Sacred Noumenous Dreaming meditation


PowerChat:  *** Entered The New Age on 1/27/00 at 07:57 PM ***

RBCF 3000: Good evening, dear friends

HOST LFST Heart: Namaste' 3000

RBCF 3000: Welcome, friends-- tonight I am substituting for

RBCF 3000: James because he is not here, and I have been

RBCF 3000: asked to offer you all a meditation.  The one I

RBCF 3000: came up with for you is the result of prodigious

RBCF 3000: channeling and grace, so I hope you like it. 

RBCF 3000: .

Kirstenese:       evening 3K

RochelleDo:       <--looking forward to it

RBCF 3000: Since it is channeled, you will find the wording

RBCF 3000: unfamiliar to your Reason. We are asked, instead

RBCF 3000: of dwelling on making "sense" of it, to trust a way

RBCF 3000: to flow with it to deep within our Dream Heart,

RBCF 3000: where we will be given images and feelings as the

RBCF 3000: language of apprehension, rather than words,

RBCF 3000: concepts and categories.

RBCF 3000: .

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RBCF 3000: Here's the recommended setup:

RBCF 3000: Create a clear and holy space for your Self for the rest of

RBCF 3000: this hour. Make sure you won't be interrupted; light some

RBCF 3000: candles and incense; put on your favorite meditation music -

RBCF 3000: - something that can stay in the background.  I favor a

RBCF 3000: tape of Tibetan bells and gongs, since there is no particular

RBCF 3000: melody or rhythm to distract my focus.  If you do elect to

RBCF 3000: play such music, play it very low for this meditation; or you

RBCF 3000: can have silence running.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: Let yourself relax and surrender to your inner self.  I am

RBCF 3000: going to roll some suggestions out onto your screen, and it

RBCF 3000: is up to your own consciousness to use whatever is

RBCF 3000: appropriate for you-- not your *intellect* but your inner

RBCF 3000: awareness, so please don't try to figure any of this out as

RBCF 3000: you go along.

RBCF 3000: ****** Do you have any questions before we get started?

RBCF 3000:  Go right ahead now ........

BlessedJesusssss:       I see the sacred place in the all and am humbled

RBCF 3000: BlessedJesusssss, ^5, right on! 

RochelleDo:       <--put reiki music on

HOST LFST Heart: <~~singing bowls

BlessedJesusssss:       Tears in my eyes.......seeing we are all one......

RochelleDo:       <--nag champa insense

RBCF 3000: <-- sacred devotional songs

HOST LFST Heart: <```Lavendar

RochelleDo:       candles already going

RBCF 3000: It feels really good in here now-- Spirit is strongly with us.

RochelleDo:       <---sorted and ready

HOST LFST Heart: white and lavendar candles

BlessedJesusssss:       blessed be "us"

JoyofTao:   violet candle

RBCF 3000: Then let's go right on ahead, shall we?  ...................

RochelleDo:       vanilla

RochelleDo:       yep

HOST LFST Heart: yes

Kirstenese:       ga, 3K

Orange marble:    red and green candles

RBCF 3000: My dear friends, here is a level of meditation which is under

RBCF 3000: the bottom of the Ocean and above the Sky. I channeled

RBCF 3000: the identification layer of it over the past two days, and I

RBCF 3000: have been receiving the other layers of it my entire life.

RBCF 3000: You who have been drawn to this Session are thus able to

RBCF 3000: mirror the Presence of this Meditation, and you will do it

RBCF 3000: successfully, and yet you might still choose to dole it out

RBCF 3000: very slowly to your ego, sometimes over decades.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: This meditation may be said to begin at the point of

RBCF 3000: hypnogogic dreaming, which is when you realize that you

RBCF 3000: are just falling asleep, and you can see your dreams begin

RBCF 3000: to emanate. It is most normal at this point to hear

RBCF 3000: "rattling", "rustling", gong-sounds, ringing, or an inhuman

RBCF 3000: "gulping" noise.

RBCF 3000: .

