The Expansion of the Eternal Moment into its Ecstatic Components


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HOST LFST Heart: Hello all

HOST LFST RB3000: Good evening, Viet Nam! (oops, er, I mean, "dear friends"

HOST LFST RB3000: As soon as everyone is quite ready, we have a wonderful topic

HOST LFST RB3000: next hour for our class on "Ecstatic Awareness"

RochelleDo: oh goody

HOST LFST Heart: Tonight is our 17th class in Ecstatic

HOST LFST Heart: Awareness: "The expansion of the Moment

HOST LFST Heart: into its ecstatic components. " we have semi-

HOST LFST Heart: protocol

Stingraybiker: ok I'm ready to learn teach from the heart not mind

HOST LFST RB3000: Stingraybiker, tonight's class is oriented toward the link

HOST LFST RB3000: between the Mind and the Feelings.

DCizunas: Was thinking of that just today 3K, when our church has classes every comes, we all learn so much.

HOST LFST Heart: <~~~bearing my heart for Sting

HOST LFST RB3000: Welcome, everyone

HOST LFST RB3000: Is anyone unclear about what the term "ecstatic" might mean

HOST LFST RB3000: in connection with "awareness"?

Zamurito: Clear as mud 3k

Stingraybiker: I

tingraybiker: Highly energised?

HOST LFST RB3000: The point is that we take almost everything for granted-- we

HOST LFST RB3000: basically see and experience only what we were conditioned

HOST LFST RB3000: to perceive, for the most part, n'est-ce pas?

RochelleDo: for the most part

HOST LFST RB3000: That is, we have all been societally conditioned, even if we rebel against it.

HOST LFST RB3000: Furthermore, we apply very little energy toward our perceiving and cognating.

HOST LFST RB3000: Think of the difference between a magnifying glass and a

HOST LFST RB3000: space-orbiting gamma-ray telescope..

HOST LFST RB3000: With tremendously more intent, energy and effort, we are

HOST LFST RB3000: then able to discern extremely subtle phenomena.

HOST LFST RB3000: The same, I claim, applies to us personally, do you see?

HOST LFST RB3000: Stingraybiker, does that more or less answer your question?

RochelleDo: I see.

Stingraybiker: Let me get my glasses

HOST LFST RB3000: Nobody seriously claims that gamma rays don't exist and

HOST LFST RB3000: can't exist, simply because it takes power and sophistication

HOST LFST RB3000: to perceive them, right?

Stingraybiker: What is the point?

HOST LFST RB3000: By analogy, I am offering that there are worlds beyond

HOST LFST RB3000: comprehension or imagination if we train our attention to

HOST LFST RB3000: perceive in new ways.

Stingraybiker: Agreed

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RochelleDo: yes, 3K

HOST LFST RB3000: Ok, friends, let's begin tonight's class: "The expansion of the

HOST LFST RB3000: Moment into its ecstatic components." This is not intended to

HOST LFST RB3000: make rational, common sense, any more than it was rational

HOST LFST RB3000: to believe the Earth was round, 600 years ago.

HOST LFST RB3000: Standing where we stood, without instruments and with

HOST LFST RB3000: hidebound mediaeval church authority telling us what could

HOST LFST RB3000: be true, and what could not, the Earth had to be flat, and the

HOST LFST RB3000: heavens had to be some sort of bowl going around it.


HOST LFST RB3000: Today we are faced with a paradigm shift at least as radical as

HOST LFST RB3000: a "round-earth-off-to-the-side-of-the-universe."

HOST LFST RB3000: The first component of this "new" paradigm (except that it has

HOST LFST RB3000: been described in mystical literature for thousands of years!)

HOST LFST RB3000: is that the "duration" of some "real" universe, outside of time,

HOST LFST RB3000: is but a single Moment.


HOST LFST RB3000: Most religions and mythologies teach about deities and divine

HOST LFST RB3000: realms, and also dark or nether realms, as having time frames

HOST LFST RB3000: different from our convention of sequences, before-and-after,

HOST LFST RB3000: cause-and-effect, "the knowledge of good & evil," etc.

