Walking the Path of Being

Received by Barry Klein, all rights reserved


Dear ones, the path that you are walking is the path of Being, not so much the path of doing. Your being is transcendental. Power comes, gifts come to illuminate your way, but we don't mean for you to stop at them. The ones with lesser faith get caught up in their powers, but when they stand still and try to own what is of God, they get stuck. It becomes wrong food, indigestion. Be free, be light, be as little children. Be in wonderment at each step and then go to the next step. Come forward, come, come, come to us. At each step, the lotus blossom blooms in your path. You are the Buddha-- only you can be the Buddha. The Buddha is you in the perfect expression of your heart.


Do seek us, do ask for love-power feedings every minute of the day. Do make your bodies light and fine, do set up your Witness, do observe yourself with no judgment, just love, acceptance. Do walk unfettered of expectation, doubt, requirement, consideration of what people must expect of you, think of you. How do you look? Whether you've said the right thing, whether somebody's mad at you. No-- be with us. Express love-- love is so much better than shame. We don't see why we need to explain this to you at this late stage (laughs).


Your bodies, your lower selves, are always being pushed and pulled by the winds, like leaves; your Witness is what stands on the solid ground of Spirit-- your faithful Witness, your unshakable faith and devotion and humility-- with those you stand upon the solid ground ... of God. It is God's love that carries you to us; it is God's love that you are made of; it is God's love that is our communication with each other-- that we know each other, that we know the Self.


Trying to do what you see somebody doing that seems wonderful is trying to walk their path. We don't know what their path is-- we hardly know what our path is. Every step that you take in devotion is a miracle-- creates the world of the Miraculous, creates all Goodness. It's very simple. If you want to do something, do something very simple. Make somebody happy. Be such that the little kitten and the little bird eats out of your hand, so that each other eats out of your hand. Express love. How good do you feel by being "right"?


Do look into each other's eyes and see them ascended. When you can see that all is ascended and all is beauty and all is bejeweled Miracle, you are ascended. If you see, you are ascended. It is the power and the joy and the revelation and the Crown of Being to see the perfection of all, in all ways and at all times within the Eternal Moment of the Now. Here/now/perfection. Here/now/perfection. Here/now/perfection. This, this, whatever this is, is perfection--it is exactly where I need to be, exactly what I need to be doing, exactly what I need to be feeling. (Thank you, thank you, thank you God).


Never doubt, and when you are feeling doubt-- bless yourself. Go forward, go forward and be here. How is here going forward?  If you stand still, the Moment of the Eternal passes right by you; if you think about the past, you go backwards; if you think about the future, you go past the Moment. If you meet this Miracle on <its> own terms here and on <its> own terms now, you are the Miraculous, you are the Crown of Being, you are the Child of God's perfection and the Mother's Love. The Mother is such a complete fountain of giving Love to you who can receive it. What an effort it takes for you to shut that off, to think that you are separate from it. How can you be separate from this fountain of everlasting love and nurturing and perfection, sweetness and joy and creation? How can you be separate from this? You ... are ... this.


There is some very, very tasty, sweet love-light pouring into you right now-- you can taste it. Can you feel it all the way through you, in every cell? Can you know that you are just totally complete, know without thinking about it, not expecting it, not comparing it to anything? You are the Being. Your Temple that is you, that is the Whole of You, is the Home of God, the only one that God ever had. You are the Temple of Perfection-- there is no other, there is no other. ... Take sixty breaths of Perfection, and on each breath, receive and affirm the Love that you Are... (takes ten slow breaths through the nose, then fifty fast through the mouth.)


Now, for the rest of the evening, realize that each other is the perfection of your self-- how much you depend on each other-- not in the old way!-- but how much you support each other-- each other's total, deepest Wish, how much you need them, how much you need them to be perfect, Whole, to be receiving what you are receiving. Remember that you are the Vessel, so that whatever you are holding, whatever you are thinking, whatever you are speaking, is your Creation.  If it is of Love, you are creating the World of Love