BlessedJesusssss:       <crying> let us all be one

RBCF 3000: Usually we go right past this area and just forget awaking

RBCF 3000: long enough for Dreaming to take over our individuation.

RBCF 3000: That is, we "fall asleep." But if we are supported to freeze

RBCF 3000: progression at this point, we can see what our Dance is,

RBCF 3000: how we emanate reflections of our percepted universe.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: So I ask that you quiet yourself and prepare your apparatus

RBCF 3000: to hear and feel and see the Noumenon, that which has no

RBCF 3000: name, that which has no definition, that which has all

RBCF 3000: power and all passion, that which is all Love, that which

RBCF 3000: has all terror, that which is all Peace.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: We are asked now to listen at this point, with a focus of

RBCF 3000: intent that shares off all thought, all baggage. Be totally

RBCF 3000: reckless here, with absolute abandon -- organic.  Listen in,

RBCF 3000: hear the thrumming, the humming, the ringing, and then the

RBCF 3000: (sounds) behind those, and then behind (that).

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: (Hold still and steady here.  Let your eyes close, if you

RBCF 3000: need them to, in order to hear the deep Silence)

RBCF 3000: (Let yourself smell the fragrance of Peace and Love, like an ocean of joy washing over us)

RBCF 3000: (Allow your senses to rearrange themselves, to embrace

RBCF 3000: Divine Essence as <it> is, without our conditioning or

RBCF 3000: prejudices)

RBCF 3000: Behind (the visions) are your primitive feelings, your

RBCF 3000: yearnings, your regrets, your loneliness, your blessedness--

RBCF 3000: with no words at all for them. Being the tender bud of life-

RBCF 3000: force. Being that which Perceives for the whole universe.

RBCF 3000: Being less than a gnat. Being Nothing.  Being less than

RBCF 3000: nothing, Neverwas. (Each of these has a key sound and a

RBCF 3000: key primitive.)

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: (Let your heart understand the words, the ideas, the

RBCF 3000: visions, the feelings... beneath the feelings)

RBCF 3000: (Behind the words, beyond the visions...)

RBCF 3000: And yet still Being. (Feeling) in completely undescribeable

RBCF 3000: ways, even to your Self.  But it is the Self (who) has

RBCF 3000: brought you here to do this not-doing. Trust this-- trust

RBCF 3000: your Self. Enter into the Heart of your Self, deeper. Allow

RBCF 3000: your witnessing and your Memory to reveal <itself> to

RBCF 3000: <you>. (Are you still listening in to the key-sounds?)

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: (Listen in to the keys in the Silence.)

RBCF 3000: (Feel the Presence of the Sacred, that is born in your very Self)

RBCF 3000: (Let yourself be Whole now, let Spirit change you, align you with your highest Dream)

RBCF 3000: (Allow yourself to NOT-Know, to be an organic vessel,

RBCF 3000: receiving all love, all health, all blessedness, all abundance)

RBCF 3000: (Now let yourself dive deeper, into the Ocean of Being)

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RBCF 3000: (Here at the bottom and the very heights of Existence, in nameless joy)

RBCF 3000: Each memory is now illustrating its mechanism to you. It

RBCF 3000: never was about past events, but now you can see it is

RBCF 3000: about how you are assembling your threads *now* in your

RBCF 3000: Dance of Being. You change the thread-pattern slightly, so

RBCF 3000: subtly, and now your "memory" is something different --  a

RBCF 3000: different reality, no less than before.

RBCF 3000: .

RBCF 3000: Change the thread just a smidge more, and now we

RBCF 3000: *Know* the Source of our Life. We hold breathlessly still in

RBCF 3000: the Face of the Infinite. We bow down within ourselves in

RBCF 3000: awe and reverence for this Power and Love. Any thought

RBCF 3000: that we can have now is instantly out-of-place, and

RBCF 3000: therefore neverwas.

RBCF 3000: (And at the same time, every feeling that we have now, is *true*)

RBCF 3000: (Here we are finally free of "requirements", what we are

RBCF 3000: "supposed" to do, "supposed" to believe)

RBCF 3000: Here we are, in the Heart of the World, just with Being -- all One.)