HOST LFST RB3000: They refer to the laws of these other realms or continua as

HOST LFST RB3000: "the eternal", "the Miraculous", "the waters" or other

HOST LFST RB3000: mystifying metaphors.


HOST LFST RB3000: And now, even our priests of science are becoming

HOST LFST RB3000: confounded by the nature of the universe as they peer closer

HOST LFST RB3000: into the froth of the subatomic world, or farther into the

HOST LFST RB3000: relativistic maw of the monstrous Power which has spewed us

HOST LFST RB3000: into existence.

HOST LFST RB3000: Particles can no longer be required to contain any matter, nor

HOST LFST RB3000: can their interactions be certain of obeying the forward

HOST LFST RB3000: direction of time nor separation over empty space.


HOST LFST RB3000: So now, my friends, let us here confront the mysterious notion

HOST LFST RB3000: of a universe now-and-forever-at-the-very-moment-of-its-

HOST LFST RB3000: inception, here-and-everywhere-as-one-and-the-same-place

HOST LFST RB3000: which, as non-intuitive as it sounds, succeeds in explaining

HOST LFST RB3000: matters where conventional science must keep adding "laws"

HOST LFST RB3000: and dimensions and devices to try to flatten the

HOST LFST RB3000: Noumenon/Eschaton into something they can analyze and cut

HOST LFST RB3000: up into "components."

Stingraybiker: Karma seems to be some strange mistery to humanity

RochelleDo: What could be more miraculous than this moment ?

Rebspirit1: Rochelle..agree.

Rebspirit1: Why complicate the simple with all sorts of adjectives and adverbs

RochelleDo: it is required for some

Stingraybiker: karma?

HOST LFST RB3000: I have my own answer to these questions, if you would like.

Stingraybiker: see I sense the truth

RochelleDo: 3k yes

Rebspirit1: Sting..maybe we all have our own truth and one is as good as the other

RochelleDo: same with the various tarot decks

HOST LFST RB3000: I will be explaining this more tonight, and in the coming

HOST LFST RB3000: weeks, but I'll say a bit about it here...

HOST LFST RB3000: First of all, "this moment" is not a simple thing at all-- it is

HOST LFST RB3000: filled with everything that everyone has every brought to this

HOST LFST RB3000: moment. ...

RochelleDo: can it not be simple?

HOST LFST RB3000: ... Life functions are always going on, the planets and stars

HOST LFST RB3000: are always interacting, radiating, exploding, swirling...

Rebspirit1: LFST...beg to differ. The moment is all we have. Therefore, it is quite simple

RochelleDo: this moment does best in simplicity, no?

Rebspirit1: Wing...agree with you...a bit of confusion for me too

Herbdeva: this moment contains the center of your universe if life is eternal

HOST LFST RB3000: Rebspirit, well, if you are interested, stick around for the next

HOST LFST RB3000: hour and see if something in this intrigues you.

Stingraybiker: DEAR HOST Does meditation consume or eradicate karma?

Rebspirit1: 3000...This does intrigue me.

RochelleDo: but I am intrigued by the topic, so what 3000 says is

RochelleDo: good to read

HOST LFST RB3000: Stingraybiker, I actually don't believe in karma, so I don't have an opinion.

Herbdeva: neither sting, but it can make you aware of it

Mimishuff: the only constant in any moment is change regardless of the year

Herbdeva: karma is you reap what you sow, every action has an equal opposite

HOST LFST RB3000: Stingraybiker, but I will say that whatever way that you quiet

HOST LFST RB3000: your mind is essential for the task I am presenting here.

JacobJG: the "worst" human can skate, the "best" human can be consumed... no karma

RochelleDo: But, 3K, does that mean its just energy without balance?

Stingraybiker: You don't believe in the law of actiion vs reaction, dear teacher?

HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, doesn't it *always* find balance, no matter what?

Herbdeva: worst and best are subjective

RochelleDo: ah, there you have valid point

Rebspirit1: Sting...that is the law of cause and effect and functions differently

JacobJG: HERB, that's why I put them in quotes...

