I Am Now

Received from the Beautiful Many by Barry Klein, all rights reserved


Dear ones, God opened the gates of the heavens for Moses and the children of Israel on this date 3500 years ago. But there is no date of 3500 years ago-- there is only now. The gates of heaven are open now; the presence of God is here now. Your oneness with God is at your beck this moment. Your choice is this moment-- your choice for joy, your choice for total forgiveness, your choice for embracing all of what you are, your choice for seeing perfection in your brothers and sisters, who are all your reflection.

            There is no "somebody out there", there is no universe out there, there is no God out there-- there is no "out there."  If you feel discomfort or pain, there is no source for it, other than you. If you see less than perfection and beauty, you are the source of this-- you are the source of everything that you perceive, everything that you feel. If you wish to feel joy, bliss, ecstatic union, declare your choice now, and now, and now, and now. If you wish to be with God, call God now, and now, and now, and now.

            God's name, if we need to remind you, is I-am, and so, may we suggest, to call God as I-am-Joy, I-am-Oneness, I-am-Love, I-am-total-health-and-abundance, I-am-the-ecstatic-overflowing-of-creativity-forever. I-am-All-that-I-am; there is nothing in me that is unworthy-- nothing!  There is nothing in me that needs to be judged in any way. (Checks for confirmation. The monitor gives personal confirmation: "I am [getting confirmation].")  "I am" sounds beautiful.  I-am-confirmation.  I-am-gratitude-and-appreciation; I-am-Delight in everything that all your children do, you-being-me, me-I-am.  I-am-my-children, forever.

            I am the wise son, and the wicked son, and the simple son, and the one who doesn't know how to ask, and I am the "fifth Jew"-- the one who didn't ever realize it was Passover.  And I am the "sixth Jew"-- the one who knew, but went away.  And I am the seventh Jew-- the seventh Jew is the one who doesn't know that s/he is chosen of God.

            Inside you is the capacity to listen so quietly that you hear your brothers and sisters and you hear all the creatures, and even the plants, speaking to you, sharing with you.  And inside you, in the very, very middle of yourself, is God, speaking to you so quietly, so quietly with the Voice of the Thunder of all the Universe; so quietly, with the Light that penetrates to the darkest Darkness; so still that the roiling Vortex of the simultaneous creation and absorption of every impulse of the entire universe, which is I-am, which is me, which is tiny, miniscule humility, tenderness, receptiveness, nurturing.

            I-am the open hand and I-am the closed hand; I-am the Eye that sears, and the Eye that loves. I-am the Heart that embraces all perfectly, equally, and I-am the Heart that is unbending intent and loyalty.  Unbending intent and loyalty has nothing to do with rigidity, stubbornness or being closed, nothing whatsoever. If I-am unbending, it is to hold All together in Truth; and if I-am soft and yielding, it is to be open to receive all as it is, as each is.

            This Power and this Love is not to raise up the ego to make us feel superior to anything; on the contrary, I-am is nothing so all this can exist. All Will, and yet imposing none.  How can this be? Don't think about it, don't worry about it-- let your heart do the walking.  Let everything that you do, from now on, be absolutely deliberate, and yet absolutely quiet-- how can that be, deliberate and quiet?  Everything!  Let your words be utterly forceful, and still.  Let everything emanate from you for what it is, the Whole of what it is, the Whole of I-am, with no ego pushing it, with no considerations, no concerns.  Go forth, and be still in the Center. Expand and be nothing.  Be whole, be whole, be whole, and behold!  Behold what you are, and what you emanate in your Wholeness.  Behold just as the Witness, the witness in Wonderment-- absolute wonderment!

            Let your eyes be new, like a child, like a kitten. Let everything be a delightful newness.  This is springtime-- bloom, bloom!  I-am-blooming.  I-am-nectar -- I burst forth with the pollen of pure life-force, and I sprout wherever I land in fertile ground, and I don't bemoan or regret where I fall on resistant ground-- that is perfect too.  All-perfect-I-am. No regrets, but the most wistful remorse-- the remorse of knowing inside of each one, inside of each one, because I-am-each-one. With no sentiment, and yet totally, totally embracing and feeling where each one is.

            Make a place for what you know in the heart of yourself. Just make an open place where you don't have to decide anything-- you don't have to "know" anything, you don't have to do anything. It is done! It is done in Perfection. I-am-whole, I-am-perfect, I-am-always-everwas-- eternal!  I-am-Eternal -Love, I-am-the-resolution-of-All;  I am the perfect, totally satisfying Resolution of All.