PowerChat:  *** Entered The New Age on 1/27/00 at 08:20 PM ***

Orange marble:    yeah its neat

Kirstenese:       that's some great meditation!

RBCF 3000: Just one more minute please ................................

RBCF 3000: As helpless and as comfortable as a kitten. Connected to All

RBCF 3000: in perfect Love. Totally content, totally brilliant, nothing,

RBCF 3000: nothing, less-than-nothing, infinite. Eternal. Sacred.

RBCF 3000: .....................

RBCF 3000: Now allow yourself to take the time you need to assemble

RBCF 3000: yourself comfortably, for your organism to sort through its

RBCF 3000: new alignments and realities.  Only whenever you feel

RBCF 3000: ready, share with us where you went in yourself and what

RBCF 3000: you found.  Go right ahead whenever you are ready

RBCF 3000: ..............

Orange marble:    thanks RB that was beautiful

RBCF 3000:

Kirstenese:       Wow 3K thank you, those words had a lot of wisdom.

Akha Apim Iatiba:       feel where you are 3000

OBerensen: very nice, RB.  thanks

JoyofTao:   Thank you 3000

SparrowOvQ:       delightful

RBCF 3000: (For the next few minutes, let's see if we can stay with our

RBCF 3000: feelings and our visions, to share ..............

Dustedsage:       i needed that   thank you

Akha Apim Iatiba:       okay 3000

Womquest:   Really deep stuff 3000! Thanks for taking me on a journey of wholeness....

RBCF 3000: (For example, what did you feel like you connected to?)

JoyofTao:   All That Is

RochelleDo:       we ARE all connected

SparrowOvQ:       one of these days you will earn your wings 3k and be LFST

Akha Apim Iatiba:       I felt you connected to what we all are

RBCF 3000: RochelleDo, did this help you to see or feel that truth?

Turquoz:    Yes, to the All, to the beginning

RochelleDo:       Most certainly, 3000

RBCF 3000: SparrowOvQ, I already have wings

SparrowOvQ:       horns then

Kirstenese:       I just felt very free, 3K, calm, and it was as the words were being said by my inner being,

Kirstenese:       through the screen here.

RBCF 3000: Turquoz, what does the Beginning look liike, feel like?

Akha Apim Iatiba:       3000 if what you say, you do not exist

HOST LFST Heart: everything is nothing more than a image in your mind, your total choice.....

Turquoz:    Peaceful, energized, love

RBCF 3000: Akha Apim Iatiba, did you feel how it was, to not-exist?

Akha Apim Iatiba:       true Heart

KexE:       just back from Poona, Osho anyone?

Akha Apim Iatiba:       yes but you flaunt it 3000

RBCF 3000: Akha Apim Iatiba, how so?

RBCF 3000: SparrowOvQ, right LOL

RochelleDo:       it seems it was all meant to be, my whole day was

RochelleDo:       energized since my yoga class this

RochelleDo:       morning....incredible

Turquoz:    Thank you, (((((3000))))))  Blessings, all

RBCF 3000: RochelleDo, today turns out to be an alignment with Spirit, seems like.

Dove Voice:       Thank you.. that was beautiful.. Troi

RochelleDo:       It surely seems so, 3000

RBCF 3000: ::::: blushes with humbleness :::::::

HOST LFST Heart: How many felt the incredible energy I did from the meditation?

Kirstenese:       who channeled the material 3k?

RBCF 3000: Kirstenese, I did-- I pray a lot

Kirstenese:       excellent, 3K

Zamurito:   <----Almost became pure awareness

Akha Apim Iatiba:       Heart you are beautiful be yourself

HOST LFST Heart: <smile>

RBCF 3000: (But don't let this energy and feeling just dissipate--

RBCF 3000: nurture it, dance with it, let yourself be quiet inside, and

RBCF 3000: share where you went with it, please.........