JacobJG: my point is that there is no "reward" or "hell"

Herbdeva: isnt' balance other way of saying karma

JacobJG: no "punishment" that comes to those who abuse others

Rebspirit1: the moment we can change the world forever by our choices. .then reap the law

Herbdeva: too true jacob

JacobJG: thanks herb

Rebspirit1: Mimi...soul is soul....

Stingraybiker: I hoght NEW-AGE meant understanding the LAW OF KARMA

Herbdeva: explain ecstatic components??

HOST LFST RB3000: Stingraybiker, not necessarily, I guess.

Herbdeva: new age is living with each truth with no judgement from others

JacobJG: herb, as humans, we judge as naturally as breathing, I think impossible not to

HOST LFST RB3000: Herbdeva, that is exactly what I am about to do.

HOST LFST RB3000: ***** All right, friends -- those are all wonderful thoughts

HOST LFST RB3000: you've brought up. Now let us delve into the second half of

HOST LFST RB3000: tonight's presentation: "Ecstatic Components of the Moment" -

HOST LFST RB3000: - what on earth could those be?


HOST LFST RB3000: In order for this part of the discussion to really make "sense",

HOST LFST RB3000: I'll need you to have been doing the exercises we've been

HOST LFST RB3000: talking about, for maybe 20 or 30 years. Short of that we can

HOST LFST RB3000: at least take a look at what you're likely to find.

Rebspirit1: I have been doing spiritual exercises since 74..think that qualifies me


HOST LFST RB3000: The first thing we'll need to understand is how infinite

HOST LFST RB3000: universes emanate from a single-pointed moment,

HOST LFST RB3000: holographically; that is, something that has no extension

HOST LFST RB3000: whatsoever suddenly impulses 15 billion years of history and

HOST LFST RB3000: 15 billion light-years of "space."

HOST LFST RB3000: Of course, it UNimpulses right back to "neverwas" in the same

HOST LFST RB3000: moment. (There, that wasn't so hard, was it?


HOST LFST RB3000: By the way, this "explains" how the Eschaton can be sitting at

HOST LFST RB3000: both ends of history at the same "time," simultaneously

HOST LFST RB3000: emanating and reabsorbing all creation. But it would be fair to

HOST LFST RB3000: ask, "What does that have to do with me, with my

HOST LFST RB3000: possibilities?"


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HOST LFST RB3000: There are several "answers" to that, on different levels. One is

HOST LFST RB3000: that there is only one single Consciousness period. So if you

HOST LFST RB3000: are conscious, you're <IT>! Now here's the kicker:

HOST LFST RB3000: Everything that you have experienced and can experience in

HOST LFST RB3000: this universe is exactly a momentary fixation of the one

HOST LFST RB3000: Consciousness. That is, you (or I) and your whole reality are

HOST LFST RB3000: a bubble of "sticking" of awareness.


HOST LFST RB3000: A crucial corollary of this point is that, if you can become

HOST LFST RB3000: aware of your Awareness, you can deliberately "stick" any

HOST LFST RB3000: reality, any possible or impossible universe.

HOST LFST RB3000: Actually, it turns out that you DO, unconsciously, but most of

HOST LFST RB3000: these lack enough inherent integrity and consistency to

HOST LFST RB3000: persist long enough for your local consciousness to take into

HOST LFST RB3000: account, like dreams at night that evaporate upon your

HOST LFST RB3000: awakening.


HOST LFST RB3000: (For example, "this" reality is just such a sticking point

HOST LFST RB3000: The topper of this idea is that, once you have developed an

HOST LFST RB3000: exquisitely keen and steady attention through protracted

HOST LFST RB3000: efforts and discipline, you may find that you can actually

HOST LFST RB3000: freeze the frames of any of these expansions, not just

HOST LFST RB3000: visually,

HOST LFST RB3000: but on all channels, holistically. Then you can realize all that

HOST LFST RB3000: bundles of "decisions" of attention with which you have

HOST LFST RB3000: assembled each feature of your reality.


