Logue of Ecstatic Awareness Class #16:

How our health and every event in our lives is made up of observable,

specific decisions that we are constantly making.


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HOST LFST Tigres: Hi RB3000! We have them all warmed up for you. :-)

HOST LFST Heart: <bow> 3000

RochelleDo: gosh, didnt see you 3000 :)))))

HOST LFST Tigres: :*``*: 3000 & Heart :*``*:

HOST LFST RB3000: (I slid in surreptitiously

RochelleDo: cant see the long names in my little box

Khiron1771: 3k....you sly devil, you...

Gln102: like that word host rb !!

HOST LFST Tigres: Good night all and thanks for joining us. :-)

HOST LFST RB3000: (Of course my new name here got stuck sideways in the doorjamb)

SnoLitNite: whats the next chat about?

HOST LFST RB3000: SnoLitNite, tonight is our sixteenth class in Ecstatic

HOST LFST RB3000: Awareness. This evening's subject is "How our health and

HOST LFST RB3000: every event in our lives is made up of observable, specific

HOST LFST RB3000: decisions that we are constantly making."

HOST LFST RB3000: (The topic got stuck sideways in the door too

Khiron1771: oh.. I like that topic! kinda like you are ultimately responsible for yourself?

HOST LFST RB3000: Khiron, yes, but tonight we'll be taking that idea to extremes!

RochelleDo: 3k, those decisions, how can we know what we

RochelleDo: allow is okay? Can we?

HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, we'll be looking at that as we go along.

Khiron1771: wow, 3k.....then we need to drop our barriers?

HOST LFST RB3000: Khiron, can we really just decide to drop our barriers?

HOST LFST RB3000: Good evening, everyone -- tonight is our sixteenth class in

HOST LFST RB3000: Ecstatic Awareness. This evening's subject is "How our

HOST LFST RB3000: health and every event in our lives is made up of observable,

HOST LFST RB3000: specific decisions that we are constantly making."

HOST LFST RB3000: Once again, for those who are joining us for the first time,

HOST LFST RB3000: the way we are using the word "ecstatic awareness" here

HOST LFST RB3000: means entering into states of consciousness, accompanied

HOST LFST RB3000: by transformation of being, in which the supernatural and the

HOST LFST RB3000: Miraculous can be witnessed and experienced directly.

HOST LFST Heart: getting settled, and quiet.....

Khiron1771: 3k...yes. we can. but only if we become empathic.

Tipherath: oh darn...how come on Mondays?

M Natural 1: close your eyes look deep in your soul step outside yourself and let your mind go

HOST LFST RB3000: Khiron, can we *decide* to be empathic?

DCizunas: MN, I like that!!

Khiron1771: 3k yes. we can.

Khiron1771: it involves being able to step outside yourself.

RochelleDo: or we can be told we are

Cruxxlin: khir, like become a spectator out side you...no ego?

HOST LFST RB3000: Well, let's look at all this in context.... here we go .....................

HOST LFST Heart: semi protocol is in effect please

HOST LFST RB3000: Ok, friends, let's begin tonight's class: "How our health and

HOST LFST RB3000: every event in our lives is made up of observable, specific

HOST LFST RB3000: decisions that we are constantly making." We all know the

HOST LFST RB3000: drill about how "the world is what we make of it" or "good

HOST LFST RB3000: things come from positive thinking." So most people agree

HOST LFST RB3000: that our attitudes affect how things turn out, or at least

HOST LFST RB3000: make things more pleasant.

HOST LFST RB3000: But it turns out that, in esoteric or mystical paradigms, this

HOST LFST RB3000: idea is taken far more literally. They say that, not only is the

HOST LFST RB3000: world (including our personal reality) the direct result of our

HOST LFST RB3000: attitudes, thoughts, yearnings, regrets and the sum total of

HOST LFST RB3000: our intentions, but (at least in some schools) that there is no

HOST LFST RB3000: world at all *except* for what we each create.


HOST LFST RB3000: Then if I have pain, illness or suffering in my life, either that I

HOST LFST RB3000: experience or that I witness or hear about, it is only because

HOST LFST RB3000: of all my underlying resentments, fears, yearnings and, most

HOST LFST RB3000: of all, inner talking. I am constantly talking myself into

HOST LFST RB3000: defeat, despair, dismay, dishonor, indignation, and sickness.

HOST LFST RB3000: In fact, my inner chatter would rather that I *die* than

HOST LFST RB3000: change.


HOST LFST RB3000: This isn't all there is to it, but let's get started... What have

HOST LFST RB3000: you noticed about how you've talked yourself into or out of

HOST LFST RB3000: misery? What have you noticed about people with positive

HOST LFST RB3000: attitudes, even when things don't go well? Go ahead now,

HOST LFST RB3000: please -- open floor...........