Planetshpr:       <just smiling at you 3k>

Akha Apim Iatiba:       3000 a true teacher teaches them to see who they are not who you are

RBCF 3000: Zamurito, when you do all the way, we'll still be here with you

RochelleDo:       sometimes, being quiet makes it hard to share

RBCF 3000: Akha Apim Iatiba, I agree totally.  Thanks.

RochelleDo:       because I value being quiet, I cannot always be a

RochelleDo:       babbler.

Kirstenese:       oh please, Akha, didn't you ever hear of sharing?

Zamurito:   <---Holding on to seat...

SparrowOvQ:       this just isn't right 3k , if you are here and I am here isn't it OUR time ?

RBCF 3000: SparrowOvQ, sure, why not? 

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Zamurito:   RochelleDo, same here

Akha Apim Iatiba:       all rbcf's I have seen are okay

RochelleDo:       Zamurito

RBCF 3000: Akha Apim Iatiba, I hope you like the LFST's too

Akha Apim Iatiba:       in fact they are wonderful

RochelleDo:       what is "our time" ?

Akha Apim Iatiba:       I just help them to see another side

RBCF 3000: Akha Apim Iatiba, much appreciated

HOST LFST LKG:    <~~~~~noting new uniform

JoyofTao:   I thought this meditation was about all one - no sides

Akha Apim Iatiba:       Blessings to you 3000

Kirstenese:       I logged it, 3K, and I plan to be reading it many times

Akha Apim Iatiba:       you are more than me

RBCF 3000: JoyofTao, and so it is, yet consciousness inhales, and then

Zamurito:   3k, what I saw was pure it flows.....waves of it....

RBCF 3000: exhales-- each is a "side", right?

JoyofTao:   no

JoyofTao:   circle

RBCF 3000: Kirstenese, I recommend reading it v-e-r-r-y  s-l-o-w-l-y, and go with it ........

RochelleDo:       it seems that way to the interpreter, 3000

Zamurito:   Kirstenese, me 2 :)  I am going to read it to myself to a tape recorder, then listen to it :

Dustedsage:       Kirstenese  i would also like a copy please

SnoLitNite:       Thx krist

RBCF 3000: Zamurito, that's how it came to me-- I thought I'd *never* find words for it. 

Kirstenese:       ok, I'll put you on the list too, Zam :), and Dusted you too.

RBCF 3000: Zamurito, great idea! 

Dove Voice:       the colors of a tapestry of all who fit into a pattern of love

RBCF 3000: Dove Voice, sounds like a great idea for a meditation

HOST LFST Heart: 3000 do you remember your channelings?

Galaxon:    is there gonna be a meditation ?

Planetshpr:       uh...  you just missed the meditation of the century, Gala.

HOST LFST Heart: Galaxon that was the meditation

RBCF 3000: Planetshpr, shucks, got a million of 'em

Dustedsage:       the thought of   he is the potter i am the clay kept going through my mind

Dove Voice:       thanks.. it could be ...hummmm

ATreeSings:       That is a beautiful thought, dusted.

RBCF 3000: HOST LFST Heart, if they are primarily words or song, I tape

RBCF 3000: them. This one I travelled with for hours before I could find words for it.

HOST LFST Heart: ahhhh, I find I forget some parts .....

JoyofTao:   it is a talent and a gift to find words to express this..

RBCF 3000: HOST LFST Heart, that's why I recommend forgetting the

RBCF 3000: intellect. Let your body, your *Heart* remember, eh?

HOST LFST Heart: <smile>

RBCF 3000: Kirstenese, I'm going to post it in New Age Library II, as well.

Akha Apim Iatiba:       Heart is cool

Planetshpr:       3K, do you remember that rhythm you played for me?  I have same beat on stereo now.

Zamurito:   3k does it come to you in clumps ?  I find this.....

Kirstenese:       Great 3K, it should be there!

RochelleDo:       so what now?

RBCF 3000: Zamurito, yes-- they wake me in the middle of the night sometimes.

RBCF 3000: Planetshpr, I hope you'll remind me.

RBCF 3000: Akha Apim Iatiba, how do you mean?

Planetshpr:       a certain 2 step?

Dustedsage:       i still have the floaty feeling   and  sort of tingly too

RochelleDo:       we will carry on?