JacobJG: nicely said, Barry

HOST LFST RB3000: These cognitions are utterly extraordinary, though -- for a

HOST LFST RB3000: long time, they last for only the merest flash at a time, in

HOST LFST RB3000: states of grace -- ecstatic moments of grace, in which

HOST LFST RB3000: everything you are is suddenly connected up, and you

HOST LFST RB3000: remember all the moments of your life in which you realize

HOST LFST RB3000: this simultaneously. And then you forget again.

HOST LFST RB3000: **** The floor is back open for discussion. I know this is kind

HOST LFST RB3000: of heavy, so take your time to scroll up and contemplate. I'd

HOST LFST RB3000: especially like to hear what kinds of flashes you have had, and

HOST LFST RB3000: what led you to them, and how they changed your life. Go

HOST LFST RB3000: right ahead now please. ........

JacobJG: what's an Eschaton?

RochelleDo: we each be part of the hologram?

RochelleDo: that makes us one

RochelleDo: so here we are

RochelleDo: but how could it be otherwise?

RochelleDo: you forget to relearn, no?

JacobJG: Like Michael Jordan, being in the ZONE

Herbdeva: I've been reading metaphysics for 30 years and still don't know what your talking about

RochelleDo: to know it all means we have nothing more to learn?

JacobJG: herb, really? it fits well with Conversations with God and such...

HOST LFST RB3000: Herbdeva, does that help a little, about "ecstatic components"?

RochelleDo: hence, relearning

JacobJG: it all comes back to us being God's way of keeping from being bored with eternity and

JacobJG: infinity

Herbdeva: i'm humbly sorry to say but no

JacobJG: that's the bottom line of all of this

Herbdeva: what the bottom line,

Herbdeva: lol

HOST LFST RB3000: Herbdeva, in a minute, I'll share some of the books that have

HOST LFST RB3000: helped me, and maybe you could share some of what you've

HOST LFST RB3000: been reading...?

JacobJG: <in N.Y. accent.>.. I got your bottom line... RIGHT HERE!! <G>

HOST LFST RB3000: JacobJG, I think you may be right.

ExplrngLfe: LFST the question now is where are you at this moment ?

JacobJG: thanks, 3K, but how do I not be locked into inactivity by that realization?

HOST LFST RB3000: ExplrngLfe, depends on how you're asking, I guess. "In a

HOST LFST RB3000: body", "on a chair", in "Los Angeles",...

JacobJG: 3K, to me, it seems like nothing is worth doing if this is all a cosmic farce....

HOST LFST RB3000: JacobJG, I find I am locked into wonderment by that realization.

RochelleDo: but, it is worth doing for all those questing answers or

RochelleDo: direction....

RochelleDo: we are here to share, too

JacobJG: 3K, and I'm locked into despair...

ExplrngLfe: LFST no on your journey if you're on one . What's happening for you ?

Insink22: IMAGIN a state of mind you could go into where you would simple have total recall of all the dreams you ever dreamed

HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, I'm a solipsist, so I really do everything just for "myself"

JacobJG: herb, no forgiveness needed for that

JacobJG: <g>

Herbdeva: I can recall past lives and existances on other planets and planes is that what you mean

HOST LFST RB3000: Insink, that is exactly what I am working toward, and I am making some progress finally

RochelleDo: 3K that be fine but you choose a Host name, that means

RochelleDo: you share

Insink22: :::smile:::

HOST LFST RB3000: RochelleDo, make you wonder, doesn't it?

Insink22: a differant track

RochelleDo: we can not get there too quickly

Insink22: life in the "dream " lane

Insink22: to quick and you go insane

RochelleDo: we may wish we could

Althy1: I am wondering if anyone has had experiences of visualizing something so intensely that it a

Althy1: actually manifests itself

RochelleDo: if we are ready

HOST LFST RB3000: (For further reading on tonight's topic, I recommend "The

HOST LFST RB3000: Dancing Wu Li Masters" by Gary Zukav, "The Tao of Physics"

HOST LFST RB3000: by Fritjof Capra, "A New Model of the Universe" and "In Search

HOST LFST RB3000: of the Miraculous" by P.D. Ouspensky, "Star Wave" by Fred

HOST LFST RB3000: Alan Wolf, and "The Whole Shebang" by another physicist.)