Khiron1771: it's not our attitude, but instead our perceptual filter we apply that, unfortunately, is

Khiron1771: frequently based upon our own ulterior motives.

Khiron1771: and if you can drop the filter, you become empathic

Cruxxlin: empathy is a horrid torture Khir

Cruxxlin: until one learns how to deal with it

Khiron1771: cruxxy...only when you apply your own parameters, eh?

Cruxxlin: khir, i was more concerned with the emotions of 'others' which i

Cruxxlin: or you might not be prepared for? others 'attitudes' emotionally?

RochelleDo: It is hard not to notice that some folk with poor

RochelleDo: attitude get sick more

Tipherath: Heart, you're telling a consumer to "do it yourself", I

Tipherath: won't help you...some concept....sorry...now, I'm silent

HOST LFST RB3000: Khiron, doesn't dropping the filter take a lot of discipline and

HOST LFST RB3000: balance? I've seen lots of people suffer because their filters

HOST LFST RB3000: came loose before they were ready.

Khiron1771: Cruxxy...yes, love.

FlowrNtheWind: Rb, I have talked myself in and out of things like most people when there is mix emotions

Cruxxlin: you end up leanring how to block...kinda and its a healthy thing

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RochelleDo: yes, where to know when one is ready?

DCizunas: I've never been sick, but what about the things that were "accidental" 3K?

HOST LFST RB3000: FlowrNtheWind, do you concur that these "mixed emotions" are mainly inner chatter?

Khiron1771: 3k.....it doesn't take discipline, imho...it takes reverence for each individual's right

Cruxxlin: lfst, sometimes its the opposite of discipline...more of an acceptance or how things are

Deermap13: I like this quote and find it very appropriate here: When the mind is ready, the eyes will

Khiron1771: to be where they are, to choose their experience.

Cathplay: when you look at a sickness as a positive or as a need to change it will only get better

Deermap13: see, the ears will hear and the heart shall know...Lazo

HOST LFST RB3000: DCizunas, "accidental" turns out to be just a particular

HOST LFST RB3000: alignment of attention. Do you believe that?

Khiron1771: i do, 3K. we choose to focus.

FlowrNtheWind: Rb, to some extent yes

HOST LFST RB3000: Khiron, what does it take to be *able* to respect all life?

FlowrNtheWind: Rb, I think we tak them out to make sure it is right thing to do or for us

Lorilufri: i can see how that xould happen 3k

Mtnmama914: love of life

DCizunas: 3K, please explain...found out today that arm will never work right which was not "planned"

Astralspeak: self respect first, in order to respect all life

Khiron1771: 3K.....the underlying belief that either you've stood upon a particular brick upon a path or

Khiron1771: will in the future.....you're immune to no experience.

Yoda0248: One simply cannot have the belief that one is spirit without realizing ALL is spirit

HOST LFST RB3000: FlowrNtheWind, but don't we keep ourselves on the squirrel

HOST LFST RB3000: wheel with our "talking things out"?

Mtnmama914: and one must feed the spirit

Mtnmama914: to be healthy

HOST LFST RB3000: DCizunas, "will never" is chatter typical of that alignment. Who can say "never"??

FlowrNtheWind: Rb, only for a time until we answer it one way or another

Cruxxlin: nice way of putting it (((Yoddy))))

Khiron1771: you only choose at a particular moment in time to *perceive* an experience as to your

Yoda0248: hey cruxxi

Khiron1771: very particular growth process.


DCizunas: Ah, understand where you're coming from now 3K, doctors make strides every day

FlowrNtheWind: Life is not as black and white many gray areas inbetween this is where we get talking

HOST LFST RB3000: Yoda, agreed -- all is spirit. No problem with that.

Lorilufri: right, Flowr

HOST LFST RB3000: FlowrNtheWind, that' is exactly my very point-- we *decide*

HOST LFST RB3000: on a reality for ourselves, right?

Yoda0248: 3K, and reverence for all life comes when you may have a problem with my opinion but don't voice it. J

FlowrNtheWind: Yes we do to some degree

Tipherath: Yoda...3000....what a setup...hehe

DCizunas: 3K, like we decide before we start this incarnation??

HOST LFST RB3000: DCizunas, not really-- I don't even believe in "before & after"

Khiron1771: DC...we continue to re-decide.

FlowrNtheWind: DC, I think when we accept this incarnations we take everything that comes with it

RochelleDo: lots of lessons to be relearned, no?

HOST LFST RB3000: Khiron, exactly -- all in the moment, deciding, deciding, deciding, now. Right?

DCizunas: Khir, please explain further...: )

Cruxxlin: please dont go the 'lesson' cliche, ok?

