Divine Presence through Troimille, January 14, 2001


Dreaming Perfection


Notice that the synchronicities are getting quite thick lately. Notice that your dreams are getting closer to your waking, and vice versa. Just if you happen to notice. Notice that you can see the light quite clearly at the end of your road. You are coming to the foot of my mountain – you are coming to the Cross. Your long and sincere praparations are now placing you in the position to make the final decision – to ascend. To ascend and return to union with Me-who-is-you-who-is-I-am, who is One, who is all ways, which is your birthright and your deathright.


What has to die? Moses marched the children of the Israelites through the desert for forty years, instead of the two weeks it would take a hiker. Why? Several reasons. One is that slaves cannot enter the promised land. So your slavery has to die. What are you enslaved to? Others’ opinions of you – what you think you’re supposed to do and not do? Your categories, your labels, your expectation of how the world is supposed to be, and is not supposed to be? Your expectation of what you are supposed to do and feel and think and know – all of these are the slaves of the Israelites.


And what awakens? What in you awakens? The simple answer, of course, is “I awaken.” Simple to say. And unto what do you awaken? Is it God seeing through your eyes, or you seeing through God’s eyes? Is it you embracing the heart of God, or is it God embracing all of your experience? Don’t try to answer these questions – they’re not really questions. They’re pose-itions. They are positions which are posed for you to take your position in regard to. They are ambiguous or paradoxical because all of your thinking is not going to get you there – here. And all of your thinking, and all of your slaveries, drop, and you will see and know.


Now here is something wonderful which is beginning to occur to many of you, and that is that there is already something of you that is already there – here – already seeing and knowing, reaching back to the “other part” of your self, which forgets, which thinks that it is separate. It is not a sequence of time, as you have been taught. It’s not that you are slaves and asleep and automatons and personality egos, and then begin to awaken and ascend. You are connecting between two sides of yourself.


One side is always here, where I am. Why do you even have another side? There are so many ways to answer this that we’ll leave the question open for you – but we know that you do.  That’s why you’ve come as if to a circle, as if to find this, as if to know God, to know your high Self, as if to ascend, as if to awaken. When you are there-here, already are-am (sorry about the pronouns), let’s just suggest that you have taken a little detour to run some errands, as if these errands were away from the exact moment of here-now. They are not, but the impression is that they are – this includes your entire history.


This includes everything that seems to be the history of your world, as if billions of years, as if decades of a lifetime, as if a sequence of birth and childhood and adolescence and adulthood and dying and death – returning you to the exact moment that you started from. So we leave this as a little exercise for you: What did you find on your “errand,” what did you bring back for Us? And we bless whatever it is that you did find and bring back. In scripture it says “Not one soul shall be lost.” That is ironic because there is only one Soul, and it is not lost. So that statement is automatically true.


There is one more thing we need to do here, so let’s go a little deeper, or a lot deeper – deeper and higher (ten – nine – eight – seven – six –five – four – three – two – one).

In this position, everyone that you see, everything that you experience, every feeling and thought that you have, is exactly the expression of oneness, even if it feels disharmonious or uncomfortable. Find the source of your disharmony or discomfort. It is not necessary to stop them or to assuage them – there is nothing wrong at all with anything that you think or feel – anything!


And there is also nothing wrong at all with anything that you do about it. There is nothing wrong with what anyone does, and there is nothing wrong with your judgment of it. Nothing! There is not even anything wrong with your judgment of your judgment of your judgment. And there isn’t anything wrong with dealing with all the repercussions of what you did and did not do about it. There is also nothing wrong with the feeling of dread that you did something or didn’t do something, or “somebody might think something.” There is nothing wrong with anything that you feel in response to anything.


So why do you have all these? We’ll give a little hint – to enhance the consciousness of the Soul-that-I-am. But we won’t define right now what that means. It is blessed and wondrous to leave that open, to leave it wide open. This, where you are, is a very truly blessed point of existence. You have left wondrous gifts for yourselves here, for your Self here. Open them up, see what you left for yourself –  follow your own instructions.


Put yourself on the right path – is there any other? Is there any path which does not lead to Union, illumination, awakeness, blessedness and Universal Love? Feel this love now – allow yourself to feel, to whatever extent you can or wish to, this love now. Just do make a little effort to see how much of this love you can embrace – right now, where you are, here, now. God bless you in total love.