The Time of Truth

Received by Barry Klein, all rights reserved


This is the entry into the time of Truth. The nexus that you have been developing all these aeons is on the verge of being born. You have all prepared yourselves, even if you think you haven't done it right. You are all perfect vessels for us, who are nothing but your own high consciousness, merged as one. All together, every single one of you who goes to your center, and you do, find yourself in the same Center as each other. You all meet at the Center-- we meet you at the Center. And the world of perfection is being born from your earnest and constant wishing-- wishing and demanding and insisting, with your love and your devotion and your passion, and even your cantankerousness-- all this time.  And you know that together, you are one of the most cantankerous groups of people that there are.


One of the reasons for the cantankerousness is the fineness of your material of what you are which cannot be satisfied with the dense meager morsels of the ordinary world. Your soul-- who and what you are -- can be satiated only with Divine Essence, only with ecstatic, compassionate, devoted, blissful, brilliant communion with the Divine that you are-- the expression of Perfect Love that you are. And, mind you, we are not just buttering you up-- not just-- that is to say, it's good for you to be buttered up quite a bit, so that you are eager to take the next step into the ordeal of perfecting yourself. ([checks for confirmation] It felt funny to say that.)


But taken the other way, we are doing nothing but obeying your commands to us, setting up the Miracle that you have been conceiving. It is for you to perform the Miracle, though. Now, performing the Miracle is not a "doing", it is not something that you "try" to do, it is not something that you are "ready" to do, ever. But at the right time and place, which you will Know, you are the sorcerer, the prophet, the high priest and priestess, who conducts the pinnacle of humanity's sojourn on the realm of the Earth. The energy for this is coming from all your decades of practices, and it is coming from the intensity of the ending of the Cycle, and the awaiting of the beginning of the New.  To most of the ordinary people, as if there were any, next year begins only a next century, only some new numbers. To you, it begins the Golden Age, the Millennium of Light, the Millennium that you have been dreaming.


So take all the opportunities that you possibly can to "daydream", to envision the world of perfection that you have wished for since before you were born: how you want everyone to be relating to each other, how you want all to be in cooperation instead of competition. Oh, I won't put words into your mouth and thoughts into your head. *You* dream it-- you dream it the way that you wish it -- and envision it, envision what you wish, and greet each being and each event as if it were a manifestation of your envisionment, because it will be, it will be. This is the outcome of your faith, your trust, your devotion, your insistence, your command.  "I greet you and see you in this Perfection, I meet my own Perfection here with you. Namasté shalom."  Now sit still for one minute to receive an energy that will help you with this.


Thank you, thank you, my Beloveds, thank you God-- the Miracle has begun. All the words through Barry at this time, for now.