Cathplay: take it as it comes?

Cruxxlin: its getting real old in new age

Khiron1771: Yes, 3K. we are a process in evolution. There is NO such thing as static existence.

Yoda0248: "in the moment" implies that time is linear, when in fact the sum total of our life maybe onl

RochelleDo: Crux, so new people cant ask?

Yoda0248: y one inch wide but ages deep

Khiron1771: We are continually pulling into us new information, new experience, and deciding anew.

Tipherath: OK...sub-hosts...when 3000 is out and about, your IMs

Tipherath: should bring people up to date, WITHOUT sacrasm, just

Tipherath: do it

Yoda0248: imo it all matters, past, present and future

Khiron1771: are you who you were a month ago, a year ago, 10 years ago?????

Khiron1771: of course not.......

DCizunas: Ah, agree with you there Khir, just thinking of monumental events

Cruxxlin: i was making a general comment about the 'lesson' cliche we hear in new age so often

HOST LFST RB3000: Khiron, I'm finding that I am reaccessing who I am even 50 years ago.

Cruxxlin: everyone seems to call it a lesson, and then never address the underlying issues

Khiron1771: you are a process in the making, and when you allow others the empathy to be the same, you

Cruxxlin: yes, life is a lesson, ok, get over that and lets go into details

FlowrNtheWind: Yoda, I agree with ya it all matters

Tipherath: 3000...lol...you were us

HOST LFST RB3000: Cruxxlin, there is a lot more material to come-- this is just

HOST LFST RB3000: the intermezzo discussion, see?

Cruxxlin: did i answer your question 3K?

Khiron1771: become much less demanding of them, and more loving of the beauty of their creation

FlowrNtheWind: Yoda just acceptting that one cant change the past its gone

Yoda0248: cruxxi, that leads to repeating same lesson over and over and over

Yoda0248: till one gets it

HOST LFST RB3000: Tipherath, "us" am "I", eh?

Khiron1771: you become an empath.

Cruxxlin: its just become sematically null to me, i apoligize if i got any of that on anyone hehehe

Yoda0248: Flowr, I agree to the point that one cannot change the past; however to ignore it would be

Tipherath: 3000....synomyms

Yoda0248: ignorant imo

Sting31: ZZZZZ

FlowrNtheWind: Yoda, Agreed

Sting31: bye

HOST LFST RB3000: Cruxxlin, actually, in my coming discussion, you'll see that I

HOST LFST RB3000: even admit to your observation.

Mtnmama914: be safe sting

Cruxxlin: we can not discard anything by calling it a lesson then leaving

Cruxxlin: the person to hand in the wiwnd learning their 'lesson'

Pleiadian1: great phraseology: semantically null

Cruxxlin: 3K...i hope i dont sound antagonistic, i dont mean to.

Tipherath: Cruxxlin...the thing there is, what's a lesson?

Cruxxlin: tip...apparently...everything

HOST LFST RB3000: On that note, let's go on with tonight's class

HOST LFST RB3000: ......................................................

HOST LFST RB3000: Those are all good comments, my friends. Now let's dig

HOST LFST RB3000: deeper and see how the plastic flux of "reality" conforms to

HOST LFST RB3000: our inner state. Please hold comments for a minute while I

HOST LFST RB3000: roll this baby out. ...............................


HOST LFST RB3000: Obviously, I'm not going to be able to *prove* to you that

HOST LFST RB3000: the "phsyical universe" (or even our little part of it) behaves

HOST LFST RB3000: like a dream, or conforms to quantum wave functions like

HOST LFST RB3000: subatomic particles, or perhaps appears as the merest

HOST LFST RB3000: bubble within the roiling chaos of the ultimate black hole

HOST LFST RB3000: which swallowed us a long "time" ago, or from which we

HOST LFST RB3000: perhaps never emerged in the first place.


HOST LFST RB3000: But neither am I going to ask you to take it on faith, or

HOST LFST RB3000: because "the bible told me so" or because it is the 916th

HOST LFST RB3000: tenet of Buddhism, although you can find this idea in the

HOST LFST RB3000: Vedas and the Zohar and the Upanishads, I suppose, as well

HOST LFST RB3000: as in the ruminations of physicists on the brink of the

HOST LFST RB3000: mystery of the dance of reality,

HOST LFST RB300: in which the experiment conforms to the observer's setup,

HOST LFST RB3000: and time, distance and the origin of the universe no longer

HOST LFST RB3000: make rational sense. (I'll lay down a study list at the end of

HOST LFST RB3000: tonight's session.)