Herbdeva: I have, but what this ecstatic stuff

Insink22: yes if you are ready to go insane

HOST LFST RB3000: (Carlos Castaneda's "Tales of Power", "The Fire from Within"

HOST LFST RB3000: and "Art of Dreaming" are also tremendously helpful in

HOST LFST RB3000: working with these ideas. George Gamov's "1-2-3 Infinity"

HOST LFST RB3000: may be out of print, but is one of the books that got me

HOST LFST RB3000: started forty years ago. Take a look at Carl Sagan's "Contact"

HOST LFST RB3000: also -- the book form has some ideas that didn't come through

HOST LFST RB3000: clearly in the movie.)

Drpatcrawford: careful what you wish for...:)))

Grazhopprr: sheesh, to quote mag,,,,gave up reading for this very reason

Althy1: Please explain the ecstatic realm

RochelleDo: I am not wishing tonight

HOST LFST RB3000: Herbdeva, what have you?

Herbdeva: someone asked if dreamed something then manifested it

Althy1: that was me

Wingsoligh: Why not just keep it simple That's so everyone can understand

Insink22: ::: retreating into dream world now:::

HOST LFST RB3000: Althy, I'll say a little here, but I invite you to check out the

HOST LFST RB3000: previous sixteen logs of this class in New Age Library II, as

HOST LFST RB3000: well...

Herbdeva: is ecstatic realm a plane or state of consciousness or level of develped awareness?

Insink22: many go into this state like a trip through disney land with no plan

Althy1: I am interested in the idea of visualizing something and it actually manifesting

Insink22: drugs and rock and roll

Insink22: they fly high

Insink22: and come down

HOST LFST RB3000: ... This is a 25-week attempt to say a little about the ecstatic

HOST LFST RB3000: realms, or rather, the awareness necessary to perceive them.

Herbdeva: insink to experience what give us example

Drpatcrawford: Yes, IS22 and some of us know from experience and scientific data


Insink22: we are in a forest and can't see the forest for the trees

HOST LFST RB3000: Herbdeva, all of those, and not really. It is ambiguous from

HOST LFST RB3000: our perspective, because it takes place in more dimensions

HOST LFST RB3000: than we are accustomed to, see?

Insink22: to shift high we see the valley 200 miles away

JanetGilum: you do not believe that maybe it might be up to the realms to take us there

Herbdeva: althy be careful what you envision -- you are responsible for it

Insink22: what does this help in the forest?

RochelleDo: I see

Herbdeva: like being aware of 5 bodies at once

Althy1: Only peaceful things, herbdeva

HOST LFST RB3000: JanetGilum, yes, to a very great extent, I do believe that,

HOST LFST RB3000: because here we don't have the kind of power, energy and

HOST LFST RB3000: focus to push ourselves there.

Insink22: they can take you there.... but where is there?

Herbdeva: janet I don't like that up to the realms up to you

HOST LFST RB3000: Herbdeva, sort of like that, I think.

Grazhopprr: 3k-- push ourselves where?

Insink22: to see the forest in bits

Herbdeva: why lfst?

HOST LFST RB3000: Grazhopprr, into perception or assemblage of ecstatic realms.

Drpatcrawford: And just because they build the rides does not, in my opinion means we do not have free will

Insink22: the forest that is around us

RochelleDo: we must not depend on the realms

Grazhopprr: 3k, why don't we have the power?

ExplrngLfe: LSFT lets Focus now and get to where ever you want to get to..

RochelleDo: realms

Herbdeva: question?? what the purpose??

Log Count: There were 23 member(s) in The New Age at 08:15 PM

RochelleDo: to grow

Insink22: it is good to see the valley 200 miles away so you know there is more

RochelleDo: the purpose

StarBorn22: are we talking about realms??

Insink22: if you can believe it

Insink22: realms yes

Herbdeva: is realms planes or levels of awareness or both??

RochelleDo: are we not all here for growth?

