBCF 3000:      or so-- the logs are available. 

Mui Turtle:        Andrea you will return to ashes no matter if you wear panties backwards and never read or

FlowerJJN:        or fingers that spell right :):)

Insink22:           our awareness shifts when we sleep and shifts when we dream awake

Mui Turtle:        write in life

Mui Turtle:        and your soul knows the way

Insink22:           as asleep so awake

Mui Turtle:        regardless

RBCF 3000:      Mui Turtle, it helps whomever is ready to take off with it

RBCF 3000:      now.  This possibility emerges every millennium.

FlowerJJN:        :):):) Well Said Mui .....

Insink22:           death can be trancended by an act of creation

FlowerJJN:        I am not ready to go ... :)

FlowerJJN:        too busy enjoying life here on earth :)

Insink22:           the clinging dust to plasma energy

RBCF 3000:      (Next week's topic: "Vibrations, harmonics, postures

RBCF 3000:      and movements for opening and activating the keys."

RBCF 3000:      Please continue whatever daily practices you are doing

RBCF 3000:      -- we'll be using everything that results from them.

Mui Turtle:        3k that halebob thing blazed and took off through skies is that what you think mental

LourdMoon:      Oh . . . . 3000 is here, sorry I didn't notice

Mui Turtle:        derangments occured?

RBCF 3000:      Mui Turtle, yes, and there was such an event when the

RBCF 3000:      Rodney King riots started, and when the Gulf war broke

RBCF 3000:      out, I happened to notice.

RBCF 3000:      (The exercises we have been doing are stopping the

RBCF 3000:      internal dialogue; listening, tasting and feeling on deep,

RBCF 3000:      synaesthesic levels; dream and trance work; and

RBCF 3000:      consistent meditations of different kinds. We'll now be

RBCF 3000:      adding the exercises we discussed in tonight's class, as

RBCF 3000:      well.)

Insink22:           THANK YOU 3000!!!

Mui Turtle:        3k your my hero i honestly have never see anyone type so much at once

FlowerJJN:        3000 do you really feel it is necessary to go beyond this world to learn about life ??

LourdMoon:      Galaxon, I sway to be in Piety, don't want any one to think I am going soft in my years

RBCF 3000:      FlowerJJN, what I feel it is necessary to go beyond, is

RBCF 3000:      our complacency, our at-effect-ness, our despair and

RBCF 3000:      pain, our looking down at the ground instead of up at

RBCF 3000:      the Light...

Galaxon:           Lourd be not pious. simply beam in wonder of the awesome universe

Andreaaspn:      was lost but now I'm found -- lol

FlowerJJN:        I agree with that 3000 :):)

Shomble:           Hard to look up and not down

LourdMoon:      <~~Pius, is more palatable, all expect me to be nothing more

RBCF 3000:      Shomble, right-- it's a matter of energy, intent, focus,

RBCF 3000:      discipline, and help from those who have gone before.

FlowerJJN:        But a great many ... I believe .. do that ... 3000 ... I hope anyway

Shomble:           Bonsoir

Insink22:           don juan said he has no name no family no country no honor    only life to be lived

Galaxon:           <~~~not in expectation

RBCF 3000:      Insink, and he was a solitary bird too, eh? 

Magycians:        My coach just turned into a pumpkin

LourdMoon:      There are NO exceptions, Piety is best for me

Mui Turtle:        isn't it true some are born already with this and some need to study to gain access to it/

UNANA:          pizza pie, apple pie, rhubarb pie, raspberry pie

RBCF 3000:      Mui Turtle, yes, helpers and guides are brought in

RBCF 3000:      prepared at the end of a civilization, to help those who

RBCF 3000:      can transcend the holocaust.

HushTone2k:    I think we are all born with it... it's society that complicates it.

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Insink22:           it is our internal dialogue that screws up the seeing

Insink22:           the installment mind

RBCF 3000:      Thank you all for your wonderful ideas and feedback--

RBCF 3000:      please be sure to do all your homework for next week. 

RBCF 3000:     

Mui Turtle:        bye 3k alot to take in once again :)