HOST LFST RB3000: So that leaves me with demonstrating something to you,

HOST LFST RB3000: leading you up to where you can "hang ten" over the edge of

HOST LFST RB3000: the world, where "they should have sent a poet" as Ellie says

HOST LFST RB3000: in "Contact", when she gets to the other end of the

HOST LFST RB3000: wormhole, where the stuff of "reality" is made entirely out of

HOST LFST RB3000: the most day-dreamy fantasy.


HOST LFST RB3000: My news for you is that it is just that here and now, where we

HOST LFST RB3000: sit. And I present to you that where you sit is now and

HOST LFST RB3000: always was the origin of the whole universe. I invite you to

HOST LFST RB3000: witness your own birth -- can you imagine that you are this

HOST LFST RB3000: very moment dreaming up your own creation, choosing your

HOST LFST RB3000: parents and your childhood context -- your whole history?


HOST LFST RB3000: And now for the coup de grace -- I offer you your Death, the

HOST LFST RB3000: most amazing portal between worlds, the ultimate wormhole

HOST LFST RB3000: -- not waiting for you when you croak, when your energy

HOST LFST RB3000: body collapses from lack of rejuvenation and illumination,

HOST LFST RB3000: but the Miraculous right along with you, every step of your

HOST LFST RB3000: life, giving every experience an edge of preciousness, of

HOST LFST RB3000: brilliance, of finality.


HOST LFST RB3000: So now, you tell me -- are these just theoretical ideas or

HOST LFST RB3000: fantasies, or do you have experiences in your life that make

HOST LFST RB3000: you wonder if this might all be a dream? Is it morbid to think

HOST LFST RB3000: of death in this way, or does it hone our life and our attention

HOST LFST RB3000: to a numinous shine? Go ahead now, please-- open floor on

HOST LFST RB3000: this last section. ......................

Khiron1771: Wow, 3K....APPLAUSE!!!! APPLAUSE!!!

Khiron1771: (I am RIGHT THERE with you, 3K!!)

Pleiadian1: are these your own words, 3000...I am very impressed

Tipherath: 3000 your macros are collapsing my universe...slow it down!

Cruxxlin: Tippy, they are words...just read them lol

HOST LFST RB3000: Pleiadian, the ideas are not new to me, but I did summarize it my own way.

Cruxxlin: lol pleiad...what if they are not? hmmm?

Cruxxlin: WWooohoooo

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Tipherath: 3000 so your hinting that there was a Creator how

Tipherath: Macroed so fast that human minds had to fill in the

Tipherath: blanks later?

Tipherath: how

HOST LFST RB3000: Tipherath, I am hinting that YOU are the sole creator of All.

Mtnmama914: Well for what its worth i believe I picked my parents be for i came here

Mtnmama914: and that I will live on in the here after

Yoda0248: Tiph, quit creating and fix the leak in the universe

DCizunas: Me too Mtn...as well as the monumental events to happen in this life

FlowrNtheWind: Mtn, I believe I did too, to quote my 5 yr old

RochelleDo: it is amazing how when the "here and now" becomes

RochelleDo: real and important to us, the other stuff loses

RochelleDo: its intensity for having to "know"

HOST LFST RB3000: Mtnmama, I am suggesting that you are now and here first

HOST LFST RB3000: picking your parents, your birth and your whole "history".

BelovedMuse: all there is is the here and now, in every moment

Mtnmama914: i was some where be for hewre firdst i belive

FlowrNtheWind: "Mommy when I was with GOD I told him I wanted you to be my mommy and he sent me to you."

Tipherath: but Yoda, if god talks so quickly that I can't understand

Tipherath: my condemnation is to god, not me, the creation

Pleiadian1: lets examine that last claim, 3000.....there are many interpretations, for example

Khiron1771: i picked my own reality. i still do. i fall down every few minutes, at least....and get

DCizunas: 3K, as in the eternal now?

BelovedMuse: neato Flowr!

HOST LFST RB3000: BelovedMuse, exactly-- that's why I don't believe in

Deermap13: RB300o are we all the sole creator?

HOST LFST RB3000: "reincarnation", or even "before & after"

Yoda0248: Well, here is my view; we fall from paradise as babies and form our baggage in the yrs 1=7

Pleiadian1: even a linear interpretation that everything has a cuase and effect that leads to the next mo

Khiron1771: smacked with my own perceptual limitations. but i know i am the one limiting myself

Tipherath: Yoda...fall?

Pleiadian1: moment is one interpretation

HOST LFST RB3000: DCizunas, yes, this eternal now, the same one as always and

Tipherath: we're born

HOST LFST RB3000: ever shall be, the same one that was before there was a

HOST LFST RB3000: was.

Yoda0248: Figure of speech Tiphy

Pleiadian1: is that how you look at it?

