The Law of Manifestation

Received from the Beautiful Many by Barry Klein, all rights reserved

Dear ones, listen to what you go around thinking and saying all day long.  Do you realize and remember that everything that you say, every expression that you utter, is your prayer, is the manifestation of your Wish?  So, is all of your wishing going to be "Damn it," and "I can't," and "forget it," and "I don't feel like it," and "this isn't working." Is that what you want your prayer to be?  Every word that you utter is God's prayer through you.  You have control.  You have the choice over which prayers to conceive, and which to utter.  And you can start with these very small things, these very small expressions.  You are here to bless; you are here to raise the others up.  We have put so much training into you; God has put so much love into you.  You in particular; you who is hearing this.  You who is speaking this.  Tighten up; make yourself precise, energized, impassioned with God.  Blessed of God.  Be the example for the others, for your fellows.  It has to start with you, don't you realize this?  It has to start with you.  (It ends with you too.) (It is you.)

I am this expression, whatever this expression is that comes right back to me.  Whatever lands in my lap, whatever slaps me back in the face is my expression.  Just as joy and fulfillment are my expression.  Look at what you do have choice about.  You do not have choice about the composite results of everything that you have put into motion.  You can turn on the ignition of your car and you can press the accelerator pedal, but it is not you who makes the car end up down the street.  You didn't push the car; your foot on the accelerator pedal is not pushing the car.  You are setting things in motion which are the composite of what has been built on each other.  So your choice comes down to building something new whose composite will be the world of beauty, joy, bliss and perfection which is your heart's dream.  Is it?  If that is what your heart's dream is, then acknowledge it.

The ignition key on your car and your pressure on the accelerator are the choices that you can make.  If there is no gas in the tank the car doesn't move; if there is no battery the car doesn't move.  You can't choose for the car to move if you haven't assembled the car, if you haven't repaired the car -- if you haven't taken care of parking tickets to get the boot removed from your wheel, the car is not going anywhere.  So, let's get that straight: the position of the car is not your choice of this moment; your choice of this moment is to assemble your vehicle.  Step-by-step, piece by piece.  Have your vehicle in working order, paid for, out of hock, legal, under your control, have the right key for it, be on time to move it.  Sorry to sound so mundane -- does it?  So your choices, your little building blocks, are the tiny little decisions that you mostly go around defaulting on.  "Oh, so what?" is a default.  "Oh, forget it," is a default.  "What can I do?" is a default.  Not even thinking about it, is a default.  And every default puts into place a block.  Something unaccounted for.  Something that does not help move you to where you want to be.

It is interesting that someone who is really, really sick, or dying, often has more motivation than you fortunates who are just a little tired, who really have a tremendous amount still going for you.  When do you think you have the most choices, when you still have something going for you, or when you are dying?  Well, that doesn't have one answer.  So, let's not answer that yet.  (Does process to go deeper-- takes about 5 minutes of breathing, centering and praying.)

Do you ever wonder what you are made of?  Are you comfortable in conceding that you are made of bodily fluids or of metabolytes, flesh, bone, blood, whatever?  Do you ever considered the intelligence is of which you have composed yourself-- the amassment of intelligences?  Every feature of your being is an amassment of intelligences.  And they are sentient intelligences -- try it for yourself.  Speak to them, and then listen to what they tell you.  These intelligences have no illness in them, have no death in them, have no darkness in them.  None!  They are of God.

The amassment of all these intelligences individuate to what we call you, or what you call I.  So, if there is darkness, or illness, discomfort, pain, unhappiness or death anywhere in them, it is yours.  But it is not yours proper.  So that any discomfort or imbalance is just there to show you what you are causing.  It's not in the inherent structure; it's not in the intelligences which you amass to individuate yourself.  That is to say, it is not native.  It is not essential -- it is not of your essence; it is not of God's essence.  In God there is no evil, there is no darkness, there is no pain.  There is nothing but love and joy -- eternal, immortal -- perfection!  There is nothing but God in you -- you and your choices about what you are made up of.  Your choices about how you dance with all of these intelligences.  And so it is your dance which features all of these other attributes, the ones which are not proper to your makeup.  You have a choice about how you dance.  We have more than the foxtrot and the tango.  You have many, many ways that you can choose to dance -- you can make up your own dances, in fact.  What else are you doing in manifestation except making up dances?

Your dances are the delight of God.  God sees through your eyes, feels through your body -- only perfection.  Being God in your dancing perfection.  How to be in God?  Become very, very small and light.  Very, very small; very, very light, so that the fixations all just drop away.  All of these apparent imperfections are just your fixations along the way.  Identifications, projections, labels.  And what keeps all of these sticking to you like fly paper is agreements which you have made along the way but which you have neatly and conveniently forgotten about.  That is why we are asking you to remember so much, and it is not the puzzlement in which you scratch your temples and look dumb in order to remember -- remembering is restoring all your own proper members to their rightful places, and releasing the sticky stuff of the others which you have dragged along with you -- what is not yours.

Anything that you feel that you owe other people; programs that you are running for your supposed parents, that they have not a clue about, of course.  One of you was speaking earlier about a televised program concerning the indoctrination of little children, who are so sure that homosexuality is a sin of some kind, though none of them understands what a sin is, nor whom it is a sin to, nor even what homosexuality is, nor why it is their business.  But we all do the same -- it is just obvious in some of these others, because my own are all justified; I have my own all justified to myself.  See if that is true for you.  Everything that you feel right about -- question it. Stop. Stop. Stop, all along the way, even if it seems to be disordering your life from this nice, neat prison that you have trapped yourself in.

Break it up; change your habits -- change all your routines.  Become unpredictable, even nutty, but gain a new vantage point from which to observe yourself.  The only thing that could even possibly separate you from God the only thing that could even possibly separate you from God, or make you think that you're separate from God, more properly, are these habits, and in order to gain any advantage over habits, you have to step outside of them, and that means that you have to have someplace to step to in your self, outside of the habits.  So that is why we become very small and very light, because that gives us a place to step to inside of ourselves that is not in habits.  Habits are heavy; you are Light.

And when you are light, no one can offend you; there is no offense.  There is no wrong.  If you are light enough, you are the Christ, they can drive nails through your flesh, but you are made of Light, and there is no offense, there is no pain -- there is only illumination.  (Quietly) ...and if you are so, so very small that there is nothing left of the heaviness, you are God, and you have always been.  Dancing, dancing, dancing energy.

We hope that you are enjoying the Love-feeding that we are giving you all now (waves of Divine Mother energy washed over us, causing our hair to stand up on the backs of our necks).