You are the home of God

Received by Barry Klein, all rights reserved


Dear ones, you are growing up. You are starting to see, starting to hear; you are starting to learn our language, our symbols, our communications, our ways of moving... just a little bit, but the little bit that you have come with us places you into the Miraculous. Your world is now the world of Miracle.  Here we are with you every step of the way. Every breath that you take, every word that you utter, every action that you take, every movement can now be done in holiness, with Love, forgiveness, with mindfulness, with joy and appreciation, gratitude; with oneness, connectedness.  All you have to do at any time is just take the next step.  We lay it out for you, show you where you are going to be stepping. Yes, it looks scary, it's all in the Unknown for you, and yet... and yet you can trust-- that something in you knows where you are going, something in you knows what it is that you are receiving, seeing, feeling, knowing, because that something in you is forcing us to be for you, has always forced the this opening to occur-- that is God in you.


Where did you think God lived, somewhere else?  You are the home of God. God watches not at you, but *through you-- God watches through your eyes, feels with your body. God knows everything you know. You are with God. You and God are cocreating this reality now, only now. You are totally responsible for this reality that you are creating now, and you are not responsible for anything that is supposed to have gone before. You have God's total permission to drop everything that is supposed to have gone before, but you have God's mandate to fully embrace everything that you are creating now. Hold, respect, adore, nurture, cherish, treasure ...each thought, each word, each action, each connection that you make. If you talk about your brothers and your sisters, you are responsible for that. That affects your creation. If you love and serve your brothers and sisters, that affects your creation too. Your world that you are living in, which you are creating now, and nowhere, nowhen else.


Now you are finally at the place where you can and do love God.  It is a supreme joy. Now that you know that God is in you, you have the chance to love your Self, which is God, and your brothers and sisters, which are God. In this place you now can receive the essence of God. If you are very, very quiet and still and sensitive, you can feel like snowflakes, the Divine floating down, like snowflakes, just barely, just barely-- so subtle, so sublime, so elegant, so Divine. Your body is turning into this essence-- so light, so fluid, so all-encompassing, so everywhere-at-once, so everywhen-at-once.  Every step that you take lets you know your Self in the sublime, as the sublime Being that you are. The Being that collects together all the commands of God, all the wishes of God.  Everything that you is how you are collecting the Wish of God.



The Dance of Being

Received by Barry Klein, all rights reserved


Preconceptions. Filters. Viewpoints. Attitudes. Requirements. Love... Love all. All love. One. Happiness and bliss. Merging. God. Receiving. Allowing. Loving. Forgiving. Opening. Gratitude. Joy. Ascendance. Perfection. Home. Wish of the heart. Nothing left behind. Include All... tenderly, openly, blissfully, surrendered, serving. Divine orgasm-- the union of bringing all into One. Bliss... permeation with joy. Drenched in joy and Light. Being the All I am. You are loved. I-am love. I-am you-are, not-I-am you-are.


Taking up and assembling all the sentient beautifully intelligent threads of existence into one hand, and taking up all the numinous, impossible threads of non-existence in the other hand, at one eternal, at once for always, in all ways. Embracing, releasing, appreciating, moment-by-moment. Everything goes by, everything stays here, everything never was, everything always is. Everything is mine, it is for me, and I don't exist. Everything that I am is for you, and you don't exist... and we dance together in the Always-- existing, non-existing, existing, non-existing. Love, the dance of love-- the dance of Being. The dance of life. Thank you God.


There is nothing that is not God here/now, and even the nothing is God here/now. God is love and love is God. I dance with love; I dance with God. All are for good, all are for perfection, all in perfection-- always was, always will be. You are chosen and you choose yourself, and you choose God and you choose love and you choose life. Always have-- that is the perfection that you are, and that is the existence of the world, and all beings, and all-that-is. Thank you, God. (Continues receiving Ascension-Light)