FlowrNtheWind: Beloved, I was floored I never discussed it with him

Yoda0248: It sounds more poetic

Tipherath: Yoda...lot's of those going around

DCizunas: 3K, in that context I must concur

Theproprioceptor: what do you think happens to our energy when we die 3k?

HOST LFST RB3000: Yoda, I am presenting a view in which "paradise" is a decision that we are making NOW.

Khiron1771: it is me who decides who i will be, in all ways, always

Mtnmama914: so i am who i am for ever is what yoiur saying?

Yoda0248: I could go for that 3K

HOST LFST RB3000: Theproprioceptor, I don't think we *die*, but my Death travels with me everywhere.

RochelleDo: at this moment you are, Mtn

Tipherath: 3K, prove it

Khiron1771: 3000......as does your life.

Tipherath: prove it even...hehe

Theproprioceptor: so where do you think you go with your death 3k?

Cruxxlin: in reference to time and things getting done?...

FlowrNtheWind: Mtn, I think our soul stays the same although different life cycles things change

Mtnmama914: <spirit will continue on for eons

HOST LFST RB3000: Theproprioceptor, my Death takes me to inconceivable worlds of splendor and miracle.

Khiron1771: prove that you do NOT effect your destiny, Tip, honey.

Khiron1771: effect, and affect

Theproprioceptor: and then what 3k? for all eternity?

Yoda0248: any theory can be disproven

DCizunas: Very true, without "death" there would be no room for birth (new things)

Tipherath: 3K...it's there, but, pass

Mtnmama914: agree dc

Yoda0248: using statistics one can even prove God exists

Cruxxlin: yoda, i can disprove that theory!

BelovedMuse: or doesnt exist

HOST LFST RB3000: Theproprioceptor, I don't view eternity as "a long time", see?

Cathplay: so your saying live only for the moment, because that's all there is?

Khiron1771: it doesn't matter whether God exists.....it only matters that you understand you are the

Theproprioceptor: no i don;t see what you're saying.

Cruxxlin: live for the moment using past and future as bearing///maybe?

Khiron1771: creator of your reality by your CHOICE of perception, eh?

Cruxxlin: dont give up on past and future, realize it all as one thing

HOST LFST RB3000: Tipherath, I have already admitted that I can't prove it to

HOST LFST RB3000: anybody but myself, and I am demonstrating how you might

HOST LFST RB3000: prove it to yourself, see?

Yoda0248: That is what napoleon said too, Cath...it'll last my lifetime (moment) and after me the deluge

ExtensiontoU: well put..Khiron!

Cruxxlin: its all a NOW just depends when you get there

Khiron1771: thank you, Extension. it's the bottom line, for me.

Theproprioceptor: do you think you exist for only your 70 years here on Earth?

HOST LFST RB3000: Theproprioceptor, that's good, because it can't really be

HOST LFST RB3000: seen, like that. *Time* is an elaboration of the single

HOST LFST RB3000: moment of eternity, like a gigantic hologram.

HOST LFST RB3000: Theproprioceptor, I don't even think I exist here on earth,

HOST LFST RB3000: but a single moment in chaos, dreaming out some

HOST LFST RB3000: experiences. What do you know of the existence of your

HOST LFST RB3000: "history"??

Cruxxlin: time is a perception a dimension we mistake

Yoda0248: I will channel someone in new age chat when I die and tell y'all what it's really all about


Theproprioceptor: a great deal 3k

ExtensiontoU: Wow...nice..3k...makes good sense!

HOST LFST RB3000: Yoda, how do you know we're not doing that *already*?

Tipherath: 3000, doing what already?

BelovedMuse: Yoda would have the sense to pick someone with a provable message. lol

HOST LFST RB3000: Tipherath, channeling Yoda here.

Yoda0248: 3k, the only one hearing voices telling him to get outa Dodge is my bro's psychiatrist

RochelleDo: Many do not realise how much we can require ego

RochelleDo: stroking, that limits us, no?

BelovedMuse: ego stroking?

ExtensiontoU: you mean like existing in different worlds and realities at once..3K?..

Yoda0248: Muse, in my day they called it going blind

RochelleDo: "recognition" Muse

HOST LFST RB3000: ExtensiontoU, if not at once, at least in parallel.

Cruxxlin: everything we do affect all other things...so by existing we change the universe

ExtensiontoU: I totally agree with you 3K...not to mention the dream state..That may have....

ExtensiontoU: a lot to do with planning our paths...

DCizunas: Does anyone know the name of that strip of paper that can be formed so there is no front,..

DCizunas: ...no back and no end to it?? Thinking of that here

RochelleDo: Moebius strip?

Theproprioceptor: 3k, you feel you've never lived on Earth in another body, another "time?"

Cruxxlin: tip, they serve as a good example that reality is not a setup?

Cruxxlin: or a bad example?