Temshaa: Star,,who can tel right

Insink22: worlds

Grazhopprr: herb, both

Insink22: many worlds

HOST LFST RB3000: Grazhopprr, because we have spent our lives scattering what

HOST LFST RB3000: we were given, and wasting our energy on trivia and

HOST LFST RB3000: posturing, for the most part.

StarBorn22: I'm pretty good in the cleaning of the house realm

Insink22: all the life on the planet may be in their own worlds

RochelleDo: or scattering seed?

Insink22: very different than ours

Grazhopprr: 3k, but that doesn't mean we haven't got the power, just that we have other plans

HOST LFST RB3000: ... We waste huge amounts of what we need on *image*, for example.

Herbdeva: this could sound like trivia also if not the proper perspective

RochelleDo: we waste nothing if it is part of growth

Temshaa: What we need??? What does that mean??

HOST LFST RB3000: Grazhopprr, if we *HAD* real plans, that would be power right there.

StarBorn22: what do you mean IMAGE?

HOST LFST RB3000: Temshaa, what we need in order to assemble ecstatic realms.

Insink22: growth is fine but do we have unlimited amounts of time

RochelleDo: If we bellieve we waste, we feel guilty

Temshaa: That's a blanket statement, isn't it .RB??

Grazhopprr: 3k, humans are here to be human, blind of their power. it's a choice, not a prison

StarBorn22: we are trying to create ecstatic realms?

HOST LFST RB3000: Insink, what would you like to do with your limited time? I've

HOST LFST RB3000: always know what I had to do, since childhood.

Temshaa: If this is prison...I love it...

RochelleDo: I will not choose prison

Insink22: guilt is moot liberation is everything

Insink22: love it all you want

RochelleDo: this moment is freedom

HOST LFST RB3000: Grazhopprr, yes, but it becomes a prison once we rescind the old choices, no?

Temshaa: What I dont finish now..I'll finish later..whats the rush?

Herbdeva: I love life too, but there is more

HOST LFST RB3000: Insink, totally agree.

JanetGilum: it is our choice but also the realms choice to where it takes us and where we go

Insink22: this moment can lead to true freedom

Grazhopprr: 3k, it is never a prison at any time. that is always a choice.

Herbdeva: that your choice tem

HOST LFST RB3000: Temshaa, when would that be?

RochelleDo: if we choose that, 3K, I guess it is a required choice, no?

JanetGilum: it is only a prison if we choose to make it one

Temshaa: Who knows??!! Does it matter RB???

HOST LFST RB3000: Grazhopprr, again, you are correct. I use the "prison" idea to keep myself moving.

Insink22: it may matter much!!!

Grazhopprr: there is no grand poobah to throw you back here for payment of something owed

Temshaa: Matters if you wish

Grazhopprr: 3k,,,,then do others the favor of not reflecting your limits on them.

HOST LFST RB3000: Insink, that is my very point I've been attempting to make.

Temshaa: It all comes out in the way or another

HOST LFST RB3000: (Two weeks from now (we're skipping next week) our subject

HOST LFST RB3000: will be: "The nature of the Divine, and how we connect to

HOST LFST RB3000: <it>." Please continue whatever daily practices you are doing

HOST LFST RB3000: -- we'll be using everything that results from them.)

Insink22: if one believe they are immortal then they don't see the need

ExplrngLfe: LFST Why use any idea to keep yourself moving ..??

RochelleDo: Kinda good, the Growth process

Drpatcrawford: InSink22, the need for?

Insink22: any idea like death?

Herbdeva: or insink they do see the need, it becomes more important

HOST LFST RB3000: ExplrngLfe, please explain your question..

RochelleDo: it suits us

Insink22: it is important!!!

Grazhopprr: everyone moves at their own pace, time spent doing things cannot be regulated by another

Insink22: infinity is a quest of importance

Insink22: and the path you take to it

RochelleDo: to think too much is not good on some topics

ExplrngLfe: LSFT if you have an idea your moving ,,where is it you think your moving to ?

StarBorn22: I agree rochelle

RochelleDo: some are just to be allowed

Insink22: infinity!!!

Insink22: moving to infinity

Drpatcrawford: Experience vs "mind," "intellect," right IS22?

