Our Other Mind - a Handbook of Consciousness Transformation

NOTE: This manuscript is currently in Preview stage for editing – your comments and questions are welcomed.

Alternate titles:

Journey to the Overworld
The Mystery of the Self - a new paradigm of healing, awareness and transformation
The Shapes of the Mind-Body
Ancient & Modern Keys to Self-Knowledge
High-Resolution Consciousness
A Handbook for the Mastery of Consciousness

Chapter List:

Note: The first six chapters are available for you to read online (proprietary until publication – no distribution or copying permitted). Chapters 7 through 16 are available at author's sole discretion (based generally on successful completion of the first six chapters or equivalent). Appendix 3 was published and copyrighted previously; appendices 2 and 4 are proprietary until publication.

Forward by Runyan Wilde, author of several essays in Psychedelic Illuminations magazine, and well-known gonzo consciousness writer. This has its own copyright.

Introduction - How to get the most from this book
Chapter One: Switching Paradigms
Chapter 2 on Self-Knowledge
Chapter 3 on the Mind (including channeling and psychic phenomena)
Chapter 4 on the Mask (including the conscious origins of our assumptive layers)
Chapter 5 on the Shells - the overlays of symbolism, habit and assumption. Agreements. Attitude sets
Chapter 6 - "Overcoming Reason" - on overcoming resistances and 'reasons'; setting up conditions for change. Creating specific attitudes. Prayer. "Stopping the world"
Chapter 7 on boosts - the borrowing of resources
Chapter 8 on How the World reveals itself without the Mask (including the Supernatural). More on stopping the world.
Chapter 9 on transformation and redemption
Chapter 10: Extraordinary States of Consciousness
Chapter 11 on Enlightenment
Chapter 12 on doing healing
Chapter 13 on manifestation and creation - more on stalking and shape-shifting.
Chapter 14 paradigms that don't work. Symbols
Chapter 15 on mystical-quantum paradigms.
Chapter 16 on the shape of the mind-body - the general default shape, and then the various shapes that are triggered by context or thoughts via emotional channels. What the edge is, and how used. The power of Love (on ResearchGate.net)
Chapter 17 on mediumship, including spirits and rituals
Chapter 18 on shamanism, including magic and sorcery - shape shifting.
Chapter 19 on Death. The bardo. The eye of the needle. The precarious dance of Existence & Non-existence. Out past the brink of the Universe. "The leap of faith."
Chapter 20 - What Reality Really Is, and What God Really Is

Appendix One: The Elements of Psycho-Energetic Morphotics (I'm still thinking about this).
Appendix Two: Elucidation of Being
Appendix Three: Journey Through The Assemblage Point (originally published in Psychedelic Illuminations magazine).
Appendix Four: Presentation Handout for the 2013 Midwinter APA div. 24 Conference (Society for Theoretical & Philosophical Psychology)

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