HOST LFST RB3000: Cruxxlin, that is exactly what I've been trying to say-- thanks.

HOST LFST RB3000: Theproprioceptor, au contraire, I *am* living in all these

HOST LFST RB3000: worlds, in all these "bodies", now and now and now.

ExtensiontoU: yes!

Theproprioceptor: so what happens when you kick the bucket 3k?

HOST LFST RB3000: Theproprioceptor, my "now" includes all "notions" of "time", see?

FlowrNtheWind: I am living one physical life right now I hade many before and will have many that follow

ExtensiontoU: 3K..because there is no such thing as time..too! all exists at once..even

ExtensiontoU: reicarnational lives

HOST LFST RB3000: Theproprioceptor, I am constantly dying and being reborn, as are we all, in this paradigm.

BelovedMuse: Thepro.... one must die to find out, don't you think?

HOST LFST RB3000: FlowrNtheWind, how do you know your other selves are not

HOST LFST RB3000: saying the same thing. Couldn't this be the dream just as

HOST LFST RB3000: easily?

Khiron1771: wow, 3k.. you're allowing yourself to be what you are, then, in the face of the demands of

Khiron1771: the momentary reality?

FlowrNtheWind: ok somebody go die and come back and tell what happened

HOST LFST RB3000: FlowrNtheWind, ok, I'm back.

Cruxxlin: 3K, for what its worth, i can imagine and beleive what you are saying

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HOST LFST RB3000: BelovedMuse, that's why shamans and mystical priests go

HOST LFST RB3000: thru death-- in order to learn the Other side.

FlowrNtheWind: Rb, I can't say for a fact but this what I believe

Theproprioceptor: right, so why have you no knowledge of reincarnation 3k?

HOST LFST RB3000: Khiron, that's a fair way to put it.

BelovedMuse: they can have it. i have problems enuf with this side

Tipherath: Crux, there once was a "3000" who had a delightful

Tipherath: hour of stimulating thought...this, well, this is just a

Tipherath: burlesque shadow of that former being (IMHO)

HOST LFST RB3000: Tipherath, I've truly always thought so.

Cruxxlin: tippy...you are a rascal

Khiron1771: ...isn't it funny to experience yourself in response to specific occurrences, and KNOW that

Tipherath: Crux...I am honest

Khiron1771: you are much larger?

Cruxxlin: an honest rascal, ok?

FlowrNtheWind: Beloved thank you, to much going on here for me to juggle another life

Cruxxlin: khir, some wowuld pay big money to get smaller!

HOST LFST RB3000: Khiron, our small selves are not aware of our other selves,

HOST LFST RB3000: any more than our cats and dogs are aware of our lives as

HOST LFST RB3000: humans.

HOST LFST RB3000: Excellent, dudes and dudettes -- now we come to the grande

HOST LFST RB3000: finale of the evening--

HOST LFST RB3000: how we can actually demonstrate to ourselves the nature of

HOST LFST RB3000: the universe. Please once again hold your comments while I

HOST LFST RB3000: unravel the last few paragraphs. ................

HOST LFST RB3000: The whole time I have been running this course, I have been

HOST LFST RB3000: suggesting exercises and disciplines for you to try, including

HOST LFST RB3000: stopping the internal dialogue; listening, tasting and feeling

HOST LFST RB3000: on deep, synaesthesic levels; dreaming and trance work;

HOST LFST RB3000: chanting and sacred dance; mystical rituals; and consistent

HOST LFST RB3000: meditations of different kinds.


HOST LFST RB3000: I offer these to you knowing that it takes years and decades

HOST LFST RB3000: to get any perceivable results of the kind that we are looking

HOST LFST RB3000: for in this course, but that's how this has to be done, and

HOST LFST RB3000: "has been done for billions of years" (or at least for quite a

HOST LFST RB3000: while.


HOST LFST RB3000: For those of you who have been pursuing these disciplines,

HOST LFST RB3000: then maybe some of what I am sharing with you will jog

HOST LFST RB3000: some hidden memory in you; for those who are just getting

HOST LFST RB3000: started, you may remember some of this down the line,

HOST LFST RB3000: when you can use it.


HOST LFST RB3000: Or you may one day just have a flash, and suddenly see, as if

HOST LFST RB3000: all at once, your own Truth without words. This goes beyond

HOST LFST RB3000: what people see in near-death experiences or in astral

HOST LFST RB3000: travel, because of the added elements of power, intent and

HOST LFST RB3000: awareness -- that is, a profound transformation in yourself.


HOST LFST RB3000: The more astute of you may notice that I haven't really even

HOST LFST RB3000: said anything-- I haven't given you a recipe, I haven't

HOST LFST RB3000: proven anything. I have delivered nothing of substance to

HOST LFST RB3000: you, and here it is sixteen weeks. If I give you a diploma, it

HOST LFST RB3000: will have to be inscribed with invisible ink.