Zamurito:   Yes, get all excited and start sweating :)  Can't find the words to express they concepts...

Akha Apim Iatiba:       you are not being real 3000

Planetshpr:       what's real, Akha?... that IS the question

RBCF 3000: Dustedsage, stay with it-- it is the essence of the Miraculous.

Akha Apim Iatiba:       I feel the shifts of meaning in your words

JoyofTao:   Akha - you were not here for most of the meditation.. how can you judge?

RBCF 3000: Akha Apim Iatiba, ask anyone who knows me. 

Planetshpr:       and why?

Akha Apim Iatiba:       lol

Planetshpr:       why judge?  isn't that the point?

Planetshpr:       it's all story.

JoyofTao:   yes Planet

Akha Apim Iatiba:       you have many who take up for you 3000

Zamurito:   <----Poking 3k.....Yea, he's real.....

JoyofTao:   Akha - 3000 was sharing and that is wonderful..

Planetshpr:       not in defense of 3K, Akha... In Truth.

RBCF 3000: Akha Apim Iatiba, I feel you with me too, and I am happy. :)

RochelleDo:       umm, do we move on now a bit?

Akha Apim Iatiba:       if you are real 3000 we will be too

RBCF 3000: RochelleDo, what would you like to share?

RBCF 3000: Akha Apim Iatiba, feels real enough to me, thanks.

Akha Apim Iatiba:       hummmmmm that was not the right response

RochelleDo:       there is always more peace to share for those new

RochelleDo:       not fair to say they missed it

Dolly Destiny1:   3000, why did you take them out there but didn't bring them back to the starting place?

RochelleDo:       are we actually in "meditation" chat?

Akha Apim Iatiba:       we are seeing the real

Zamurito:   Dolly, is there a starting place?

RochelleDo:       the whole hour pertains to all

JoyofTao:   Infinity has no beginning and no ending...

RBCF 3000: Dolly Destiny, because that was all the energy we had for

RBCF 3000: this time-- we will go much further in the future, especially

RBCF 3000: in the Monday night class.

Dolly Destiny1:   3000, making the full circle, where fore you enter out, there fore you enter in

RBCF 3000: Dolly Destiny, would you like to do that for us now?  You have my blessing ......

Planetshpr:       3k, it'll take me months ... if not years... to get as deep as that meditation can take me.

RBCF 3000: Planetshpr, I find that you can get there in a few minutes

Dolly Destiny1:   3000, mo i just felt the full circle should be created...not leave them out there.

RochelleDo:       might I say, ...the greatness we get that makes

RochelleDo:       us feel blessed is nicely shared when we can.  It

RochelleDo:       always helps to have reinforcements to remind

RochelleDo:       some of us

RBCF 3000: (Of course, after *decades* of "trying", right?)

Akha Apim Iatiba:       blessed is us

Planetshpr:       <grin>  thank you.  have only had 13 years.  lol!

RBCF 3000: Dolly Destiny, everybody seems complete enough.  We'll

RBCF 3000: make circles as we go along in the future, I promise. I'd love

Akha Apim Iatiba:       all of us

RBCF 3000: if you email your ideas to me too.

JoyofTao:   Dolly - didn't go out but in..

Kirstenese:       Have to go.  Nite everyone.  Tks again 3K for the great meditation - a keeper!

DANZ649:    you're one up on me, Planet. just have 12 years in.

RBCF 3000: Kirstenese,

Planetshpr:       Danz...  starting to come back to ... um..  consensus reality.  phhhew!

Planetshpr:       will forward you a copy.  I think you'll like this.

Log Count:  There were 19 member(s) in The New Age at 08:45 PM

RBCF 3000: Planetshpr, don't you find that the "consensus" can (and does) change?

Planetshpr:       3k, of course.

JoyofTao:   <~~~staying out of consensus reality

Dustedsage:       changes with my moods  lol

Planetshpr:       and I don't always agree with "consensus" anyway!

Planetshpr:       however, the energy shifts and shifts again.

