I-Am Dreaming

Received from the Beautiful Many by Barry Klein, all rights reserved


Blessed beloved beings, burn brightly, blissfully. Blend blithely (everybody breaks up in laughter) ... bring brazen brilliance (everyone falls on the floor, cracking up). ...  The rest of the Being that is your magnificent Self is right here, just past the edge of the known world, just past what is comfortable and familiar to you, just past what is within your control.  Out where you either belong to God, or you fall. Many have fallen so that you can be here. They are blessed. All those who make you up are blessed in you; all those who have walked this path, to clear the path for you, are blessed and held in complete love and perfection in the Divine-- One. They now reach for you-- they lift you up, and they pull you up. They are all that you are-- all that you are.


That which was separate and partial is crumbling to dust-- crumbling in terror. But you, you that is the Whole of the Being, are filled with love, and delight and freedom. That which was known serves you not any longer; that which is the unknown, infinite Eternal serves you always, in all ways. All serves you-- you serve All. There is no little "self" any longer. You are your own children. You protect your children; your children lead you. Your children are your future self-- not the offspring that you spawn in the world, but the blessings that you spawn in the infinite, in the total world of blessing -- the blessing that is all-that-is, that is all that you are.


Your birthright-- receive it. Your birthright is eternity. All worlds. True immortality. Worlds filled with sparkling snowflakes of Divinity. The worlds that you are fill your heart-- all of your trust and your faith and your goodwill are now what make up these worlds. Your forgiveness, your gentleness and your ruthlessness are the laws of creation in the new world. Why ruthless? It's because nothing is in the way of your faith. Your faith is the Force of God. Your faith is the channel through which God manifests these worlds. Ruthless Love, unstoppable Love.  Exalted, relentless creation of Beauty-- total Beauty, Perfection-- all in harmony, all harmonious.  No ascendance of one at the loss of another, the gain of one is the gain of the All. The All is One. I-am is the All. I-am is what I am.


All others are reflections. In your dream, in my dream, I dream all of us. You are the Dreamer, dreaming of this, dreaming all of us, taking on life, taking on intelligence, taking on birth, taking on Death. Moving, dancing, all in I-am Dream, I-am manifestation, I-am actualization. The blessing is the creation, the Creation is the Blessing. There is no wrong, there is no "evil"  There is no place for violence, there is no place for disharmony. All is vibrating harmoniously, here, eternal in Perfection. Always follow your heart through this Harmony. Let your thoughts follow the perfection of your Heart, your faith that has led you back the Perfection which you have never left, because it always is.


Anything less than Perfection is gone; it is removed-- it neverwas. So that where you are, what you are seeing, what you pronounce and what you manifest is Perfection now.  The slightest movement is manifestation of Perfection; your every thought is perfection of Beauty. Every word that you utter is the pronouncement of Love and Unity. There is no room for separation-- it never was. There is no conflict ever, anywhere. There is intensity-- intensity is the force of Life, of I-am-Self. Embrace it, embrace this Force which is infinite Life. (Does series of gratitude breaths.)


If you think you have any doubt, give it up to God. If you think you are wrong or someone else is wrong, give it up to God. If you think there is pain, injustice or suffering, throw it out!  God takes it and puts it exactly where it belongs. Dance with <God>, dance with your brothers and sisters, freely, fluidly-- don't stick anywhere. Everything belongs to you-- the stars follow you, the Wind is your breath, the Forest is your birth home, the mountain is your Heart, the Sea is your blood and your soul.  The Earth is your Mother, the Sun is your Father-- it all belongs to you, perfectly, with brilliance, eternal. There is no other. All-that-is belongs to you, all that ever could be belongs to you, and is the utterance of your fondest Dream. (Does more gratitude breaths, then checks for completion and accuracy.)