Realizing the Gifts

Received from the Beautiful Many by Barry Klein, all rights reserved


You're starting to realize the gifts that you have been earning. You've been brave and patient and long-suffering. Now can you allow yourselves to embrace the joy and the lightness and the abundance that is your birthright, and that you have earned?  Can you?  What are you holding onto? Is there some martyrdom?  We wish to remind you that "martyr" is not someone who undergoes painful torture and death; it is someone who witnesses. What are you here to witness? What is the miracle that is going before you, the miracle that is in the very steps that you walk, in your very path?


On every breath that you take, what is this miracle that you are breathing in and exhaling? What is the miracle of this very next word that you utter that is its own creation?  What is the miracle of the Thought conceived in your Mind which is Brilliance?  What is the miracle in the act of your hand which brings Beauty into existence. You are that One, you are that One that breathes existence into the Miracle which is now, which is only Now, which touches with beauty.


Do you know what healing is? Do you know what forgiveness is?  Why is it ok to be twisted and in pain? Why do you need that? Why is it ok to be holding baggage that doesn't even belong to you?  Whom are you not forgiving when you hold them? Who is there to forgive? Where are you knotted inside? Can you see how simple it is to release that knot? It's a slip knot!  The only thing holding that slipknot in place is some idea that you're hanging onto-- a story-- it's not real.  What is real is perfection-- your perfection!-- it always was. And what is also real is your choice about it-- just a choice!  Choose now-- what do you choose now?  Do you know that you can choose perfection now, because Now has never stopped being, and Perfection has never stopped being.  [asks for confirmation]


Dear ones, the Light shines bright before you-- your path is illuminated. Perfection is within your embrace. Love, delight, exquisiteness. Existence is exquisiteness. Where you stop is identification, fixation on some "requirement" that is not really a requirement.  "I have to..." this or that "because some no-longer 'nonymous' person expects it of me (that is to say, the opposite of a-nonymous). We don't even remember who expects this of me. So I have this program running, and "I'm expected to this" and "I'm expected to that."  And if you disappeared off the face of the earth, who then would expect you?


Well, we have a surprise for you, my friends, my dear ones-- you are disappearing off the face of the earth-- the earth being this experimental testing ground for experimenting with will and manifestation. It's a play-pen for children. Now you are on the verge of remembering your Self as the Being-- the grown-up being. And this memory takes place when you have dropped all your identifications and all your stories about "being expected".


These expectations are a squirrel wheel; they go nowhere-- they lead only to the grave, to dissolution, to pain. Now, how to operate in utter responsibility and utter conscious suffering which has no pain in it. And it means to be responsible totally for every thought, utterance and deed of your own, and with no responsibility whatever for anything that is not yours. That is Freedom, that is Divinity.


The Divine and the divine-that-is-you, is its own law.  It is Will itself, it is manifestation itself and, naturally, you are responsible for you manifest, for you what you utter, for even what you think-- the stories that you entertain in your mind. But being responsible doesn't mean being guilty-- it means noticing, it means being aware. And the second you are aware of being anything less than in bliss and perfection, you are corrected. No blame, no shame, no guilt-- you don't even apologize, not to yourself. You forgive, you delight, you love-- you redirect your aim to the Light. You reconsecrate yourself to the Light, totally consecrated to the Light ... that is God, that is the totality of Being, of your being!


Is there any difference between the Being of all-there-is and the being of all you are?  What?  What difference could there be, what separation could there be?  And why do you like to imagine that you are separate from that-- separate from total, responsible bliss?  That is to say, the Causal Being-- the Being that causes its own reality-- that absolutely causes it, not just some philosophy about it. This utterance now is reality, is my manifestation, is Perfection-- is now and always ever has been, always will, Kingdom come, World be done, now, now. [asks for confirmation]


As children, you used to lean on us as crutches-- "us" being your guides, your guardians, your angels, your fellows. Do you still need crutches? What in you, what in the very depths of your self, does it take to stand up on all your feet, and hold up the world? Hold up the world of beauty that is the love of your heart, the world of perfection that is what you've always wanted forever, at the very depths of your being, not a compromise, not a capitulation to something you can't change or have no control over or you are the victim of -- not at all!  That's gone-- that world is over. Now are you ready to stand up and hold up the world of your fondest dream? That is now your reality.  Are you ready? It is now. Do you have any holdback? That is now, too. It is your choice, to be free -- now. Choose now.


Forty-five seconds of a transmission of special energy -- receive it.  That will be all the words through this one at this time. Don't just fidget in this forty-five seconds-- there is a real energy coming through. You receive it.