HOST LFST RB3000: But something *has* been transmitted, maybe not by me,

HOST LFST RB3000: but you are here, maybe wondering what the heck is going

HOST LFST RB3000: on here, or deciding that these are the ramblings of a burned-

HOST LFST RB3000: out druggie, or that none of this can have any practical value

HOST LFST RB3000: in your daily life.


HOST LFST RB3000: But something has changed. Maybe you won't notice it for a

HOST LFST RB3000: long time; maybe you'll never remember about it in your

HOST LFST RB3000: ordinary consciousness.

HOST LFST RB3000: But something in you will start assembling new worlds.

HOST LFST RB3000: Maybe they'll resemble the old world in many ways, at least

HOST LFST RB3000: for a little while.


HOST LFST RB3000: But ultimately your wings will expand, and your awareness

HOST LFST RB3000: will take flight. Dreaming and waking will be equal, and full of

HOST LFST RB3000: wonder. You'll know everything in the world as a connected

HOST LFST RB3000: whole, and you will embrace eternity. But don't believe me

HOST LFST RB3000: about it.


Yoda0248: pari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 geez its been ages

HOST LFST RB3000: ****** Well, friends, this completes the ideas that I'd like

HOST LFST RB3000: you to examine tonight. Go right ahead now, please. The

HOST LFST RB3000: floor is now open for discussion on this entire subject.

HOST LFST RB3000: ....................................

Cruxxlin: this all reminds me of heinleiins "number of the beast"

DCizunas: Tip, you're just siting an example of how we all die and are reborn : )

HOST LFST RB3000: Cruxxlin, good one.

Khiron1771: 3k....i disagree.....like the layers of the most beautiful crust of the earth, we are aware

Khiron1771: our true selves

Tipherath: DC...die, maybe

BelovedMuse: gosh i hate those scrolling macros. oy meine kopf!

Cruxxlin: where all realities were created by writers and the popular beleif

Cruxxlin: in them caused them to exist

Khiron1771: ...when we delve into our own center, we find the eons of love...the overwhelming desire all

Khiron1771: of us have to be love.

Khiron1771: that's the bottom line. expressing love

Khiron1771: 3k you've grown SO MUCH!!! :)**

ExtensiontoU: 3k ^5 to you....I love it!

HOST LFST RB3000: For further reading on tonight's topic, I recommend "The

HOST LFST RB3000: Dancing Wu Li Masters" by Gary Zukav, "The Tao of Physics"

HOST LFST RB3000: by Fritjof Capra, "A New Model of the Universe" and "In

HOST LFST RB3000: Search of the Miraculous" by P.D. Ouspensky, "Star Wave" by

HOST LFST RB3000: Fred Alan Wolf, and "The Whole Shebang" by another

HOST LFST RB3000: physicist.

ExtensiontoU: it is a matter of becoming more and more aware of who we are!

HOST LFST RB3000: ExtensiontoU, that is correct-- you get a prize

ExtensiontoU: <bowing>

ExtensiontoU: thank you

Theproprioceptor: i think you read way too much 3k....just feel dude

HOST LFST RB3000: Theproprioceptor, maybe so-- did I mention I've read some of these books ten times each?

Theproprioceptor: that could create blocks hindering your own inner knowing 3k

ExtensiontoU: if we , for a moment, allow to observe ourselves..we can then feel that time is non-existence

Yoda0248: Musey, The seat of the soul, highly recommend it

HOST LFST RB3000: Theproprioceptor, it could indeed, but I spend lots of time

HOST LFST RB3000: chanting, meditating, doing sacred dance, etc, with thoughts

HOST LFST RB3000: turned off.

ExtensiontoU: Cool...3K

ExtensiontoU: that is being in charge of your logical mind!

Khiron1771: Extension....and how do you become who you really are?

HOST LFST RB3000: (Here's a few more resources: Carlos Castaneda's "Tales of

HOST LFST RB3000: Power", "The Fire from Within" and "Art of Dreaming" are

HOST LFST RB3000: also tremendously helpful in working with these ideas. This

HOST LFST RB3000: one may be out of print, but George Gamov's "1-2-3 Infinity"

HOST LFST RB3000: is one of the books that got me started forty years ago. Take

HOST LFST RB3000: a look at Carl Sagan's "Contact" also -- the book form has

HOST LFST RB3000: some ideas that didn't come through clearly in the movie.)

Tipherath: Yoda, am serious, maybe anger and jealousy has a part of balance

ExtensiontoU: it is an on going process...Khiron..never ending...you see..Observe..it the

ExtensiontoU: key

Tipherath: Yoda...you see only a fringe

Khiron1771: Extension....:) ya mean you are a creation in the making?