Dolly Destiny1:   3000, you are doing a good job, but full circle should be done, like returning home to self

RBCF 3000: Planetshpr, I've been "disagreeing" with "consensus" for 50 years, this time

Planetshpr:       lol!

JoyofTao:   Dolly - 3000 did say you are welcome to do that if you wish...

Planetshpr:       Hey Dolly, what is it exactly you feel incomplete with?  Go for it!

RBCF 3000: Dolly Destiny, sounds great-- as I said, I'd like to hear more

RBCF 3000: of your ideas about that, and then we can do it, ok?

DANZ649:    just like the sands, shift, shift, shift.

JoyofTao:   For myself, I have no need cuz I never left self behind.

Dolly Destiny1:   3000, when we go out there we must reurn to self.  always.  aways.

Planetshpr:       sounds like a ... um...  dare I say... RULE????

JoyofTao:   So, Dolly - do it!

Planetshpr:       a SHOULD, as it were?

Sndynasty: Who is that pretending to be Shadowself????

RBCF 3000: Dolly Destiny, I do believe that. Thanks.

Dolly Destiny1:   you bet its as rule, why? you are training your mind to travel out there must return to self

Planetshpr:       lol!  Dolly in the perfection of the oneness, everything IS perfect!

Dustedsage:       but as long as the golden cord is still intact  wont we always come back?

Planetshpr:       What IS, IS.

Planetshpr:       you are here, I am here.

Planetshpr:       where did you go?

Planetshpr:       LOL!

JoyofTao:   Dolly - if you are concerned then do it but I never went anywhere.

RochelleDo:       <==still here

JoyofTao:   LOL Rochelle

Zamurito:   <----Keeps trying to stay "Out there"

DANZ649:    <---wonders where here is?  LOL

JoyofTao:   <~~~out there to begin with perhaps....

RochelleDo:       nah, Zam

Dustedsage:       i agree  Zam  out there  is a nicer place than  here

Planetshpr:       roflmao!  Zam, you come back when yer good and ready!

Zamurito:   :))

RochelleDo:       the moment, Danz

DANZ649:    :) Rochelle

RBCF 3000: Zamurito, isn't out there always *here* anyway?

JoyofTao:   LOL 3000

Zamurito:   Just going to say that :)))

RBCF 3000: :::::: hooks pinkies with Zam ::::::::::

Planetshpr:       the moment, Danz....  "here" is the Now/Tao

Zamurito:   There is no here or there....

JoyofTao:   everywhere is here

Dolly Destiny1:   you must remember you are training yourself to astro-travel doing this. and you must return

DANZ649:    I know, was j/k....geez!

Planetshpr:       omg, Dolly ... and what if we DON'T!!!  FEAR!

JoyofTao:   eeeeeeekkkkkkkk

DANZ649:    <---being quiet and listening.

Planetshpr:       <--high as a kite on the energy!

Dolly Destiny1:   and when you really do it and i mean really do better have strong mind to know to

Zamurito:   There is no here no there, there is no anywhere....Eat those green eggs Sam I am....DOH

JoyofTao:   <~~~did not see that as astral traveling

RBCF 3000: DANZ, I used to have a T-shirt that said, "I'm in search of

RBCF 3000: myself... have you seen me anywhere?"

HOST LFST Heart: if you have the intent to always will

Planetshpr:       oh.  ok.  musta just been pretending, on this one!

JoyofTao:   LOL Zam

Planetshpr:       lol!

DANZ649:    LOL 3000

RochelleDo:       <--passing a hot mug of ovaltine to Planet to

RochelleDo:       cool off in 10 minutes

Dolly Destiny1:   i am telling you this is the first state to train your mind to travel for real.

RBCF 3000: Dolly Destiny, exactly so-- that's why we go in steps, right?

Planetshpr:       <--wants T-shirt that says, "What if the Hokey Pokey really IS what it's all about?"

RBCF 3000: Planetshpr, LOLOL

Dolly Destiny1:   now its like a game for your mind.

