What Right Do I Have to Doubt?

Received by Barry Klein, all rights reserved


Think of it this way, my dears.  You might phrase it, "What right do I have to doubt?  I have been healed so many times, I have seen so many miracles, I have received so many blessings in the course of every day."  You have been asking us to pry you loose from the bounds of ego  Well, what do you think that takes?  Do you think you can be pried loose from the bounds of ego and still feel important, still feel "worthy," still feel "loved," still have "control" -- of any kind.  The bounds of ego are the only thing that holds together the old world-- the world of pain, sorrow, shame, yearning, lack, fear -- luggage.


So, can you now first envision, and then step into a new world, the world that you have been creating with every wish of your heart throughout your life.  What is your new world?  You knew as a child!  You knew there had to be a better world and you envisioned it as a child.  Did you stop envisioning it?  Every piece of work that you've done-- every channeling, every communion, every gift of devotion, every service that you've done-- has helped firm up the new world.


Do you remember what your new world has in it waiting for you?  It is your home-- it is your home waiting for you.  As weak as you feel, you actually have extraordinary power locked up in you, just extraordinary, miraculous power locked up in you.  You can't make it operate-- it is your Being, not your doing.  It is you embracing your Self, looking to God in you, and not approval from others. Being perfect health, being bliss, being Love, being the Divine. You are the total embrace of Self.  I-am. You-are I-am. Enter me, I enter you.  You-I I-am one, one, One.  I-am-God.


So, at any moment in which you are starting to feel doubt, fear, shame, guilt, unworthy, lack or anything of that ilk, that is the time for you to make a point of remembering I-am-God-in-you.  I am God in you perfect, whole, completely filled with joy and love-- completely!  Now, at this moment in which I was beginning to feel-- but, do you know what? There is no such thing as fear, guilt, shame.  What you are feeling may be intense, but it doesn't have to be labeled. What is it that you're feeling if you don't label it? You feel something that you used to label as "shame"-- now, don't label it. Now what are you feeling?  Something in your body-- you're feeling God, you're feeling your connection.  It feels like *this, but it's not the label.


Now you're feeling something that you used to call anger--stop labeling it.  With no words, now what is it?  What energy?  It boils your blood, it intensifies you, but without the label of "anger", there is no one that needs to be blamed for anything.  Nothing is wrong-- you just feel some wonderful energy.  "Grief"-- take the energy that you used to call "grief"-- now just feel the energy, feel it in your body, feel where it goes in you, feel where it moves you.  With no label, without calling it anything, feel how it moves you, feel what it connects you to.


Let's take "yearning"-- feel the energy of what you used to call yearning. Now take the label away-- no words!  Feel the energy, where is it in you, where does it move you... what does it connect you to?  Every energy that you feel is your ticket to travel, your ticket to bliss, your ticket to connection.  Everything that you feel!  Take the one that you call "confusion"-- drop the word. Now just feel it, feel it, feel it in your body.  Feel this energy, what it connects you to. There is no more word "confusion", just sensation-- it's energy, it's motion.


This connecting together the pieces of you to the whole of your Self.  Feel everything with no word-- everything that you feel with no word-- just feel it connecting your body and connecting your soul together.  Embrace everything that you feel-- all this energy; let it move you, let it move you how it will.  It doesn't mean anything in the old way; it's just yours, your energy, your ticket.  It is God pulling you.  If we label it, if we call it any of those old things, we chop God off -- this is how we chop off God.  Now just feel the energy.  Everything-- everything-- is just energy to feel.  Everything is just energy to feel.  Then what changes?  What does that allow you to do?  Be silent and surrendered, and go with the energy.  With no word, there is no one to blame; there is no one who is responsible for anything about your life.


The word "responsible" no longer means anything, because I-am embracing the Whole of my Self.  That is the ultimate responsibility-- ultimate; there is no other.  Yom hakipoorim-- this is the Day of Atonement, this is the day when you are released from all your bad contracts.  Your bad contracts are held together by all these words.  The words are gone, and so your contracts are gone.  All you have now is what you are creating now, what you harmonize with now, what you receive now, what you accept now, and what you transmute now.  Now, now, now-- I-am-God-in-you NOW.  What right do I have to doubt anything? I-am the miracle of all existence now. I-am-now the miracle of All Existence, always, eternal, eternal, eternal, forever-- total Love. Total Love-- the embracing of the Whole of the Self.