HOST LFST RB3000: Theproprioceptor, because I thought I was losing my mind,

HOST LFST RB3000: worried about brain tumor, heart attack, ulcers, everything.


Tipherath: Muse, yes, the outside of an object (a person)

Yoda0248: Tiph, that's yer own clouded mirror yer looking in dahlink

Khiron1771: <~~believes that those who define their lives/personality with

Khiron1771: strict guidelines are eternally betrayed, because they do this with an underlying mis-assumption that they cannot change.

Theproprioceptor: don't worry so much..you seem like a cool enough dude

Tipherath: Yoda...that's babble talk, not helpful

BelovedMuse: Tip, i live on the fringes. just didnt know if thats what you mean

HOST LFST RB3000: (Next week: "The expansion of the Moment into its ecstatic

HOST LFST RB3000: components." Please continue whatever daily practices you

HOST LFST RB3000: are doing -- we'll be using everything that results from

HOST LFST RB3000: them.)

Yoda0248: Tiph, at least say psychobabble

HOST LFST RB3000: (All the previous 15 logs are downloadable from keyword

HOST LFST RB3000: "New Age" Library II, if you missed any of the previous

HOST LFST RB3000: classes, and tonight's log (#16) will be available within the

HOST LFST RB3000: next week. Please email me if you would like my weekly

HOST LFST RB3000: updates emailed to you.)

Khiron1771: and the truth of the matter is that you cannot NOT change.

FlowrNtheWind: I am how I am and always will me I love me and accept me for all that I am

Log Count: There were 13 member(s) in The New Age at 08:30 PM

FlowrNtheWind: the only person that can stop me it me, and if it is to be it is up to me!

Khiron1771: the only thing you can ever count on is your continued perceptual change.....i dare you to

HOST LFST RB3000: Khiron, well, that's not the *entire* truth-- we cannot

HOST LFST RB3000: change the personality form, but we can step out of it with

HOST LFST RB3000: our dream body and energy vehicle.

Khiron1771: remain the same.

ExtensiontoU: and that would be "changing the probability" of our many probabitlities..3k..right?

Khiron1771: 3000. bull You absolutely CAN change the personality form. You ask people to

HOST LFST RB3000: ExtensiontoU, yes, aren't we always?

Khiron1771: believe they cannot step outside a defined parameter, and you're incorrect....the most

Khiron1771: extreme is definitely possible.

HOST LFST RB3000: Khiron, right, and that is not what I am asking them to do, see?

BelovedMuse: <~~knows the extent that people can change....

ExtensiontoU: yes...it is all on framework two! 3K < a Seth thing>

FlowrNtheWind: Only I can change who I am

Khiron1771: 3K.....you're not their guide. They are. You cannot give parameters there, eh?

HOST LFST RB3000: <-- know the extent that people can be foolish, counting himself.

Tipherath: OK...is there even a thread of a theme that poor Yoda can hang onto?

HOST LFST RB3000: (For those who wish to do the extracurricular work with us,

HOST LFST RB3000: The exercises we have been doing are stopping the internal

HOST LFST RB3000: dialogue; listening, tasting and feeling on deep, synaesthesic

HOST LFST RB3000: levels; dream and trance work; chanting and sacred dance;

HOST LFST RB3000: mystical rituals; and consistent meditations of different

HOST LFST RB3000: kinds.)

ExtensiontoU: 3K..do you think that there is a limit to what we can manifest?

HOST LFST RB3000: ExtensiontoU, no limit at all, on our other side-- but the ego

HOST LFST RB3000: is limited by its own definition, see?

ExtensiontoU: we can condition the EGO...no 3k? I am sure we all have at one time?

HOST LFST RB3000: ExtensiontoU, I've been taught, and have confirmed, that

HOST LFST RB3000: the best we can "condition" our ego to do, is surrender.

ExtensiontoU: and that is the key...no? 3k

ExtensiontoU: surrender to "ALL THAT IS"

HOST LFST RB3000: ExtensiontoU, it's sure one of the main keys.

ExtensiontoU: yeppers!

HOST LFST RB3000: Well, friends, my time is up for tonight-- or at least my

HOST LFST RB3000: energy. Thank you all for participating with us today.

ExtensiontoU: Thank you, 3K!!

Cruxxlin: thank you 3k

ExtensiontoU: I have enjoyed myself tremendously!

Log Count: There were 17 member(s) in The New Age at 08:45 PM

HOST LFST RB3000: Ok, have a great week, everyone!

HOST LFST Heart: namaste all....see you next monday....bring a friend

Cruxxlin: {S namaste} 3k