RochelleDo:       nooooooooooo

DANZ649:    Rochelle, don't give her any more energy!!!!! <g>

Planetshpr:       lolololol

Planetshpr:       ::giggling::... ::rolling on floor!!::

RochelleDo:       aw, Danz, that is a sedative <g>

Zamurito:   Dolly, what do you mean to travel for real?

SnoLitNite:       somebody take Dolly's batteries out please.

DANZ649:    really? I just use warm milk.

Dolly Destiny1:   but i feel one should be conditioned to always return home, even in a 3 minute session.

Planetshpr:       (don't buy in Zam... don't let it invalidate your experience)

RochelleDo:       its made with hot milk

RBCF 3000: SnoLitNite, no, I like where she wants to go-- that's where I'm going too. 


Zamurito:   Invalidate, Invalidate!!!  :)))

SnoLitNite:       wish she'd get there

RochelleDo:       ok

Dolly Destiny1:   for real i am saying for real NOT in your mind while you relax in your room with candles

RBCF 3000: (Just a test-- trying out BOLD... How's this?)

Zamurito:   <----Patiently waiting for 3k and Dolly.....tap, tap, tap.....

RochelleDo:       have we got time to go there?

Planetshpr:       very bold, 3K

JoyofTao:   Better 3000

RBCF 3000: Really?  Ok, I'll keep it.

DANZ649:    BOLD    

JoyofTao:   I say don't "should" on me but then I "should" on myself....

Dolly Destiny1:   3000 i hope yu understand i was trying to help and nothing more.  sorry if i harmed.

DANZ649:    LOL

SparrowOvQ:       3k is more geared to outer limits talks

Orange marble:    lol

Dove Voice:       night to all who are leaving.. I must go as well.. Thanks Troi.. it was great to be here.

SparrowOvQ:       lol

Planetshpr:       just shifted the energy, that's all Dolly...  and it shifts, and shifts again...

HOST LFST Heart:       /^\     /^\     /^\     /^\      /^\     /^\

HOST LFST Heart:  .     (_K_) (_I_) (_S_) (_S_) (_E_) (_S_)     {S

Planetshpr:       as Danz points out <g>

HOST LFST Heart: kiss

JoyofTao:   {S energy

SparrowOvQ:       heh

RBCF 3000: Dove Voice, I'm getting spacey myself, from staring at the tube...


Dove Voice:       and also to you Heart.....

DANZ649:    {S magic1

Planetshpr:       oh, is THAT what this spaceyness if from, 3K? <grin>

JoyofTao:   {S 1world

Dolly Destiny1:   planet at what point do we say something if we feel something else should have been done? 

SparrowOvQ:       heart wouldn't stop flirting with me in IM , I had no chance of meditative state

Zamurito:   Sparrow, lol

DANZ649:    <g>

Log Count:  There were 15 member(s) in The New Age at 09:00 PM

Planetshpr:       Dolly, there have been times I had a point of view to add to "HOW" something is done in

HOST LFST Heart: are a dreamer

RBCF 3000: SparrowOvQ, I promise we'll do this more, ok?

Dolly Destiny1:   should i have said something tomorrow?  one hour from now?

Planetshpr:       here... I usually email them to the Host... 

JoyofTao:   3000 - I hope you will do this type of meditation more often now.

Planetshpr:       and they are free to do whatever they do with them.

Planetshpr:       but, my point of view continues to be, that ... all things are perfect.

RBCF 3000: Ok, friends-- you were wonderful!  I'm normally here

RBCF 3000: on Mondays at 10:30 pm ET, and Wednesdays at

RBCF 3000: midnight ET.

Planetshpr:       you SHOULD have done exactly what you did, because that IS what you did.

Planetshpr:       and judgment is not required.

JoyofTao:   too late

SparrowOvQ:       it works both ways Planet


Planetshpr:       exactly, Sparrow.

RBCF 3000: If any of you would like my newsletter, email me for it please.  Sweet dreams, all! 

Zamurito:   <----Going to go continue this meditation in dreaming.  Chow roomies :))))

JoyofTao:   Sweet dreams 3000

RBCF 3000: <poof>