Insink22: you think it is a "givin"

HOST LFST RB3000: ExplrngLfe, well not to some "place", but to a far more

HOST LFST RB3000: encompassing and fulfilling perspective.

RochelleDo: within is the only place

Insink22: within without

Insink22: same

RochelleDo: words are too inadequate

ExplrngLfe: LSFT Why do you feel your not at that prospective ,,Why is it you seem to put it at a distance?

DCizunas: If we aren't moving, we are stagnating and falling behind because everything else is progressing

Drpatcrawford: I agree, ROD

Insink22: it is far and it is near

Herbdeva: still need something concrete from this discussion.

Simmarah: DC That is goal change hopefully towards higher consciousness

RochelleDo: dont Expect it, Herb

DCizunas: Exactly Simm

HOST LFST RB3000: (The exercises we have been doing are stopping the internal

HOST LFST RB3000: dialogue; listening, tasting and feeling on deep, synaesthesic

HOST LFST RB3000: levels; dream and trance work; chanting and sacred dance;

HOST LFST RB3000: mystical rituals; and consistent meditations of different kinds.)

Mimishuff: well seth along time ago...said all things are happening at all times simultaneously

RochelleDo: cant beat Meditation

Mimishuff: therefore how can you ever be behind, in front or whatever...only present

Insink22: you can be present in another world

Mimishuff: chaos is created when man tries to control spirit...

Wingsoligh: Yes What meditation is a spiritual movement Yes it is spiritual growth

Insink22: we are dusking off the link to spirit

Mimishuff: divine intervention is seen as chaos because it is not what we think spirit should be

Drpatcrawford: Yes, IS22 and some may have more aptitude than others...some more committed to the discipline

Drpatcrawford: of the learning, we are all at various stages, tho, yes?

Herbdeva: aptitude does not equal altitude

Mimishuff: exactly pat...

Simmarah: We are the Dreamers We are the dream......

Drpatcrawford: And you seem to me pretty evolved, that can be frustrating...

Wingsoligh: chaos is when man tries to control nature

Drpatcrawford: Nicely put, IS22...:)))

Insink22: we are the stuff of which dreams are made of

Simmarah: Insink ye we are the dream

Mimishuff: chaos is what is created when man tries to control spirit. .it's as if we think if we

Mimishuff: meditate we will rid our lives of chaos...of change...when in fact change IS the only constant

Drpatcrawford: OK, OK, so don't let us off the hook...:))

Herbdeva: dreams don't put food on the table for the babies

Stingraybiker: dreams are

Drpatcrawford: Hmmm, Herb, they can help....

Insink22: we want freedom and freedom is reaching the energy body

Drpatcrawford: What we are doing here employs millions and a view decades ago

Mimishuff: gotta dream it before u can be it

Simmarah: MIMI meditation clears the mind thus cleansing A Significant change

Drpatcrawford: was the dream of a maladjusted 14 yr old named Bill Gates!:))

Herbdeva: i agree craw, but have the need to be grounded

Drpatcrawford: A few decades...

Mimishuff: the key is to be calm amid chaos...chaos doesn't go away...only our reaction to it changes

Drpatcrawford: Of course, Herb...

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Mimishuff: agrees with pat...without a dream many inventions would not exist

Insink22: there is a big picture here are we missing it

JanetGilum: seems to me that there might or should be a common ground between ecstatic realms and what

JanetGilum: goes on in here

Insink22: infinity is the BIG picture

JanetGilum: like the many different kinds of religious views coming togethere

Herbdeva: that my point janet

Drpatcrawford: we are trying our best to, but you are refusing to let us off the hook...thank you...:))

Insink22: only the energy body can cross the bridge

HOST LFST RB3000: Well, my dear friends, I think you're doing excellently, and

HOST LFST RB3000: I've shared what I wanted to. Thank you all for participating

HOST LFST RB3000: with us today.

Angelchakra: ''{{HOST LFST RB3000}}غ''

Drpatcrawford: Thank you, HOSTS, for your effort...

Insink22: the big pictue of some is hard to see

HOST LFST RB3000: :::::: bows deeply :::::: I'll see you all in TWO weeks.